New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 1: apps for healthcare providers, sales reps, Dynamics 365, and more

AppSource welcomed 135 apps between February 16 and February 28, 2019, many of them designed for the healthcare sector, for Dynamics 365, or for sales professionals.

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Industry-specific apps for healthcare, manufacturing, education, financial services, government, retail, and marketing

Active leisure. For all - throughout life. Using Microsoft Azure and Azure Cognitive Services, the Active Leisure platform personalizes information about leisure activities for people with intellectual disabilities. This may include text simplification, video or symbols, and translation.
AIN Bella Education Suite. Automate repetitive tasks and improve customer acquisition and support. This solution is available in multiple languages.
ARMED Early Intervention & Prevention Solutions. ARMED uses wearable technologies to measure health metrics that correlate with a higher risk of health decline, such as dehydration, immobility, and weight loss. Measurements are sent to the data analytics back end.
Backbase. Backbase is an omnichannel digital banking platform that can transform multiple siloed banking channels and legacy applications into a consistent brand experience that’s easy to use and always available.
C@TS Suite. The highly configurable CATS suite consists of a core tax solution, a taxpayer portal solution, a forms and workflow designer, and a risk management system with advanced analytics.
Captain Up. Captain Up maximizes customer engagement and retention​, using gamification, social mechanics, and communication tools. The module-based solution easily integrates into customers’ products.
Coding in Minecraft. Coding in Minecraft comprises three computer science courses that immerse students in a Minecraft world to develop their coding skills. These are delivered through Minecraft: Education Edition, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure.
Databiology Lab. Databiology Lab provides a central hub for the biomedical research lifecycle. It enables researchers to work with all types of biomedical data, including genomics, epigenomics, and imaging data.
Decisyon APM. Decisyon's asset optimization solution provides a single point of access to critical data being generated by key assets such as manufacturing equipment, electricity and wind turbines, or healthcare devices.
Decisyon Visual MES. Collect, aggregate, and share information in real time from the shop floor. Decisyon’s Visual MES solution supports and drives production processes.
Diamond as a Platform (DaaP). Insuresoft's Diamond is a comprehensive insurance platform offering policy, billing, and claims administration, along with a printing solution, mobile functionality, and more.
Digital Dentistry Space. This denture design and production tool by K.Skobeltsyn Studio aims to save doctors and dental technicians time and money while increasing precision and productivity.
dutimo emergency service display for pharmacies. Enter the postcode of your pharmacy and the dutimo software will determine the responsible pharmacy chamber in Germany. Select your pharmacy and the emergency services will be downloaded.
evalua. Evalúa can be used by educational institutions to assess competencies and as a tool for institutional accreditation. It's designed to support the CNA (the national accreditation system in Colombia). This app is available only in Spanish.
FORCAM FORCE. With FORCAM FORCE for smart manufacturing, production managers receive a complete industrial IoT solution with more than 70 analysis and reporting tools to optimize their production.
InsuranceRight. Launch a direct insurance platform within four months. InsuranceRight enables insurers to engage customers and increase efficiency, with a focus on building consistency and alignment across all touchpoints.
Intelecy. Optimize your factory or process plant with industrial machine learning. Intelecy connects to widely used industrial SCADA/HMI/DCS/MES systems and provides valuable insights to improve production.
josh Protocol!Live. josh Protocol! is a record and case management solution developed in response to Italian regulations for large and small public administrations. This app is available only in Italian.
Loop By Coop. Loop by Coop allows retailers to interact with customers on a digital platform. The product is aimed at fast-moving goods companies that want to increase their digital presence and extend personalized offers and elements of gamification.
netBin HUB. Reduce cost and collection times by utilizing netBin's monitoring of waste management bins and collection banks. netBin provides timely warnings when bins are full, permitting intelligent route planning for collection.
On-site Smart Sales Animation. BEYABLE's smart, on-site sales animation panel helps marketers boost the turnover of their websites and improve the success of their marketing campaigns. This application is currently available only in French.
perfektus one. perfektus one's device-connection abilities bring iQbit's customers in the automotive, appliance, and plastic injection industries into the Industry 4.0 era. This application is currently available only in Spanish.
Resource Planning. Resource Planning by Stratsys AB gives school headmasters an efficient and intuitive tool for planning and budgeting.
Sharp Patient Access Portal. Patients can log in to the portal and make payments. With two-factor authentication, they can access advanced features, such as saving their financial account information or seeing their payment history and receipts.
Sight Machine. Sight Machine creates digital twins that represent any manufacturing machine, line, facility, supplier, part, batch, and process. It combines edge and cloud automation and management with AI for classifying, mapping, and transforming data.
Soft4Care. Soft4Care is an ERP platform for the management of people in situations of dependency (elderly or disabled people, children with behavioral disorders, etc.). This solution is offered only in Spanish.
Speaker Engagement Platform. Meylah Corporation’s speaker engagement platform gives business-to-business event organizers access to speaker influence scores, profiles at a glance, a communication engine with templates, and more.
Supervision des consommations énergétiques. O-CELL's service for small to midsized cities allows them to monitor their energy consumption (electricity, gas, water), comfort level in public places (temperature, humidity, CO2 level), and more.
Trestles Labor Management System. Trestles Labor Management System enables construction planners and frontline supervisors to break down work into a manageable set of tasks.
VoiceScript PROFix. VoiceScript Technologies has created a secure, fully automated solution enabling multiperson conversations to be digitally captured, stored, and transcribed into a trusted, verbatim record suitable for evidentiary and compliance purposes.
VolparaEnterprise. VolparaEnterprise software is a cost-effective, mission-critical tool that delivers breast imaging services and instantly updates key performance indicators with every mammography or tomosynthesis exam.

