New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 16: Web apps that extend Microsoft products and solve industry-specific issues

AppSource is pleased to welcome 132 apps, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific problems and extend the functionality of Microsoft products you already own.

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Industry-specific apps for marketing, education, healthcare, financial services, government, and warehouse management

ABB Ability OPTIMAX Virtual Power Plants. ABB Ability OPTIMAX for Virtual Power Plants aggregates and integrates decentralized energy generation, flexible loads, and storage systems to enable cost-effective participation in energy markets.
Ademotion 1.0. Ademotion is an AI-powered SaaS platform that uses psychology and customer knowledge to improve digital marketing. This application is available only in Polish.
admovtablet. AdMov is a programmatic advertising platform that uses location data and facial detection to identify a person's age and gender and deliver meaningful advertisements through personalization and hyper-targeting.
AI Real-Time Fraud Prevention For Banks. Bleckwen offers banks a real-time machine learning solution for financial crime detection and prevention. Address the inadequacy of legacy rules-based systems that cannot adapt to the increasing threats posed by real-time payments and changing customer behaviors.
AIM@iSTAR Advanced Analytics. AIM@iSTAR uses predictive data analytics to improve learning outcomes, enabling schools to discover students’ weaknesses automatically, automate adaptive learning processes, and generate learning content and assessments to achieve personalized learning.
Allscripts FollowMyHealth. Allscripts FollowMyHealth on Azure makes it easy for patients to stay connected by removing barriers that discourage interaction – such as requiring patients to log in to and out of multiple portals tethered to the different electronic health records used by various providers.
Ambiental FloodScore. Multinational organizations, engineers, construction companies, insurers, and government bodies rely on Ambiental’s data, reports, and modeling techniques to improve flood planning and decision-making.
Bever Field Engineering Service Software (FES). Bever FES for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is for companies servicing complex process equipment in the energy sector. It manages the collaboration of users including project managers, technical planners, administrators, schedulers, and more.
Blue Leopard. Using big data, the Blue Leopard insurance platform largely automates complex underwriting processes to help brokers offer insurance options to their customers.
Cegid Retail Y2. Designed for the needs of specialty and fashion retailers, Cegid empowers brands to provide a smooth, personalized shopping experience. By sharing a 360-degree view into a customer’s shopping journey, Cegid allows you to increase sales and accelerate customer loyalty across all channels.
Chorus. Chorus helps analysts, investigators, and front-line officers solve crime. It can automatically cleanse, combine, and connect complex datasets – including communications data, handset downloads, financial transactions, and ANPR data – to help answer key questions and create courtroom-ready reports.
Co-City Citizens Engagement. The Co-City app empowers citizens to report safety, bylaw, and service incidents to their municipality and receive updates and alerts from the municipality. Citizens can directly interact with their local government in a convenient and cost-effective manner.
Contactlab Marketing Cloud. Contactlab Marketing Cloud helps you significantly enhance your interactions with customers, increase their value, and influence purchases. The platform supports you through every stage of a contact’s lifecycle and helps convert them into valuable customers.
CTrax. CTrax is a cloud-based solution that streamlines the Certificate of Insurance process with easy deployment/migration and dedicated support. It is user-friendly, eliminates human error, and helps save time.
DataCurrent. DataCurrent is a cloud-based storage and analysis engine developed to address the challenges of relating flow data associated with drainage asset condition and performance.
ecbeing. Available only in Japanese, ecbeing is a full-featured, easy-to-use EC site construction SaaS. Manage inventory, products, orders, customers, inquiries, and content. Other features include settlement collaboration, shipping management, email newsletters, and more.
Edubase Reader. Edubase Reader offers teaching material providers such as schools, publishers, associations, and companies in the education sector a flexible digital solution for content. Edubase Reader is integrated into existing Microsoft 365 applications and learning management systems.
EIS Suite. EIS Suite is a collection of insurance core systems designed to help insurers innovate, respond to changing market dynamics, gain operational efficiencies, and embrace today’s connected consumer.
