New on Microsoft AppSource – May 26, 2022

AppSource is pleased to welcome 106 apps and services, many of them designed to streamline business processes, boost collaboration, and facilitate hybrid work.

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2WriteBack: The 2WriteBack add-in for Microsoft Power BI allows you to enter data directly into Power BI and write that data back to any database via a REST API interface.
Advellence Onboarding Solution: The Onboarding Solution by Advellence supports technical and organizational tasks to onboard new employees, such as creating accounts and roles in Azure Active Directory. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, this app is available in German.
Banking Complaint & SR Capture for Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: VeriPark’s Banking Complaint & Service Requests Capture app for FSI Cloud captures customer inquiries, complaints, suggestions, and requests into Microsoft Dynamics 365, structuring request details for operational efficiency.
Banking Customer 360 for Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: VeriPark’s Banking Customer 360 app extends Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to visualize the customer’s relationship with the bank to drive proactive actions in cross-selling, servicing, and compliance.
Banking Financial Transactions for Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: VeriPark’s Financial Transactions app extends Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services by enabling bank users to pay bills, transfer funds, enable subscriptions, and perform other transactions on behalf of a customer.
effie> Modern Trade Service: Designed for the fast-moving consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries, IPLAND’s effie> service on Azure helps increase supply chain efficiency from manufacturers and distributors to store shelves.
KoareTech Inventory Management Tool: Designed for information technology departments and management, KoareTech’s Inventory Management tool, built on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint, easily tracks hardware assets and software licenses.
Mozzaz Remote Patient Monitoring: Remote Patient Monitoring is Mozzaz’s Azure-based platform that continuously provides clinicians with patient data, allowing them to give patients better feedback on their conditions, impact behavior change, intervene early, and more.
NeCo-SCOM (System Centralized Operations Monitoring): NeCo-SCOM provides Azure-based remote monitoring of asset health in your cold storage facilities, warehouses, and telecommunications towers. The full data collection delivers interactive graphs and plan views for advanced analysis.
Serverless360: Kovai’s Serverless360 lets your business operate efficiently with enterprise-grade Azure monitoring, end-to-end tracing, remediation, and governance in one platform. The platform lets you delegate support to Kovai’s operations team.
Shopizer - SaaSified by SurPaaS: Shopizer is an Azure-based sales management app that helps you create online stores, marketplaces, product listings, and much more using a secure, fast, and reliable e-commerce engine.
Vineforce for Remote/Hybrid Teams: Vineforce helps remote teams using Microsoft 365 work better together by providing a blend of productivity, collaboration, and planning tools that keep teammates informed across different time zones and work schedules. 
Vocean for Teams: The Vocean platform, built on Microsoft Teams, provides organizations with tools for generating strong ideas and solving business-critical problems through direct participation, QR code activities, and powerful reporting tools.

