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AppSource is pleased to welcome 135 apps and services, many of them designed to facilitate data-driven decision-making and increase efficiency through Microsoft 365.

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Accijns NL: This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution from Micro Apps generates a detailed summary of the alcohol purchased and/or sold and allows you to easily calculate the excise duty or consumer tax on liquor items. This application is supported in the Netherlands.
Advanced Dimensions: Increase productivity and streamline your business with Capgemini's solution by automatically linking the master data table to a dimension value within a nominated dimension set. This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Advania Store: Easily manage your sales orders, invoices, credit memos, and return orders with Advania's simple point of sale (POS) system. Users must have an active Advania IS365 localization app to use this solution, which supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Aproda Customer Care (ASCC): The Aproda Customer Care solution tracks how effectively various applications across your business are performing and if their updated versions need to be installed to optimize operations and generate better leads. This application is available in German and English.
Address Autocomplete : This solution from BCS Itera allows you to autocomplete addresses as you search databases using Google Maps API or Maa-amet (for Estonian locations). This application is available in Estonian and English.
Automatic Emailing of Invoices: Save time and labor by automatically batch emailing invoices and credit memos to customers using BCS Itera's solution. Available in Estonian and English, this extension supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. 
B2F Deferral & Allocation Management: This offer from B2F manages allocation and deferral transactions, saving businesses the labor of monthly and quarterly manual calculations. It supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and can be used for documents, journals, and fixed assets.
B2F E-Ledger Management: Eliminate physical bookkeeping, save paper, and become more eco-friendly with this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offer from B2F. The solution assists with compliance, reduces the need for labor, and saves on space and time required for storage of ledgers.
B2F Financial Leasing Management: This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution from B2F manages the process of following up on financial leasing, including monitoring of agreement and repayment plans, entering acquisition costs in multiple fixed asset cards, and more. 
B2F Turkish Localization: Manage your company in Turkey and comply with Turkish taxation and invoicing requirements thanks to this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution from B2F. Get specialized functionalities such as VAT control, VAT statements, legal printouts, and more.
Bidrento: This interface from BCS Itera enables businesses to get real estate customer information and sales invoices from Bidrento, a leading property management software solution. This extension supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
C/3 Financial Accounting Plus: Get your accounting tasks and processes under control with this optimized role center. This solution from Stüer Software & Consulting is available only in German; it supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
CGIPayroll: This solution from CGI Norge imports Visma Payroll data while mapping payroll system accounts to the general ledger accounts and bank accounts used in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. CGIPayroll is supported in the Norwegian market and uses its most common formats.
collana pay: Keep up with the changing landscape of e-commerce thanks to this multi-payment engine from Collana IT. It provides a central platform for end-to-end process automation between sales channels, payment service providers (PSPs), and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Connect 365 enwis Adapter: Connect your on-premises devices with this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution from tegos Holding. It allows you to print directly, use pads (Signotec) to capture signatures, integrate weighing from your local truck weigh bridge, and more.
connect2Mirakl: Gain seamless Mirakl connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV with this solution from Codeunit. Users of the e-commerce marketplace platform Mirakl will be up and running in no time with Codeunit’s plug⁠⁠-and-⁠sell technology.
Container Planning App: Keep an overview of incoming transports then easily coordinate them within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central thanks to this offer from SucceedIT. Gain control over delivery dates as well as an understanding of the consequences a delay has on linked sales order lines.
CS Preorder Manager: Save time and money in maintaining preorders by replacing or cancelling items in any sales order automatically. This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offer from Central Solutions improves sales forecasts for preorders and reduces the risk of purchasing too many items.
Cue Wizard: Make your day-to-day operation easier with custom role center tiles in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This solution from SucceedIT fits seamlessly into your Dynamics 365 environment and saves you time by visualizing data on a tile and allowing users to navigate directly to its data.
Docuten Receiving eInvoice: Digitally transform how your company receives invoices to save time and money. This solution from Docuten Tech helps you get invoices from multiple channels (FaceB2B, PEPPOL, PDF via email, or vendor portal) and connect them to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 
DX: Measure and improve experience across the software development lifecycle with this Microsoft Teams add-in from A Software Company. The DX bot sends notifications to users in Teams to gather feedback. The results provide a clear picture of where to focus and what to improve.
Dynaway Tool Crib: Track the location and borrower of tools, prevent losses, and help ensure equipment is in working condition by quickly registering handouts and returns via this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. Dynaway Tool Crib is available as part of a paid Dynaway EAM plan. 
Econix Leave Management 365: Manage your organization’s employee leave and calendars with this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. Human resources departments can manage accruals, entitlements, and applications or approvals for leave, which are transparent to each employee.
