New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 10: apps for Dynamics 365 and a wide range of industries

AppSource is pleased to welcome 171 apps and services, many of them extending the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or solving industry-specific problems.

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Industry-specific apps for retail, healthcare, government, financial services, construction, real estate, marketing, manufacturing, energy, and entertainment 

Agrippa Improvements. Agrippa Improvements allows for the extensive use of barcodes for goods and their related transportation. The solution's customers are primarily large wholesalers of grocery, retail, and fashion items in the Nordic countries and in Poland.
ApSlide for Dynamics. Interact with customers through dynamic presentations. With ApSlide, your employees will have access anywhere to the content they need. Your marketing teams can then analyze usage statistics. This app is available only in French.
Axon. by Axon offers a scalable, cloud-based system for court proceedings and case management. Achieve faster evidence processing through automation, and save time and money with redaction technologies and secure digital sharing tools.
Bimasakti Property and Tenancy Management System. This system helps building managers more efficiently handle rental processes, and it covers shopping centers, apartments, offices, residential areas, co-working spaces, and commercial areas. It also offers features for tenants.
CGI SatSight. CGI SatSight enables clients to automatically download, process, and use data from satellites to provide warnings about threats to infrastructure. CGI SatSight can currently detect floods, fires, ground movement, underground gas sources, and more.
Coding.Ai - (Automatic Medical Coding). Coding.Ai automates medical codes, including procedure codes (CPT), diagnosis codes (ICD-9, ICD-10), modifiers, and SNOMED-CT codes on the fly for outpatient and inpatient notes, lab reports, and more.
Comply365. Comply365 is an end-to-end content management and distribution platform targeting regulated industries like aviation and railroads.
CouncilFirst Online. Open Systems Technology’s local government division has developed the CouncilFirst Software-as-a-Service business solution to meet the operational requirements of Australian local government. It addresses HR, payroll, finance, community engagement, and more.
Cura Systems. Cura uses images, videos, and talk-to-type functionality to create an all-digital solution for care planning systems, monitoring, and medication management.
DPSP Cloud. Vaica Digital Patient Support Cloud makes it easy to synchronize data from medication adherence and telehealth devices and to set up automatic reminders, notifications, and reports for patients, caregivers, and other medical care providers.
Dtryx CMS (Cinema Management System). Dtryx CMS, a management system for cinemas, features movie screening information, back-office functions, environmental controls, and more. The unmanned kiosk makes it easy for customers to purchase tickets and concession items.
Energy Studio Pro on Azure. Energy Studio Pro is employed by utilities worldwide for complete visualization, data analysis, optimization, and management of mixed portfolios of wind, hydro, and photovoltaic power plants.
FieldTracker.42 - BIM 4D Viewer. Fieldtracker.42 is a dynamic digital twin for your construction site. Fieldtracker.42 makes it possible to process and view data from the field, as well as to specify business rules for processes related to safety, productivity, and regulations.
FieldTracker.42 - IoT. Fieldtracker.42 is a dynamic digital twin for your construction site. CAD.42's ecosystem of IoT devices keeps track of your on-site construction resources. Detect dangerous situations and automatically create activity reports based on its data analysis.
For The Record - Multispeaker Speech to Text. For The Record delivers machine-generated speech-to-text capabilities for courts, including speaker identification. Text is time-stamped to audio for rapid review, and attorneys can obtain approval online via a PCI-compliant payment process.
Framsikt. Framsikt offers web-based tools for municipal business management, budgeting, and financial planning. Since 2014, Framsikt has served 125 municipalities. This app is available only in Norwegian.
Genero Sales. Genero Sales is a sales automation service that helps field sales organizations optimize their efforts in grocery stores, restaurants, and other retailers. Genero Sales currently supports more than 2,000 users across 14 countries.
HubScience. HubScience offers a text-mining solution supported by an artificial intelligence-based learning process. It fits into the traditional research processes for biotech companies and academic/health industrial organizations, accelerating the reading and understanding of scientific texts.
