Evernote Business now integrates with Microsoft Teams

Today, employees face two big challenges in their daily workflow:

  1. Too much data and not enough organizational tools to keep it easily accessible and shareable. This data overload causes employees to spend 2.5 hours every day just searching for information they need.
  2. Limited time to focus on “deep work.” 80% of working time is spent communicating through meetings, email, and chat.

How is Evernote used on a daily baisis?

Streamlined integrations allow employees to stay focused, have the right information available, and reclaim time they can use to create better outcomes and achieve more.

The Evernote Business integration with Microsoft Teams supports your team in delivering their best work by providing tools to supercharge productivity.

Since your best work doesn’t live in just one place, Evernote Business has paired with Microsoft Teams to bring you an integration to access and share your Evernote Business content right in Teams. You can give conversations more context, turn ideas into action, and see where better collaboration takes your team.

What are the benefits of Evernote?

The integration lets you search, retrieve, and share any Evernote content—from saved emails and PDFs to research and meeting minutes—all without clicking away from your Microsoft Team’s conversation. This means that your whole team can easily find everything they need, in one place, while collaborating in real time. And edits made to Evernote Business are automatically synced with notes pinned in Microsoft Team’s tabs, so your team works from the same, most up-to-date, information.

While in Microsoft Teams conversations, you can also pin your Evernote Business notes as tabs to add context for a project, highlight important docs, and even edit the notes pinned.

If you already use the Evernote Business add-in for Outlook, emails and attachments you’ve saved in Evernote can easily be found and shared in any Microsoft Team conversations.

With Evernote Business content just a click away, ideas and context are easily integrated into conversations, allowing teams to benefit from better collaboration, reduced miscommunications, and ultimately, get more time back in their days. This means working sessions can become even more productive as relevant, shared, editable Evernote Business content puts your whole team on the same page, tracks progress, highlights important changes, and turns focused collaboration into measurable results.

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