Engagy Comms - Enhance Microsoft SharePoint and Viva: Improve corporate communication quality with this solution from IT-Dev. It adds a layer atop communications features of Microsoft 365 (SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and Viva), making them even more engaging and easier to use.
EU PSD2 (eIDAS) Certificate Validation & Regulatory Confirmation: This offer from Microsoft partner TPP Validation delivers third-party provider (TPP) validation-as-a-service to help account servicing payment service providers (ASPSPs) to manage Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulatory processes.
Fisqal - For Accountants: This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on from SK Consulting allows fiduciaries and accounting firms in Luxembourg to avoid paper and to minimize manual processes. It offers improved payment and bank reconciliation, better reminder layouts, and more.
Foundation Pack: Boost efficiency by extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with commonly requested customer features. This bundle from Cost Control Software puts important info like sales history, comments, or related contacts into the pages users with work the most. 
Introhive for Microsoft Teams: Find, win, and grow more business with Microsoft Teams and an active organization subscription to Introhive. Revenue teams can access customer intelligence, optimize meeting preparation, and better prepare with briefing intelligence, all within Teams. 
JeffreyAIAn automated CRM and sales engagement solution, JeffreyAI can be taught how to respond to common emails to help you build your perfect sales engagement and drive sales and marketing activities.
Level Concepts: Built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and ready to work with other cloud technologies, Level Concepts helps companies manage the concepts for which they invoice. This application is available only in Spanish.
Movatix 365 Dispatching for enwis Adapter: Movatix 365 integrates tegossuite and Dispatching 365, enabling you to send orders from Dynamics 365 Business Central to mobile devices, track users on a map, collect status information, and more.
Multinav Mail: Multinav Mail enables you to automatically send invoices and other documents directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central to your customers and suppliers. Customize templates to your business needs, and save time and money with Multinav Mail.
myDoc DC: Available only in Spanish. myDoc Document Capture optimizes and automates the daily registration of documents added to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by adding images of the documents to the SharePoint Online document manager library.
myTicketBAI: myTicketBAI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to comply with the tax specifications established by the three provincial treasuries of the Basque Country. This application is available only in Spanish.
orderbase VariPlus (Basic & Extended): orderbase VariPlus basic for Dynamics 365 Business Central facilitates fast and easy assembling of bills of material and routings in sales and production, decreasing the risk of errors and enabling employees to invest more time in value-added work.
Oseberg Exchange Rate: Designed to streamline currency management, Oseberg Exchange Rate automatically imports daily exchange rates from Norges Bank directly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This application is available only in Norwegian.
Products Configurator: Aimed at companies managing configure-to-order or manufacture-to-order processes, Products Configurator for Dynamics 365 Business Central supports item creation and technical and sales rules determination for the right coding of all product entities.
QuickCheck: QuickCheck from Dynamics Northwest offers a fast way to print a check from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with no need to post a purchase invoice or create an entry in the Payment Journal.
RPM Easy PDF: Suite Engine's EasyPDF and Rental Process Management (RPM) help you save time contacting customers with automated tools for sending email confirmations, invoices, statements, catalogs, and more from Dynamics 365 Business Central.
SMART Data Protection: SMART Data Protection for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps your organization to remain compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations regarding the deletion and anonymization of data.
Table of Contents by WM Reply: The Table of Contents web part displays an in-page navigation that is driven dynamically from content added to a SharePoint page, enabling users to find the content they need faster.
Trial Balance by Dimension: Built for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Trial Balance by Dimension enables you to compare the balances of the previous financial year to those of the current year so that you make data-driven decisions regarding reducing expenses or increasing income.
Visionplanner Connector: Visionplanner Connector provides a connection between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Visionplanner, enabling you to visualize your administration in a standard dashboard. This application is available only in Dutch.
VLC Maintenance Management: VLC Maintenance Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central is a robust maintenance management system that empowers you to oversee the complete lifecycle of all your material assets.
Xenatus - Distribution: Automate the complex processes of your distribution company with Xenatus Distribution for Dynamics 365 Business Central, including import costing, salesperson routing, delivery dispatching, fees, rebates, and more.
Xenatus - Contracts: Manage all your organization's agreements from a single place in Dynamics 365 Business Central with Xenatus Contracts. Create contracts and populate sales quotes for approval, define frequency of billing, generate sales orders, and more.

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Business Central Accounting & Trade: 2-Week Implementation: In this consultation from Intech Systems, you will learn how to seamlessly manage finance, supply chain, manufacturing, project management, and more by moving away from your legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Business Central Complete Accounting: 10-Day Implementation: This consultation from Intech Systems gives you a detailed implementation Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central financials: e.g., chart of accounts, balance sheet, profit and loss sheet, general vouchers, invoicing, and taxation.
