New on Microsoft AppSource – April 28, 2022

AppSource is pleased to welcome 125 apps and services, many of them designed to uncover business insights, automate processes, and improve the employee experience.

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PowerON Protect Business Intelligence Reporting: The PowerON Protect reporting solution provides insight into your Arcserve UDP environment, showing key metrics for storage, coverage, job status, server performance, and security posture.
Retail Dashboard Starter: This template app provides an easy approach for users to get started using Microsoft Power BI. Simply connect to a data source on Azure SQL Database for quick analysis of your retail business.
ZING Engagement Suite: Designed to fill the gap in communication between pharmacies and health care providers, the ZING Engagement Suite enables life sciences sales reps to exchange compliant two-way unified messaging with healthcare professionals without barriers.

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Accelerate Windows 365: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Presented by AMTRA Solutions, the Accelerate Windows 365 engagement offers innovative management capabilities for your environment and optimizes your existing investment in Microsoft cloud solutions.
Adoption & Change: 1-Year Managed Service: Signal Alliance will work with you to ensure the jointly built measures for driving adoption of Microsoft 365 is successfully implemented while actively preparing for future changes on the Microsoft 365 roadmap.
Advanced Specialization Consulting: 2-Week Implementation: Byte Computer's two-week offering for Microsoft 365 adoption is designed to empower users and organizations in Greece on their road to a successful and measurable transition to the cloud.
Automation & RPA Envisioning: 2-Week Workshop: Hitachi Solutions specializes in automation as a service and the Microsoft Power Platform. Learn more about robotic process automation (RPA) and how to leverage it to modernize your business in this two-week workshop.
Blue Collar Essential Pack: 1-Month Implementation: JSC Softline Trade will work with you to identify the challenges and needs of your production workers, then empower them with a Microsoft 365 frontline worker's solution and Softline apps.
Bring Your App/Service to Microsoft Teams: 3-Day Integration Workshop: In this three-day workshop, the SoftServe team will help you define the scenarios and use cases that bring the most value to Microsoft Teams users, then map them to proper Teams app components.
Build Apps in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Columbus Global's experts will lead you through the process of creating custom business applications fast without writing code, answer your questions, and demonstrate Power Platform capabilities based on your business scenarios.
Bulletproof 365 Compliance: Managed Service: Bulletproof 365 Compliance is a managed service for Microsoft 365 powered organizations that provides configuration, monitoring, and management of baseline compliance services to protect sensitive organizational information with minimal impact to users.
Digitalize and Automate with Power Platform: 3-Month Proof of Concept: Using Power Apps, B2 storitve will help you digitalize your processes and create transparent mini applications, data entry, and monitoring. B2 storitve will then visualize the collected data for faster, easier business decision-making.
Discover Sensitive Data: 1-Day Workshop: Secure Future's threat protection workshop will assess your environment against key data protection standards to create customer intent for purchasing or deploying advanced Microsoft security products.
Discover Sensitive Data: 5-Day Workshop: Insight's five-day Discover Sensitive Data workshop provides the guidance organizations need to better discover, protect, and govern corporate data with Microsoft 365.
Dynamics 365 Business Central for Wholesalers: 2-Month Implementation: Designed to help wholesale companies get started with digital transformation, Izertis' implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes financial management and supply chain functionality tailored to your needs.
Dynamics 365 CRM Concept Development: 1-Day Workshop: ISOLUTIONS AG provides two half-day workshops, the first includes an analysis of your processes and goals, and the second covers the technical aspects of Dynamics 365 along with recommendations for next steps.
Dynamics 365 for Chemical and Food Manufacturers: 10-Month Implementation: Available in Japanese, Yokogawa Solution Service's implementation includes Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for affiliates of the Japanese chemical and food manufacturing industry.
Frontline Worker Adoption: 2-Week Workshop: Applying a structured change management approach is like taking out an insurance policy against the goals and objectives of a project. Delphi Consulting will help you prepare your frontline users for using Microsoft Teams aligned with your requirements. 
Implementation and Reporting with Power BI: 3-Day Proof of Concept: INFORM's engagement will show you how to use Power BI to transfer import data from different sources into visual reports; how to import, cleanse, and summarize data into data models; and how to present clear analytics for reporting.
Improve Teamwork with Microsoft 365: 1-Day Workshop: Available only in Italian, SynSphere's one-day workshop helps you and your colleagues understand the capabilities and features of Microsoft 365 services and applications. Deliverables include a tailored technology roadmap aligned to your business needs.
