Learn what's new on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 13: Extend the products you already have

Microsoft AppSource is pleased to welcome 66 apps and services, many of them designed to optimize business processes and increase adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Boost efficiency and manage sales promotions with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Advanced Sales Promotion. Need a way to better manage sales promotions? Advanced Sales Promotion provides independent promotions settings with unlimited combinations that can be applied to sales orders (for example: buy one get one free or spend over a certain amount and receive free shipping).
iDynamics EDI. iDynamics EDI is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrated solution for users who need to exchange documents electronically with customers and vendors. Receive, send, and process EDI messages instantly and accurately to reduce administration costs.
PSA365 Plus for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Extend PSA365 Starter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and integrate subscription-based revenue streams into Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and Dynamics 365 Business Central. This application is supported only in the Netherlands.
PSA365 Starter for Dynamics 365 Business Central. PSA365 Starter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you a competitive edge and eliminates troublesome interactions with your project-based administration. This application is supported only in the Netherlands.

Improve logistics and automate processes with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

ADP Integrations with D365FO. AXGuru integrates ADP, a leading human capital management platform, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, offering clients a cloud-based solution for payroll, HR, time and attendance, tax services, benefits, and talent management.
a-Finteg. a-Finteg is a financial integration solution that extends the value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for the financial services industry. a-Finteg requires minimal configuration and saves development time.
Axxon Argentinean Localization Framework. The Argentinean Localization Framework covers all Microsoft Dynamics AX versions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Axxon continuously analyzes data and incorporates new requirements from different fiscal bodies in Argentina.
Government contracting extension. This solution from PVBS addresses the unique challenges that companies that service the federal government face. At the core is a strong project accounting engine that lets government contractors understand contract status, profitability, and growth opportunities.
Logistics Service Providers and 3PL. Logistics Service Provider Billing allows you to eliminate inefficient paper-based processes while increasing profit margins. Reduce billing cycle times, improve forecasting accuracy, and utilize a single billing platform for all logistics service offerings. 
MECOMS 365. The MECOMS 365 platform gives you access to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations tailored to the specific needs of energy and utility companies. The platform suits both large utilities and niche B2B players. 
Real Estate Management. SIS Global's corporate real estate management software delivers a modern user experience with a clear view of space utilization, facility costs, global portfolio compositions, and financial performance—all in real time.
Retail Store Pack and Ship. Retail Store Pack and Ship supports an omnichannel supply chain strategy by allowing easy and efficient packing and shipping operations from any facility across the enterprise. This includes pack and ship capabilities from manufacturing sites, retail stores, third-party sites, and more.
Small Package Shipping. Small Package Shipping from Blue Horseshoe Solutions directly integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with the major parcel carriers in North America including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Purolator. 
Tower Management. SIS Global Tower Management includes an asset register that provides full visibility of the locations, towers, and active and passive assets on those towers, along with the ability to manage contracts with suppliers, service providers, lessees, and even lessors.
Trade+ document handling & text modules. Würth Phoenix's Trade+ document handling & text modules add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures accuracy and consistency in information provisioning and provides automated workflows and increased usability.
UltiBuild. Ad Ultima Group's UltiBuild for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations covers all the requirements of companies in the construction industry, providing a 360-degree view of construction projects from bid and quotation to customer invoicing and process execution.
Warehouse Automation. Warehouse Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations offers embedded material-handling equipment integration into the Dynamics 365 framework, providing a real-time communication and workflow layer that interfaces with the material handling system. 
workBI. workBI from Blue Horseshoe Solutions is a workforce management app that allows you to easily visualize your workforce data and use it for performance management. Create an experience that motivates your workforce and increases performance through achievement-focused activities.

