New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 17: SaaS apps that serve specific industries and build on Microsoft products

AppSource is pleased to welcome 156 apps, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific problems or extend the Microsoft products you already use.

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Industry-specific apps for marketing, government, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance, and insurance

AccuWeather API Data Service. AccuWeather APIs offer global, detailed, and local weather content with data in more than 200 languages and dialects. API responses are offered in JSON format to be fast, efficient, and easy to use with options for full or abbreviated content.
AI Energy Consumption Forecast. Dmlab AI forecasts customers' energy needs for the next day based on historical data. It produces results day after day and reduces monotonous workloads. The forecasts are precise, and the AI improves itself based on recent consumption data.
Alfabet for Government. Alfabet is architected in .NET and hosted on Azure to enable government executives to more effectively and efficiently manage their IT infrastructure. It enables federal customers to minimize risk, stay compliant, and create efficiency as they pursue strategic initiatives.
Alkemics. Alkemics is a cloud-based, maintenance-free platform pre-configured for grocery retail. Alkemics helps retailers and CPG manufacturers collect, enrich, and share content across the retail ecosystem to answer new business scenarios related to omni-channel development.
ARMSys. ARMSys – Audience Relationship Management System – maximizes the customer experience for cultural institutions. It delivers a customized and affordable solution to handle the complexity of multiple genres and audience segments, memberships, and donation schemes.
Balance for Autism Learning Management System LMS. Balance is an interactive program that provides information and activities designed to help healthcare providers learn more about autism spectrum disorder and practice ways to tailor their care to meet the individual needs of each child and family.
Bamboo Rose Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail. Bamboo Rose simplifies the product creation and delivery process by combining a digital B2B marketplace, sourcing, product lifecycle management, purchase order management, global trade management, and financing solutions on one platform.
Brand Hub. The Adgistics Brand Hub centralizes marketing operations and improves brand consistency. The hub can store, organize, control, edit, and distribute all your branded content – including logos, collateral, imagery, video, templates, and guidelines.
Cloud Contact Pro. Cloud Contact Pro is an inbound/outbound, multichannel cloud contact center platform with more than 400 features. It integrates natively with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business and aggregates different technologies to talk to one another, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
Compliance Recording for Skype for Business. ASC offers an add-on for Skype for Business to enable compliance recording for financial institutions. With ASC's solution, organizations can record and archive all communications via Skype for Business to meet regulations such as MiFID, Dodd-Frank-Act, or GDPR.
CoreTechs Healthcare Data Analytics Platform. This platform enables Gray Matter Analytics to ingest varying types of data sources and make them analytics ready. Advanced analytics models are executed on healthcare data and measures to generate actionable insights and prescriptions.
Datos. Datos provides a comprehensive connected health platform for managing patients and data outside the clinic. With the Datos platform, health organizations can easily manage and track remote care across multiple care teams, patients, and devices.
Dragon Medical One. Nuance Dragon Medical One's clinical speech recognition provides a consistent experience at the hospital, clinic, office, home, and on the road, enabling clinicians to use their voice to securely capture the patient story more naturally and efficiently. 
DSRIP Dashboard Managed Services. The DSRIP Dashboard surfaces non-compliant patients on a daily basis, allowing your organization to proactively work to increase compliance in your targeted population for any measure.
ebankIT Omnichannel Innovation. Operating in more than 20 countries, ebankIT helps customers improve their businesses by delivering fast, seamless digital banking transformation.
ecoDriver. ecoDriver is an award-winning energy monitoring, targeting, and control system designed to help maximize occupancy comfort and minimize energy consumption.
EduWave. EduWave is a comprehensive, award-winning educational platform for K-12 schools that integrates educational services (student information systems, learning management systems) with enterprise-level financial services (ERP) in a single relational database.
eFitness Gym Management Software. eFitness on Microsoft Azure makes it easy to manage all your fitness clubs in one place. Automate your gym and streamline and improve business operations with eFitness gym management software.
eShopWorld- Cross Border eCommerce. eShopWorld works with midsize to large retailers to create a superior cross-border online shopping experience. It integrates with each brand’s existing website to create hyper-localized, high-converting shopping journeys that feel familiar to consumers in each country.
Esphera. Esphera is a business intelligence and revenue audit platform for sales performance. Focusing on malls, franchisers, and retailers, Esphera delivers real-time insights by connecting to retail POS/ERP/PDV systems.