Manipulate master data, barcodes, reports, and more with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Barcode Generator. Barcode Generator from Insight Works makes it possible to add linear (Code 39) or 2-D (Data Matrix) barcodes to reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Modify invoices, order confirmations, and production orders.
Clever Document Links. With Clever Document Links and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can drag and drop any document; link it to master data, documents, or ledgers; and securely store it in Dynamics 365 Business Central or SharePoint.
Customizable Report Pack. Get started with a set of ForNAV's reports designed and optimized for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, including sales and purchase documents. To further enhance report design, choose from a set of watermarks.
demandPlus+. demandPlus+ uses existing data to adjust planning parameters, giving you higher-quality master data and better planning proposals. Lower your stock to free up space and capital while increasing availability.
Dynamic Ship. Streamline tedious and error-prone shipping tasks by integrating Dynamic Ship with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Shop floor employees will reduce manual-entry errors by scanning packages directly into Dynamics 365 Business Central.
EDI Integrated Suite. DiCentral’s EDI Integrated Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central optimizes business practices. Users’ sales, invoicing, production, scheduling, and shipping data are all integrated and reconciled, improving collaboration and visibility.
Fastpath Assure. Fastpath Assure, a comprehensive audit solution, automates risk management and SOX compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Use the easy, out-of-the-box reporting or create your own custom reports.
iDynamics SII. iDynamics SII builds on the features offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to connect to the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) service, required by the tax agencies of Spain, Navarre, the Basque Country, and the Canary Islands.
OmniFY Expense Reports. Simplify expense claims with OmniFY Expense Reports for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This extension makes it easy for users to submit expenses for allocations and process reimbursements.
Popdock. If data is your tool, you need control and rapid access. With Popdock, you can search, filter, and group everything in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Build reports, chose your data, save your favorites, and share them with everyone in the company.