Increase customer engagement with apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Alerts4Dynamics - Manage CRM Alerts/Notifications. Add, schedule, and manage alerts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users to notify them with relevant updates. Add information to an individual record or to multiple records at once to be sent as notifications to defined Dynamics 365 users.
Avtex InteractionSync for PureCloud. InteractionSync for PureCloud integrates Genesys PureCloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, linking all communications with the power of Dynamics 365. The reduced-footprint PureCloud client resides on a sidebar in Dynamics 365.
Clone Record. Clone Record is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution containing custom entities and attributes. This solution can be deployed and configured on CRM instances to provide a cloning feature to users.
Clone Record with Hierarchy. Clone Record with Hierarchy is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution containing custom entities, attributes, and processes. This solution can be deployed and configured on CRM instances to provide a cloning feature to users.
Document Template Downloader. Document Template Downloader adds a ribbon command to the document template area in Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling users to download selected templates with the click of a button. DOCX templates can be modified and uploaded using out-of-the-box functionality.
GUMU for Sage ERP - Dynamics 365 CRM integration. GUMU for Dynamics 365 CRM – Sage ERP Integration is a comprehensive, seamless, bidirectional integration designed to satisfy all your business priorities. Leverage all available data in your organization and make smarter, faster business decisions.
Timeline. Timeline from Mindtree Limited enables CRM administrators to configure a custom process flow that tracks the duration gap between events in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The tracked event data is shown as visual charts for more intuitive analysis.
Unify Loyalty Management. Loyalty Management provides a complete solution to drive customers to return to your business, improve customer engagement, and increase customer satisfaction. The omnichannel Unify Loyalty solution includes member awards, rewards, point redemptions, and more.
VIES Validation. NORRIQ Belgium's VIES Validation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an easy-to-install solution that empowers you to quickly verify the VAT or enterprise number stored on an account against the European Union's VAT Information Exchange System. 
Winning Edge 365. Winning Edge 365 is a cloud-based SaaS solution for onboarding, nurturing, rewarding, and empowering channel partners. Built for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Winning Edge 365 guides users through a collaborative end-to-end journey with indirect partners that leads to increased profits.

Build custom reports with apps for Power BI

Applixure. This free app for existing Applixure subscribers enables users to view their PC environment data in Power BI and build custom visualizations based on the data. Build custom reports for different audiences or views that support specific phases of IT development or support processes. 
Executive Reports for Microsoft Planner. FluentPro Executive Reports for Microsoft Planner is a comprehensive Power BI reporting package with over 10 preconfigured insightful reports designed for the needs of project managers, corporate executives, decision-makers, and program managers.
Project Manager Reporter. Project Manager Reporter is a set of reports enabling Microsoft Project Online users to get more extensive reports without modifying Project. The reports can be integrated into Microsoft Teams and connected to Microsoft Planner, Microsoft PowerApps, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Accelerate the document-signing process with apps for Outlook

Adobe Sign for Outlook. Speed document signing when you add the power of Adobe Sign to Microsoft Outlook. Now you can e-sign documents, send them for signature, and track signing and approval at every step — all from Outlook.

Drive portal adoption and collaboration with apps for SharePoint

CardioLog Analytics for SharePoint & Office 365. CardioLog Analytics provides actionable insights and reporting for SharePoint, Office 365, and Yammer and enables organizations to improve intranet usability, drive portal collaboration, boost user engagement, and enhance overall business productivity.
CardioLog Engage for SharePoint & Office 365. CardioLog Engage is an intelligent engagement solution that allows you to improve your portal adoption by targeting users based on their behavior via messages on SharePoint and Office 365 applications.

Track your business’s growth, sales, compliance, and online performance 

ZL File Analysis and Management (ZL FAM). ZL File Analysis and Management enables organizations to analyze, search, and manage enterprise file sources from a single platform. Connect with unstructured data repositories such as file shares, SharePoint, and other Office 365 documents. 
ZL UA. ZL UA solves difficult data governance, compliance, and privacy challenges, enabling organizations to regain control of fragmented enterprise data through a single, centralized platform. 