IDOS - Direct Benefit Transfer Management. IDOS creates a bridge between your ERP and integrated fertilizer management system. DBT Management from IDOS enables you to minimize subsidy leakage by tracking your stock position in the supply chain, and it enables timely claims with the Indian government.
IDOS - Distribution Management. IDOS - Distribution Management provides automated computations for dealer incentives/rebates based on complex parameters defined by you, giving you more time to strategize. Get real-time reports on target versus actual turnover by dealer.
IDOS - E-Procurement. IDOS - E-Procurement integrates with your accounting modules, increasing process efficiency and reducing manual efforts. Automate requests for quotation and purchase orders to vendors, compare quotations, and reduce inventory carrying cost and ordering cost.
IDOS - Inventory Management. IDOS - Inventory Management accounts for your inventory and keeps tight control on inventory inflow, issue, and sales. Track consumption patterns for better fulfillment.
IDOS - Multi Currency Accounting & Consolidation. IDOS - Multi Currency Accounting & Consolidation automates multi-currency accounting and consolidations. IDOS ensures all accounting information – in different currencies – is recorded in concurrence with accepted accounting principles.
IDOS - Vendor Management. IDOS - Vendor Management enables the creation of a vendor master through e-forms and templates, and it creates vendor groups and categories based on parameters you define. In IDOS, all your vendor contracts, SLAs, and RFQs are safely stored in Microsoft Azure.
InUse. InUse is a connected maintenance SaaS application that makes machines talk to improve the production performance of factories. By embedding industrial expertise within the machines, InUse transforms their usage data into concrete recommendations for operators.
ITCO-POS. ITCO-POS, available in English and Spanish, is a web-based point-of-sale system designed to be compatible with multiple platforms, including mobile phones and tablets. enables enterprises to recapture ownership of customers and drive customer journeys using AI-led digital personalization. Drive increase in spending and expand every customer transaction to hundreds of taste attributes.
MIA - OnStore Omnichannel Platform. The MIA platform supports the customer purchase journey and promotes customer engagement and retention. It increases available products without affecting stocks, integrating the point-of-sale products range with external suppliers and e-businesses.
Modelo. Modelo, available only in French, provides a global solution for digitizing and documenting the processes of the real estate agent. Modelo is accessible via desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
Oxeus Survey. Oxeus Survey, available only in French, produces online surveys with high-quality rendering and real-time campaign tracking. Build your survey quickly and graphically. Need to distribute your survey all around the world? Generate multilingual questionnaires easily.
Pegasus. Pegasus is a web app for ophthalmologists and optometrists. Accessible via a common web browser, Pegasus receives color fundus images and OCT volumes of a patient's macula, offering detailed information on signs of a multitude of optical diseases in only a few seconds. 
Quality Intelligence Solution. Quality Intelligence Solution is an automated defect detection and analytics platform for manufacturers needing to more accurately identify defective products in real time while improving plant profitability. The solution is shaped by each customer's quality specifications.
Quartal COMMISSION. Quartal COMMISSION is a commission and distribution fee management solution. It increases transparency and accuracy in commission processing while reducing costs and risks. It automates the calculation, allocation, and reconciliation of distribution commissions and sales costs.
Quartal FEE MANAGER. Quartal FEE MANAGER increases transparency and accuracy in fee processing while reducing associated costs, risks, and revenue leakage. It automates the entire process from calculation to invoicing to reporting.
Unqork. Unqork is a no-code platform built from the ground up to digitize the full client lifecycle of acquiring and servicing regulated financial products. The solution features an exceptional UX, a patent-pending workflow and micro-decisioning engine, and more. 
Vayoo for Hosts. Vayoo for Hosts is SaaS for Airbnb hosts. Vayoo monitors the position of your listing in Airbnb search results every 24 hours using different criteria, so you can always be sure your property is seen.
Younited Credit-as-a-Service. Younited Credit-as-a-Service is a European lending platform with a European Central Bank license. Younited provides white-label Credit-as-a-Service solutions for partners to quickly launch and easily manage their own lending programs.