FoodStorm Catering Software. FoodStorm Catering Software helps catering businesses manage their operations efficiently. Manage the customer journey, internal processes, and staff in one intuitive, easy-to-use solution.
Guardian - Facial Recognition. Torutek Guardian is a fully integrated facial recognition system for casinos and gambling venues that generates notifications and alerts to inform staff of any potential persons of interest present.
Health Intelligence Platform. Built on Azure, Health Intelligence Platform provides athletes or patients with a longitudinal view of their medical records, health and wellness records, and performance and training records.
Honeywell Vector Occupant App. The Honeywell Vector Occupant platform supports an IoT-empowered workforce, driving occupant engagement, safety, and productivity and helping boost an organization’s overall brand by incorporating forward-looking, connected technology.
Hubstream Intelligence. Hubstream Intelligence delivers investigative case management, link analysis, and custom workflows in one easy-to-use product. Hubstream's data analytics help you make connections between criminals who are trying hard to cover their tracks and prioritize your efforts to make an impact.
ImagineCare. ImagineCare offers an end-to-end digital health solution for remote chronic care management. It leverages automation and smart analytics alongside human support to enhance the overall care experience.
INSTANDA. INSTANDA is a radically different approach to launching new insurance products or revitalizing existing books and product portfolios. The no-code platform is built on a powerful set of insurance-specific calculations, processing, and workflow capabilities.
Insurance Group Management Platform. Segic's integrated platform for insurance group management offers administration, processing, and payment services. Expand your service offerings and increase client retention with Segic.
Insurity Software Solutions. Insurity combines a deep understanding of the insurance business with technology expertise to empower clients with innovative and flexible property and casualty insurance technology allowing them to meet business goals and offer a simplified insurance experience.
i-Sight. i-Sight is an investigative case management tool designed to track, manage, and report any type of complaint, referral, or allegation in a centralized and secure solution. i-Sight offers automated task and document management to track fraud and misconduct cases from allegation to closure. 
Kantar Retail Execution. Kantar Consulting's Retail Execution solution offers an end-to-end retail execution management process that allows CPG companies to achieve higher rates of success at the shelf, improved field force productivity, increased sales at a lower cost, and more.
KH Smart Food Tracker. Smart Food Tracker gives real-time visibility on valuable food assets throughout the supply chain in intuitive dashboards based on the conditions and physical parameters during transport and handling.
LEAP Search. Forensic Logic LEAP Search is a secure law enforcement information portal deployed as a search engine. LEAP collects data from a variety of information systems and databases that reside in law enforcement agencies, allowing you to access meaningful information in a comprehensive tool.
Lime SaaS PLM for food by Lascom. Designed for food and consumer packaged goods businesses, Lascom Lime is a user-friendly, flexible, and scalable solution that helps you face all your business challenges. Manage new product development, reduce time-to-market, and comply with regulations.
LinePulse. LinePulse is a manufacturing analytics solution designed for automotive manufacturers that documents learnings in a discoverable manner and enables engineers to easily check whether an issue has occurred in the past.
Linkurious Enterprise. Fraud, intelligence, and cybersecurity analysts use the Linkurious Enterprise graph visualization and analysis platform to detect and investigate threats in large and complex datasets. Linkurious Enterprise is compatible with Neo4j, Azure Cosmos DB, and JanusGraph.
MagNews Multichannel Marketing Suite. The MagNews suite is designed to meet all multichannel digital marketing needs. It contains powerful and flexible tools to engage your target audience with content and actions across multiple channels and along every phase of the customer journey.
MAJiK Visual Factory. MAJiK Visual Factory helps track production, performance, downtime, scrap, and other key performance indicators and collects low-level machine telemetry data such as temperature, pressure, tool position, vibration, and more to enable AI-based continuous improvement techniques.
Mindbox. Mindbox is a one-stop-shop tool for B2C customer retention and personalization designed to improve customer data and campaign orchestration in a multi-channel or omni-channel B2C marketing environment.
Mindful. Mindful is an in-store Al-driven platform that intelligently targets shoppers with personalized offerings by using data to rank and display the right product to the right customer at the right time.
MobillyTX Welfare Management System. MobillyTX is a highly efficient and far-reaching welfare management system satisfying beneficiary and donor needs. It is GDPR compliant, incorporates parental controls, and offers increased security.
myCareAI. MyCareAI is a standards-based, consumer-controlled health data convergence hub that seamlessly and securely connects patients, providers, and payers. Patients can access and share all their up-to-date healthcare records with doctors and trusted partners.
