Lessons Learned from a Microsoft AppSource publisher, volume 3

Today I'd like to highlight another set of learnings from our discussions with publishers during Microsoft Inspire in July.  I had the opportunity to ask Peter Molyneux from Crossware what he’s been hearing from partners regarding Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, which supports Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. Crossware is an email signature solution for Microsoft 365 that allows companies to roll-out company-wide email signatures with a centrally managed solution.

I’d encourage you to watch the whole video here, but below are a few points that stood out to me during our conversation.

  1. On partner trust: “The credibility and endorsement that it brings to a product… it’s just something that you’re not going to get from another workplace or website By leveraging the endorsement stamp from marketplace. It’s so powerful, and that’s one thing you’ll love for being here. This is what our partners are looking for.”
  2. On awareness of marketplace: “I think there’s an awareness growing from this conference that actually it’s open to services, to SaaS offerings, to things that are not specifically just Microsoft VMs or applications. They can build their own, dream their own and come up with something that’s transactable, something small just to help people out.”
  3. On the new commercial marketplace: “Bringing [all of the marketplaces] together under the Microsoft marketplace has been a real treat… unifying it all as one, a one stop shop… It’s made it easier to invest in the arena. It’s real good.”

Thanks to Peter for taking the time to talk about his experience, and remember to check out Crossware's app on Microsoft AppSource.

As always, you can let us know how else we can help serve our partners and customers better in Microsoft AppSource by reaching out to @MSFTAppSource on Twitter.