Expand the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Bank Files for Italy. Bank Files for Italy lets you import and export Italian bank files (SEPA, CBI) into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Manage dishonored files issued by the bank and provide the bank with data in the correct record type.
Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada integration app automatically gets exchange rates from the Bank of Canada. Simply enable the integration for each currency that you want to get. This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
BatchFlow4. FutureLinks BatchFlow 4 is an integrated feature in your version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, whether it's in the cloud or on-premises. Make your ERP system the center of your business.
Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit. Dynamicweb's All-In-One platform brings the digital world together in one place. Deliver consistent and great shopping experiences across all channels from a single content management system that is live integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central.
ERP Link for SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk, Siemens, PTC. Agni Link brings a live, bidirectional link between Dynamics 365 Business Central and engineering systems like computer-assisted design, product data management, or product lifecycle management applications.
eShopConnect for Magento. eShopConnect is a robust integrator tool that utilizes Dynamics 365 Business Central and Magento web services to create secure and effortless connection between the two. Its rich functionalities give your customers a personalized shopping experience.
Folio3 Magento Integration Connector. The Magento Connector automates and syncs business processes and data, such as orders, customer details, vendors, products, and inventory, between your Magento e-store and Dynamics 365 Business Central.
iDynamics Working Hours. iDynamics Working Hours, built on Dynamics 365 Business Central, configures schedules for your different work centers and tracks your employees' work hours. Configure schedules by work center and/or employee and manage labor calendars for each work center.
Import from Acomba. The Import from Acomba migration tool lets you migrate accounts, customers, vendors, and items from Acomba to Dynamics 365 Business Central. The tool includes mapping for chart of accounts, customers, vendors, products, and inventory.
Marketing Materials for Naviceram (ES). Naviceram manages all your marketing materials, including promotional items and tile displays. Track the distribution of samples, tile displays, and other promotional items using Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Marketing Materials for Naviceram (US)Naviceram manages all your marketing materials, including promotional items and tile displays. Track the distribution of samples, tile displays, and other promotional items using Dynamics 365 Business Central.
NC365 SharePoint Connect. NC365 SharePoint Connect Online makes it easy for your enterprise to store files. It supports your file-saving needs by enabling flexible file uploads directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central. NC365 SharePoint Connect aims to provide a no-struggle experience.
Norwegian Business Register. The Norwegian Business Register app, built on Dynamics 365 Business Central, helps you create new customers, vendors, and contacts based on the information available in the official business register in Norway (Brønnøysundregisteret).
ODT Service 365. ODT Service 365 delivers a simple-to-use service module for Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials. It enhances jobs by adding service tickets, field service, and maintenance. It can be used for internal equipment servicing or external customer equipment servicing.
OK365 Field Sales. The OK365 Field Sales app optimizes customer visits by effectively managing routes, delivering goods and issuing invoices in an instant. Accurately check customer balances, collect cash or checks, and seamlessly update the data in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Prodware - Advanced Sales Discount Management. Advanced Sales Discount accelerator for Dynamics 365 Business Central helps companies provide more extensive discounts to customers. Define advanced discount rules with an "additional" or "multiple" calculation based on sales type.
Remittance Advice Emails. Remittance Advice Emails for Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to maintain a specific email address for sending remittances and to define the level of control over the remittance email process. Preview email remittances before sending.
Rental Process Management. Get actionable insight into every aspect of your equipment rental business, powered by Dynamics 365 Business Central. Rental Process Management provides you with operational capabilities for its rental units that are integrated with Microsoft’s fixed asset accounting functionality.
Roasting 365. Roasting 365, built on Dynamics 365 Business Central, offers a range of specialized apps and services designed to support the operational end of coffee roasting businesses. Roasting 365 facilitates your workflow so you can concentrate on what’s important: roasting the perfect coffee.
Shop Floor Data Collection. The Shop Floor Data Collection app is an extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central that provides real-time production job tracking on the shop floor for improved visibility and scheduling. Get a complete overview of your production operations.
Tech Trade Essentials. Tech Trade Essentials assists wholesalers with recurring tasks, such as keeping up with suppliers’ price updates and making sure prices in sales documents are up to date. This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Improve customer and citizen engagement with apps for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Adoxio VeloCITY 365. VeloCITY 365, built on Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, enables local governments to track and report on citizen issues with ease while optimizing citizen engagement. Because it's bundled in the cloud and prepackaged, you can get up and running with minimal time and cost.
enjoy.CRM III for Dynamics 365. CRM III, available only in Japanese, is a contact center/CRM that runs on Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. The dashboard displays only the information necessary for each task, such as call initiation, customer information confirmation, and response history entry.