Eventful SkolSynk (ESS). Eventful SkolSynk syncs the student information system with various school services to increase data quality and reduce manual data handling, turning the student register into the hub of the entire system set. This application is available only in Swedish.
FarePorter. FarePorter is a collaborative sharing and trading platform for taxis driving to and from the airport, enabling transparent price discovery with logistical rationalization.
FDS Fraud Detect System. Fraud Detect System (FDS) is an evidence-based detection technology for verifying whether a file or image is genuine. FDS can detect a multitude of files, including images, invoices, receipts, certificates, health records, employment contracts, and warranties.
isoLEX - legal app. isoLEX is designed for individuals and small teams working in the legal area as counselors, legal practitioners, and lawyers in law firms and businesses, enabling them to keep track of cases, clients, and contracts with ease.
JDA Warehouse Management. JDA Warehouse Management is a comprehensive, real-time warehouse and distribution center management system that handles disruptions to help drive improved performance and a competitive edge.
Johnson Controls False Alarm Reduction Service. False Alarm Reduction Service is a software-only, cloud-based application that uses machine learning to analyze past alarm data, identify alarm patterns, and proactively provide insights and recommended actions.
Macadamian HealthConnect. Macadamian HealthConnect is a managed cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service on Azure designed to accelerate digital healthcare solution development and data engineering projects.
Market Player. Powered by artificial intelligence, Market Player collects and stores visitor data in real time to help deliver relevant, high-quality advertising content.
Meniga Digital Banking. Meniga enables financial institutions to improve their online and mobile digital environment through a personalized customer experience of insights, advice, offers, and recommendations using machine-learning capabilities.
Microshare Smart Occupancy Monitoring. Microshare’s Smart Occupancy solutions deliver real-time data so that you can make better decisions about how to allocate floor space for desks and meeting rooms.
nmStore Lite. NM Store Lite SaaS offers entrepreneurs and businesses taking their first steps in the e-commerce world an affordable, high-quality ecommerce experience with fast go-to-market ability.
OncoUnite. Supporting therapy selection and disease outcome prognosis, OncoUnite is a software service for processing tumor genomic data.
Perfect Data - SMART SHELF. Perfect Data collects, transforms, and translates customer sales data to deliver actionable recommendations for accelerating business growth.
PMS Hotel Dynamics 365 Business Central. PMS Suitech is a fully integrated solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central focused on the needs of independent hotels, hostels, midsize and large hotel chains, hotel management companies, and vacation rental property managers.
Poq. The Poq Software-as-a-Service platform empowers retailers to quickly build fully customized native mobile apps across iOS and Android.
Porini Analytics 4 Financials. Porini Analytics 4 Financials addresses integrated simulation processes for financial departments to support smart decision-making. Manage economic planning and simulation processes for multiple business dimensions with workflow functionality, versioning management, and more.
SafeTrx App. SafeTrx is a tracking and alerting platform designed to "take the search out of search and rescue." SafeTrx shortens the uncertainty phase in an overdue case and reduces SAR response times.
Salesbook. Salesbook is an innovative sales and presentation tool for mobile sales teams. It helps reach the customer, analyze their needs, and then present and configure the product. Empower every seller to consistently deliver the best sales pitch.
Simulation for Autonomous Vehicles. Applied Intuition’s suite of products, focused on simulation and analytics, delivers sophisticated infrastructure built for scale, making it faster, safer, and easier to bring autonomy to market across a range of applications. 
Skinive.Cloud - SkinCare AI API Service. Skinive API service recognizes classes and types of objects from smartphone photos and diagnostic images (dermatoscopy) and using artificial intelligence and computer vision.
T2B by TOD. T2B provides disruptive solutions for talent acquisition and management. Based on the identification of personal drivers and human values, T2B highlights and increases human capital value, thanks to smart mobility process and powerful engagement booster methods.
The Diary CarePro. The Diary CarePro is an enterprise mobile solution that enables the efficient and effective delivery of patient-centered care between office visits. It integrates with the patient-facing application, The Diary Health App, to empower individuals on their care journey.
Ventour. Ventour is a content management system for the publication of museum guide applications. Easily add new contents (descriptions, animations, interviews), design themed routes, plan activities, and more.