Office 365 Contact Center for Microsoft Teams. Landis Technologies' Office 365 Contact Center for Microsoft Teams adds contact center functionality to Office 365 phone systems. Gamification makes the call center experience fun for agents by automatically generating engaging leaderboards.
Parliamentary Portal. The Parliamentary Portal is a fully integrated, comprehensive SaaS solution that automates and streamlines each aspect of Parliamentary business, featuring automated transcriptions, video on demand, tabled papers, ministerial correspondence, questions, e-petitions, and more.
Pristine WMS. Organize and monitor your warehouse inventory movement from receipt to delivery, increasing accuracy and productivity, with this logistics solution on Microsoft Azure. Pristine WMS offers real-time data capture through handheld devices and warehouse automation equipment.
Processcenter. Many banks find it difficult to modernize core systems, but Processcenter enables quick reaction to market requirements without initiating large projects in the banking process. This can help banks benefit from the advantages of partners and improve processes with third-party services. | Gestion des retours Ecommerce & Retail. Using an algorithm that automates the return process, the platform maximizes the customer experience by providing buyers with an instant solution to their after-sales issues. This application is available only in French. 
ROLD Smartfab. ROLD Smartfab is an Industry 4.0 digital platform for satisfying manufacturing companies' monitoring needs. Real-time production data is stored on Microsoft Azure by an edge device connected directly to a machine and then is processed and presented to the user through a straightforward UI. 
Rydoo. Significantly reduce corporate costs by simplifying your travel and expense management. Rydoo offers an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app that reduces travel and expense management to a few clicks and photos, with integrated policy management, real-time approval flows, and smart reporting.
SalesScript Prompter. Make your phone calling process easy and faultless with SalesScript Prompter, a cloud service for creating, operating, and evaluating scenarios and scripts for telephone calls. Benefit from error detection in calls and scripts, fewer critical errors, and expedited sales department training.
Savvyy Lending Platform. Savvyy is a Canadian technology company that is building the next generation of digital infrastructure for the lending industry. Its Software-as-a-Service platform provides the tools needed to originate, underwrite, and service loans intelligently and efficiently.
Shoppermotion. Shoppermotion passively collects thousands of retail journeys from the entrance to the checkout and extracts in-store insights such as the performance of the main aisle, returns on investment on categories, or in-store activations performance.
Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW). SMW is a workforce engagement platform hosted on Microsoft Azure for energy and water utilities. It integrates all workforce, work order, service request, asset, and inventory management processes into one view, improving the operational efficiency and productivity of field staff.
SmartKargo. This air cargo management solution enables airlines around the world to enhance their revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiency while maximizing the use of their available assets. SmartKargo is deployed on Microsoft Azure using Azure WebApp, SQL Server, and Blob Storage.
Sohema Case Management - Child Protection Services. This easy-to-use, configurable case management system on Microsoft Azure improves program and agency outcome evaluation. It is delivered with pre-built templates including best practices, data components, and process workflows for common functions.
The DataCloud Platform. Put superior rock mass measurements in the hands of mine planning teams to drastically improve efficiency during production. The DataCloud Platform enables mining companies to easily access their orebody knowledge from any smart device.
Travel Studio. Tour operators, wholesalers, and destination management companies can benefit from this enterprise-level reservation platform that provides real-time reservation management tools and inventory control for the selling of component, tailor-made, group, and escorted tours.
Vuelio. Vuelio specializes in software for public relations, public affairs, and stakeholder communications. Whether you want to influence media, government, or your organization’s members and supporters, Vuelio provides everything you need and is trusted by private, public, and charity organizations.
Way4Smart. Way4Smart is a mobility platform that supports intelligent mobility management and favors self-sustainable development. The platform aggregates a new layer of intelligence and empowers cities to provide better mobility services to citizens to improve their quality of life.
Wealth Management Platform. Check6 offers automatic, secure, direct data feeds with banks for high-net-worth individuals and wealth managers, allowing in-depth analysis. The Check6 data engine performs data connection, consolidation, aggregation, processing, and enrichment anonymously and securely.
XBert. XBert syncs hourly with your cloud accounting data, analyzing it to detect human errors, anomalies, and business patterns. It also gives real-time snapshots of your business’s financial status. Detect bookkeeping errors, resolve risk, collaborate, and save money with XBert. 

