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AppSource is pleased to welcome 103 apps and services, many of them designed to improve employee collaboration and productivity by using Microsoft 365.

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Abtrac Project Management: Made for architecture, engineering, and construction design practices that sell time and expertise, Abtrac is a comprehensive web-based business management platform that streamlines project management from proposals through invoicing to analysis.
Clean Contacts: Clean Contacts helps you maintain the quality of your UK consumer data through an automated and secure process that is hosted on Microsoft Azure and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.
FACT360 for Wellness: FACT360 for Wellness uses AI and unsupervised machine learning to analyze employee participation, efficiency, work-life balance, and collaboration. The Azure-based platform uncovers powerful HR insights to help you understand the wellness of your entire organization.
Notifications in Telegram: This bot from TISA, built on Microsoft Power Apps and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, lets you send notifications via Telegram to employees, clients, or groups of people. This app is available in Russian.
Shared Thread: WNI’s Shared Thread lets you share a thread across channels in Microsoft Teams, providing a useful alternative to email or shared channels. The app lets you connect internal and partner project messages in one thread.
Telegram Chat: TISA’s bot, built on Microsoft Power Apps, enables you to send messages to employees or clients via Telegram, alerting them via smartphone when they are not at the workplace. This app is available in Russian.
timeghost Time Tracking for Microsoft 365: Start tracking project times where your projects happen with timeghost, an app for Microsoft 365 that integrates with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Office apps, and OneDrive. The timeghost app drives automation and reminders so you can enhance your work.

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Azure Active Directory Migration Support: 1-Month Implementation: Soft Create offers a fully managed service that enables a smooth transition from your existing environment to Microsoft Azure Active Directory for identity management and Microsoft Intune for device management.
Bechtle Roadmap for Microsoft 365: 1-Day Workshop: This offer is available only in German. Bechtle will familiarize people who are new to the cloud with the entire suite of service and tools available in Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Intune.
CFO 360 Dashboard: 4-Week Implementation: John Keells IT offers a CFO 360 dashboard built on Microsoft Power BI to compare target and actual performance by visualizing the financial KPIs of your company. You’ll get the ability to identify gaps by using granular drill-down charts.
Connect Teams Phone Calling: 12-Month Implementation: The Operator Connect solution from NTT will provide you with carrier-grade telephony and support from a single provider. You’ll be able to integrate NTT’s calling plans and conference services directly into your Microsoft Teams environment.
Design Sprint: 4-Week Workshop: Meltlake will combine service design methods and technology to identify your business objectives, user roles, and needs, resulting in a roadmap for modern work that is built on Microsoft 365.
Direct Routing: 2-Week Implementation: LoVo’s cloud solution allows you to use Microsoft Teams to make wired calls, without incurring additional infrastructure costs. This offer includes migration from your existing physical telephone structure to Teams.
Discover Sensitive Data: 3-Day Workshop: Axians will help you understand the hidden compliance risks of dark data. You’ll learn how to assess your environment against a data protection baseline, gain tools and services for risk mitigation, and receive an analysis of findings.
DiscreteReady Accelerators for Dynamics 365: 8-Week Implementation: For manufacturing organizations, Thinkmax will utilize DiscreteReady, its accelerator based on the Microsoft Catalyst framework, to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Embrace Adoption and Change Management: 4-Week Implementation: Core BTS will use its Embrace program, a collaborative process for change management and adoption, to help ensure that you effectively embrace, adopt, and use Microsoft 365 within your organization.
Employee Experience on Viva: 1-Day Workshop: In this free workshop, Signal Alliance will provide deep dives across the Microsoft Viva suite of modules. Learn how Topics, Connections, and Learning can support flexible work and meaningful collaboration.
Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Insights: 1-Day Workshop: With Signal Alliance, you’ll discover how Microsoft Viva Insights can enable individuals, managers, and leaders to gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in the organization thrive.
Employee Portals & Onboarding Automation: 3-Week Implementation: With 2toLead, you’ll improve your onboarding processes through personalized navigation, rollups, and more via employee portals and automation built on Microsoft Viva, the Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft Teams.
Endpoint Management: 3-Day Workshop: Learn from Axians how to improve your device management capabilities by building management policies that protect your users, company data, apps, and devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
Endpoint Manager for Energy: 2-Week Implementation: Claranet will unlock for you the capabilities of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Utilizing best practices, you’ll be able to secure data in a hybrid work environment and optimize operational management.
Endpoint Manager for Enterprise and SMB: 2-Week Implementation: Designed for companies of any size, Claranet’s implementation of Microsoft Endpoint Manager will enable your IT teams to secure data on corporate-owned and BYOD hardware throughout your hybrid work environment.
Endpoint Manager for Manufacturing: 2-Week Implementation: Claranet engineers will help your manufacturing company design, implement, and support an endpoint management solution to unlock the capabilities of Microsoft Endpoint Manager in line with best practices.