X-HIS Health Data & Interoperability Platform. The X-HIS health data platform is a flexible and scalable solution empowering healthcare organizations to automate and improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Axios assyst ITSM. Through an omnichannel service consumer experience, Axios Systems' ITSM tools help detail, organize, and automate work, removing manual intervention and digitizing the user experiences of business and IT staff.
AzureSimple. SoftwareONE's AzureSimple reduces the friction of onboarding and provides tools to optimize your cloud spend and support for Azure workloads. SoftwareONE architects and provisions an Azure environment optimized for your business needs. 
CGI Unify360. The CGI Unify360 solution supports provisioning, configuration, incidents, reporting, billing, and workload management for both traditional IT and cloud-based solutions while providing 100% visibility into the spend, service availability, and security postures of a hybrid IT universe.
Cloud Consumption Monitoring. COMPAREX's hybrid Cloud Consumption Monitoring service provides a single dashboard showing real-time and historical data for IT resource usage. The service also provides analysis and recommendations for cost savings or performance gains.
CloudRight. Encompassing a threefold approach to service availability on Azure, CloudRight uses the three pillars of performance, control, and visibility to change the focus from reactive to proactive IT management.
Corestone Data and Document Management. Serrala’s Corestone solutions enable organizations to centralize and standardize information management across multiple enterprise systems, locations, and countries. Control information across the entire information lifecycle to reduce cost and more.
Data Warehouse Migration Analytics & Optimization. Teleran’s Azure migration solution captures data warehouse usage and resource metrics. It builds the optimal roadmap to minimize the cost, risk, and time to migrate and to ensure optimal data warehouse performance, data protection, and cost efficiency.
Inno'Watch - M365 RoadMap Continuous Watch. Inno'Watch continuously monitors Microsoft collaboration platform daily evolutions to ensure the solutions are compliant with internal company rules regarding usage, security, and governance.
Instart Cloud Services for Application Experience. Instart is a leading digital experience automation solution with services that analyze, control, and optimize websites at the point of experience. With its footprint in the browser and network, Instart delivers real-time control from the cloud.
iviva LUCY. iviva Lucy is iPaaS 2.0 built for smart buildings and workplaces that connects your apps, services, and environment to create delightful user experiences and reduce inefficiencies.
OneWindow Workplace. OneWindow Workplace is Intranet-as-a-Service combining technology and long-term support, simplifying the rollout and adoption of Office 365. OneWindow Workplace rapidly moves employees to the cloud and retains their engagement.
Parablu BluVault Endpoint Backup on Azure. Parablu's BluVault on Microsoft Azure protects endpoint data on Windows and Mac computers by making an automatic, redundant copy of all changed data on Azure, ensuring data security and privacy by encrypting it both while in transit and at rest.
PATRICK. PATRICK discovers, measures, and manages unsecured data at rest. It reduces the pressure on data management teams by determining the location of vulnerable, duplicated, or misplaced data across the IT estate including emails and cloud storage.
PowerCI Cost Governance. With PowerCI Cost Governance, organizations turn wasted cloud spend into value. PowerCI Cost Governance establishes organization-wide accountability for cloud spend, bridging the financial governance gap for information technology, finance, and budget groups. 
Savision IQ. Savision IQ is a service monitoring and analytics platform that brings together metrics and events from multiple tools to present a unified view of the infrastructure that supports your organization's critical business services.
Shadow UC Analytics. Get a 360-degree view of Microsoft unified communications usage and associated costs with Shadow UC Analytics. Voice, video, IM, conferences, file transfers, and application sharing can be proactively studied to highlight user adoption, performance metrics, and potential cost savings.
Spinpanel Cloud Automation. Spinpanel offers a unified solution that empowers growing Microsoft partners to streamline their cloud business processes. Spinpanel can provide a scalable A-to-Z solution with capabilities to provision, manage, report, and invoice Office 365 and Azure services. 
STON Edge Server Enterprise Edition. STON Edge Server is a robust and scalable server solution on 64-bit asynchronous architecture designed to improve your site responsiveness and maintain site continuity.
Teradici Cloud Access Software for Azure Stack. Built on PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology, Cloud Access Software delivers desktops and high-performance virtual workstations from the cloud or a hybrid environment to any device. Consolidate data storage, enhance collaboration, and more.

