Manage Manufacturing Assets with Dynaway

This blog was authored by Bill Moffett, Global Industry Marketing Manager Manufacturing, Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise Marketing Group

Manufacturing workers are busier than ever trying to manage extremely complex machinery on the shop floor. Production levels are increasing and so is the complexity that workers are having to deal with.  These workers need help in the form of systems that simplify managing these manufacturing assets.  They need tools to help them streamline their daily activities and minimize the frustrations associated with surprises on the shop floor.

Dynaway’s Enterprise Asset for Manufacturing allows workers to efficiently plan maintenance for the machinery that is critical to your manufacturing facility’s success.  Using Dynaway’s solution allows you to:

  • Easily delegate work orders to your team
  • Avoid downtime by creating maintenance requests easily and quickly
  • React to unforeseen problems in real time

Visit AppSource to learn more and access a free test drive of the Dynaway’s Enterprise Asset for Manufacturing App.