Business Central E-invoice Compliance: 1-Week Implementation: Meet the requirements of Saudi Arabia tax authority with the help of ALMISAN BUSINESS SERVICES COMPANY and its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central basic finance and e-invoice compliance implementation package. 
Deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: 5-Day Implementation: Quickly deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, participate in a demo, and learn best practices in this ITC Secure consultation. Ensure threats are quickly detected, remediated, or blocked with this cloud-managed endpoint platform.
Device & Identity Management: 4-Week Implementation: A device and identity management solution for Microsoft 365 offers high IT security and 100% control over your systems and users. This Danish-language consultation from JDM offers activation help, setup, and ongoing best-practices maintenance.
Exchange Migration Services: 1-Week Implementation: This Exchange Server migration offer from ALMISAN BUSINESS SERVICES COMPANY delivers an affordable and enterprise-class approach to moving to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, taking the guesswork out of migrating your email to the cloud. 
Financial Reporting for Restaurants & Food Service: 6-Week Implementation: Smartbridge consultants will work with you to deliver intuitive Microsoft Power BI dashboards designed for restaurant sales reporting, food, labor, and cost of goods (COGs), insights necessary to drive store decisions.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: 5-Week Implementation: This managed detection and response (MDR) consultation with Systex Software & Service Corporation, available only in Chinese, helps quickly introduce you to the cloud-based endpoint security solution Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
Microsoft Teams Meeting Room - Service A: Transform meeting spaces with a rich, collaborative Microsoft Teams experience that's simple to use, deploy, and manage. This consultation with Alfa Connections covers your project schedule, configuration, setup, training, and much more. 
Microsoft Teams Meeting Room - Service B: This Alfa Connections consultation adds 10 managed-service support tickets to the project setup, configuration, and training you’ll need to transform meeting spaces with a rich, collaborative Microsoft Teams experience that's simple to use, deploy, and manage.
Microsoft Teams Voice: 30-Day Proof of Concept: Get hands-on experience for your company to evaluate Microsoft Teams voice in your current environment. Experts from Switch Connect will capture your objectives and requirements, then develop a proof of concept for up to 10 users.
Modernize Communications: 8-Hour Workshop: Learn how to bring traditional telephony to Microsoft Teams in this workshop from, only available in Italian. It is designed to guide you through the process of a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high-quality integrated calls. 
Pomerol: Power BI Training - Admin in a Day: This in-depth Microsoft Power BI service environment administration course covers setup, access control, performance optimization, and usage monitoring. Pomerol Partners experts will help you understand roles, governance, provisioning, and more.
Power BI Training - Advanced Data Modelling and Shaping: Learn how Microsoft Power BI works under the hood and how to build optimized data models and visualizations in this consultation from Pomerol Partners. As a prerequisite, you should have some experience with Power BI dashboards. 
Pomerol: Power BI Training - Dashboard in a Day: In this hands-on workshop, the experts from Pomerol Partners will take you from never having used Microsoft Power BI to building your own dashboard. You will learn how to load, prepare, and transform data into visual reports and share it across your organization.
Pomerol: Power BI Training - DAX in a Day: This in-depth training session from Pomerol Partners helps experienced model developers learn the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language. DAX is used in both Microsoft Power BI and Excel to create advanced visualizations, measures, and pivot tables.
Pomerol: Power BI Training - Paginated Reports in a Day: Learn how to create customized, highly formatted, pixel-perfect output optimized for printing or PDF generation using paginated reports in Microsoft Power BI. The experts from Pomerol Partners will train and help drive adoption of this standalone tool for authoring paginated reports.
SMART Data Export for Dataverse: 3-Day Implementation: This offer from SMART business syncs from Microsoft Dataverse (Dynamics 365 Sales, Power Apps, etc.) to Azure SQL Database, then continuously synchronizes delta changes. This replaces Data Export Service (DES), which reached end of support.
Teams Phone Enablement: 1-Day Workshop: Enable Microsoft Teams Phone calling (including Direct Routing as a service, Operator Connect, global SIP voice, etc.) during this consultation with Orange Business Services, which holds Modern Work Calling for Microsoft Teams advanced specialization.
Traditional Telephony in Teams: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This proof of concept, available only in Italian, gives you a 30-day trial to replace your traditional phone system with Microsoft Teams, which offers full telephony functionality (making and receiving calls, voicemail, transferring calls, etc.).
Viva Connections Enablement: 4-Week Service: This RICOH consultation sets you up for success with Microsoft Viva Connections via a four-week service engagement led by experts focused on your organization. RICOH agents will cover discovery and design, configuration and adoption, and long-term roadmap.
Viva: 5-Day Workshop: Available in Spanish or English, RICOH's workshop will help you discover and understand the various communication and productivity challenges your employees face and how you can positively influence engagement and improve their experience and well-being.

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Viva Learning: 1-Hour Briefing
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