Manage payroll, menus, invoice financing, and more with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Amicis Lifestyle | Food & Beverage. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Amicis Lifestyle empowers food and beverage, hospitality, retail, and recreation companies with centralized menu, recipe, and check management capabilities.
a-Pay. a-Pay integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to simplify payroll processes. a-Pay is designed to serve companies from West Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council region.
Hiveterminal. Use peer-to-peer invoice financing and unlock your working capital with Hiveterminal, a blockchain-based platform. The Hiveterminal plug-in enables automatic, real-time communication between Hiveterminal and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Peru Localization Pack. AlfaPeople has localized Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to comply with tax requirements in Peru and more than a dozen countries in Latin America. This localization can be used in all private-sector companies.
Prodware - Discrete Manufacturing solution. Discrete Manufacturing is a vertical end-to-end solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. It provides a proper overview of production, finance, service, and research and development aspects.

Increase revenue with apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

CRM Rapid App. Simplify your work with CRM Rapid App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Automatically download exchange rates from the Czech National Bank portal and integrate with the insolvency register of the Czech Ministry of Justice (ISIR).
Data8 TPS Compliance. The Data8 TPS compliance app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales allows you to check each contact's phone number in your database to ensure you are allowed to call them regarding sales and marketing matters.
Dynamics Workflow Scheduler. The CRM Dynamics Workflow Scheduler, built on Dynamics 365 for Sales, allows you to set up time-based automated processes. Sales managers can stay on top of leads, manage administrative tasks, handle billing, manage relationships, and more.
EDU365 Student Management. EDU365 Student Management for Dynamics 365 leverages the power of Dynamics 365 for Sales to provide a framework for the higher education industry to support the end-to-end student lifecycle. Track students from admissions through graduation and alumni management.
Genogram. Genogram uncovers relationships and common traits in Dynamics 365 for Sales. The solution is used by professionals in many fields, including medicine, research, social welfare, and psychology, as a powerful tool for both assessment and intervention.
Highspot for Dynamics 365. Highspot for Dynamics 365 brings together content, sales guidance, and buyer engagement so businesses can win more deals. Highspot’s integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales means a sales enablement solution is always available.
ITVT CRM Industry Solution. The ITVT CRM Industry Solution is a customized CRM solution for companies in the manufacturing, automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Based on Dynamics 365 for Sales, the ITVT CRM Industry Solution accompanies you through the value creation process.
PORINI 365 CRM for Fashion & Retail. PORINI 365 CRM for Fashion & Retail, developed on the Dynamics 365 platform, improves customer loyalty, significantly increases repetitive sales, and enables you to use computer-aided selling techniques. This solution can be used in head offices and at stores.
Sales management solution built on PowerApps. Sales Management Solution on PowerApps caters to the financial services industry using Dynamics 365 for Sales. It comes preloaded with lead management, contact and account management, and activity management functions.
SMART HCM & LMS. For modern businesses, talent management is more important than ever. Use SMART HCM & LMS for Dynamics 365 to hire, manage, and develop employees in a meaningful way.

