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AppSource is pleased to welcome 98 apps and services, many of them designed to facilitate the adoption of Microsoft products and services.

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AiCode - The Intelligent Medical Coding Platform Powered by AI: AiCode is an AI-assisted medical coding platform that delivers faster and more accurate clinical coding experiences for outpatient, inpatient, and daycare medical encounters.
Foxit PDF for SharePoint and OneDrive: Foxit PDF Editor for SharePoint and OneDrive lets business users convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, and other editable non-PDF formats into PDF documents, boosting productivity and enabling real-time collaboration.
HyperComply Bot: HyperComply is a compliance and security questionnaire productivity application that uses machine learning to automatically complete security questionnaires and enables users to share and update questionnaires in Microsoft Teams.
Mercer-MacKay daXai - Marketing for Partners: Purpose-built for technology companies that need to create better content more quickly, daXai is a content creation marketing membership platform for connecting with new buyers and driving demand with effective marketing campaigns.
MindMap: MindMap for Microsoft Teams enables you to collect and structure your ideas by using nodes, children, notes, topology diagrams, and more. Share your mind maps to any Teams channel to collaborate on your ideas with colleagues.
Power Recruit: Power Recruit aims to handle all the repetitive daily tasks recruiters face, freeing them up to spend time on the human interactions required when finding and assessing candidates, clients, and vacancies.
QuickFMS - Enterprise Facilities Management Software: QuickFMS is a cloud-based facilities management solution that enables you to organize, structure, and run all elements of your business and infrastructure for maximum efficiency and performance, all in one place.
Solutions2Share File Manager: File Manager is a file explorer for Microsoft Teams, offering quick access to files in different teams, permission management, an ordered folder structure, and integrated document previews.
Soon: Create shifts, manage leave, and streamline tasks with Soon, a workforce management solution that delivers a new approach to shift scheduling by grouping shifts together in event cards that help you find the best match between employees and shifts.

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Asset Management for Food & Beverage: 2-Week Proof of Concept: RSM’s Asset Management engagement uses proven maintenance processes, data, and system configurations, allowing an organization more efficient use of time while determining the feasibility of using Asset Management for maintaining their assets.
Boot Camp 100 Introduction to Model-Driven Apps: 3-Day Workshop: Recommended for power users, admins, and SMEs migrating from other CRM solutions, PowerObjects' course supports those who will be setting up, administrating, and maintaining Dynamics 365 or custom Power Apps model-driven apps.
Boot Camp 200 Dataverse Administration and Security: 2-Day Workshop: PowerObjects' two-day course will introduce the administrative experience with hands-on practice using the Microsoft Power Platform Admin Center and components of the Dataverse security model.
Build a Power App: 5-Day Workshop: Mogul's five-day workshop uses hands-on labs to teach you how to use the Microsoft Power Platform, delivering a clear understanding of the capabilities and applicability of the Power Platform.
Business Check-up and Development of Digital Strategies: 12-Hour Workshop: Presented by INDEP Business Partner, this workshop will point out and prioritize areas for improvement across your business, then identify Microsoft-based solutions and their benefits to improve your operations.
Capgemini Envision Power Platform: 5-Day Workshop: Capgemini's Streamline Envision workshop is a targeted, timeboxed engagement that introduces you to the opportunities the Microsoft Power Platform can offer your business and ideates its potential in your specific business scenario.
Capgemini Onboard Power Platform: 2-Week Implementation: Capgemini's Streamline Onboard workshop is a targeted, timeboxed engagement to help you solve a specific business challenge, pain point, or gap with a simple app built using the Microsoft Power Platform.
Capgemini Rapid Customer Service: 5-Week Implementation: Capgemini's implementation includes the rapid deployment and configuration of the most commonly used features in Dynamics 365 Customer Service, getting your customer service team up and running with case management to deliver a better customer experience.
Capgemini Rapid Marketing: 6-Week Implementation: Capgemini's rapid implementation of Dynamics 365 Marketing will set up marketing automation, load accounts and contact data, and help your marketing team get up and running quickly with some base artifacts.