Manage your IT assets and systems

Audix Cloud For Azure. Audix is a solution for IT staff and executives to visualize their investment, ROI, and overall health and landscape of their on-premises Azure infrastructure or Office 365 resources. It provides easy access to infrastructure data without the need to access specialized products.
Axway AMPLIFY API Management. AMPLIFY API Management streamlines how you build, manage, analyze, and extend digital services, enabling a modern digital business with agility. Quickly build sophisticated APIs and microservices for modern apps that scale.
Azure Governance as a Service (GaaS). BlueSilverShift has developed custom scripts and tools to manage and track highly dynamic and complex environments based on years of industry experience. Its all-inclusive monitoring solution includes features that will save time, money, and aggravation.
Azure Governance Packaged Service. This service helps organizations with designing and implementing Azure foundation and Azure governance elements. Get best practices that allow organizations to kick-start their governance journey, and design and implement a solid Azure governance in a short time frame.
Azure Security and Governance Foundation. LANET Limited's offering helps users review security and governance requirements. Get help designing and implementing standard templates to deploy standard policies and management groups in your Azure subscriptions.
BigPanda AIOps. The BigPanda platform intelligently correlates IT noise collected from your monitoring, change, and other tools into a handful of insight-rich incidents. This lets your IT Ops, NOC, and DevOps teams detect and resolve problems that affect customers before they become crippling outages.
BMC Helix on Microsoft Azure. BMC Helix delivers cognitive service management that is fast, accurate, and cost-effective. It is an end-to-end platform powered by AI/ML that empowers businesses to discover, monitor, service, remediate, optimize, and deliver omni-channel experiences for IT and lines of business.
CloudCare. With CloudCare you can easily manage your Office 365 users in different IT environments. CloudCare acts as an extra layer on top of the Office 365 admin portal and also connects it to other IT environments. Features include an employee management system, reports, and more.
Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation. Cymulate is a SaaS-based breach and attack simulation platform that makes it simple to test, measure, and optimize the effectiveness of your security. With a few clicks, Cymulate initiates thousands of attack simulations, showing where you’re exposed and how to fix it.
Datree Smart Policy. Datree is a Git-based policy enforcement solution for confident and compliant code. It lets engineering and DevOps leaders accelerate delivery of software and ensure operational efficiency and quality. Datree lets security leaders mitigate security and compliance risks of scaling DevOps.
Debble CloudSourcing. The CloudSourcing app builds a secured Azure environment (PaaS) managed by Wortell. With CloudSourcing, IT admins don't have to set up a secured cloud environment, and end users have an always-on, secured cloud environment.
Dynamics 365 Upgrade development. SWP-Group's Dynamics 365 upgrade development app helps provide cost-effective professional services using Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, both on-premises and in the cloud, to partners and end users all over the world.
Microsoft Teams Governor. TOKIOTA's Microsoft Teams administration and governance tool provides added value with extended functionalities, including approval flows, templates for creating teams, and more.
Quantum CSP. Simplify pricing, billing, and delivery processes with Quantum CSP, an integrated Software-as-a-Service platform for solutions and services management, licenses, and subscriptions. Access your customers' and services' status in one simple dashboard.
QuickBlox Communication Stack. Add communication to any application or website with QuickBlox, a communication back-end platform that enables features through SDKs and APIs. Add video calling, voice calling, group and instant messaging – all hosted on your Microsoft Azure virtual machine.
summitai. SummitAI is a service management suite powered by artificial intelligence that integrates IT service management (ITSM), IT asset management (ITAM), and IT operations management (ITOM). Deployable on Azure or on-premises, SummitAI improves service and reduces cost of ownership.
TCPDUMP for Windows. This command-line sniffer (packet capture tool) for Windows is a clone of TCPDUMP, a network sniffer/analyzer for UNIX, compiled with the original tcpdump code ( and the packet capture technology Microolap Packet Sniffer SDK.
Teldat SDE Cloud. SDE-c is the Teldat cloud appliance for next-generation SD-WAN networks. This solution focuses on moving the edge of the SD-WAN network to public or private datacenters. SDE-c is integrated with Teldat SD-WAN Controller and can be onboarded with the Zero Touch Provisioning mechanism.
Tryvium Desk for Teams. Tryvium Desk powers up your existing investments in Microsoft Teams and enables you to automate repetitive tasks using a chatbot. Tryvium features a real-time dashboard that helps supervisors understand contact center metrics. It also comes with a rich analytical engine.

