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365 business Print Agent: Access your print infrastructure directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for low-cost, no-effort printing. 365 business Print Agent includes all the features you expect like duplex printing, paper tray selection, and more, completely integrated with Business Central.
Advanced Data Management: Available in Danish, Advanced Data Management from ProFacto provides flexible permission management at the field level to prevent errors. It supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials and Premium editions.
Advanced Intercompany: Advanced Intercompany is a tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that automates document management between companies and simplifies processes between groups, such as between a parent company and its subsidiaries or trusted suppliers. Available in Danish only.
Agroclimatic Analysis: Agroclimatic Analysis is an agricultural portal that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to provide agroclimatic metrics, phonological monitoring, incident records, and detailed reports.
Antares Payroll: Calculate paycheck amounts for your employees in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Antares Payroll manages contracts, calculates pay based on hours worked or leave used, and handles deductions and pay slips as well.
Anveo Sales App: Empower mobile sales teams to work digitally, thanks to the reliable, always-available Anveo Sales App. Online or off, associates can access their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data with their laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone.
Anveo Service App: The Anveo Service App empowers mobile service teams to work digitally. Online or off, associates can access their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data with their laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. With just a few clicks, the solution is easily tailored to fit your business processes.
Aptean Advanced Lot Attributes for Food and Beverage: When defining lot attributes for food and beverage, flexibility is key. This solution from Aptean offers additional fields and the ability to impose additional business rules when registering, renaming, or deleting attributes or their values.
Aptean Catch Weight for Food and Beverage: Catch weight calculations are vital for the food and beverage industry when a product is ordered by weight but sold by piece. Aptean Catch Weight for Food and Beverage lets you easily set up catch weight items and calculate invoices automatically.
Aptean Commodity Harvest Planning for Food and Beverage: Use Aptean Commodity Harvest Planning for Food and Beverage to create “quick intake” forms for your commonly received goods that will only require a few pieces of information to process. This enables faster intake without manual entry errors.
Aptean Tax Process Handling for Food and Beverage: Automate error-prone processes and verify inputs with Aptean Tax Process Handling for Food and Beverage to ensure your tax documentation is correct. It ensures compliance, creates accurate reports, and assigns the correct VAT ID by checking for errors.
Atradius Flow 2.0: Atradius Flow reduces manual tasks related to credit insurance and supports policy compliance through data integration and automated processes. Identify legal entities you trade with, create customer records, apply for credit insurance, and manage your trade credit risk automatically.
Attachment Viewer: Centralize purchase invoices and cash documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Attachment Viewer by On Point. Invoices and scans are easily attached and supporting attachments can be added to the main document, making everything viewable without downloading.
BA4 Controlling: Available in Czech, BA4 Controlling provides extra tools for copying selected data outside statutory accounting and sets up jobs for regular internal allocation of selected costs or revenues.
BA4 Equipment Register: Extend the standard ERP functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with BA4 Equipment Register to enable registration of small assets with multiple pieces on one card and create and track transfers on operational records cards. This application is only available in Czech.
BA4 Fixed Asset Inventory: Available only in Czech, BA4 FA Inventory extends the standard functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP for fixed assets inventory. Simplify inventory, create transfers, and create outputs for inventory evaluation.
BA4 Work Equipment: BA4 Work Equipment for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central extends functionality for work aids records. Simplify records, link registration to the work agenda, and get an overview of movements of working equipment. This application is only available in Czech.
Clever Payment Gateway: Easily take credit card payments over the phone and settle accounts quickly with Clever Payment Gateway. Working seamlessly with OPayo and Stripe, it can also handle recurring payments and back orders while providing an audit trail and saving details using token codes.
Close Documents Without Invoicing (Italy Only): This application from EOS Solutions lets you post orders without creating invoices in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and post purchase/sales orders without account ledger entries being created.
Company Information and GDPR: This extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by Reload Innovacion is an extension of the “Company Information” table that adds seven new fields, storing a company’s registration data and GDPR clause along with up to five images or logos.
Company Setup Toolkit: The Company Setup Toolkit from Fenwik helps you initialize a new company with the necessary setup data. Bulk import fixed assets from an Excel file to populate your fixed asset journal, and bulk update production bills of material and routing statuses.
Container Management: Streamline the entry of manifests and process receipt of all items in a container from a single window with Container Management from Blue Moon Industries. This solution reduces paperwork on the receiving dock while providing complete visibility along the supply chain.
Continia OPplus: Continia OPplus offers extended, automated payment import and export, the ability to create open entries for general ledger accounts, and extended asset accounting with features beyond what’s available in the standard installation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Continia OPplus Trial Balance and VAT (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Only): This extension for the OPplus Trial Balance and VAT module assigns account schedules to the general ledger account, creates account schedules based on groups, and displays vendor debits and customer credits.