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Advanced Data Visualization: 1-Day Workshop. This Clouds On Mars workshop will give you a deeper understanding of how to build effective dashboards and reports that convey your message effectively with the right visualization techniques.
Advanced Power BI Implementation: 3-Day Workshop. This three-day workshop from Clouds On Mars is aimed at analysts, business intelligence professionals, and specialists who want to produce, manage, and maintain Power BI reports for a larger set of users.
Business & Process ReEngineering: 5-Day Assessment. Elite Business Solutions will help you review and assess your current business processes and provide optimized processes to manage your business on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Business Central Consumer Goods: 1-Hr Assessment. In one hour or less, Solution Systems will help you determine whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the right ERP software for your consumer goods business.
Business Central Upgrade: 3-Hr Assessment. In this free consultative workshop, Xenatus Global will review your current Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment, objects, and data and then make recommendations on your upgrade path to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Business Central Upgrade: 1-Hr Assessment. Considering upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? MetaOption will work with you in this free assessment to determine the licensing, security, and code upgrade costs for upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Change Leadership: 3-Day Workshop. The role of the leader in change management is both the biggest contributor and the biggest obstacle to success. In this three-day workshop, CRM Partners will help you lead organizational change successfully.
Customer Focus Training: 2-Day Workshop. Customer relationships are valuable. This two-day CRM Partners workshop will help front-line customer service employees improve customer focus and respond effectively to customer situations.
Customer Insights: 6-Wk Implementation. Let Neal Analytics help you get started unifying the plethora of data sources for a true 360-degree view of your customers with this Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights implementation.
Data Analytics Insight Snapshot: 5-Day Assessment. In this five-day assessment, Tecknoworks will take a high-level view for full context of your organization, assess and analyze your most relevant data, and help you determine whether analytics is the best way to meet your goals.   
Distribution & Trade: 16-Wk Implementation. Axtegrity Consulting offers rapid deployment of its Distribution & Trade solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations customers in this 16-week implementation.
Dynamics 365 for Marketing: 4-Day Implementation. This CRM Partners program includes a full implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing and user functionality training. Learn how to make segments, design emails, design customer journeys, and work with Microsoft marketing portals.
Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops: 2-Wk Assessment. In this two-week assessment, Domain 6 will evaluate your Microsoft Dynamics AX/Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations solution to identify short-term wins and a long-term plan for stabilization.
Dynamics 365 Talent HR Process: 2-Hr Assessment. Find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent suits your business in this free fit gap demonstration, and let FourVision demonstrate a solution overview that highlights your specific HR activities.
Dynamics 365 to PowerApps: 1-Hr Assessment. This no-obligation assessment from Forceworks will review what you are doing with first-party customer engagement applications to see whether moving to Microsoft PowerApps could do the same job for less. 
Dynamics AX/NAV to Dynamics 365: 2-Hr Assessment. Zerone Technologies will evaluate your current ERP (Microsoft Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV) and determine how it can best help you migrate all business operations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Dynamics GP to Business Central: 2-Hr Assessment. Let Turnkey Tec show you how you can leverage existing Microsoft Dynamics GP investments and take advantage of advanced cloud capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in this free fit gap assessment.
Dynamics NAV to Business Central: 2-Hr Assessment. Let Turnkey Tec show you how you can leverage existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV investments and take advantage of advanced cloud capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in this free fit gap assessment.
Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 F&O: 2-Hr Assessment. Turnkey Tec will provide a summary of findings and a high-level estimate of your migration path in this complimentary requirements assessment of migrating from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Excel Reports in Power BI: 2-Wk Implementation. Tallan will assess your existing Microsoft Excel reports and provide a comprehensive solution to modernize the reporting platform as well as access to deeper insights with Power BI.
Financials Rapid Deployment: 12-Wk Implementation. In this 12-week implementation, Axtegrity Consulting will provide rapid deployment of its Core Financials solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. 
Foundations for change: 2-Day Assessment. CRM Partners can help you build a strong foundation for change and position your organization for success. Together we will uncover obstacles and identify the relationship between change management, project management, and leadership.
Infor CRM to Dynamics 365: 1-Wk Implementation. TrellisPoint's solution enables Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) organizations to easily migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This implementation includes a trial period of Dynamics 365 for Sales and a data migration of 100,000 business account and contact records.
PayrollNOW by Integrity Data: 1-Hr Assessment. In this one-week implementation, Payroll NOW by Integrity Data consultants will review your current payroll processes to help determine the best-approach for your organization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Persona Development: 2-Day Workshop. Personas are based on real customer data like demographics, customer behavior, customer expressions, customer motivations, and goals. In this workshop, CRM Partners will help you create the right buyer persona for your company.
Power BI ‘Dashboard In A Day’: 1-Day Workshop. Obungi's "Dashboard in a Day" is an entry-level training workshop for Power BI. Using a sample case, you will learn to connect to data sources and create your own reports and dashboards.
Power BI Governance: 1-Day Workshop. This workshop from Slalom Consulting provides guidance and best practices for the governance and management of Power BI across the enterprise. Address the problem of organic growth with a focus on people and processes in addition to technology.
Power BI Introduction: 1-Day Workshop. This workshop is useful for those who need an introduction to Power BI, but also for executives considering deploying Power BI in their company. You will get a deeper look into the product, functionality, and performance and receive great experience by trying it out first.
Power BI Performance Tuning: 1-Day Workshop. This Slalom Consulting workshop provides guidance and best practices for optimizing Power BI performance. It is particularly helpful for use cases involving Direct Query with cloud-based data warehouse products and legacy data warehouse appliances.
Project Accounting: 14-Wk Implementation. In this 14-week implementation, Axtegrity Consulting will provide rapid deployment of its Project Accounting solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance Operations.

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