Localize and integrate with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

D365 FINANCE & UTILITIES. This package facilitates the daily business processes of accounting and finance users, and it adds reports and other functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Dynamics 365 F&O Localization for Ukraine. OntargIT's Ukrainian localization extends the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to meet the regulatory requirements of Ukraine.
GO-i.SAF. With GO-i.SAF, VAT invoice data will be submitted to the State Tax Inspectorate (STI) according to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. The solution is suitable for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and earlier Dynamics AX versions.
GO-iVAZ. According to Lithuanian legislation, all cargo shippers, carriers, and recipients must submit their packing slip data to the STI (State Tax Inspectorate). GO-i.VAZ accurately and promptly submits the data in the required format.
i95Dev Magento Commerce Integration. Integrate Magento commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to help you increase sales, reduce costs, drive operational efficiencies, and provide better customer experiences.
Personal Data Protection for Russia. This solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations keeps some personal data located in Russia in order to comply with Russia's Federal Law No. 242-FZ.

Format, plan, and monitor with apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Autofill formatter. C-Clear Partners' autofill formatter is a straightforward tool to apply text formatting to an entity attribute inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.
Bright Pattern Omnichannel Contact Center Solution. Accessing the rich data available in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Bright Pattern delivers an integrated omnichannel contact center platform that retains the context of each customer interaction.
Customer Insights Customer Card Add-in (Preview). The Customer Card add-in enables business users to access contextual insights, such as customer journey and KPIs from Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights, directly within Dynamics 365 applications.
Domain6 Number Sequence. Domain 6 Inc.'s Number Sequence for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a simple add-in component developed to offer automatic new record number increments. Add number control to standard or custom CRM entities.
Dynamic QuickSales. Create sales records on the fly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Dynamic QuickSales allows users to create sales records easier and faster from inside the account and contact forms.
Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools. Get it now on AppSource.
Event2CRM. Event2CRM extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the power of Eventbrite, a leading provider of online event management and ticketing services. Plan, promote, and track the key components of your Eventbrite events within the CRM system.
InoLink. InoLink integrates data between Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It meets your accounting needs from within Dynamics 365, providing a 360-degree view of the customer.
Patient Journey Solution. Prescriber360 has built a complete patient lifecycle management solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to handle everything from the first enrollment call to executing automated workflows to view patient therapy adherence.
RapidStartCRM for Homebuilders. Forceworks' simple-to-use CRM, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, is purpose-built for homebuilders of any size who are apprehensive about business applications due to cost, time, or perceived complexity.
SignNow. Automate e-signature workflows and generate data-driven documents right in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account. SignNow by PDFfiller can send contracts and agreements for signing from any Dynamics 365 entity.
SimpleChat for Dynamics 365. The SimpleChat add-on by Elad Software Systems provides contact centers with a consistent omnichannel customer experience. SimpleChat extends the power of Dynamics 365 with convenient communication channels.

Manage your IT assets and systems

DataPlus. Concentra's DataPlus, a Software-as-a-Service data warehouse automation platform for Microsoft Azure, simplifies the build, deployment, and maintenance of a data warehouse, accelerating project delivery.
LDC DC Migration. Migrate your datacenter with maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. LDC supports customers with hybrid deployment requirements, enabling them to move workloads between their datacenters, partner datacenters, and Microsoft Azure.
Matilda Cloud Solutions. Matilda Cloud Solutions consists of four core modules that are available as standalone components or as a fully integrated platform: discovery, cloud migration, release orchestration, and cost management.
Nexus (Escritorio Digital). Give users a secure way to access your web applications or company desktop without the need to configure VPNs. NEXUS streamlines IT operations by centrally managing all commercial and desktop apps within the datacenter.
Secuba Application Analytics. Secuba Application Analytics gathers application usage statistics for each user, allowing organizations to improve security and optimize purchases by identifying redundant software.
SiriusIQ - Platform. SiriusIQ reduces risk and data migration time through intelligent automation. Its transformational process can improve migration scenarios, GDPR solutions, and mergers and acquisitions.
TIBCO Data Virtualization. Virtualize your Azure, on-premises, and other cloud data sources. TIBCO Data Virtualization orchestrates access, delivering the data sets and the IT-curated data services foundation for nearly any analytics solution.
Uniformity for Salesforce Xero Stripe Google. Use Uniformity by Enterprise Technology Management Limited to bring data from your various Software-as-a-Service subscriptions into your data warehouse. Get a full analytical view of your business.
Velocity. Velocity is a fully automated data ingestion/syndication process to transfer data from SAP to Azure Data Lake. Reduce solution complexity as well as the costs of infrastructure and support.