Analyze and visualize your data with apps for Microsoft Power BI

Columbus LT Power BI: Manufacturing (Preview). Columbus LT's built-in reports for Microsoft Power BI can help you analyze and monitor data collected with Microsoft Dynamics 365. They provide analytical, data-mining, and reporting capabilities.
HQOPS HR Dashboard (Preview). HQOPS HR Dashboard for Microsoft Power BI gives you a one-stop location for HR data and the means to answer such questions such as, "Which departments are facing the highest turnover?" or "What is the upcoming cost of unused leave?"
PowerGP Online Accelerated Business Insights. This content pack for Microsoft Power BI contains a holistic view of information within PowerGP Online. Reports and dashboards include balances for the general ledger, bank accounts, accounts payable/receivable, and more.
PowerGP Online Financial Insights. This template app for Microsoft Power BI contains access to basic information regarding the financial modules within PowerGP Online.
PowerGP Online Inventory Insights. This template app for Microsoft Power BI contains access to basic information regarding the distribution modules within PowerGP Online.
PowerGP Online Payroll Insights. This template app for Microsoft Power BI contains access to basic information regarding the payroll modules within PowerGP Online.
PowerGP Online Purchasing Insights. This content pack for Microsoft Power BI contains access to basic information regarding the purchasing modules within PowerGP Online. The included reports and dashboards include visualizations for purchase order processing, inventory items, and accounts payable.
PowerGP Online Sales Insights. This content pack for Microsoft Power BI contains access to basic information regarding the sales modules within PowerGP Online. Get immediate access and insights to your PowerGP Online sales and receivables information.
Prospect CRM Customer Service Dashboard (Preview). Prospect's app is made for distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers who sell products business-to-business. It allows you to analyze your customer service requests and problem resolution in Microsoft Power BI.
Prospect CRM Sales Pipeline Dashboard (Preview). Prospect's app is made for distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers who sell products business-to-business. It allows you to analyze your sales lead pipelines in Microsoft Power BI.
YouTube Analytics Report. The YouTube Analytics Report app for Microsoft Power BI provides a detailed report built off YouTube analytics data, enabling deep-dive analysis on video views, hours watched, likes, dislikes, shares, and comments.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Centilytics-Intelligent Cloud Management Platform. This platform helps companies manage, optimize, secure, and automate on the public cloud. It focuses on cloud visibility, cost optimization, cost allocation, cloud automation, governance and reporting, and security and health.
Dimodelo Architect for Azure (VS). Dimodelo Architect helps you build a modern Azure Data Warehouse with reduced risk, effort, and cost. Quickly meet demand for sophisticated analytics. Dimodelo Architect allows developers to quickly capture Data Warehouse design in a Visual Studio plug-in.
Enterprise Content Analysis and Simulation. SkySync provides an in-depth analysis of all enterprise-wide content. It enables organizations to simulate migration and synchronization projects, as well as gain key insights to maximize and extend their Microsoft Azure and Office 365 investments.
Enterprise Content and File Migration. SkySync Enterprise Content and File Migration is a powerful and open enterprise integration and orchestration platform. It integrates, orchestrates, and automates advanced Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Teams migration initiatives.
LCS Cloud Governance. LCS Cloud Governance, available in English and Italian, provides a dashboard to help control costs on Azure consumed with an Enterprise Agreement. Personalize cost-control reports such as cost by resource group, cost by category, and more.
sapio365 for Office 365 administration. This all-purpose Microsoft Office 365 administration client gives you 360-degree visibility over your entire tenant. Teams, groups, users, sites – you have clear access to all the information required for quick and effective Office 365 administration.

Streamline human resources and training

AbiWhiz WORKIN'TIME. AbiWhiz Workin'Time is web-based software that automates shift, overtime, and lateness calculation. It features face-recognition technology, GPS-tied project locations, and dynamic reporting with analytics.
CVCatcher. CVCatcher is a Software-as-a-Service solution that sits on a company page and matches job applications to vacancies. In one click, candidates can upload a résumé, and CVCatcher then analyzes their profile and sends the résumé to the applicant tracking system.
HR BI: Building the workforce of the future. IamProgrez uses gamification strategies to accurately profile prospective employees in ways that are more fun, less intrusive, and more revealing than standard recruitment and assessment procedures.
IDOS - HRMS & Payroll Management. IDOS automates human resources, payroll, and more, allowing you to reward the right people and hire the right talent. Enhance process efficiency and reduce payroll errors and HR oversights.
Immidart Technologies. Immidart Technologies has built a robust immigration management application, Immidart Enterprise, that addresses the gray areas in managing global immigration. Automate the corporate immigration process with Immidart Enterprise.
Kallos Solutions. KServeHRMS by Kallos Solutions is a modular HR solution. Customers can choose the Core HR module of KServeHRMS and then choose any one additional area. This way companies can start small and expand based on their needs.
Succession Planning for Dynamics 365 for Talent-HR. Identify and develop future leaders with the Succession Planning web app, part of FourVision's human capital management app suite built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.
Swiss Learning Hub. Offer employees training and development via Swiss Learning Hub. These opportunities are directly integrated into Microsoft Teams to promote learning in the flow of work.
Wheebox. Wheebox's robust talent assessment solution offers validated tests for cognitive abilities, behavioral dimensions, information technology, general abilities, and domain skills like retail, sales, and customer service.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Bi3 - Business Intelligence Solution for ERP. Bi3 covers the areas of sales, purchasing, production, logistics, and finance. Bi3 accelerates and improves decision-making, helps your company identify issues that need to be solved, and optimizes internal processes to increase operational efficiencies.
Contact365. Contact365 automates sales prospecting to free up time for your sales representatives, allowing them to make more appointments. This app is available only in French.
Flowee. Flowee automates the classification of incoming communications, helping businesses reduce costs, mitigate risks, and increase efficiency. This app is available only in Italian.
InLoox now!. Plan and manage your projects and tasks directly in Microsoft Outlook with InLoox now! This easy-to-use solution by InLoox provides project managers and teams with powerful planning, collaboration, and monitoring features.
ONexpense - Notes de frais. ONexpense is expense management software that automatically recognizes your receipt data. Save time, increase productivity, and improve cash flow. This app is available only in French.
Sobix. Sobix increases productivity by organizing and automating business processes. Managers can map and manage processes, teams can know exactly what to do at all times, and stakeholders can track performance and productivity metrics. This app is currently available only in Portuguese.
Subscriptions Management for D365 Business Central. Subscriptions Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central is an extension that can save you time. It allows you to create an unlimited number of subscriptions that can generate recurring purchase invoices and sales invoices through a single posting process.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, or IoT

