Microsoft AppSource welcomes Office 365 users and app ecosystem

We introduced AppSource just 10 months ago and have made tremendous progress since to provide a single destination for business users to easily find and try line-of-business SaaS apps and apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies they already use, such as Dynamics 365, Power BI, and Cortana Intelligence.

Today I am super excited to share with you that the Microsoft Office ecosystem of apps has joined the line up as well and is available on Microsoft AppSource. More than 1,700 Office 365 apps from our partners have joined the AppSource marketplace.

With over 100 million monthly commercial active users of Office 365 in companies and organizations across the world, AppSource provides all of them with one destination to discover, try, and get business apps. 

We truly believe there has never been a better time to build apps on the Microsoft Cloud to help users do more and achieve more.

ISVs and partners that build or integrate with the Microsoft Cloud and offer their business apps on AppSource can now benefit from the increased visibility their apps can gain from these millions of users and the Microsoft’s global sales teams. Another benefit for ISVs is the ability to receive AppSource generated leads directly into their CRM systems and the opportunity to unlock Microsoft Go-To-Market Services as their usage of Microsoft technology grows.

A seamless end-user experience

The transition for Office 365 users is seamless, and they have two ways to find these apps:

  1. They can access apps from the Office 365 app launcher, which takes them to AppSource with a pre-filtered view of the Office 365 apps.
  2. They can go directly to

How to reach AppSource from Office 365 app launcher

Pre-filtered view of the Office 365 apps on AppSource

The benefits for business users are clear: easy access to a broad set of apps to help solve their business challenges and needs, with no need to switch between AppSource and the Office Store.

Try an Office 365 app soon! Visit AppSource or read the Office blog for more information.