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AppSource is pleased to welcome 52 apps and services, many of them designed to increase productivity by enhancing Microsoft 365.

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Commission 365: Commission 365 helps you create incentives for your sales agents by using automated commission calculations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. You can determine the type of calculation used, commission rules, and more.
Expo XT Teams for Power BI: Expo XT from Metropolis transforms collaboration and performance data from Microsoft Teams into a robust dataset for data analysts in Microsoft Power BI. Get a better understanding of technology adoption, device utilization, and call quality.
RevTracker: RevTracker lets you track cell-level changes in a Microsoft Excel workbook, displaying the changes as comments on the cells. RevTracker also stores changes between revisions, allowing you to document changes over time.
SlideSense: SlideSense Automate from Gramener automates Microsoft PowerPoint slides as bots, allowing you to easily personalize slides for different audiences.
Stacked Clustered Chart: Clustered Stacked Chart by DEFTeam allows you analyze data in Microsoft Power BI by using three category variables and one numerical variable to discover trends across multiple categories by grouping and clustering data on a stacked bar chart.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Collaborative Apps with Microsoft Teams: 2-Week Proof of Concept: In TCS’s Teams Apps / Solutions workshop, you’ll brainstorm, identify employee experience scenarios, and implement a minimum viable product to increase hybrid productivity for your frontline and knowledge workers by using Microsoft Teams.
Collaborative Apps: 3-Week Workshop: In Exelegent’s Collaborative Apps workshop, you’ll learn how to build customized business solutions for your customers by integrating apps and workflows with Microsoft Teams. Increase workforce productivity, automate repetitive tasks, and create collaborative experiences.
Custom Solution for Teams Starter: 6-Week Implementation: Communardo will help you organize relevant uses cases for building solutions on Microsoft Teams, deliver an analysis of requirements, and create a proof of concept for a selected use case.
Custom Solutions for Microsoft Teams: 2-Day Workshop: Available in German, novaCapta’s workshop will lead you through envisioning solutions built on Microsoft Teams and assessing requirements for implementation. You’ll also get recommendations for the creation of a proof of concept.
Data Audit & Initial Power BI Setup: 6-Week Implementation: Jarmany’s in-depth data audit is delivered alongside a complete implementation of a reporting solution that is built on Microsoft Power BI, allowing your users to make data-driven business decisions based on self-service reports.
Endpoint Management: Workshop: In Ctelecoms’ Endpoint Management workshop, you’ll get training customized to your organization’s needs and an executive deep dive into remote deployment, management, and the security of corporate and BYOD devices.
Hands-on Microsoft 365: 3-Hour Workshop: Available only in Japanese, this workshop from JBS will use scenario-based experiences to help you understand how Microsoft 365 fits your organization’s ideal work style. The workshops include a question-and-answer session to deepen your understanding of how to use Microsoft 365 effectively.
Hybrid Meetings and Rooms: 2-Day Workshop: Tech One Global’s Hybrid Meetings and Rooms Workshop will help your business define priorities and scenarios for more effective collaboration and secure information sharing, no matter where your employees work.
Hybrid Meetings and Rooms: 3-Week Workshop: Exelegent’s Hybrid Meetings & Rooms workshop provides targeted conversations customized for your specific business needs to help you empower people to work from anywhere, at any time through the power of Microsoft Teams meetings and meeting rooms.
Hybrid Meetings and Rooms for Microsoft Teams: Workshop: With Omega Digital, you’ll get a clear understanding of the potential of Microsoft Teams Rooms to meet your unique business needs, and you’ll leave the free workshop with actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Teams Rooms.
Implementation of Microsoft Calling Plan - Service A: Alfa Connections’ Service A implementation will modernize your phone system by implementing Microsoft Teams for calling and meetings. This service includes implementation of Microsoft Teams Calling Plan, user training, knowledge transfer, and more.
Implementation of Microsoft Calling Plan - Service B: Alfa Connections’ Service B implementation builds on its Service A deployment of Microsoft Teams Calling Plan by adding Alfa Managed Service for one year to support your communications solution.
Implementation of Microsoft Calling Plan - Service C: Alfa Connections’ Service C implementation builds on its Service A and Service B deployment of Microsoft Teams Calling Plan by increasing the number of support tickets included in the one-year service package from 3 to 10 tickets.