iQmenic - IoT Monitoring Sensors. iQmenic is cloud-based software that's capable of managing sensors: from one to thousands. Receive notifications and alerts for sensor data. This solution is available only in Spanish.
Trask NLP. Initially designed to satisfy chatbot language needs, Trask NLP is a bundle of natural language processing tools for Slavic languages. It can automate document classification, document content analysis, keyword extraction, annotation, segmentation/clusterization, and entities extraction.
Unearth AI. Unearth AI integrates structured or unstructured data and serves as a business processing backbone. It executes advanced text analysis using a combination of AI, cognitive, and semantic computing, and it features an extensible AI architecture.
Yellow Messenger. Yellow Messenger is a conversational AI platform for enterprises to automate and orchestrate intelligent conversations with their users. The product's target market is large, consumer-facing enterprises with high customer engagement needs.

Track your business’s growth, compliance, supply chain, and online performance 

Atcom Netvolution WCM. Netvolution is a web content management platform based on Microsoft .NET technology. It allows users to maintain and process content for any web application, powering e-commerce and publishing solutions.
CreITive - Solutions for Digital Transformation. CreITive's solutions for digital transformation and innovation help organizations turn their ideas into a disruptive product.
DataGovernance Solution. With the DataGovernance Solution, companies get a comprehensive and transparent view of their unstructured data, paving the way for file storage optimization and reduced costs for infrastructure and operations.
Idealake Smart Search. Idealake's enterprise search solution uses Microsoft Azure Search service and is designed to give relevant results within seconds. The solution can be used for first-party websites, third-party websites, and enterprise applications.
IDOS - Accounting and Financial Management. This financial software platform by IDOS India Pvt. Ltd. enables you to easily manage end-to-end accounting, taxation, financial reporting, business analytics, internal financial controls, compliance, and more.
IDOS - AR / AP Reconciliation & Management. Stay on top of your accounts receivable/accounts payable process. This app by IDOS India Pvt. Ltd. automates your AR/AP reconciliation process, credit limits, and payments.
Integrated Logistics Software. Many logistics service providers use multiple-point solutions that are made for shippers to handle their IT needs. Ramco Logistics Software is made especially for logistics service providers so that they don't have to force-fit a shipper solution.
Mapwize. Mapwize is an innovative indoor mapping and wayfinding platform. Combined with geolocating systems, Mapwize helps you manage indoor maps, and it displays this information on a mobile app, on kiosks, or in web mode.
Navisphere Vision. Navisphere Vision gives you visibility into all of the sources of information about your global supply chain in one place. It also helps you avoid disruptions and make smarter decisions to ensure your products reach their destination – and your customers – on time.
SkySignage. SkySignage is a digital signage platform that connects to any data source: Facebook, Twitter, OneDrive, Office 365 resources. Its toolbox enables you to easily and quickly create customized content. This app is available only in French.
Straterio Analytics. Straterio provides an analytics app to model risk, potential, compliance, growth, and more. The solution features strategic mapping to support corporate governance, including strategy processes. This app is available in English and Norwegian (some screenshots are non-English).
Xmouse Live. Xmouse poses an alternative to current social and streaming platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix. Xmouse helps brand owners and content-rich organizations connect with and monetize their customers.
Yourdata. Yourdata is an industry-agnostic platform that provides a data analysis suite, automation features, and personalized dashboards based on key indicators. Enable any person in an organization to get the right information at the right time.