Capgemini Rapid Results Sales: 6-Week Implementation: Capgemini offers a rapid deployment of Dynamics 365 Sales, configuring the most commonly used sales features, loading accounts and contact data, and getting your sales team up and running with lead and opportunity management to deliver fast results.
Contract Management System: 4-Week Implementation: LTI will implement its Contract Management system, which tracks and analyzes the different stages of all your contracts, helping your organization streamline the entire contract lifecycle.
Dataverse Bootcamp 300 - Dataverse System Customizer: 4-Day Workshop: PowerObjects will help you become a low-code applications master at your organization by demonstrating the plethora of ways you can customize Dynamics 365 and Power Apps model-driven apps without needing to be a developer.
Discover Your RPA Use Cases: 9-Day Workshop: Available in French and English from Expertime, this workshop will identify opportunities to automate repetitive tasks in your organization with Power Automate Desktop. Deliverables include an estimated ROI calculation.
Dynamics 365 Managed Service: 12-Month Implementation: Infinity Group's managed service for Dynamics 365 makes available a team of dedicated consultants who will assist you as your business evolves and help you keep your Dynamics 365 implementation at the heart of your business operations.
Dynamics 365 Marketing University: 3-Day Workshop: PowerObjects' course supports those who will be administrating or heavily using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing by providing a thorough understanding of the application and highlighting the value its features and functionalities deliver.
Empower Your Organization with Power Apps: 2-Day Workshop: IBM's experienced Power Platform developers will deliver a comprehensive guided development experience, enabling you to begin rapidly developing apps to address your business needs.
Enable Frontline Workers: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop from Changing Social, you will work through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify prioritized scenarios in Microsoft Teams that will empower your frontline workforce. 
Endpoint Management: 3-Day Workshop: CompuNet's Endpoint Management workshop will help you modernize your endpoint management capabilities using Microsoft 365, delivering visibility into your IT estate and defining next steps to manage endpoints in the enterprise.
Finance Module for Dynamics 365 Business Central: 12-Day Implementation: Delphisoft will implement the Finance module for Dynamics 365 Business Central, transfer your data, set up general accounting along with accounts payable and accounts receivable, and provide basic training.
Hybrid Meetings: 3-Day Workshop: Symity's Hybrid Meetings workshop uncovers the needs of your business to succeed in delivering quality Microsoft Teams meetings across Teams and meeting spaces regardless of whether users are onsite or working remotely.
Identity Protection for Administrators: 4-Week Implementation: Mobile Mentor utilizes the functionalities offered through your Microsoft 365 investment to strengthen your overall security posture, lower the chances of a breach, and limit exposure by enabling layered security protections for your privileged admin accounts.
Intelligent Mobile: 1-Day Implementation: Brought to you by Cloud9 Insight and Intelligent Mobile, this Microsoft Dynamics 365 SMS integration offers a more intuitive, seamless, and robust way to send, receive, and track SMS messages at scale.
Microsoft 365 Adoption: 1-Month Managed Service: Mixit offers managed services for the adoption of Microsoft 365 workplace themes, including Microsoft 365 workplace development, adoption, analytics, and Power Platform self-service.
Microsoft 365 Collaboration Advisory: 4-Day Workshop: Available in German from SoftwareONE, the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Advisory workshop aims to teach you about the of communication and collaboration solutions Microsoft 365 provides for the modern workplace.
Microsoft 365 Governance: 4-Day Workshop: Presented by SoftwareONE, the Microsoft 365 Governance Advisory workshop analyzes vulnerabilities and risks in your current and planned environment. This offer is available in German.
Microsoft 365 Migration: 3-Month Implementation: Leverage RKON's consulting expertise for a smooth and seamless three-month migration to the Microsoft 365 suite of collaboration and productivity solutions, including SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.