Streamline human resources and training

Onesait Education Exams. Onesait Education Exams is an end-to-end solution for managing and delivering exams in your organization. It includes a test question pool, automatic correction, digital distribution, randomized exams, and more.
WB Confidential. WB Confidential allows the management of the entire whistleblowing process, from sending the report to managing and closing it with positive or negative results.
zipBoard for eLearning. Deliver faster, better e-learning with zipBoard, an e-learning review and bug tracking tool. zipBoard is a contextual feedback tool for e-learning development and QA teams. zipBoard lets stakeholders share quick reviews using marked-up screenshots and videos. 

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

A-Eye Recognition by EAB Systems. Insurance companies, banks, telecom operators, education institutions, and others can leverage A-Eye Recognition to streamline their workflow by scanning customers’ documents instead of manually entering data.
Connect ETL for Azure. Connect ETL provides tools that are easy to deploy and require no coding. Connect ETL is easy to configure and enables data transformation to extract transfer and load data from multiple sources to on-premises SQL or Azure targets.
GoFormz Mobile Forms & Workflows. Convert paper forms and documents into identical digital versions or start from scratch. With GoFormz Mobile Forms, you can collect more accurate data, eliminate paperwork, and streamline processing with no IT or coding required.
Inspector+. Inspector+ is an Android-based maintenance and inspection app that increases productivity, ensures compliance, and expedites maintenance reporting. It's a user-friendly solution that enables employees to capture inspection data out in the field with all data stored securely in the cloud.
Nimble CRM. Nimble automatically combines Office 365 contacts, communication histories, email inboxes, and calendar activities with contacts from nearly 200 SaaS business apps and social media connections into one unified team relationship manager.
Performly Talent. Performly Talent is a web-based and mobile app solution that helps govern your organization's performance management with less time, money, and manpower to boost workplace productivity and engagement.
reDock Search. reDock is an AI-powered search engine for corporate documents. By connecting directly to content management systems such as SharePoint or OneDrive or your file system, it quickly finds the information you need, at a segment level, even when it is buried in Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files.
Saketa Resource Manager. Get every detail about a resource at any time with Saketa Resource Manager. Users can assign the right people to the right tasks at the right time. This not only boosts productivity but also helps achieve the project’s goal on time without hassle.
salesmatik. Salesmatik is a cloud-based sales enablement and productivity platform that works seamlessly with Office 365 and Dynamics 365. The intuitive interface and easy operation on mobile devices effectively mobilize the CRM and allow for fast adoption without training.
SWOOP for Microsoft Teams. Use SWOOP for Microsoft Teams to drive adoption and get faster ROI by finding your most active teams to replicate success elsewhere, enabling every team member to measure their individual collaborative performance and more.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, or IoT