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

3PL Warehouse WMS Feasibility: 1-Hr Assessment. A sales professional from Camelot will find out your pain points with the 3PL warehouse, then provide recommendations on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Camelot's embedded Excalibur WMS can solve them.
BestPath Finance and Operations: 8-Day Assessment. 1ClickFactory will evaluate your Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade possibilities, identify key redesign areas, and help you make informed decisions for your move to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Business Central Manufacturing: 1-Day Workshop. In this workshop by Business Systemhaus AG, you will gain insight into production and manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Workshops are conducted in German (English is available on request).
Business Central SCM: 1-Day Workshop. In this workshop by Business Systemhaus AG, you will gain insight into the basics of supply chain management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Workshops are conducted in German (English is available on request).
Business Central User Training: 1-Day Workshop. In this workshop by Business Systemhaus AG, you will gain insight into the basics of financial management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Workshops are conducted in German (English is available on request).
Business Central Year End: 1-Hr Assessment. This assessment by Solution Systems will guide your next steps with year-end closing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The agenda will involve a reconciliations review, a financial review, a variance analysis review, and more.
Data Visualization Pack: 5-Day Proof of Concept. In this proof of concept, Predica will show how its data visualization solution can speed up decision-making within your company and simplify strategizing. Make the most of your data using Microsoft Power BI.
Distribution Company Fit: 1-Hr Assessment. Are you a distributor with warehouse management needs? In this assessment, QBIX will discuss your needs and map your processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to determine if it's a good fit.
DMI Dynamics 365 for Sales: 4-Wk Implementation. Optimize your investment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with DMI's four-week sales accelerator. DMI will supply you with the tools you need to turn relationships into results.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Hr Assessment. In this discovery call, QBIX will discuss your needs and map your processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to determine if it's a good fit for your business.
Dynamics 365 Business Central 1-Hr Assessment. Alta Vista Technology's team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts will ascertain your essential business functions and help you determine whether Dynamics 365 Business Central is the right enterprise resource planning product for your needs.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Hr Briefing. CBR Technology invites you to a free Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central demo to introduce you to its functional capabilities for the distribution and wholesale industries.
Dynamics 365 CE Health Check: 10-Day Assessment. Sierra Systems will assess your functional and technical customer relationship management configuration, along with the feasibility of upgrading and migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.
Dynamics 365 Data Migration Toolkit: 1-Hr Briefing. Sign up for this free one-hour briefing to learn how Wipro's Data Migration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can automate data upgrades and give your sales, marketing, and service staff the right information at the right time.
Dynamics 365 Licensing Management: 1-Wk Assessment. In this assessment, Columbus will conduct a licensing audit to give you an accurate view of actuals vs current license counts and help you plan your license migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Dynamics 365 QuickStarter: 1-Day Implementation. With this starter park from OnDemand4U, you'll receive a complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and a voucher, valid for 12 months, for OnDemand4U's standard online training courses.
Dynamics 365 Requirements Meeting: 1-Day Workshop. In this workshop, FlexRM Limited will demonstrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 and discuss how it can meet your requirements. The workshop can be held at your office or delivered remotely.
Dynamics Business Central: 1-Hr Proof of Concept. Alta Vista Technology's experts will provide you with a proof of concept to show you the depth and breadth of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Field Service Adv Integration: 9-Wk Implementation. Dynamic Consulting will integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with Dynamics 365 for Field Service, leveraging the Data Import/Export Framework (DIXF) and Azure-based Logic and Function apps.
Intacct Migration to Dynamics 365: 1-Hr Assessment. A CBIZ director will consult with you and quickly deliver a written needs-and-actions assessment for migrating from Sage Intacct to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Microsoft Dynamics 365: 4-Wk Assessment. Columbus will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the business benefits and project scope for upgrading from Dynamics AX2009 or AX2012 to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
NetSuite Migration to Dynamics: 1-Hr Assessment. CBIZ will consult with you and deliver a written needs-and-actions assessment for migrating from NetSuite to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