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A#EDIA#EDI Sale Order & Forecast: 1-Month Implementation: Bhatara Progress will implement its A#EDIA#EDI on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline order management by maximizing automation and minimizing manual processes, enabling you to respond faster to customers and achieve higher productivity.
A#SCM365: 6-Month Implementation: Bhatara Progress will implement its A#SCM365 on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver cross-channel inventory visibility in real time to streamline production and fulfillment, optimize inventory, reduce overstocking, and more.
BOTLens: 4-Week Implementation: LTI will implement BOTLens, its next-generation self-service platform for automation developers and support engineers. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, BOTLens lets teams centrally monitor and manage bots.
BPC Thai Tax Localization: 1-Month Implementation: Bhatara Progress will implement its BPC Thai Tax Localization on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to simplify tax localization, compliance, and auditing. The add-in includes VAT tables, reports, and more.
Business Power App: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Data-Driven will focus on your organization’s data strategy and current challenges, then deliver a proof of concept built on Microsoft Power Apps, solving a current business problem and allowing your employees to evaluate the outcome.
Collaboration and Communication for Frontline Workers: 1-Day Workshop: CloudWay will assess your frontline workers' needs, demonstrate the potential of easy onboarding with SMS authentication, and identify how Microsoft Teams can serve as an information hub replacing physical info boards.
Crayon Empower iQ User Adoption Service: 1-Week Implementation: Crayon's Empower iQ for Microsoft 365 is integrated into Microsoft Teams, providing employees with quick-help tutorial videos on successfully working with Microsoft productivity, communication, and collaboration tools. 
Device Management & Workplace Virtualization: Managed Services: Kyndryl will work with your stakeholders to propose, deploy, and manage a purpose-fit hybrid virtualization strategy built on Microsoft Azure and aligned to your business requirements. 
Drive Employee Engagement with Viva Connections: 6-Week Workshop: In this six-week workshop presented by Changing Social, you will learn how your organization can drive employee engagement while boosting employee retention using Microsoft Viva Connections.
Endpoint Management: 3-Day Workshop: National Education Network's workshop provides an executive deep dive into the remote deployment, management, and security of corporate and BYOD devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
Endpoint Management Advisory Service: 6-Week Implementation: Wragby will implement a unified platform using Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager to modernize the management of all your endpoints as part of an end-to-end, zero trust security strategy.
Envisioning iFacto Financials: 1-Day Workshop: Designed to set all pieces in place to boost your financial administration, iFacto's workshop will show you how to set up and configure financial reports, create invoices, and gain insights with Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Hybrid Meetings and Meeting Rooms: 3-Day Workshop: AVI-SPL's Hybrid Meetings and Meeting Rooms workshop will provide you with a comprehensive Microsoft Teams meetings and meeting rooms strategy aligned to your business needs.
Klevr CRM: 12-Day Implementation: Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Walkerscott's Klevr CRM is designed to be a single source of truth for sales and account management, integrating CRM and ERP data through the Common Data Service.
Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup: 1-Day Proof of Concept: OEDIV offers a complementary cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365 with a managed service based on the third-party product Avepoint Cloud Backup. This offer is available only in German.
Microsoft 365 Migration for Mergers and Divestitures: 8-Week Implementation: In just eight weeks, Enabling Technologies will move your company's Microsoft 365 email, files, and other workloads to another Microsoft 365 environment while ensuring your data remains secure and compliant.
Microsoft 365 Use Cases: 1-Day Workshop: Available only in German, SVA's engagement includes the development of a Microsoft 365 use case aligned to your business requirements, delivering the basis for further adoption and change measures, materials, and formats.
Microsoft Catalyst: 1-Day Workshop: Business Cloud Integration will work with you to define a digital transformation path for your business using the proven Microsoft Catalyst framework, enabling you to envision the future of your organization.
Microsoft Intune: 1-Week Implementation: Offered in Portuguese and English, FunctionOne's implementation of Microsoft Intune delivers remote management of your organization's desktop environment via Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Teams: 1-Day Workshop: Available only in German from OEDIV, this workshop will demonstrate how Microsoft Teams delivers a complete solution for modern communication and collaboration for your business.
Microsoft Teams Apps and Solutions: 3-Day Workshop: Triad will help your stakeholders understand the extensibility of Microsoft Teams and identify how the platform can streamline your business and productivity. Deliverables include an adoption plan tailored to your needs.
Microsoft Viva: 3-Day Workshop: Triad will walk you through the Microsoft Viva ecosystem and identify how Viva modules can benefit your organization and its employees, then define a roadmap to drive adoption across your business.
Microsoft Viva: 10-Week Implementation: Available in German and English, IPI's implementation of Microsoft Viva will help you advance digital learning in your company and improve the employee experience. Inspire your employees while driving productivity and collaboration.
Microsoft Viva Employee Experience: 3-Day Workshop: Alfa Connections will help you discover use cases for Microsoft Viva modules, including Viva Connections, Viva Learning, Viva Topics, and Viva Insights, and develop a roadmap of solutions to boost your employee experience.
Modernize Communications: 1-Day Workshop: York Telecom's modular engagement enables you to experience the vision for Microsoft Teams Phone and advanced communication scenarios in your business with a simplified voice solution delivering reliable, integrated calling.
OEDIV Cloud Web Proxy: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Available only in German, OEDIV's managed web proxy service provides web security for your hybrid workforce. Deliver secure internet access while remaining compliant with GDPR and other local and national regulations. 
Payroll Connector for Dynamics 365 Human Resources: 3-Month Implementation: Best Practices Consulting's payroll connector for Dynamics 365 Human Resources is designed to accelerate employee readiness, improve organizational agility, and optimize your area programs.
Polish PSTN numbers for Teams Direct Routing: 12-Month Implementation: LoVo will help you acquire Polish PSTN numbers for Microsoft Teams calling via either Microsoft Teams Direct Routing or Operator Connect. This offer is available in Polish.
Put Knowledge to Work with Microsoft Viva Topics: 5-Week Workshop: Changing Social's workshop will demonstrate how Microsoft Viva Topics provides the right information to employees when they need it. This offer includes adoption, change management, and training services.
Return to Workplace App: 6-Week Implementation: Available only in Spanish, TC1 Labs' solution for Microsoft Teams enables your employees to reserve shared workspaces, parking spots, lockers, dining rooms, and more to help ensure a healthy work environment.
Road to Microsoft 365: 1-Month Implementation: Crayon will help your organization build and manage a proper approach toward a successful Microsoft 365 implementation, guiding through your entire digital transformation journey.
Smart Services Modern Workplace: 12-Month Implementation: Available only in French, Elgon's modern workplace Smart Services provide a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective way to outsource your IT and ensure the continuity of your operations while helping you optimize operating costs.
Smart Services Security: 12-Month Implementation: Available only in French, Elgon's Smart Services include the implementation of security best practices for your Microsoft 365 environment, enabling you to offload the security part of your Azure and Microsoft 365 services.
Subscription Billing for Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Week Implementation: Sopra Steria will implement its comprehensive solution for subscription sales includes pricing, billing, invoicing, and customer recognition directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
System Center Endpoint Manager: 40-Hour Proof of Concept: Learn how System Center simplifies the deployment, configuration, management, and monitoring of your infrastructure and virtualized software-defined datacenter in this quick-start proof of concept from York Telecom.
Talent Miner: 5-Week Implementation: Featuring AI-based data extraction, intuitive dashboards, and charts for better data visualization, LTI's Talent Miner scans applications to increase efficiency and identify the best candidates based on your criteria.
Teams Deployment: 18-Day Implementation: Available in French and English, EXPERTIME's engagement includes the deployment of Microsoft Teams and development of collaborative processes to help ensure you get the most from your investment. 
Teams Enterprise Voice: 1-Day Workshop: Gain an understanding of Microsoft Teams, including the choice between using native Microsoft telephone provider technology or integrating your own telephony provider via SBC. This offer from OEDIV is available only in German.
Teamwork Starter Kit: 10-Week Implementation: Available only in German, IPI's implementation includes roadmapping a solution that aligns with your requirements, the deployment of Microsoft 365 and Teams, and change management and adoption services.
The Works from Forceworks: 12-Month Implementation: The Works from Forceworks is an all-inclusive service-as-a-subscription model for IT implementation and support services, including strategic consulting, deployment, customization, monitoring, security, and reporting.
Threat Protection: 3-Day Workshop: Insight Technology Solutions will help you develop a strategic security plan customized for your organization and based on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and the recommendations of Microsoft cybersecurity experts
Viva Connections: 6-Day Implementation: EXPERTIME will help you implement Microsoft Viva Connections in your environment and deploy an intranet homepage in Microsoft Teams. This offer is available in French and English.
Viva Learning Enablement Service: 2-Day Workshop: The Viva Learning Enablement workshop from Vitalyst includes two days of services designed to help organizations accelerate the planning, implementation, deployment, and adoption of Microsoft Viva Learning.
Viva Topics: 1-Day Workshop: Available only in German from novaCapta, this one-day workshop covers the potential of Microsoft Viva in your organization and why many businesses use it as their first choice for knowledge management.
Volunteer Management & Engagement: 5-Day Workshop: m-hance's workshop will demonstrate how Dynamics 365 Sales and other modern cloud-based technologies can work together to meet all your volunteer management and engagement needs. 
Windows 365 Deployment: 2-Week Implementation: EXAKIS will deploy a Windows 365 cloud PC environment for your organization, enabling you to save costs, boost collaboration, and ensure data security. This offer is available only in French.