COSMO Discrete Manufacturing Pack: The COSMO Discrete Manufacturing Pack offers extensive functions to meet the challenges associated with discrete manufacturing of individual and separate unit production, such as dynamic bills of materials, efficient material planning, and CAD integration.
DINO: With DINO, users, consultants, and developers can add customizations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central easily, with no coding. Pay directly in the simple wizard interface after it guides you through adding your fields and use them immediately.
DMS to DC by Simova: Connect DMS by Simova and Document Capture by Continia with a standard interface to archive your incoming invoices in a repository. DMS to DC by Simova enables legally required archiving and improves the handling of incoming invoices.
DMS to EDS by Simova: DMS to EDS by Simova is a standard interface for connecting the Electronic Delivery Solution and the Document Management System by Simova. Easily attach additional documents by clicking and they’ll be automatically dispatched alongside the original document.
Document Package: Get a professional and serious look with Document Package, where all your customer-facing documents are streamlined and sharp. It prints all documents with the same layout and design and saves space with a smaller version on the header on subsequent pages.
Document Package (Denmark Only): This Danish version of Document Package by Vision People creates streamlined, sharp documents for a professional and serious look. It prints all documents with the same layout and design and saves space with a smaller version on the header on subsequent pages.
Dual Unit of Measure: The EOS Dual Unit of Measure app lets you input qualities for a secondary unit of measure in sales, purchase, and inventory processes, then set a default conversion factor to automatically manage documents, post movements, track, store, and invoice in two units of measure.
Dual Unit of Measure: If you need to track inventory in dual units of measure, this solution from Theta Systems offers multiple units with fixed conversions from one to another. Track weight and volume, pick inventory by unit and specify weight, and prevent negative inventory for both weight/volume and units.
DVS to DC by Simova: Connect DVS by Simova and Document Capture by Continia within a standard interface in DVC to DC by Simova. This connector app lets users create Digital Verification Solution entries on receipts registered and processed by Document Capture to accelerate business processes.
DYCE Price List Import: With DYCE Price List Import, complex purchase processes can be supported and simplified by intelligent software. Users don’t have to manually maintain purchase prices in the master data, and can import only the prices needed, thanks to a flexible filter that imports only relevant lines.
eBanking Direct Debit: Receive direct debit payments via cash receipts and import directly to major Australia and New Zealand banks with eBanking Direct Debit by Fenwick. Generate direct debit files in the format of your choice and specify a default lodgment reference number for faster payments.
E-Invoicing: The E-Invoicing add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables Italian Electronic Invoicing through several providers.
Everlytic Transactional Email for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Enhance bulk email marketing for better client engagement with Everlytic Transactional Email. It integrates your ERP data with Everlytic’s platform for high-volume transactional email that lessens the load on your support desk.
Excel Journal Import: While many people love to work in Excel, it can be difficult to get information from it into your journals. Excel Journal Import by Business Central Addins automatically and accurately uploads journals created in Excel to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with one click.
Global Directory: The Telisca Global Directory for Microsoft Teams gives users access to many different directories simultaneously, merging their contacts for an improved user experience that includes a multi-field power search and phonetic search.
Global Master: Sharing master data with subsidiaries or other divisions can be challenging, but Global Master by ProFacto automatically shares data so all entities have the same chart of accounts, goods, and data to work with. This synchronized data ensures consistency and prevents errors.
Healthcare Materials Management: Optimize procure-to-pay processes and the supply chain with Healthcare Materials Management from Binary Stream. It streamlines inventory management and automates replenishment for your warehouse and sites, all in a single system.
IM E-Procurement: Supply remote locations from a central warehouse or external vendors with IM E-Procurement. It’s specially designed to cope with the complexity of purchasing and materials supply and is ideal for customers from industries such as retail, wholesale, food service, and hospitality.
IM Kitchen: Boost kitchen operations and provide higher quality with IM Kitchen, an extension for managing information about ingredients, recipes, and dishes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. All shop floor operations can be managed from an Android device.
IM Licensing Client: Use IM Licensing Client to manage licenses contracted with IM Projects. With it, you’ll see each license’s duration, expiration date, and whether it's blocked.
IM Manufacturing: IM Manufacturing manages all production operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using Android production screens. It makes operations simple and user friendly, and is ideal for customers in industries like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and more.
incadea Automotive365 Vehicle Management: Automotive workshops and dealerships using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can add incadea Automotive365 Vehicle Management to handle aftermarket service and vehicle sales in one app. It includes reports for inventory valuation and sales.