Invoicing 365: 3-Month Implementation: Available in Spanish, Artware Software's implementation of Invoice 365 for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance will help your organization reduce errors, save time, and simplify support for electronic invoicing in LATAM.
Manage and Investigate Risk: 4-Week Workshop: Lighthouse experts will show you how to use Microsoft 365 technology to develop and implement a simplified compliance strategy for long-term data protection and security. 
Manage and Investigate Risk: 4-Week Workshop (UK): Lighthouse experts will show you how to use Microsoft 365 technology to develop and implement a simplified compliance strategy for long-term data protection and security. This offer is available in the United Kingdom.
Microsoft 365 Change Readiness: 5-Week Workshop: Created as a first step to take before starting a Microsoft 365 rollout, Garaio's workshop includes identifying goals, risks, change impact groups, and recommendations for your organization's next steps.  
Microsoft 365 Information Protection and Governance: 12-Week Implementation: Infotechtion combines deep technology knowledge with a proven track record of delivery expertise in privacy and legal regulations to transform your Microsoft 365 data into a business asset that is protected wherever it travels.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Lotus Beta Analytics' cybersecurity experts will show you how Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides enterprise-level protection to your organization's endpoints to prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats.
Microsoft Endpoint Manager: 8-Week Implementation: PowerON's Modern Endpoint Management framework simplifies the path to secure, remote endpoint management including Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Intune, Windows Autopilot, Azure Active Directory Premium, and more.
Microsoft Intune: 3-Week QuickStart Implementation: In this three-week engagement, Eighty20 will implement Microsoft Intune to provide your organization with a balance of security and user experience, ensuring your data is protected while being easily accessible on personal and company-owned devices.
Microsoft Viva: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Axians will demonstrate how Microsoft Viva helps keep employees engaged by delivering personalized experiences with relevant news, tasks, conversations, data-driven insights, and recommendations.
Microsoft Viva: 5-Day Workshop: In this five-day engagement, the JSC Softline Trade team will work with you to understand your priorities, challenges, and culture to design a Microsoft Viva solution that meets your organization's requirements.
Modernize Communications: 3-Day Workshop: Axians offers a comprehensive three-day workshop in which you will learn about how Microsoft Teams Phone provides the features your organization needs to deliver seamless, collaborative experiences for your employees.
Modernize Learning: 3-Hour Workshop: Based on Microsoft Viva Learning and Viva Topics, HCL's Athena solution aims to close skill gaps, accelerate employee onboarding, build employee engagement, and improve employee productivity across your organization.
Omni-Channel Experience in Retail: 1-Day Workshop: Learn how Dynamics 365 can help you build omni-channel experiences for your retail business and deliver personalized and seamless buying experiences in this free Columbus workshop. 
Power Apps: 2-Week Implementation: Looking to increase organizational productivity without compromising efficiency and performance? The experts at myPartner will help solve your key challenges and rapidly automate your processes with a Microsoft Power Apps implementation.
Power Apps: 4-Week Implementation: Looking to increase organizational productivity without compromising efficiency and performance? The experts at myPartner will help solve your key challenges and rapidly automate your processes with a Microsoft Power Apps implementation.
Power Automate: 2-Week Proof of Concept: GGroupp will analyze your organization's existing infrastructure and identify business processes that can be automated with robotic process automation (RPA) and Microsoft Power Automate.
Power BI: 1-Day Workshop: In this one-day workshop, INFORM will show you how you can use Microsoft Power BI to import, cleanse, and summarize data into data models, then present it in clear analytics for reporting.
Power BI: 1-Week Proof of Concept: KiZAN’s data analytics experts will demonstrate the transformational value Power BI can bring to your business by surfacing the insights hidden in your data and sharing them throughout your organization.
Power BI Training: 4-Day Workshop: b.telligent offers four workshops over four days, covering Power BI modeling and Data Analytics Expression (DAX); extract, transform, and load (ETL); governance; and visualization tailored to your needs. Learn how to make Power BI work for your business.
Power Platform: 2-Day Workshop: Learn how to build low-code applications, analyze real-time business dashboards, act on data insights, and automate your workflows in Elitmind's two-day Power Platform workshop. 
Power Platform MVP Development: 4-Week Implementation: GGroupp will deliver an overview of Microsoft low-code tools along with a working Power Platform-based solution you can use to digitalize your business process and showcase across your organization.
Prepare for Hybrid Work with Viva Insights: 4-Week Implementation: Rapid Circle will help you onboard Microsoft Viva Insights, structure your organizational data, and assign Viva Insights licenses, enabling you to gain insights about how your organization uses Microsoft 365 to get work done.