Streamline human resources and training

Employer - Pay. Simplify data entry and save time with Employer Pay's unique, cloud-based HR solution serving more than 10,000 workers in Brazil. This application is available only in Portuguese.
Gamfi Platform SaaS. Build committed teams of employees with Gamfi Platform, an online gamification platform for goal setting, engagement building, feedback, and rewarding.
LayUp. LayUp is a cloud-based gamified training platform that fuels user engagement by enabling organizations to build and run their own e-learning communities.
Legimi - books in cloud for Business and Education. Legimi offers access to thousands of e-books and audiobooks. Sync between devices including smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, enabling you to stop reading and pick up where you left off on another device. This application is available only in Polish. 
Open Blend - People Centred Performance Management. Open Blend is a performance tool built around the employee, helping ensure people engage in effective, meaningful one-to-ones that reconnect the workplace and support everyone to thrive and perform to the best of their ability. 
People.Partners. People.Partners is a talent acquisition and development suite covering the end-to-end needs of any organization. Accelerate talent growth with the People.Partners SaaS-based human capital management solution.
Qloudable Learn. Publish and deploy hands-on cloud software training labs with Qloudable Learn. Keep users focused and highly engaged with an intuitive, single-screen interface. Automated deployment and cleanup removes the stress of managing your cloud lab resources.
Skillate Smart Recruitment Product. Make recruitment easy, fast, and transparent with a system that leverages AI algorithms to optimize processes, drastically reducing time and money involved. Cut down on screening time, automate interview scheduling, and improve the candidate experience.
Tori. TORI on Microsoft Azure is a personal business assistant that automates most processes, controls expenses, and monitors financial operations. Capture all your expense data and get more control over employee spend, while also managing the full range of human resources functions and responsibilities.
Xtramilejob. Use artificial intelligence to push job advertisements across social networks, banner ads, and more. Xtramile helps you select the best channels through which to push your job advertisements, and helps you manage campaigns and associated costs. Reduce recruitment cost by up to 50 percent.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

AI-System Analyser. The Analyser, available only in German, provides robust products and stable processes, helps employees make decisions, and saves time and money. It processes all product and process data in the form of curves as well as individual values.
Beezy - your intelligent workplace for Office 365. Enhance the employee experience and promote a growth-enabled culture with Beezy. Beezy takes a diverse and complex set of Microsoft collaboration and communication capabilities and delivers them in one unifying, comprehensive user experience.
CELUM DAMcloud. The CELUM DAMcloud is a high-end content hub for complex integration scenarios and the backbone of any content supply chain. CELUM's high-end solution helps large organizations to streamline their product and branding processes, saving time and money.
Crescendo App. Crescendo is a mobile presentation tool for your documents in SharePoint, OneDrive, and other sources. Crescendo becomes a beautiful, custom-branded presentation of your content – online and offline. It automatically syncs with the document cloud storage service you already use.
CSHIFT.IO. CSHIFT.IO is a cloud-native shift book and event log for your plant or factory, currently accessible via an early adopter program. It provides a central location for all your operational and shift-related information.
E-Learning LMS - Platô365 - integrated with O365. Integrated with Office 365 and hosted on Microsoft Azure, Platô365 provides access to collaboration and productivity tools in the same environment as the learning platform. This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
GAB Managed Business Portal Identity Suite. The GAB Managed Business Portal Identity Suite expands on Azure Active Directory B2C and was designed for companies with numerous customer-facing web portals. The GAB B2C Admin portal allows non-IT personnel to administrate users in a multi-role environment.
InSite. Discoveries InSite is an add-on for SharePoint that provides site templates such as in-house portals and newsletters along with document management, employee information search, and a help desk. This application is available only in Japanese.
Priority Matrix. Priority Matrix is a fully featured project management solution that works on desktop and mobile and integrates deeply into Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Help teams manage, prioritize, and focus on high-impact tasks with Priority Matrix. 
StoriesOnBoard. With StoriesOnBoard you'll be able to build a product plan together with your customers and stakeholders. With the visual aid of StoriesOnBoard, teams can easily gather and organize all the fuzzy ideas about their product and turn them into an executable plan.
VeriWord by Veriori. This free add-on allows registered Veriori VeriDoc users to digitally sign and stamp Microsoft Word files directly from the application rather than from a web interface. After use, users receive an email with a hyperlink to their marked and signed documents.
Vymo. Transform your customer relationship management experience with Vymo, a mobile-first, intelligent personal sales assistant app. Vymo is focused on driving adoption, automatically collecting clean behavioral data, and recommending the right course of action to every sales representative.
x-news-on-Azure. is a research tool for teams of journalists, corporate marketers, and brand monitors. Find relevant information faster than traditional methods and stay updated regardless of location or device. is a SaaS offering on Microsoft Azure.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, chatbots, or IoT