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Audiit Platform 2022 R.1 Enterprise
Automated Skype for Business Migration to Microsoft Teams
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Core Model Energie: 2-Hour Briefing
Digital Workplace and Employee Experience Strategy: 2- to 12-Week Evaluation
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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Integration on Azure: 8-Week Implementation
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GrowOne Convention Edition Facility Reservation System
GrowOne Facility Course Management System
GrowOne Facility Reservation System
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ITVT Pharma 365
Journey Automation
Jumpree for Hybrid Workplaces
Jvion Community Health Equity (SDOH)
Live Events Offer: 1-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Health Check: 1-Week Assessment
Microsoft Catalyst: 1-Day Workshop
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Deployment Roadmap: 4-Week Assessment
MigExpress: 2-Week Assessment
My Virtual University
Oversign, an Overcast App: 6-Week Implementation
People365 HCM
Power BI Health Check: 2-Hour Assessment
Power Platform Governance Framework: 2-Hour Assessment
Power Platform Readiness: 3-Week Assessment
Prodware Expense Management Accelerator
Quality Connect
Scatter Transparency
SHARP365: 6-Week Assessment
Simplimatik for Admin Activities
SIPPIO Operator Connect Accelerator
Solgari for Microsoft Teams
Tada Dealer Management Suite
Technosoft Automotive CRM Pilot
ThreatConnect RQ
XERO Connector for Dynamics 365

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