New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 14: SaaS apps to extend the Microsoft products you already have

AppSource is pleased to welcome 30 apps, many of them designed to complement Microsoft products or solve industry-specific challenges.

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Industry-specific apps for banking, manufacturing, retail, and more

AI for banking fraud prevention. NetGuardians’ AI platform for banks, NG|Screener, detects fraudulent transactions in real time, reduces the number of false positives by 83 percent, cuts fraud management time by 93 percent, discovers new fraud types, and reduces fraud losses.
Electronic Population Health Management Solution. The Phulukisa Electronic Population Health Management Solution is an integrated public and occupational health solution with simplified queue management and electronic health records. It allows for rapid, inexpensive patient screening by improving information flow.
Health Care (Speech Therapy) Dashboard. Health Care (Speech Therapy) Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement tracks every record of your prospects, patients, and therapists with diverse segments and multiple filters to help improve medical prognosis.
InMobi Advertisers Solution. InMobi's brand advertising platform hosted on Microsoft Azure enables enterprise CMOs to unlock brand awareness and equity. The target audience for InMobi's demand-side advertising cloud are marketers looking to reach their users through mobile advertisement.
TCA Innsist. TCA Innsist offers integrated solutions for the unique needs of hotels and hotel groups in all operation and administration areas. This solution is available only in Spanish.
Willis Towers Watson vGrid. Using Microsoft Azure provisioning technology, Willis Towers Watson vGrid, used with RiskAgility FM, provides insurers with a cost-effective route to meet the increasing demand for compute power to execute financial model runs.
Willis Towers Watson vPlace RiskAgility FM. Willis Towers Watson RiskAgility FM in vPlace allows users to securely host, manage, and run their data and software in the cloud as opposed to storing them on-site. This allows users to work in the cloud via an internet browser, reducing the demand on IT resources.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, or IoT

ChatBot Service Bus. The ChatBot Service Bus provides an agnostic integration layer to major chat management portals, enabling businesses to keep their preferred tooling in how they interact with customers while leveraging the power of the Microsoft Bot Framework.
Data Logistics Cloud. SkyLab Data Logistics Cloud is an upstream-to-downstream data integration and technology solution that drives synergies and network effects through improved security, latency, and scalability across multiple generations of control systems over large-scale networks.
DeviceTone IoT for Connected Field Service. DeviceTone for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is an innovative and cost-effective open-standards technology that transforms existing products into "smart" devices that can send alerts and ongoing performance data for predictive maintenance scenarios.
IoT devices data integration for Dynamics 365. WaveAccess integrates IoT objects with Dynamics CRM Online to gather data from remote sources and process it in Dynamics CRM Online. Control parameters, make reports, search device history, and more.
ROAMWORKS Heavy Equipment Monitoring (HEMS). HEMS is an IoT solution that gives users instant access to critical information regarding their remote equipment. HEMS empowers users with 40+ alarms and notifications, 40+ BI reports, and visibility across 50+ usage parameters for multiple asset types.
Voicea. EVA is an AI solution that captures meeting highlights and shares them to create actionable recaps. With EVA in your meetings, you can focus on the conversation and feel confident that highlights and minutes will be captured and can be pushed to wherever you and your colleagues work.

Track your business’s fleet, sales, compliance, and online performance

Prodware Demand Forecasting for Business Central. Prodware's Demand Forecasting solution is an AI suite built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It predicts demand based on historic sales data and other seasonality inputs with additional Power BI reporting to help visualize your business intelligence.
TCA Merksyst. TCA Merksyst optimizes supply chain business processes by centralizing the information of all branches and distribution centers, facilitating better control of the operation and administration by department. This solution is available only in Spanish.
The Adoption Introduction Game. Changing Social's Adoption Introduction workshop delivers insights into adoption and change management in the context of Office 365. The workshop will equip attendees with the practical knowledge they need to leverage the full potential of Office 365.

Manage your IT assets and systems

BlackBerry UEM. BlackBerry UEM delivers unified endpoint management and policy control for your diverse fleet of devices and apps. Provide the flexibility and security you need to keep your employees connected and protected.
Data integration and migration platform. WaveAccess offers data migration and integration services using SyncIT, its flexible and easily configurable platform that combines business applications, data sources, and other software platforms into one integrated system.
epSHARE on Azure by Interica. epSHARE is a comprehensive solution for subsurface data management and inter-team collaboration built within the SharePoint framework. Optimized to meet the requirements of subsurface asset teams, epSHARE offers multifeatured access to users' data.
Mavisystems NAVcloud. Mavisystems Oy NAVcloud is a Microsoft Dynamics ERP service platform with a SaaS deployment model. Employing the highly robust and scalable Microsoft Azure stack, NAVcloud offers on-premises-like features with SaaS ease of use for highly flexible end-to-end solutions.
Online Service Gate. Online Service Gate manages usage rights for the external use of various cloud services, such as Office 365, enabling you to centrally manage IDs and passwords. This application is available only in Japanese. 
Provisioning Flow. Provisioning Flow automates Microsoft Azure and Office 365 settings via workflow. Reduce administrator workload, realize operational efficiency, and manage with governance. This application is available only in Japanese.
SkyLab Transport Accelerator (STA). SkyLab Transport Accelerator analyzes traffic and routing conditions in real time to find the fastest route between the data source and the destination. STA reduces network latency, increases throughput, optimizes transport layer performance, and reduces network congestion.

Boost security in your organization

GravityZone Advanced Business Security. Bitdefender GravityZone is an all-in-one security solution that provides high performance and protection while delivering centralized management, easy deployment, and the freedom to choose between a cloud or an on-premises hosted management console.
GravityZone Ultra. Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra is a complete endpoint security solution that offers prevention, threat detection, automatic response, pre- and post-compromise visibility, alert triage, investigation, advanced search, and one-click resolution capabilities.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Atlas, the Intelligent Workspace for O365 + Teams. Atlas, the Intelligent Workspace, is underpinned by Office 365. It focuses on giving users simpler and faster access to information, empowering them to contribute and deliver better outcomes.
BlackBerry Workspaces. BlackBerry Workspaces makes enterprises more mobile and collaborative while reducing the risk, complexity, and cost of sharing information across and beyond your organization. Workspaces provides file-level encryption and user access controls.
Digital Champions on Demand for Teams Adoption. Digital Champions on Demand for Teams Adoption engages your champions; assesses their competency; and delivers real-world, up-to-date learning. Champions are incentivized to learn and share their knowledge and ideas within your business.
Executive Automats - Performance Test. Executive Automats - Performance Test creates and runs performance test scenarios in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other web-based applications. The solution enables you to record business processes and then play them to mimic a real user’s actions.
Executive Automats 365. Executive Automats 365 allows you to build sophisticated test scenarios; create variables; use number sequences; validate values from user interface fields and captions; and create conditional steps, jumps, loops, and "try-catch" actions. 

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