Installment Payment Terms: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central supports one-time payments for transactions, but customers may want installments. With Installment Payment Terms from AP Commerce, you can easily split the transaction.
KatarGo: Only available in Germany, KatarGo is the business solution for mail order and wholesalers that combines finance, merchandise management, warehouse management, and e-commerce in one complete package. It even enables omni-channel trade by merging different distribution channels.
Kolleno AR Management and Cash Collection: Kolleno Accounts Receivable Management and Cash Collection helps Dynamics 365 Business Central customers streamline manual tasks, speed up the sales-to-cash timeframe, and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) with optimized workflows and insights.
KPI Emoji: graphomate’s KPI Emoji visualizer for Power BI provides meaningful interpretations of key performance indicators at a glance by assigning emojis, presenting thumbs up or down to indicate rising or falling figures.
LogiProjectmanagement: This German app for Dynamics 365 Business Central available in Switzerland is an engineering and project management industry solution covering all required processes needed in project-oriented companies.
Maptaskr Standard for Power Apps: Discover new insights using your location data with Maptaskr. It lets you manage customers effectively by searching, visualizing, analyzing, and planning strategies with the power of geospatial and location intelligence.
Mendo: This virtual assistant trains you in Excel directly from your spreadsheet. Mendo is an extension that offers a personalized learning path through integrated exercises and training videos, offering real-time suggestions, shortcuts, and tips.
NAVHR Payroll for Dynamics 365 Business Central: NAVHR Payroll is a reliable human resources tool for managing staff data, alerting when it changes, extracting official reports, and automatically applying payroll to the general ledger. It also emails pay slips, tax forms, and other documents to employees.
OmniFY Load Planning: Manage shipping loads effectively in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with OmniFY Load Planning. Improve delivery times and management, optimize vehicle use by comparing load weights and volumes against capacity, easily provide documentation, and more.
Password Manager: Available in Germany, Password Manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you manually or automatically create passwords for customers, vendors, contacts, and employees. Passwords are automatically created securely, and you choose the length.
Powerblox Collective Invoicing: With Powerblox Collective Invoice, you can group invoices per order, shipment, delivery address, construction site, or globally. Then you can define different lines and comments, making invoicing easier because Powerblox proposes new items based on what’s delivered.
Powerblox Direct Print: Skip extra popup screens while printing using Powerblox Direct Print. This saves time and frustration, making all printers on the local network available with their default settings automatically chosen. You can even pick default printers for each user and report.
PowerTextor: With Power Textor, you can send bulk SMS messages to customers and get push notifications when each is received. Build brand loyalty through conversations with customers using a wide range of message sending options like scheduled sending, event reminders, and review requests.
ProBatch 365 Visual Planning: If you plan lots of production orders and need a better overview to work efficiently, ProBatch 365 Visual Planning is a useful and intuitive solution. Enjoy rule-based, traceable simulation and optimization, dynamic bottleneck detection, alternative planning views, and much more.
Production Order Locations: Easily define locations and location bins used on production lines with Production Order Locations from BizConPro. All necessary information is entered on a convenient, single-page setup, saving you time as you automate production order creation.
Production Scheduler: Production Scheduler is an all-in-one solution from Fenwick which lets you view and manage production orders and displays information about them by listing all routing lines and required production quantities for each order filtered by work center group.
Receivables - Payables: With Receivables - Payables from Fenwick, you’ll get quick access to account details for a more streamlined process. Directly send remittance, statements, and outstanding invoices, and quickly run many useful reports.
Replace Date for Documents: When posting actions from documents related to purchases and sales, it’s important for dates to be correctly updated first. Replace Date on Documents helps replace the document date, posting date, and VAT date with the current date. This app is only available in Belgium.
RF Plus Warehouse Management System for Dynamics 365 Business Central: This full-featured warehouse management system from Portable Intelligence supports barcode scanning and is compatible with ruggedized portable handheld computers.
SD Stores Manager: SD Stores Manager is intended for sites that have not implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Warehouse Management. It provides efficient and streamlined pick generation, management, assignment, and processing, and manages shipping routes.
SNC Report Pack: Report design is time consuming and requires valuable resources. SNC Report Pack gives you a head start with easy sales and purchase reports, all common commercial documents, simple headers and footers, and efficient setup wizards to get you started quickly.
SNC Smart Stock: Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with SNC Smart Stock. It features dynamic stock optimization, on-time supply planning, customer-oriented demand forecasting, and intelligent dashboards that factor in history and seasonality.
Sport and Event Merchandising: Work more efficiently in sales with Sport and Event Merchandising from GWS. It adds many useful order management features to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, letting commercial customers as well as fans enter orders quickly and easily.
