Flintfox RMx offers real-time solution for pricing and promotion

E-commerce gives retail and consumer goods companies a potent channel for increasing market penetration and expanding their business globally. But with that opportunity comes the challenge of managing price and trade promotion activities across multiple channels.

The patchwork of technology solutions that many companies rely on provide incomplete, outdated views of how campaigns are performing. Meanwhile, the dynamic pricing models of the global marketplace lead to a faster pace of business that feels like the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, with algorithmic adjustments designed to optimize performance.

Many existing price and promotion tools weren't designed to handle such realities. Rather than relying on manual processes and disconnected technologies, companies need a solution that helps reduce operational costs, while enabling a single source of pricing truth for omni-channel businesses. And of course resolving any price request from any device anywhere in the world in real time regardless of the number of price requests per second.

To address the need for real-time visibility and control, Flintfox International developed Flintfox RMx, a solution that uses Microsoft Cloud technologies. This pricing and promotion execution app uses a cloud-based pricing engine that makes complex price calculations with sub-millisecond response times, helping to streamline business processes and improve speed and accuracy.

RMx delivers flexibility to adjust pricing and promotions on the fly, instantly enabling companies to make in-the-moment adjustments to improve revenue growth and keep up with the competition. It provides retail and consumer goods companies with a single source of truth, streamlines pricing and processing speed, improves the accuracy of pricing calculations, and generates better insights and visibility across multiple channels of business.

This means that you get a real-time pricing engine delivering accurate prices to customers while executing sales discounts and promotional tactics across virtually any sales channel, helping to drive increases in margins and sales.

Flintfox RMx is part of a growing portfolio of retail and consumer goods solutions that are available on Microsoft AppSource.

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