Arm Pelion Connectivity Management. With one global roaming SIM, one global contract, and a fully managed service integrated into Azure, Pelion Connectivity Management offers a simple solution to the complexity of IoT connectivity. Get flexibility, simplicity, cost-efficiency, security, and more.
Botminds AI for Document Process Automation. Botminds' AI core components specialize in reading and understanding large unstructured documents just like humans do. The Botminds platform helps you create an end-to-end information retrieval pipeline for your own documents in minutes.
CAMP, Choice Account Management Portal. Simplify wireless connectivity with CAMP, a proprietary, web-based IoT management platform developed by Choice Business Connections. CAMP offers IoT solution providers a streamlined integrated platform to scale deployments for their solutions and devices.
Chatbot | AI, ML, NLP | Video, Voice, Vernacular. CoRover, a conversational AI platform, has developed this managed Chatbot-as-a-Service featuring a video, voice, and text chatbot based on AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.
Constrata Data Science Platform. The Constrata managed platform enables organizations to become data-driven decision makers by empowering their data scientists with relevant and easy-to-use tooling configurations.
Cuddle.AI. Business executives can use Cuddle to make more data-driven decisions in their enterprise by leveraging AI to reduce the friction between them and their data. Cuddle, built on Azure, is data-, industry-, and use-cases-agnostic and can work with all kinds of structured data.
Faktion LISA. Faktion has developed next-generation natural language understanding algorithms for English, French, Dutch, Flemish, German, Italian, Spanish, and Malaysian. The Faktion LISA platform is used for automated document and email processing, extraction, clustering, and routing. 
Fastly Edge Cloud. By moving data and applications to the network edge, Fastly Edge Cloud gets you closer to customers so that experiences are better from phone to desktop, website to app, and beyond. A better web for your users means a better way to grow your business.
FOXid. FOXid is a global identity document verification solution that ensures maximum security. The solution verifies all types of official documents in more than 150 countries through multilevel detection checks certifying documentation authenticity with a reliability of 99.99 percent.
Genomic Analysis AI. While sequencing is becoming easier, interpreting results is a manual and lengthy research process that forms a bottleneck to the adoption of genetic-based care. Emedgene uses NLP to "read" new genetic publications and incorporate them into an always up-to-date knowledge graph.
Hume Platform- Graph-powered Insights Engine | NLP. The Hume platform is an NLP-focused, graph-powered insights engine that creates a digital twin of your business in the form of a collaborative knowledge graph, which surfaces critical but previously undetected relevance in your organization.
In-depth Training: AI Models using Microsoft Stack. This AI readiness training enables developers to professionally develop and deploy AI algorithms and applications by showing how to leverage custom models, cognitive services, and automated machine learning for "factory-scale" AI model production.
Intrabot: workplace chatbot. Intrabot is a workplace chatbot automatically handling employee requests in staff-related areas. It includes an employee contacts database, benefits and perks information, business travel, and more. 
Itron Analytics. Itron Analytics is provided via a highly secure, scalable cloud-based platform that provides business outcomes to address utility challenges — reliability, power quality, transformer loading — to lower costs and improve results on an accelerated timeframe. 
Managed Oxygen. Oxygen is an Azure-based data and AI platform designed for maximum scalability and security. Oxygen is ready in weeks, offering a comprehensive solution for onboarding, management, and security.
PRECIRE Psychology as a Service API. PRECIRE decodes text and speech and provides insights into the interaction of personality, communication, and behavior. It is based on psychological expert knowledge combined with natural language processing (NLP), psychological language processing (PLP), and machine learning.
PRISM Analytics. Full-service investment banks or asset management firms can gain continuous integration with internal and external sources through this predictive data analytics platform. It connects seamlessly with existing systems, uses Azure Active Directory, and connects to Office 365 and Dynamics 365.
ProcessMiner AI Platform for Manufacturing. ProcessMiner is an artificial intelligence company offering a Software-as-a-Service platform on Microsoft Azure to the manufacturing industry. Get real-time predictive analytics, process optimizations, and actionable recommendations to address product quality challenges.
Quality. Visualize your data quality in real time with powerful tools based on analytic patterns and user-defined rules. The offering is designed to work with your real-time ingestion system and batch data load, and the application of quality rules is done with only two lines of code.
SIMetric. Proper Internet of Things (IoT) management is critical to the success of any connected business, but not always easy to supervise. Take control of your business, increase profits, and view your data all in one place with SIMetric, a simple, affordable, and accessible cloud-based platform.
Stella Enterprise Chatbot Solution. Stella builds conversational experience with artificial intelligence on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, and web chat. Reduce customer service burden, enhance lead quality, achieve a quicker lead response time, and engage your customers with a chatbot. This artificial intelligence app finds the best locations for starting a new local business. A proprietary machine learning algorithm actively learns what drives your business success in order to forecast the revenue of potential locations, leading to better insights and better investments.
vuSmartMaps. VuNet Systems enables end-to-end customer journey maps. VuNet’s data processing engines feed highly customizable "narrative storyboards" that provide you with immediately usable business, technology, and operational insights – all on a single pane of glass.
Zegami - Visual Data Explorer. Zegami transforms data into actionable insight, using both structured and unstructured data, AI, and human pattern recognition. Create compelling data visualizations from structured databases and Excel files as well as images, video, documents, and APIs.