Streamline human resources and training

Exelsys Human Capital Management. Exelsys HCM automates and streamlines HR processes. With Exelsys, you can align and realign your organization, employees, and the supporting HR processes in real time to support strategic objectives.
FlowLMS. FlowLMS is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly learning management system that grows flexibly according to the training needs of your organization. The environment scales to fit the needs of small companies or large enterprises.
Personal Identification Number Collection. This solution meets Japan's requirement of securely collecting employees' personal identification numbers. Number identification data is output in CSV format and has a unique encryption key.
SimpleStrata. SimpleStrata allows organizations to easily log, communicate, measure, and track their strategy and employees' performance. SimpleStrata uses the machine learning and predictive analytics functions of Microsoft Azure.
Uptale Immersive Learning Platform. Uptale provides a cloud platform to create, deliver, and track training experiences in 360-degree video and virtual reality at scale. Organizations such as Disney and L’Oréal are already using the platform to upskill teams.
Witivio 365. Witivio 365 is a design and monitoring platform to quickly enable chatbots for the digital workplace. Virtual assistants are designed to answer recurring questions from your employees. Reduce calls to HR and technical support.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Analitica 365. Analitica 365 offers collaborative data intelligence to help govern company processes, with financial planning and budgeting modules. Analitica 365 is natively integrated into Microsoft Power BI.
Cryptobox Secure Managed Cloud. Cryptobox provides a sharing and collaboration solution using end-to-end encryption. Securely access your documents from any device and control your data and costs with a scalable architecture.
Debble Workplace. Debble Workplace's ready-to-go intranet and collaboration space features built-in Office 365, SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and more.
EASA Software. EASA enables codeless creation of web apps that drive Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other software, and it allows the use of spreadsheets with VBA, macros, and advanced formulas.
Enterprise Submission Platform. This web app by EXCEED IT Services automates linear workflows, helping department heads easily create, manage, and track workflows.
Excelens - Office 365 Workplace Productivity. Excelens is an elegantly crafted productivity framework that builds on Microsoft Office 365 to create an integrated digital workplace. Excelens helps organizations maximize their Office 365 investments.
Flow Studio. The Flow Studio suite of tools helps professional Microsoft Flow makers build more workflows, organize and manage their inventory, and help IT and Flow administrators see what workflows are running in their environment.
Infinity ECM 15in1 platform. This enterprise content management platform includes 15 fully integrated modular subsystems and more than 100 tools for collaboration, communication, and management of the entire business.
Inphiz digital workplace. Inphiz aggregates unstructured and structured data, connecting employees with people, news, key performance indicators, groups, search tools, and more in order to increase productivity.
LeaderTask Program for Teamwork. LeaderTask's program for self-management and teamwork will help you organize company processes, flag important items, streamline task assignment, and give you peace of mind.
Liferay DXP. Liferay DXP’s suite of business tools and features allows you to leverage core technologies like portal servers and content management systems within one cohesive platform that is secure, scalable, and extensible.
OneVuex Unified Systems. OneVuex gives you one view of your business. Users log into the cloud portal and are connected to every system they need access to, including databases, intranet sites, web browsers, and search engines.
Prover VNext. Create, capture, and store documents. Prover VNext features electronic signature support, optical character recognition, and more than 800 preapproved templates. This solution is available only in Portuguese.
Social Intranet. Combining traditional intranet with social components enables you to connect your employees within your organization on all levels. Enable collaboration and corporate and social communication.
Sperling Business Process Manager. With a suite of efficient tools, Sperling Business Process Manager lets you model and create a business process, then execute it.
SWOOP Analytics for Yammer. If you want to know if your Yammer efforts are paying off, then SWOOP is for you. SWOOP's analytics provide insights for users, community managers, and organizational levels. Measure the impact of collaboration and engagement.
Tandemploy SaaS. The Tandemploy SaaS connects colleagues for job sharing, job shadowing, peer learning, mentoring, projects, or other purposes.
TimeBlocK. TimeBlocK is an intuitive solution focused on improving productivity and efficiency through task and policy configuration, a global database, an easy-to-use graphic interface, and more. This application is available only in Spanish.
ViDSignerBio. Validated ID’s signature service is architected around a single, holistic platform that can seamlessly support all use cases, types of signatures, and user experiences.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, IoT, or augmented reality