Anomaly detection for machine vision. craftworks' solution for manufacturing companies processes images from industrial cameras in real time to detect defects on components. The system can learn different types of defects to classify even more accurately between types.
AzureIoT-PLC-iNode. The AzureIoT-PLC-iNode is a drop-ship, plug-and-play appliance that enables any programmable logic controller (PLC) device to connect securely to Azure IoT in minutes, enabling rapid scalable deployment of Azure IoT.
Brasoftware Access Control - BAC. Brasoftware Access Control uses Azure Face API to identify faces and display personalized messages to visitors and collaborators at events and VIP areas. This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese. is a platform for building human-machine interfaces including chatbots, voice bots, and integrated bots. Integrate the bots with existing systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, and physical sensors, and deploy them on the web, on devices, and on robots.
Conversation Analysis/Intelligence (human or bots). Using NLP and machine learning, Bryght AI analyzes and scores the effectiveness of millions of customer messages, complaints, and feedback and then provides actionable insights into the conversations without laborious manual effort.
Customer Data Hub: Master Data Management Solution. Use the UNISERV Customer Data Hub (CDH) to consolidate data from different systems. It offers an integrated solution for all business and customer data across the entire data lifecycle. 
Cypheme. Leveraging the latest advances in machine learning to analyze the microstructure of paper, Cypheme detects counterfeit products using only a mobile phone camera. No QR codes, RFID chips, or special hardware is required.
D-Syno. D-Syno is a synonym dictionary creation tool dedicated to Azure Bot Service. Register D-Syno's synonyms output with QnA Maker to dramatically improve chatbot accuracy and response rate. This application is available only in Japanese.
Feedyou: AI-Driven Bot Ecosystem For Enterprises. The Feedyou AI-driven bot ecosystem enables enterprises to easily build, deploy, manage, and scale chatbot solutions. It is available as a single-tenant and multi-tenant cloud SaaS and on-premises solution.
GoodAI People Analytics. Understanding how people interact with spaces can be vital for businesses. GoodAI People Analytics uses AI and visual recognition to deliver valuable insights into people and their actions, helping you determine the best ways to maximize store layouts. 
Hello Customer. Powered by artificial intelligence, Hello Customer analyzes customer feedback and dispatches the insights to the right people in the organization to help improve the customer experience.
Hummingbird Analytics Platform. Hummingbird Analytics is a data analytics platform powered by big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, offering a plug-and-play solution to help your organization access your data and get actionable insights in a timely manner. 
IoT @ School. IoT@School is designed to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) concept into the classroom through device data sharing and collaboration, aiming to bring together a series of internet-connected objects to enhance the classroom experience.
IoT Data Accelerator. Reekoh's IoT Data Accelerators are a fast track to getting data from a wide variety of sources, quickly ingesting, transforming, and integrating data with IoT Hub, Azure SQL, or Data Lake. Each accelerator targets a different subset of IoT or physically generated data sources.
Iride Text Analytics. Iride Text Analytics supports contact request analysis, received call and message interpretation, speaker language recognition, and real-time monitoring of operations flows to ensure high-level customer engagement, information accuracy, and business process optimization.
IXUP, Secure Your Data Analytics. IXUP offers an analytics environment, operating entirely within the Microsoft Azure cloud, with a unique governance control protocol that enables data from multiple sources to be connected without ever being decrypted.
KAISPE Agriculture Remote Monitoring. KAISPE Agriculture Remote Monitoring provides key telemetry information to farming customers about soil moisture, air temperature, and weather forecasts using Microsoft Azure IoT Central to help mitigate irrigation problems.
Lummetry LENS+. Lummetry LENS+ is a business predictive analytics solution based on state-of-the-art deep learning technology. It enables clients to identify patterns in their domain-agnostic data and get automated business insights.
Speechmatics SaaS. Speechmatics has used its decades of machine learning and research expertise to develop automatic speech recognition. Its high accuracy provides transcripts with low levels of word error rate. Speechmatics offers multiple languages trained on multiple dialects.
TIBCO ComputeDB. Get an in-memory optimized analytics database, based on Apache Spark and Apache Geode, that delivers high throughput, low latency, and high concurrency for unified analytic workloads. Combine interactive and streaming analytics with AI in an easy-to-manage distributed cluster.
TransEm. Axilion Smart Mobility enables cities around the globe to reclaim traffic-congested streets by harnessing advanced AI technology that transforms traffic signals into a dynamic and adaptive traffic network.
TwinThread Learning Fleet. The Learning Fleet is production-ready from Day 1 and built for enterprise scale to connect assets, teams, systems, and strategies with predictive models that accelerate learning and automate solutions to problems.
Vantage on Azure (SaaS). Vantage on Azure provides secure, scalable, as-a-service environments for enterprise analytics. With this Software-as-a-Service offer, Teradata provisions and manages Azure infrastructure in a dedicated subscription, enabling you to focus on answers, not IT.
ZEDEDA Edge Quick Connect for Azure IoT. With Edge Quick Connect for Azure IoT, customers get a cloud service that allows them to monitor and understand the status of their devices from any browser. Users can also quickly connect Edge devices to the Azure IoT platform and improve lifecycle efficiency.

