Lessons Learned from a Microsoft AppSource publisher, volume 2

Today I'd like to continue our series on what we've learned from speaking to our publishers during Microsoft Inspire in July. During the event, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Markus Mikola, Founder & CEO of ContractZen. ContractZen is a cloud service that delivers corporate governance featuring easy-to-use contract management, board portal, VDR and eSignatures. As one of our earliest publishers to take advantage of Microsoft AppSource's new functionality, I asked Markus what the experience has been like having an offer that customers can buy directly from Microsoft AppSource.

I'd encourage you to watch the whole video here, but below are a few thoughts that stood out to me during our conversation.

  1. On the customer purchase experience: "It's awesome. We already have a couple of customers calling us that the overall experience for them was great. They went through AppSource, they searched things, they found us, they tried, off they went."
  2. On enterprise scalability: "[customers] can start with one person or your team...for three months. Then say hey, let's start from here, take more people on board and go forward."
  3. On the publisher experience: "We can see what [customers] say [about the solution]. We can change some input in our catalog listings very easily and the speed is important."

Thanks to Markus for taking the time to talk about his experience, and remember to check out ContractZen on Microsoft AppSource.

Now, as Markus said, let's continue the journey...

As always, you can let us know how else we can help serve our partners and customers better in Microsoft AppSource by reaching out to @MSFTAppSource on Twitter.