Information Sessions for Securing Identities: 2-Hour Workshop: Available only in Spanish, Nebulan’s free Securing Identities workshop will help you identify risks to your data and apps as you expand your use of Microsoft 365. You’ll learn to protect authorized identities and credentials.
Installation Support for Windows 11: 8-Week Implementation: Available only in Japanese, Fujitsu FSAS’s implementation provides complete support for your Windows 11 deployment from device management, installation planning, master design, and asset management to security measures.
Introducing Microsoft Entra: 2-Hour Workshop: In this free workshop, Slalom will introduce you to how to use Microsoft Entra to enable smarter, real-time access decisions for all identities across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.
Introduction to Microsoft Teams: 1-Day Workshop: Available only in German, q.beyond AG’s workshop is designed for organizations that need a comprehensive overview of the functions and features available in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft 365 Advanced Security 360 Degrees: 6-Week Implementation: Available only in German, q.beyond AG’s implementation of Microsoft 365 E5 Security provides a complete package to quickly increase your return on investment and protect your organization from cybersecurity threats.
Microsoft Teams Phone System: 2-Day Workshop: Available only in German, this workshop from q.beyond AG will demonstrate the technical and functional benefits of implementing Microsoft Teams Phone. You’ll get a concrete proposal that fits your organization and leave the workshop with a detailed proposal for deployment.
Mitigate Compliance and Privacy Risks: 3-Day Workshop: Protiviti will help you understand how to use Microsoft 365 compliance tools to identify and mitigate risks, including insider threats and privacy-related issues. You’ll get a risk strategy documentation for your stakeholders and a better understanding of how to achieve compliance.
Modern Work Services for Productivity: 2-Day Workshop: Caryon US will assess your current collaboration solutions, identify how to remediate risks, and demonstrate specific solutions to address your business challenges. You’ll get a plan of action including a scope of work for delivery of a complete solution built on Microsoft Teams.
Modernize Communications Workshop: In the Modernize Communications workshop, you’ll learn from Ctelecoms how to build, plan, deploy, and adopt Microsoft Teams Phone. You’ll get a roadmap for integration that is customized based on your organization’s environment.
Pepas Cloud App in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Pepas Cloud’s App in a Day teaches you to quickly build and launch apps with Microsoft Power Apps by using templates and rapid development methods, without the need for programming knowledge.
Power Platform for Healthcare: 30-Day Proof of Concept: Partner with Avanade to develop a proof of concept built on the Microsoft Power Platform to address your business challenges. Avanade will show you how to successfully adopt the Power Platform and deliver a customized solution.
Protect and Govern Sensitive Data: 3-Day Workshop: Protiviti’s Protect and Govern Sensitive Data workshop helps organizations understand, discover, and assess their data in their Microsoft 365 environment. You’ll get compliance strategy documentation and a better understanding of how to use Microsoft Purview to mitigate threats.
Spark MDR for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Implementation: Spark New Zealand’s Spark Managed Detection and Response for Endpoint delivers full end-to-end design, implementation, and management of your Microsoft Defender for Endpoint service.
Teams Meetings: 1-Day Implementation: Available only in German, q.beyond AG’s free consultation for Microsoft Teams Rooms includes room assessment and remote support for the installation of the first two systems to meet your use-case scenarios.
Transform Your Meeting Rooms: 1-Day Workshop: Through a live demo, FVC’s specialists will demonstrate how Microsoft Teams Rooms and Microsoft Teams meetings can turn any space into an easy-to-use and inclusive collaboration space. FVC will assess existing devices and infrastructure and discuss next steps for deployment.
Use Cases for Microsoft 365: 4-Day Workshop: Available only in German, novaCapta’s workshop will show you how to identify relevant use cases for implementing Microsoft 365 to increase your return on investment and user adoption.
Windows 11 Deployment Support: 3-Month Implementation: Available only in Japanese, JBS's service will provide the technical knowledge and support required to deploy Windows 11 to work smoothly with your existing infrastructure. This service includes deployment planning, verification, and post-implementation operation.
Windows 365 Environment: 2-Month Proof of Concept: Available only in Japanese, JBS’s proof of concept environment will let your IT team and users try Windows 365 with business applications to verify that the solutions meets your and your users’ business needs for cloud-based work.

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