Track your business’s growth, sales, compliance, and online performance 

Automatisierte Dienstplanung by Sheepblue. Sheepblue, available only in German, is a web-based software solution that automates service planning. Sheepblue automates the creation of rosters and the exchange of individual services, taking into account employees' individual preferences.
BI.Qube. BI.Qube, available only in Russian, is an analytical product with tools for managing data-driven businesses. It includes data models for credit institutions, manufacturing, distribution, and retail and logistics as well as tools for managing finance, procurement, sales, and marginality.
CitiCall. CitiCall is an integrated customer care and end-to-end holistic operations and task management tool. It works across departments to drive efficient and effective service delivery. Features include field staff scheduling, automatic escalation, a management dashboard, customized reports, and more.
Cloud Spreadsheet Manager. ClusterSeven Cloud Spreadsheet Manager (CSM) puts you in control of your spreadsheets. Get the tools and insight to check, compare, and manage your spreadsheets. CSM will help you understand the complexity of a spreadsheet and identify where there is potential for error.
Customer, Vendor & Employee Portal Apps. DynamicPoint’s SharePoint Portals make it easy to access and share customer, vendor, or employee information from your Dynamics ERP or CRM system. Give your customers, employees, and vendors more effective, accurate, profitable, and faster service experiences.
docswallet. Docswallet is a document issuing and authentication platform using blockchain to support entities that issue official documents, such as governments, universities, and banks, to their clients and citizens.
dsgvo_procos. DSGVO_Procos is a compliance tool that helps your organization set up and secure DSGVO policies. This application is available only in German.
eSpyder GDPR solution for Data Protection Officers. eSpyder supports data processing officers in their roles, ensuring company compliance with GDPR regulations and best business practices. Safeguard your organization's personally identifiable information and intellectual property with eSpyder.
EventGes. EventGes is an intuitive platform that helps you manage and control all processes in the creation and development of your events. This application is available only in Portuguese.
GDPR_PROCOS. GDPR_Procos is a compliance tool that helps your organization set up and secure GDPR/DSGVO policies. Thanks to the latest SaaS technology, no time-consuming, nerve-wracking local installation is required.
GO-Spend. WorkFlowWise GO-Spend helps your team get precise insight into budgets, track every contract, buy supplies, and process invoices – all in one place. Save time and money by automating simple tasks.
HOPEX Business Process Analysis. HOPEX Business Process Analysis provides insight into your business activities, enabling organizations to ensure alignment with strategic transformation decisions by reshaping and validating their operational processes.
OSIRO. OSIRO is a platform that supports the creation of fan communities based on the “community first” concept to maximize the number of members. Build your own fan community with OSIRO. This application is available only in Japanese.
Red Box call / voice recording for Dynamics 365. Take your sales to the next level with the combined power of Red Box and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. Get high-quality call audio and metadata from your existing infrastructure to deliver valuable and actionable sales insights within conversation intelligence.
SharePoint ArchiveLink Connector for SAP. This solution saves all your SAP-managed documents including attachments, order confirmations, purchasing orders, and more in SharePoint. It includes metadata transfer so that you can structure or search for your SAP-related documents in SharePoint.