Aichoo AI OS - ML and Data Science for Enterprise. Intelligently automate key processes in data science activities with Aichoo AI OS. Its machine learning pipeline uses a library of universal agents to achieve true self-learning capability.
Anzyz AI-Insight. Anzyz AI-Insight can analyze data, irrespective of size or format, and is fast due to self-learning. Use it to prevent customer churn, analyze customer feedback, identify productivity risks, or perform many other functions.
BLiP. The BLiP Software-as-a-Service platform gives you all you need to build, run, and evolve an efficient chatbot in a single place. Speed up processes and integrate solutions and channels through chatbots. API. is an AI-based invoice-capturing API that reads and extracts information of unknown invoice formats. It's highly scalable and optimized for German invoices.
Bridge. Visualize your 3-D designs as they are meant to be: in 3-D! Through Bridge's augmented reality, you can enhance training, enable collaboration on designs, and better display your products in pre-sales meetings.
Buzzeasy. Buzzeasy orchestrates seamless customer engagement using AI, bots, and simple conversation. It’s time for customers to enjoy no-wait, autonomous care 24/7 across every channel and on every device.
Checkingas. Checkingas is an IoT solution for the remote monitoring of propane resources, which provides inventory control and efficiency opportunities in distribution and collection. This app is available only in Spanish.
Colibri Platform. Colibri is an extensible modular IoT platform for edge intelligence applications, helping organizations gain insight and improve decision-making by leveraging gathered data.
Metric Video Analytics. Metric Video Analytics provides artificial intelligence to a camera system, allowing it to identify and track people and objects. Generate heat maps, estimate wait times, and detect behavior patterns.
minarai CS chat. minarai CS chat, an AI chatbot with a dialog engine and advanced natural language processing functions, is suited for support tasks. Put it to work in your contact center, in-house help desk, or e-commerce service.
Smart Retail. Smart Retail delivers IoT energy management to control costs and reduce your organization's carbon footprint. Remote monitoring variables are obtained every 15 minutes. This app is available only in Spanish.
UiPath RPA. Deliver rapid automation of repetitive, rules-based processes. UiPath robots are learning AI skills that enable applied cognitive capabilities, introduce access to new sources of unstructured data, and improve automation efficiency and robustness.