Microsoft 365 Services: 5-Week Implementation: Energy Time provides consulting and technical services for Microsoft 365 customers that need to prepare their IT infrastructure to use Microsoft services, including Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft 365 Vision Scope Advisory: 5-Day Workshop: Available in German, SoftwareONE's Vision Scope Advisory workshop covers the advantages, possibilities, and dependencies for implementing Microsoft 365 in your company and serves as a basis for determining next steps to adoption.
Microsoft Commerce Incentives: 3-Day Workshop: Changing Social's Microsoft-funded collection of workshops, including the Microsoft Apps and Solutions, Hybrid Meetings, and Microsoft Viva workshops, is designed to ensure sustainable change and adoption of Microsoft 365 across your organization.
Microsoft Exchange Online Advisory: 4-Day Workshop: SoftwareONE's advisory service aims to show you how to switch to Exchange Online in a fast and secure manner, including a risk analysis of your current or planned environment. This service is available in German.
Microsoft Intune Security Consulting: 5-Day Proof of Concept: Power Centre offers a free proof of concept to demonstrate how organizations can use the power of Microsoft Intune and Microsoft 365 security services to manage and secure all their devices. 
Microsoft Power Platform Governance Advisory: 6-Day Workshop: SoftwareONE's experts will work with you to create a Microsoft Power Platform governance plan to facilitate the secure, future-oriented use of all Power Platform components. This offer is available in German.
Microsoft Teams Rooms System Planning & Deployment: 3-Day Implementation: Available as an on-site or remote service, Al Zubair Group's offering will help you design and implement a Microsoft Teams-based meeting room, turning any room into an easy-to-use and inclusive meeting space.
Microsoft Teams Voice Cloud Enabling: 2-Week Implementation: G-ABLE will help your organization transition from its legacy telephony system to a calling solution powered by Microsoft Teams, an ideal solution for businesses adopting a mix of work-from-home and hybrid work models.
Microsoft Teams Voice Hybrid Solutions: 4-Week Implementation: G-ABLE will help your organization retain integral part of its legacy telephony system as part of a calling solution powered by Microsoft Teams, an ideal solution for businesses adopting a mix of work-from-home and hybrid work models.
Microsoft Viva Learning: 5-Week Workshop: Changing Social will help you create a learning culture that empowers people to be their best with Microsoft Viva Learning. Make formal and informal learning a natural part of employees' workday with Viva Learning.
Modern Intranet Powered by Viva Connections: 4- to 8-Week Implementation: With its extensive employee experience practice, Capgemini aims to help your organization bring people, data, and applications together in a single customized hub powered by Viva Connections.
Modern Workplace Pilot for Frontline Workers: 7-Week Implementation: KiZAN will empower your frontline workforce to achieve more by providing a list of relevant business scenarios, a roadmap outlining workstreams and dependencies, and a value-generating solution design for adopting Microsoft 365 products and services.
Next-Gen Endpoints: 4-Day Workshop: Insight's four-day workshop covers Microsoft cloud solutions for end-user computing, managing endpoints, and more. Deliverables include a tailored plan outlining key recommendations and next steps.
NextGen Windows Workshop: 3-Week Workshop: Presented by Nexus, the NextGen Endpoints workshop will help you land the value proposition of Microsoft’s cloud solutions for end-user computing with your customers' business decision makers.
NP Loyalty: 3-Hour Workshop: Designed for those who have a solid understanding of Dynamics 365 Business Central, NaviPartner's workshop teaches participants how to build and maintain a member club with customer loyalty rewards.
Overcast Phone System: 6-Week Implementation: Overcast will work with you in the adoption and good use of a Microsoft Teams-based phone system, offering technical support, training, and promotion among collaborators to improve communication and productivity across your organization.
People Experience and Analytics Tool with Viva Insights: 6-Week Proof of Concept: PricewaterhouseCoopers will help your organization thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations from Microsoft Viva Insights that improve the productivity and wellbeing of your employees. 
Power Platform CoE Consulting Services: 8-Week Implementation: Accenture's consulting services for the Microsoft Power Platform provide a great starting point to get you going on your Power Platform digital journey, enabling you to ignite your digital transformation in a flexible, scalable, and compliant manner.