RPA / Automation CoE Starter Kit: 3-Week Implementation: In this three-week engagement, DMI will implement a framework for an automation center of excellence (CoE) aligned with Microsoft best practices. Learn how to better promote wider adoption the Power Platform and Power Automate at your organization.
SAP to Power BI Connector Solution: 10-Day Proof of Concept: INFORM will implement a connector solution to provide access to one SAP ERP module directly in Power BI, enabling you to analyze SAP data and create custom reports, including on-time delivery reports, production target, and cycle time reports.
Secure Hybrid Identity with Defender for Identity: 6-Week Implementation: In this six-week implementation, Performanta will deploy Microsoft Defender for Identity and ensure your IT stakeholders understand the latest risks to your traditional on-premises Active Directory environment.
Security Mini Audit: 1-Day Workshop: Insight will work with you to evaluate your Microsoft 365 environment and make sure it is in line with industry security best practices, enabling you to optimize your security posture, discover identity-based threats, and determine next steps.
Signature Management Platform: 3-Week Implementation: The BITSIGN signature management platform enables the Microsoft SharePoint document manager to manage all document and contract signing flows throughout an organization without the information leaving the platform.
Sustainable Hybrid Ways of Working with Viva Insights: 12-Week Implementation: Rapid Circle's 12-week engagement introduces and analyzes additional data sources in Microsoft Viva Insights to explore the deeper, longer-term impact of hybrid work on your workforce.
Teams Phone System: 30-Day Proof of Concept: Modality’s rapid deployment of Microsoft Teams Phone enables organizations to validate the administration and user experience of the solution before a full implementation, freeing resources to concentrate on BAU tasks and accelerates time to value.
Virtual Asset Management: 12-Month Managed Service: Trustmarque’s Virtual Asset Manager (VAM) managed service sits at the heart of the company's IT asset management approach, providing you granularity and control of your Microsoft 365 investment.
Viva Connections: 4-Week Proof of Concept:'s pilot deployment of Viva Connections will help you encourage meaningful connections across your organization, foster a culture of inclusion, and align the entire organization around your vision, mission, and strategic priorities.
Viva Connections Home Site: 4-Week Implementation: YEAPS will help you drive engagement across your organization by bringing news, resources, and business applications directly to your employees in one intranet site with Microsoft Viva Connections.
Viva Insights: 3-Day Workshop (Delphi Consulting): Delphi's workshop will help you discover how Microsoft Viva Insights helps individuals, managers, and leaders gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in your organization thrive.
Viva Insights: 3-Day Workshop (Axians Digital Solutions): In this workshop, Axians will demonstrate how Microsoft Viva Insights helps individual contributors, managers, and leaders gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in an organization thrive.
Viva Insights: 4-Week Proof of Concept: During this four-week proof of concept, Quadra will help your business evaluate Microsoft Viva Insights, which helps people and business thrive with data-driven insights and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.
Viva Insights Dashboard: 4-Week Implementation: YEAPS will help you create Viva Insights dashboards that give individual workers, managers, and leaders the ability to understand and shape the state of employee effectiveness in outcome areas such as collaboration and innovation.
Viva Insights Quick-Start Program: 2-Week Implementation: Softchoice's implementation is designed for those just starting out on their Microsoft Viva and Viva Insights journey. Learn about the next step in your employee experience transformation by expanding your Viva Insights capabilities.
Viva Learning: 4-Week Proof of Concept: HCL's offering enables you to evaluate the benefits of Microsoft Viva Learning and HCL’s Athena solution in your own environment. Provide employees with easy access to formal and informal learning content directly in Microsoft Teams.
Viva Learning Hub: 4-Week Implementation: YEAPS' implementation of Microsoft Viva Learning will provide your employees with a rich selection of learning pathways they can take at the best pace and in line with organization goals.
Viva Learning Roadmap: 3-Day Workshop: Presented by Engage Squared, the Viva Learning Roadmap workshop is designed for organizations that want to improve employee experience through fostering a culture of continuous learning. 
Viva Topics: 2-Month Implementation: Signal Alliance will implement Microsoft Viva Topics, empowering you to harness the collective knowledge and expertise in your organization to facilitate easy access to the right information and create an ever-growing corporate knowledge base.
Viva Topics: 3-Day Workshop: Quadra will help your organization connect people with knowledge and experts using Microsoft Viva Topics, an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work.
