Limit waste in manufacturing by optimizing your inventory

Manufacturers have a mandate to limit waste whether it’s on the shop floor, in the supply chain, or just in general with resources throughout the organization. It’s a big struggle for manufacturers of all sizes and focus. The ones that figure out how to do this effectively stand to achieve a big payoff.

Many times manufacturers choose to sacrifice space and working capital by buying greater supplies of inventory in an attempt to keep customer service levels high. Unfortunately, with the diverse mix of raw materials, differentiated global demands, and complex product makeups inventory planners struggle to balance customer service demands with the financial impacts of high inventory levels.Limit waste in manufacturing by optimizing your inventory

With the release of ToolsGroup Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization manufacturers are now able to transform inventory management with data-driven, automated optimization. The solution helps you to:

  • Increase service levels and decrease costs with advanced inventory modeling
  • Automate processes for approving applications, renewals, and payments
  • Accelerate growth via automated supply chain intelligence
  • Streamline operations with a solution that is easy-to-use and implement

Microsoft has partnered with ToolsGroup to provide an enterprise-ready inventory optimization solution in the cloud. With a solution that is managing inventories in countries around the world, two decades worth of industry experience, and a focus on helping customers breakthrough supply chain and performance barriers, ToolsGroup is a leader in multi-echelon inventory optimization.

Try the solution today

ToolsGroup’s Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization solution, built on Microsoft Cloud technology, is transforming manufacturing operations today. To learn more about how ToolsGroup can help you increase service levels and free up working capital in your business, try the app for free on Microsoft AppSource.

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