Power Platform Virtual Lab: 1-Day Workshop: NPO's workshop is designed for power users or admin users in your organization who want to learn how to automate business processes by using Power Apps and Power Automate.
Prodware Employee Experience: 2-Day Workshop: Presented by Prodware, this workshop highlights how Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 help organizations create a connected employee experience to attract and retain a high-performing, diverse, and innovative workforce.
Real Dynamics Advisory and Managed Services: 9-Month Implementation: Real Dynamics offers advisory, implementation, and managed services for businesses that are seeking to move to or already use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management or Dynamics 365 Finance.
Scenario Success: 7-Day Workshop: Changing Social will work with you to identify your business's pain points and challenges, then show you how you can address the issues while transforming your business with Microsoft 365.
SENG Next-Generation Endpoints: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Secure Nextgen Systems will show you how to best use Windows 365 with Microsoft 365 security, compliance, identity, and management technologies to deploy, secure, and protect endpoints for your hybrid users.
SME Pack for Dynamics 365 Business Central: 18-Day Implementation: Delphisoft's SME pack implementation for Dynamics 365 Business Central offering includes the deployment of and basic training for the Finance, Purchasing, Sales, and Inventory modules. 
Sustainable Change Management: 4-Week Implementation: Certified in change management and Microsoft technologies, Devoteam M Cloud's experts will work with your stakeholders to make sure your business users understand the value of Microsoft 365 and the capabilities of its services.
Ticket Management: 6-Week Implementation: Overcast will implement its Ticket Management solution, enabling you to receive, manage, and centralize your support tickets to effectively track your reports in Microsoft Teams.
Viva Employee Experience: 4-Week Consulting and Implementation: Proventeq will work with you to reimagine your current internal employee experience tools, such as an intranet or knowledge management system, to increase and improve meaningful engagement with your employees.
Viva Insights Roadmap: 3-Day Workshop: Presented by Capgemini, this Microsoft-funded engagement will help you reimagine employee experiences with Microsoft Viva Insights by providing an in-depth exploration of personal, manager, and leader insights with privacy controls and data analysis capabilities.
Viva Topics, Viva Learning & Viva Connections Roadmap: 3-Day Workshop: In this three-day workshop, Capgemini will help you learn how Microsoft Viva, an integrated platform built on Microsoft Teams, will help your employees be their best and thrive in a hybrid work environment.
Windows 365: 3-Week Implementation: Cloud Productivity Solutions will help you to get started and deploy Windows 365, enabling your organization to merge the power and security of the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of the PC.

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Capgemini GDS-Aligned Power Apps Accelerators
Conditional Access Penetration Test: 4-Day Assessment
Contact Card: 2-Hour Assessment
Dynamics 365 Automated Testing: 2-Week Assessment
Dynamics 365 Automated Testing: 2-Hour Briefing
Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo: 2-Hour Briefing
EvergreenWorx Contracts
EvergreenWorx Customers
EvergreenWorx Employees
EvergreenWorx Expenses
Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform for Consumer Goods
Import Module for Dynamics 365
Managed Microsoft 365: 12-Month Briefing
Maturity Model Assessment for Healthcare: 3-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Managed Services: 2-Hour Assessment
Microsoft 365 Security: 3-Day Assessment
Microsoft Priva: 2-Week Assessment
Microsoft Teams Voice Direct Route Concurrency Pricing Model: 1-Day Assessment
Network and Microsoft 365 Readiness Consultancy for Teams Rooms: 1-Week Assessment
Power BI Premium: 1-Hour Briefing
Power BI Report Server: 1-Hour Briefing
Selection Slicer by Walnut Innovation
Sensitive Data Sharing App
SharePoint Design and Development: 2-Hour Assessment
SharePoint Migration: 2-Hour Assessment
Sharewinfo Power Slicer
Standard Migration Assessment: 1-Day Assessment
Travel and Expense Management App for Microsoft Dynamics 365
VeriChannel Omni-Channel Banking for FSI Cloud
Virtual Desktop Health and Configuration: 1-Week Assessment

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