Endpoint Manager for Media and Communications: 2-Week Implementation: Claranet engineers will help your media and communications company design, implement, and support an endpoint management solution to unlock the capabilities of Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
Endpoint Manager for Retail, Construction & Transport: 2-Week Implementation: Claranet engineers will help your retail, construction, or transport company design, implement, and support an endpoint management solution to unlock the capabilities of Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
EPAM Solutions on Power Apps: 12-Week Implementation: EPAM will use its extensive experience with the Microsoft Power Platform to implement a solution based on your requirements. You’ll get end-to-end delivery for migration, implementation, custom development, and/or integration.
Exchange On-premises to Exchange Online Migration: 1-Week Implementation: LanTec will transfer your email system from on-premises infrastructure to Exchange Online on Microsoft 365.This offer is available in Ukrainian and Russian.
Just-MIGRATE Sage 50 to Dynamics 365 Business Central: 5-Day Implementation: Creative Computing Solutions will use its Just-MIGRATE tool to migrate you from Sage 50cloud Accounting to a financial system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Manage and Investigate Risk: 3-Day Workshop: In this comprehensive workshop, Axians will show you the compliance features available in Microsoft 365 to get you the insights required to detect, investigate, and act on insider risk in your organization.
Manage and Investigate Risk: 4-Week Workshop: BlueVoyant will help you discover and address the hidden compliance risks in your organization by showing you how BlueVoyant User Risk Check and Microsoft 365 maximize detection and monitoring.
Managed Services for Microsoft 365 with Office Apps: Forsyte experts will help you optimize your Microsoft 365 productivity, user experience, and security with managed services for Office apps. You’ll gain end-to-end expertise, app configuration and deployment, cost savings, audits, and more.
MCI Transition to Cloud: 2-Day Workshop: CB5 Solutions’ Cloud Transition workshop helps customers envision Agile work scenarios and increased productivity delivered by transition to Microsoft 365.
Microsoft 365 Consulting & Services: 1-Hour Implementation: Learn how innobit AG can support your Microsoft 365 environment through integration, development, change management, and more with customized solutions built on SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft 365 Migration Strategy: 1-Day Expert Workshop: Let the team of experts at 2toLead help you speed your effective migration to Microsoft 365. You’ll learn about Microsoft and third-party resources that can accelerate your execution and optimize your employee experiences.
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: 4-Week Implementation: AIS’s professional service utilizes the features of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to secure your business assets in the cloud. You’ll get a solution design, a project plan, and more for implementing Microsoft Defender.
Microsoft Teams Meetings: 3-Hour Discovery Workshop: Experts from delaware will create awareness of Microsoft Teams meetings, live events, and webinars as well as how to position these within your company. You’ll learn about Teams options and get recommendations to address specific use cases.
Microsoft Viva: 2-Day Workshop: In this workshop, SB Technology will provide an overview of Microsoft Viva, including a detailed introduction to the Connection and Learning modules available within Viva. This offer is available in Japanese.
Microsoft Viva Insights: 2-Day Workshop: Available only in Japanese, SB Technology’s workshop will provide an overview of Microsoft Viva Insights. You’ll learn how Viva Insights can be used in your company to provide recommendations to improve your employees’ work experience.
Modernize Communications: 1-Day Workshop: Learn how NTT can modernize your communications environment using its Operator Connect solution to integrate voice services directly into Microsoft Teams. This workshop will support the transition for people and technology.
Parking Lot Booking App: 2-Week Implementation: Develonica will provide its parking lot booking app, built on Microsoft Power Apps for Microsoft Teams. The app lets your employees easily register vehicles and book parking spots via mobile or web.
Power Apps and Power Automate Hackathon: 7-Day Workshop: Available only in German, Communardo’s hackathon will enable your employees to implement business applications built on the Microsoft Power Platform.
Power BI Training: 2-Day Workshop: TriFinance will teach you the core concepts of Microsoft Power BI so you can start building reports and models yourself. This training session covers data modeling, security, sharing reports, automating data refreshes, and more.
Power Platform: 2-Week Proof of Concept: DXC will identify a use case and create a low-code solution on the Microsoft Power Platform to rapidly demonstrate how you can improve ROI, increase business agility, improve compliance, and solve your problems.
Power Platform for Teams: 8-Week Implementation: SoKet for Human Capital (SHC) will help you drive HR automation by delivering a document management system using the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Teams.
Power Portals in a Day: 8-Hour Workshop: MY Synergy will teach you how to start, configure, use, and benefit from a web portal that is built with Microsoft Power Apps. You’ll be able to extend communication with stakeholders via a low-code solution.
Rapidly Build Apps in a Day: 8-Hour Workshop: In this hands-on workshop for beginners, MY Synergy will teach you how to build an app on Microsoft Power Apps. You’ll learn to create, share, and modify apps using your own data to address business problems.
Remote Hybrid Solution: 8-Week Proof of Concept: PwC’s Remote Hybrid Solution enhances employee experiences by providing flexible and seamless access to resources while keeping their security intact using Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Teams, and the Microsoft Power Platform.
Remote Secure Work: 1-Day Workshop: Insight will help you define your business requirements and develop a clear understanding of the cloud security solutions available with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 so you can align the solution to your objectives.