Viva Topics: 6-Week Proof of Concept: HCL will help you organization modernize its learning environment using Microsoft Viva Topics, making it easy for employees to pick up new knowledge and skills. This proof of concept includes recommendations for next steps to a successful rollout.
Viva Topics Lexicon: 4-Week Implementation: In this four-week engagement, YEAPS will show you how you can drive employee readiness by bringing knowledge and information sharing into the flow of work with Microsoft Viva Topics.
Windows 11 Deployment: 10-Week Implementation: PowerON will leverage its Endpoint Management Framework to support you at every phase of your Windows 11 implementation, from assessment of your business needs to design, rollout, and user training.
Windows 365 & Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Proof of Concept: PowerON will design, build, and deliver and enterprise-grade pilot for Windows 365 and/or Azure Virtual Desktop, enabling your organization to evaluate cloud PC options for business level and end user scenarios.
Windows 365: 5-Day Proof of Concept (Cegeka NV): Cegeka's proof of concept will demonstrate the capabilities of Windows 365 along with use cases and their results in a tailored roadmap for implementing Windows 365 across your organization. 
Windows 365: 5-Day Proof of Concept (sepago GmbH): Determine whether Windows 365 is right for your organization with sepago's five-day proof of concept, which includes an introduction to Windows 365, identification of your success criteria, deployment and evaluation of Windows 365 Cloud PCs.  
Windows 365 Cloud PC: 4-Hour Proof of Concept: Agilis will help you understand the value Windows 365 Cloud PC brings to your company and how it can help fulfil the needs and goals of your organization without sacrificing performance and security.
Windows 365 Cloud PC: 10-Day Proof of Concept: Windows 365 combines the power and security of the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of the PC. Sonata will work with you to determine your requirements and relevant use cases, then deploy and configure a tailored Windows 365 environment.
Windows Autopilot: 4-Week Implementation: Eighty20 Solutions' implementation of Windows Autopilot delivers a balance of security and user experience to ensure your organization's data is protected while managing devices using cloud technology that enables hybrid work.
Workstation Management: 8-Day Implementation: Available only in French and aimed at SMEs, mid-caps, and local authorities, SCRIBA's implementation of Microsoft 365 will enable you to manage desktops outside the corporate network, standardize device security and compliance, and more.

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Accelerate App Bundle for Aptean Food & Beverage ERP: 1-Hour Briefing
Activate App Bundle for Aptean Food & Beverage ERP: 1-Hour Briefing
Advance App Bundle for Aptean Food & Beverage ERP: 1-Hour Briefing
Business and Technology for Non-profits: 6-Week Assessment
Business Monitor
Business Rule Manager
Capgemini EaaS: 1-Hour Briefing
CDC Software CTI Integration for Dynamics 365
Data Refresher
Digital Health Engagement Platform
Digital Twin Solutions
Dynamics 365 Business Central Consulting: 6-Week Assessment
Dynamics 365 Marketing: 1-Day Assessment
Finance Transformation with Dynamics 365: 6-Week Assessment
Fractal SafeStock
Frontline Needs: 1-Day Assessment
Frontline Worker Value Mapping for Teams: 6-Week Assessment
Ground to Cloud Migration: 5-Day Assessment
Hitachi Site Optimization Suite
HSE Management System (Action Tracker)
HSE Management System (Incident Management)
HSE Management System (Job Hazard Analysis & Permit to Work)
Intranet in Teams with Viva Connections
LS First for Bookings
Mass Filter
Microsoft 365 Deployment Services
Microsoft 365 Introduction: 2-Day Assessment
Microsoft Managed Desktop: 6-Day Readiness Assessment
Modern Work DNA: 5-Week Assessment
Multiple Line Chart Side-by-Side
Nonprofit Participant & Volunteer Management: 1-Hour Briefing
ONESOURCE Determination for Dynamics 365 Commerce
Ordinics Absences
Point-to-Point (P2P) Migration & App Modernization: 4-Week Assessment
Power Apps: 2-Hour Assessment
Power Apps: 3-Week Assessment
Power Apps & Power Automate Flow Migration Assessment
Power Automate: 3-Week Assessment
SharePoint Auto-Translator: 1-Hour Briefing
Stacked Area Chart with Custom Tooltip
STH Connector for India's E-Invoice and E-Way Bill
Teams Quality and Reliability: 4-Day Assessment
Testing Automation Accelerator for Dynamics 365 Finance
Threat Management: 5-Day Assessment
utilitas ContactSync
vEngage Employee Communication Delivery Services: 2-Day Assessment
Windows 11 Adoption: 4-Day Assessment
Zuora CPQ For Dynamics 365

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