New "Get it from" badging for Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace available in the Marketing Resources Guide

Over the past couple months, we've been rolling out a number of new improvements and resources that aim to make our publishers' selling and listing experiences across both Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace better. I mentioned one of these resources, our Marketing Resources Guide, in a blog a few weeks ago.

I'm excited to announce that as part of this effort, we've given the "get it from" badges a new look and feel for solutions listed on our two marketplaces, Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. The look of the new badge embraces the way we've aligned our transacting rules, deployment, billing, and merchandising across the two marketplaces through the commercial marketplace platform.  In addition, the new badges more closely align with the Microsoft brand, giving your greater mindshare with our customers. As always, the goal of Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace is to make it easier to grow your business with direct access to Microsoft customers, reseller channels, sales teams, and through access to benefits from the Marketplace Rewards program.

Get It From badges

Use the badge to show your customers where they can find your solution, backed by Microsoft's industry-leading standards of quality, security, and compliance. Here's a couple guidelines for using these badges:

  • Badges should always appear in full color with white type and a black background
  • Ensure badges are legible on all marketing communications in which they're utilized
  • In web communications you should provide a link to your associated product listing landing page
  • Always use the full names by referencing "Microsoft AppSource" or "Microsoft Azure Marketplace"

Be sure to check out the full badging guidance, available in our Marketing Resources Guide, and take advantage of other resources available in the guide such as marketing best practices and links to helpful documentation. You can let us know how else we can help serve you through Microsoft AppSource by reaching out to @MSFTAppSource on Twitter.