Have an app to list on AppSource? Here’s how

Organizations more than ever need to be able to respond to changing market conditions, industry trends, and customer expectations. They look at technology to help them stay competitive, craft and implement new business models, and develop new revenue streams. To be agile and adopt to changing conditions, they are looking for apps that work with the products and technologies they already use today.

To fill that need, ISVs (Independent Software Vendors)  worldwide are tapping into their specialized expertise to build apps on the Microsoft platform and help organizations solve their business challenges. But how can business users find these apps that help with challenges in their roles or in their industries? Microsoft AppSource can help. AppSource is an online repository that connects business users with industry- and role-specific apps that help them do more.

For ISVs, AppSource offers a destination to expand their reach and market apps that extend Microsoft products and technologies that many organizations already use, like Azure, Cortana Intelligence, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI, and more.

There are many reasons why an ISV should list its app on AppSource; learn more about the nine reasons to list on AppSource here.

Sound good, or are you still wondering what’s in it for you? Here is what one of the ISVs who already lists an app on AppSource has to say:

“What I like about AppSource is the single-click solution. It has a very low-friction onboarding process. Customers can browse Microsoft AppSource applications, click on the trial button, and experience our app in seconds. As customers are using the trial, we can see leads coming through in real time."

Andy Harjanto, CTO,

Convinced? Ready to list your app on AppSource?

The submission process is simple: After an ISV submits an app for review, the AppSource team checks that it meets the app listing criteria and sends the metadata requirements and instructions for onboarding the app. After that, the ISV onboards the app for staging and testing. For the app landing page, the ISV has the flexibility to use its own copy, pictures, video, and other resources such as marketing materials to feature the app as it sees fit. Once both the ISV and Microsoft are satisfied with the results, the app will be published.

Listing criteria explained

Every app that goes live on AppSource has to meet certain minimum criteria as well as an overall quality standard as determined during the review process by our engineering team.

Whether apps are designed for a specific industry, business process, or department (such as HR, finance, marketing, or operations), during the onboarding process the app will go through a vetting process that differs depending on the Microsoft technology that app is built on.

The following are the current criteria for submitting an app on AppSource. These may be updated from time to time to ensure we’re providing a consistent experience for customers to get apps while continuing to offer partners an opportunity to grow their business and reach more customers. 

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS). AppSource’s commitment to SaaS apps helps end users discover and try solutions without the need for extensive IT intervention, as these apps can be managed more easily and scale as necessary. The app must be a line-of-business SaaS app that is focused on business processes and targeted to business customers. It must also enable users to sign in with their work credentials (user name and password) — more on this below.

  2. Azure Active Directory. Apps built on Dynamics 365 support Azure Active Directory (AAD) natively, and with the exception of Microsoft Power BI content packs, all other apps listed on AppSource must be built to allow Azure Active Directory federated single sign-on (AAD federated SSO) with consent enabled. This helps streamline integration of an app, giving users quick and direct access to apps without multiple, redundant authentication methods. Go here for information on how to enable AAD federated SSO.

  3. Easily configurable, turnkey solution. One of the goals of AppSource is to provide business users with a destination for business apps that reduces the time for customers to get up and running with new functionality. Therefore, apps submitted for consideration must be easy and quick to configure and set up, with no customization required.

  4. Free trial period. Customers must be able to try the app for free for a limited time. Your free trial can take one of these forms: Provide either a “free trial” or a “test drive” option so customers can try the app right from the site, or enable customers to request to be contacted by a partner for a partner-led trial (not supported for all Microsoft products). In either method, the free trial must offer the customer a chance to try out the app for no additional cost.

  5. Support, availability, and uptime. Apps on AppSource are backed by our participating partner community and must meet quality requirements at both the code and service level. Accordingly, each app must include a support link where customers can find help — and the app must have an uptime of at least 99.9 percent.

  6. Integration with Microsoft Cloud services. Though it’s not a strict requirement, to be most effective, apps should integrate with other Microsoft Cloud services like Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, or the Azure IoT Suite or other Azure services. This will help both the ISV and the customers get the most from your app.

Requirements for Dynamics apps
It’s important to also note that certain apps, such as SaaS solutions built on Dynamics 365, need to follow guidelines set for creating Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions in addition to the AppSource listing criteria. Visit the Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer centers for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation, Dynamics 365 for Operations, Dynamics 365 for Financials, and Dynamics NAV for more information.

Requirements for Office 365 apps
ISVs can submit their apps to be listed on AppSource by submitting a request here. For additional information, please visit the Office Dev Center and Office Add-ins platform overview.

Requirements for Cortana Intelligence apps
Apps built using the Cortana Intelligence platform can be listed on AppSource by submitting a request here. For additional information, such as evaluation criteria and step by step instructions, please refer to the Publishing Guide for Cortana Intelligence Solutions.

Get started today

If you’ve developed an app on the Microsoft platform, we invite you to begin the process of listing your app on AppSource. Please review the requirements above, and then head on over to AppSource to submit your app to be listed.