signarus_orchestra. Record employee compliance by signing documents to state they have received, read, and agreed to comply with the contents of a regulation, procedure, policy, or standard. Orchestra Read & Comply may be installed to Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or on-premises.
SOM. SOM offers an effective solution for process automation and IoT integration, along with reporting dashboards accessible anywhere from any device. The SOM solution makes decisions autonomously and intelligently to solve different needs of companies. This application is available only in Spanish.
Supply Chain Data Analytics as a Service. Automate end-to-end supply chain performance visibility with this SaaS data analytics platform. The Owl platform is designed to empower supply chain management professionals to make better business decisions.
trueChart. This scalable, enterprise-class business intelligence solution enables faster and better decision-making across your organization. Integrate and extend the functionality of Excel as you create uniform data visualizations that offer dynamic, meaningful reports.
VerseOne CMS + Integration Platform. VerseOne CMS is a secure and modular digital integration and web publishing platform deployed by 120-plus organizations. It features multisite capabilities, a media manager, a flexible design system, and more.
Vision PLM. Vision is an intuitive, browser-based product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for fashion retailers, brands, and manufacturers of all sizes. Vision offers significant improvements in visibility, coordination, and control across the business and with supply chain partners.
VSM4M. This value stream modeler application is a collaborative work environment for lean management teams in the era of Industry 4.0. It provides manufacturing companies with an enormous added value for factory planning and the optimization of the production process by digitizing the value stream.

Ensure security in your organization

Dataless PC solution "Flex Work Place Passage". Flex Work Place Passage, available only in Japanese, is useful for those who are concerned about data security when using a mobile PC, as no data is stored on the PC.
iboss MCAS Integration. The iboss cloud includes Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) controls for many applications including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. The CASB controls are easily extended to leverage Microsoft Cloud App Security, which can be used for data at rest in Microsoft and other cloud applications.
Kaseware - SaaS Security Solution. Built by experienced investigative professionals, Kaseware provides all the tools for your organization to manage its investigative and security workloads.
KeyScaler - IoT Security for Microsoft Azure IoT. KeyScaler is an innovative platform that delivers secure device registration and provisioning, policy-driven credential delivery and management, end-to-end device-derived cryptography for data in transit and at rest across networks and cloud services, and more.
Managed Security Service by DriveLock. DriveLock's easy-to-deploy Managed Security Service delivers endpoint protection with device and application control and BitLocker management. Recognize, repel, document, and analyze attacks.

Deliver video and augmented reality content

Vantage on Azure. Vantage on Azure manages all media services from the camera to the point of distribution. It allows content owners, producers, and distributors to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively ingest, edit, transcode, package, monetize, and distribute media.
WorkLink. Provide workers with expert guidance, at any moment and on any device, by live annotation or work instructions. WorkLink combines augmented reality (AR) work instructions and remote AR assistance into one enterprise-ready platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Stay up to date

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