ScreenShare45: 1-Hour Workshop: Logics Technology’s ScreenShare45 workshop is designed to help IT administrators confidently take on cloud infrastructure projects that include Microsoft 365 workloads.
Securing Identities: 3-Day Workshop: Axians will show you how to use Microsoft 365 to protect your authorized users’ identities so you can authenticate credentials and manage file access while still giving them the freedom to collaborate with others.
Teams Meetings: 1-Day Implementation: Available only in German, datac’s free offer includes an assessment for implementing Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms and support for installation of the first two systems.
Teams Workshop for Field Personnel: 1-Day Workshop: Available only in Japanese, this offer from Uchida Spectrum is designed to show you how Microsoft Teams can be used to support challenges faced by field personnel and automate key business processes.
Threat Protection: 5-Week Workshop: Customized for your organization, BlueVoyant will provide an executive deep dive into security strategy and show how your organization can improve your security posture with Microsoft 365 threat protection technologies.
Transition to Cloud: 3-Day Workshop: In this comprehensive workshop, Axians will show you how transitioning to the cloud can empower people in your organization to be more productive and secure in a hybrid work environment built on Microsoft 365.
Unified Communications Managed Service: Keep your employees and customers connected with SoftwareONE’s Unified Communications, a portfolio of services built on Microsoft Teams for the hybrid workplace.
User Adoption & Change Management: 5-Day Implementation: Assento will help you achieve a return on your investment in Microsoft 365 by accelerating user adoption, expanding utilization, and ensuring user proficiency with Office apps and Microsoft Teams.
Viva Connections Employee Experience Engagement: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Beginning with a design thinking workshop, Celebal Technologies will build and deploy an employee engagement experience on Microsoft Viva Connections.
Viva Connections Employee Experience: 1-Month Implementation: Crayon Group’s implementation of Microsoft Viva Connections will evolve your intranet into a central hub with easily accessible content and targeted updates powered by Microsoft Teams.
Viva Insights Employee Experience Engagement: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Beginning with an ideation workshop, Celebal Technologies will build and deploy Microsoft Viva Insights to help your employees and business increase productivity with data-driven recommendations.
Viva Learning: 2-Week Implementation: Signal Alliance will show you how Microsoft Viva Learning helps organizations drive upskilling and growth by implementing a center for learning. This offer includes deployment, managed services, and more.
Viva Topics Employee Experience Engagement: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Celebal Technologies will identify priority scenarios and then build and deploy Microsoft Viva Topics to harness the collective knowledge and expertise within your organization and seamlessly bring knowledge to users.
Viva User Experience: 2-Day Workshop: Experts Inside offers workshops covering the entire suite of Microsoft Viva modules, enabling you to learn how Viva supports communications, productivity, knowledge gathering, upskilling, and employee wellbeing.
Windows 11 Pilot: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Steeves and Associates’ pilot program provides everything you need to deploy Windows 11 Enterprise and make the most out of Microsoft 365 in your organization.
Windows 365: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Available only in Japan, Soft Create’s pilot will provide you with an environment to securely verify how Windows 365 Cloud PC can improve your business efficiency. This offer is designed for small and medium-sized companies.
Zero Trust Collaboration Security: 6-Week Implementation: Synergy Advisors will help you securely collaborate across employees, partners, and vendors with a customized Zero Trust security solution built on Microsoft 365. This offer includes identity protection using Azure and app hardening.
Zero Trust Secure Email: 6-Week Implementation: Synergy Advisors offers a secure email solution built on the Zero Trust framework and Microsoft 365. Synergy’s solution focuses on how users engage with technology, leading to improvements in their security maturity level.

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Agrobit Enterprise
Animator for Power BI
Arineo People Contract Automation
Automate Business Processes: 3-Hour Briefing
AXP365 Pharma Supply Chain Management
Clinicubes CTMS
CloudyIT Inspections Application
ConvergePoint Contract Management Software
Dual-X-Axis Bar Chart
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 6-Week SMART Implementation
Enterprise Voice - Number Management
evergreen for Clinical Research Organizations
Frontline Worker Support: 3-Month Assessment
Government Uniform Invoice for Taiwan
Hybrid Work Collaboration Consultancy: 9-Week Assessment
Insurance Analytics - InsightBox Saxon
Layup Training Platform
Microsoft 365 Admin Package: 2-Day Briefing
Microsoft 365 Identity Security Health Check: 1-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Inter-Tenant Migration: 2-Day Assessment
Microsoft 365 License Health Check: 1-Day Assessment
Migrate Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365: 5-Week Assessment
Modern Work Frontline Launchpad: 4-Week Assessment
Modular Power BI Advanced: 1-Day Assessment
Policy Management Software - ConvergePoint
Power Apps: 1-Week Briefing
Power BI Roadmap: Assessment
Rapidly Build Apps Pilot: 4-Hour Briefing
SharePoint for Cloud Migration: 3-Week Assessment
Teams Voice Management - Telco
Training Management Solution
Vidata Personalized Videos
Viva Insights: 4-Week Discovery and Assessment
Zapfloor for Microsoft Teams

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