Track your business’s growth, sales, compliance, and online performance 

Akeron Incentive Compensation. Akeron Incentive Compensation manages all aspects of your business's incentive plan, including automatically checking quantitative objectives, managing the discretionary assessment of quantitative and qualitative targets, and calculating and paying incentives.
Cloud-based Accounts Payable Software-SutiAP. SutiAP is cloud-based accounts payable software that helps automate the procure-to-pay process and provides insight into enterprise spend. SutiAP includes intelligent OCR, matching engine, approval workflows, e-signature integration, analytics, and more.
Core Decision. Core Decision is a cloud-based rules engine that converts complex datasets into insights. With an abundance of configuration options, Core Decision streamlines endless business rules and processes so that you can automate more of your interactions with customers, suppliers, and products.
DX2 Procurement and Digital Document Exchange. Olympic Software offers procurement automation that is simple to use and easy to deploy. Know where a document is during every stage of the procurement process, saving time spent following up.
GDPR Assure. With GDPR Assure, it takes just a few seconds for anyone in your organization to report a privacy risk to the experts, enabling all issues to be managed in one place. Real-time statistics and reports provide instant insights on your organization's risk profile.
Governance, Risk & Compliance. Manage your company’s risks, internal controls and audits with reliable support from Stratsys' most efficient GRC solution. These products include risk management, internal control, internal audit and more to take your GRC management to the next level.
HOPEX Privacy Management. HOPEX Privacy Management provides a collaborative workspace for managing data protection compliance, helping you see how your organization complies with privacy laws, implement the needed changes, and produce required documents.
HydraGRC Full. This solution is a governance, risk, and compliance product providing online audit and risk assessment for audit providers, internal auditors, and risk managers. HydraGRC makes risk assessors and auditors more efficient by providing online assessment collaboration and more.
Last Mile Digital Platform. The Last Mile Digital Platform empowers brands, manufacturers, and brick-and-mortar retailers to compete by integrating and orchestrating the technologies needed to manage mission-critical delivery operations and achieve logistical excellence across the delivery ecosystem.
LigasApp: Community Management System. Streamline the organizational aspects of group events and improve communication between members in a community with LigasApp. This Azure-based CMS and mobile software allows clients to build full-fledged websites under their own domain names and more.
Mobile Travel & Expense Automation Solution. Capture and process business travel receipts with a mobile phone, right at the point of transaction. Canon Mobile Travel & Expense Automation Solution expedites and simplifies business expense processing with artificial intelligence and machine learning. 
MultiVue Master Data Management. MultiVue creates a complete, accurate, and shareable view of multi-domain data required by government, healthcare, and commercial organizations striving to transform their businesses by being more customer-centric.
NextBuy - Procurement Platform. NextBuy covers various procurement processes to connect buyers and suppliers in one integrated platform. The flexible architecture enables users to easily adjust the system functionality to meet specific customer requirements and align with business goals.
Projector PSA Software. Projector's Professional Services Automation software is designed to help firms thrive by improving profit margins and resource utilization rates. Projector helps service organizations with project management, resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, and more.
Shyft. Shyft enables employers to reduce unstaffed shifts while empowering employees with flexible scheduling tools. The Shyft app helps workers swap shifts, communicate with each other, and make more money by covering shifts.
Softrax Revenue Manager. Softrax Revenue Manager’s point-and-click configuration, integrated workflow engine, and powerful analytics provide the user with a solution that takes the arduous work out of revenue recognition and closing the books.
Sprinkle Data. Bring your data together from sources like Event Hubs, Blob storage, and Azure Table storage, plus external integrations like MySQL, Kafka, MongoDB, Elastic Search, and more with Sprinkle Data. Connect and combine all data into one platform in Azure HD Insight.
Talk-a-Bot Cheq 1stline worker solution. Cheq Blue allows organizational announcements and other news to be sent to the entire organization or just part of it. Workers can communicate in a structured way to the management (announcements, requests) and access self-service functions (policies, forms).
Tech Scouting Platform - Linknovate. Linknovate is a tech scouting and competitive intelligence platform that helps companies learn about emerging technologies and markets and the key players behind them. It crunches data from academic and industrial sources and aggregates it in a single dashboard for analysis.
Treasury56. Treasury56 takes the need for basic supply chain knowledge out of the learning curve and puts it into software that's simple and affordable. Any place can be used for storage: your van, storeroom, self-storage facilities, retail shop back rooms, multi-site storage facilities, and more.
V-Desk. V-Desk is an enterprise solution delivering three complementary and integrated modules: electronic archive, business process management, and document workflow. Save time, lower costs, and increase performance and security with V-Desk.
Wachete. Wachete. Whether you are monitoring legal changes or are a sysadmin monitoring availability or defacement detection of a web page, Wachete has the solution for a large variety of people in different industries. Wachete is built for mass usage and users who need to monitor thousands of URLs.
Xperience Engagement. Altitude Xperience Engagement is a complete contact center platform that manages multimedia interactions, both in self-service mode and when managed by agents, and provides solutions to simplify the workflow between the contact center and the rest of the organization.