Telos Team Greenland Payroll: Greenland Payroll from Telos Team is fully integrated and adapted to wage rules in Greenland including vacation laws, pension rules, taxes, and government agreements.
TRASER Core 365: Simplify and customize your financial management processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with TRASER Core 365. Based on a cross-sectoral approach, it provides professional add-ons suiting your specific workflow needs for better, faster, and more efficient work.
TRASER DMS 365: As a fully integrated ERP solution for trading of machines, TRASER DMS 365 is a complete administration interface that includes general ledger management. It connects all trade processes and ensures clear structures, precise communication, and optimized processes.
TRASER Rental 365: TRASER Rental 365 ensures all stages of the rental process are carried out smoothly and simply. It provides optimal support for creating quotes and contracts and managing delivery and return processes. Enjoy simple invoicing thanks to integration with financial management.
VidCall for Outlook: Enhance your VidCall subscription with VidCall for Outlook, which lets you quickly and easily add VidCall meetings to any Outlook calendar event.
what3words: Street addresses aren’t always available or accurate enough, so what3words divided the world into 3-meter squares and gave each a unique three-word name. This connector integrates what3words into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for the most precise directions available.
World of Documents Base App: Available in German, World of Documents is a flexible document production and print solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, based on open standards such as XML, XSLT/XSL-FO, PDF, and others. It’s cloud ready and designed to scale with few resources.
XPR365 Contracting: Create contracting orders for freelancers, employees, and suppliers with XPR365 Contracting from Scapta. This ready-to-use solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is only available in Belgium.
XPR365 OneTrail: Retrieve product information from OneTrail and synchronize your shipments, receipts, and invoices with XPR365 OneTrail. This solution from Scapta is only available in Belgium.
Yavrio Open Banking: Connect directly with your bank accounts with Yavrio Open Banking. Draw live feeds directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with no files required, and push payments directly from journals to the bank. This application is available only in the United Kingdom.
ZeroTime For Office 365: Integrate your Microsoft 365 applications seamlessly with ZeroTime from Replicon to streamline your daily activities. Capture your time spent in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel with other information such as file names and tags to create an accurate timeline of your day.

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Avanade to Microsoft Power Automate for Desktop: 6-Week Migration: Migrate legacy automation estates to Microsoft Power Automate efficiently from Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and Ui Path with Avanade’s Intelligent Automation Migration Factory.
Data Strategy: 1-Day Workshop: RawWorks will give you a clear, step-by-step understanding of how it can migrate your on-premises unstructured data to Microsoft 365 and keep it safe and protected. Topics include sensitivity labeling, sharing with external entities, shared channels in Teams, and best practices.
Dynamics 365 Quick Start for Enterprise: 12-Week Implementation: This engagement from Plus Consulting deploys Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Marketing, and Customer and Field Service quickly by combining core functions with smart configurations and built-in integrations to extend value.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Setup and Configuration: Brasoftware Informatica will set up and configure Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and ensure the antivirus exclusion list is up to date. This implementation is only available in Portuguese.
Modern Management Accelerator: 1-Week Implementation: Phoenix Software provides a secure baseline deployment of Microsoft Intune, aligned to industry guidelines, to support the adoption of modern management and improve your security posture.
Power Apps Development: 2-Week Implementation: Decision Inc uses Microsoft Power Apps to automate and streamline your organization’s manual business processes. Developers will analyze your requirements and provide a user journey and screen designs ahead of the implemented application.
Power BI for Buyers: 1-Day Workshop: Available in Swedish, this course from Business Vision is for buyers who want to get started with Microsoft Power BI. Learn how you can easily visualize spending and connect with contract registers to support follow-up.
Social Media Analytics: 1-Week Implementation: The Social Media by BertIA solution will help determine if your internet marketing investment is paying off by analyzing data from all your social networks in a unified dashboard with a visual representation built using Microsoft Power BI.
WE LOVE - Dynamics 365 Sales: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop from Arvato Systems will demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can be your holistic solution for lead generation, evaluation and ordering, and managing customer relationships. Scope and duration vary depending on your needs.
WE LOVE - Dynamics 365 Sales: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Arvato Systems will develop a proof of concept in three phases to demonstrate how Dynamics 365 Sales can offer your sales staff extensive reporting options and integration with other Microsoft 365 applications they already use.
WE LOVE - Dynamics 365 Sales: 8-Week Implementation: Arvato Systems will conduct workshops to analyze your individual requirements before implementing Dynamics 365 Sales and configuring business process flows aligned to your sales processes. This implementation includes role-based employee training.

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