People Analytics Reporting: 2-Wk Implementation. Retain top talent with big data using Microsoft Power BI. Tallan's People Analytics offer is designed to offer quick insight into employee information so you can identify trends in attrition.
Performance Optimization: 3-Day Assessment. In this engagement, Cloud On Mars will help you increase the performance of your Microsoft Power BI dashboard. Cloud On Mars will perform an analysis to detect the root causes of the problem and will assess possible solutions.
PowerApps Developer: 1-Wk Implementation. Use the Microsoft PowerApps development implementation by Pragmatic Works to build apps in PowerApps. Get 40 hours of development from a Power Platform pro.
PowerApps For Business: 3-Day Proof of Concept. In this proof of concept, Clouds On Mars will review a business process of your choice and build a basic app using PowerApps as a working solution that you can use to automate your process and showcase in your organization.
PowerApps In a Day (or more): 1-Day Workshop. Business Cloud Integration Ltd. will conduct a Microsoft PowerApps training to look at the fundamentals of PowerApps development.
Power BI Challenge: 5-Day Implementation. Business and technology decision-makers are increasingly looking for business intelligence and data analytics solutions. Sierra Systems will help you achieve maximum business benefits quickly and cost-effectively using Microsoft Power BI.
Power BI Jumpstart: 1-Day Workshop. Appsphere will bring specialists and managers together to demonstrate the functionality and advantages of Microsoft Power BI in your company.
Power Platform Adoption: 8-Wk Quick Start. Applied Information Sciences will help clients implement, adopt, and get the most from Microsoft Power Platform with the Power Platform Adoption Framework.
Power Platform Envisioning: 5-Hr Workshop. In this workshop, Applied Information Sciences will educate business and technical leaders about Microsoft Power Platform, providing a proven, structured way to connect business challenges to actionable next steps.
PowerUp with PowerApps: 1-Hr Briefing. This no-obligation informational briefing by Forceworks will review what you are doing with spreadsheets today and see if Microsoft Power Platform could do a better job. Power Platform includes PowerApps, Power BI, and Flow.
Real Data Power BI: 1-Wk Proof of Concept. Clouds On Mars' proof of concept will deliver an end-to-end service to show what Microsoft Power BI can bring to your data and business.
Report and Dashboard Creation: 2-Day Workshop. Accelerate your Power BI learning with a comprehensive Dashboard-in-a-Day workshop by Clouds On Mars. The training will be enhanced with an additional day for data visualization and practical exercises on your data.
Sage Migration to Dynamics 365: 1-Hr Assessment. A CBIZ director will consult with you and quickly deliver a written needs-and-actions assessment for migrating from Sage Enterprise Management to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Scaptify - Shopify Setup: 1-Hr Implementation. In this implementation, Scapta will set up the Scaptify connector for your Shopify shop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Social Media Insights: 1-Wk Implementation. After this implementation from Cloud On Mars, you will have an intelligent Power BI and Azure-based solution to monitor and analyze the performance of your brand and marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.
Task Assessment: 1-Hr Briefing. This briefing will introduce Becloudsmart's WorkplaceSafe process using Microsoft Power Platform. It's suitable for businesses that run their safety process manually without actionable insights.
Task Assessment: 2-Day Implementation. This engagement by Becloudsmart will modify an existing WorkplaceSafe application to integrate with the client's Office 365 tenant. It will include a train-the-trainer session delivered via Microsoft Teams.
Unified Marketing Mgmt: 6-Wk Proof of Concept. Barhead Solutions will deliver a proof of concept utilizing your marketing campaigns to demonstrate the value of the Unison marketing management solution. Unison is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.
Upgrade DATEV On-Premises Cloud: 3-Hr Bewertung. In this assessment, Business Systemhaus AG will provide a clear upgrade scenario for the DATEV Connector from a local installation to the cloud on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Visual Report Makeover: 2-Day Implementation. Clouds On Mars will refine your report or dashboard using advanced data visualization and design skills so that it communicates information simply, clearly, and accurately.
Xero Migration to Dynamics 365: 1-Hr Assessment. A CBIZ director will consult with you and quickly deliver a written needs-and-actions assessment for migrating from the Xero accounting tool to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Ensure safety and security

CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform). CDeX's training system increases the practical skills of teams responsible for security and for detecting and responding to cyberattacks.

Deliver video and VR content

DragonFlick. DragonFlick has been created by technologists, media lawyers, film producers, and graphic designers to ensure delivery of a multifaceted and powerful engagement tool. All content ingested through DragonFlick will have copyright clearance.
VRdirect. VRdirect is an all-in-one platform for the creation, publication, and administration of virtual reality projects. No expert skills are needed. VRdirect offers instant publishing and content updates within seconds.

Stay up to date

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies. Be sure to check out the full app library to see how Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is working to support businesses across industries and regions.