Ensure safety and security

Blockchain Against Fraud. Blockchain Against Fraud allows enterprises to verify in real time that specific assets have been issued by the right source and with the exact data presented to the recipient. Strengthen connections through security and reliability while improving efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.
Duo Security. Duo's zero-trust security platform, Duo Beyond, enables organizations to provide trusted access to all of their critical applications – for any user, from anywhere, and with any device. Reduce the risk of a data breach and ensure trusted access to sensitive data.
Sophos Cloud Optix. Sophos Cloud Optix is a cloud security posture management tool. This agentless, SaaS-based service combines deep security expertise with the power of artificial intelligence. Cloud Optix transforms visibility into your public architecture and instances.
StealthTalk. StealthTalk is a digital soundproof conference room designed to provide truly private space to discuss contracts, talk taxes, hold business meetings, and speak confidentially without the concern of it being intercepted and used against you. Blockchain technology is incorporated to halt wiretapping.
Voltage SecureData. Voltage SecureData employs a hardened Linux appliance that provides key service and web service to applications on-premises and in the cloud. The Voltage SecureData Appliance can be connected to resources for authentication, audit, and monitoring of encryption and tokenization events.
WhiteSource-Open Source Security Management. WhiteSource seamlessly integrates into your build process regardless of your programming languages, build tools, or development environments.

Deliver video and virtual and augmented reality content

Gooroomee. The Gooroomee video solution supports videoconferences, webinars, and video education anywhere, anytime via web and mobile. This solution is available only in Korean.
Imagine AR for Business. Imagine AR is an enterprise cloud augmented reality platform that enables businesses of any size to create and implement their own AR campaigns with no programming or technology experience.
IndexAR. indexAR is a SaaS platform that empowers companies to create augmented reality experiences in minutes and deliver them to their audience via a free mobile app available on iOS and Android.
Ravnur Video CMS and Live Streaming Solution. The Ravnur vCMS solution is an AI-powered media management platform for multi-channel live streaming and asset management. Ingest from anywhere and publish to anywhere. Manage live and video on-demand video, audio podcasts, images, and documents.
Vuforia Studio.  With Vuforia’s visual drag-and-drop authoring environment, users can quickly create immersive HoloLens interactions without the need for sophisticated tools, skilled programming, or a custom designer. Enterprises can leverage these technologies to transform operations across business functions.

Stay up to date

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