Track your business’s sales, fleet, projects, and supply chain

Andromeda. Andromeda manages estimation, budgeting, and forecasting processes by monitoring project time and cost trends. Andromeda makes it easier to obtain accounting and management views of projects or proposals.
Atomian Discover. Atomian transforms all the data stored in a company's IT systems and documents to create a cognitive database, improving information access and helping management teams make better decisions.
Brennus Pricing Solution. Brennus Analytics' AI-based solution helps B2B companies increase profitability by better managing their pricing. This application is available only in English and French.
Equip for Field Service. Let marketing automation, self-service portals, and in-field sales prompts unlock new sales capabilities while pre-service checks drive higher first-time issue resolution and increase service effectiveness.
Event Management Software. EventsAIR is a powerful, cloud-based meeting management solution for all types of meetings and events. Intuitive to use, EventsAIR features real-time data, analytics, online development tools, and more.
FleetTracker. ThinAir Telematics provides fleet management and GPS tracking solutions. ThinAir’s flexible architecture allows the tracking of vehicles, trailers, and containers under one unified interface with easy integration of external systems and sensors.
Forms Server. Create digital forms and publish online forms that integrate with your back-office functions. This application is available only in Dutch.
Invoice Submission Platform. Invoice Submission Platform allows organizations to automate all invoice requests, helping accounting departments stay on top of their cash flow and ensure all their payments are being executed on time.
josh Archive!Live. Through digital document archiving and management, josh Archive! makes business processes more streamlined and versatile. This application is available only in Italian.
joshLive. joshLive makes it possible to model and automate business processes. Manage and assign tasks and corporate functions. This application is available only in Italian.
Luminate Control Tower. Drive real-time visibility, enhanced orchestration, and prescriptive guidance across the supply chain with JDA Software's Luminate Control Tower. Mluvii, a multichannel communication platform, connects with customers via web, mobile app, or at the point of sale. Mluvii offers chat and audiovisual channels, collaborative co-browsing, smart routing, and more.
Overdrive Basic Fleet Management. Gain visibility and control over your operations using Overdrive's flexible, GPS-based fleet management system. Gather, analyze, and utilize the data generated by Overdrive's innovative tracking technology.
Prodware Demand Forecasting. Prodware's solution has been designed for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers alike. It predicts demand based on historic sales data and uses Microsoft Power BI reporting to help you visualize your business intelligence.
River Logic - Prescriptive Analytics. River Logic’s prescriptive analytical optimization solution enables organizations to identify the best outcome by evaluating different business scenarios and decision-making trade-offs.
Smartsite. Smartsite by Seneca B.V. is a content management system for websites. Communicate your events with the event tool, or set up a site running parallel to your regular website to take over in the event of a crisis.
Telynet Telynet offers sales force automation and customer relationship management for sales, field service, and point-of-sale management. Improve sales efficiency with 360-degree visibility.
Tribeware Platform. Increase sales, improve knowledge transfer, raise employee engagement, and accelerate time-to-market for new products with one2tribe's Tribeware platform.
V-Count Business Intelligence Platform. V-Count's customer behavior analytics tools help businesses boost conversions, increase profits, and optimize operations. The visitor analytics suite offers heat maps, mood/age/gender recognition technologies, and more.
Vekia. Vekia optimizes stock management and replenishment for supply chains by collecting and cleaning data. Vekia is economic, ecologic, and ergonomic. This Software-as-a-Service solution is currently available only in French.

Ensure safety and security

BioConnect ID. BioConnect ID strengthens trust and security by leveraging biometrics for strong, multi-factor authentication. Secure your business processes and future-proof your authentication strategy.
PISO ISM on Azure. PISO is a database activity monitoring tool for preventing data breaches. It provides real-time monitoring and auditing features to meet customers' compliance requirements. The user interface is available in Japanese and English.
SafetyAware. SafetyAware includes an easy-to-use app, a web-based control center, 24/7 live response center monitoring, and optional wearables and devices. SafetyAware is primarily used to protect those working alone in high-risk environments.
Security for Azure. SoftwareONE’s managed security service enables organizations to stop malicious activities and improve security effectiveness for Microsoft Azure workloads.
Smart Surveillance. Smart Surveillance closes gaps in CCTV surveillance through artificial intelligence. In addition to backups and real-time alerts, it offers central monitoring with workflows for incident management.
Zyght. Zyght helps companies improve the management of occupational health and safety. Centralize risk assessments, plan compliance programs, and monitor from any device. This solution is available only in Spanish.

Deliver video and virtual reality content with these apps

Eclexia. Eclexia is Vetrya’s multiscreen video distribution platform, which manages end-to-end live and on-demand video content distribution from any source and on any device.
Pixvana SPIN Studio. SPIN Studio by Pixvana provides an integrated, cloud-based virtual reality platform that allows you to quickly make, edit, and share custom VR experiences proven to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.
VideoLib. VideoLib's video distribution platform supplies content delivery across multiple platforms, with monitoring, content usage analysis, and robust security. This solution is available only in Portuguese.

Achieve GDPR compliance 

Comtrade OMS4RMS. OMS4RMS extends the functionality of Microsoft Azure Information Protection to help users comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

Stay up to date

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies. Be sure to check out the full app library to see how Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is working to support businesses across industries and regions.