Healthcare companies prescribe machine learning for better outcomes

When a patient’s health is at stake, time is precious and a doctor’s decisions matter. Diagnosing and choosing the best treatment under time pressure is now easier and smarter, thanks to an app that uses machine learning for better health outcomes and lower costs.

KenSci Clinical Analytics, built on Microsoft Cloud technology, is a vertically integrated machine learning platform for healthcare. It helps physicians prioritize their time by providing them with insights gleaned through machine learning models that mine millions of records from public and customer data sets, such as claims, electronic medical records (EMRs), and financial and patient-generated data. KenSci Clinical Analytics also delivers risk predictions to providers to help them answer tough questions: Who might get sick? How sick might they get? How can providers optimize care for outcomes and cost?

Usually, providers only have the time and tools to look at a limited number of variables about a patient to determine a diagnosis and treatment. But machine learning systems can sift vast data sets to uncover valuable insights. Doctors not only get a closer look at each patient’s history, they can also foresee hospital-acquired risks such as sepsis and get suggestions on how to provide the most effective care to prevent infection, readmission, and mortality.

The solution leverages more than 180 pre-built machine learning models, can integrate easily with existing EMR systems that care managers and providers already use, and help inform best practices in these crucial areas:

  • Predict risks and reduce clinical variance across a healthcare network
  • Improve patient outcomes and quality measures
  • Streamline patient flow with discharge planning and load prediction

You can read more about how KenSci Clinical Analytics uses cloud and digital technologies to transform the way healthcare providers make decisions and improve the quality of patient care. The solution is available via a free trial on AppSource.

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