New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 18: Power BI apps, industry-specific apps, and consulting services

AppSource is pleased to welcome 120 apps and consulting services, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific problems, increase productivity, provide business insight, and extend Microsoft products.

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Industry-specific apps for education, marketing, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and more

Cloud of Knowledge (Physicon). Cloud of Knowledge is a Microsoft Azure-based K-12 digital education system that includes online labs and interactive workbooks, lessons, and training programs.
Corporate Travel App. The Roadmap corporate-branded travel app helps simplify and improve the corporate travel experience, enabling organizations to maximize the value of travel.
EcoStruxure Asset Advisor. Address issues in your electrical distribution equipment and mitigate the risk of electrical failure with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor. This cloud-based service hosted on Microsoft Azure provides actionable recommendations and optional on-site support. 
energycontrol. energyControl is an innovative, AI-based solution for commercial buildings that cuts the energy consumption of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems by more than 20 percent, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.
Integrate. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Integrate is a fully industrialized solution for actuarial and risk reporting. Integrate gives actuaries access to more information quickly and confidently so that key decisions can be made with a clear understanding of the implications.
OneWorldSIS. OneWorldSIS delivers educational solutions that enable users and constituents to achieve optimal organizational processes. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, OneWorldSIS represents a paradigm shift in the way educational institutions manage the complete student lifecycle.
OpenCities Websites. OpenCities is making it easier for cities to transform their websites into digital government platforms all over the world. Its user-tested templates deliver beautiful and functional sites that allow staff to create content and services that engage citizens.
PI3 Issuer Profitability. PI3 is a Microsoft Azure-based middleware platform that allows businesses connected to card transactions (credit or debit, consumer or commercial) to gain insights from their data. PI3 transforms raw data into easily managed multidimensional structures of information.
Streamoid Outfitter. Streamoid Outfitter automates the outfit creation process, using over 10,000 style rules, machine vision, and the knowledge of Streamoid's stylists. This allows for real-time creation that adapts to stock levels, trends, and customer profiles to deliver in-store experiences online. 
Synergies Microfinance Solution. Synergies for Microfinance provides financial services to micro-enterprises in emerging economies. It covers all aspects of microfinance activities from the sources of funds to the use and allocation of funds with all relevant services and products.
Teladoc Health Licensable Software Solution. Teladoc Health enables users to confidentially address patient and physician demand, expand clinical care and capabilities, reduce expenses, and increase market share.
telemedico. Telemedi's telemedicine platform provides health services and provides a safe, easy-to-use point of contact between patients and doctors. Patients can access medical records and provide life measurements by using medical devices integrated with the platform.
Uncrowd. Uncrowd’s FRi platform shows you when and why a customer will prefer you to a rival. It reveals customer truths that reduce churn, cut costs, drive innovation, maximize spend, combat competitors, and increase loyalty.
Unit4 Student Management. The Unit4 Student Management system simplifies and reduces your system support costs, provides students with an intuitive mobile experience, and supports strategic initiatives with actionable data from built-in analytics.
Veritone Illuminate. Veritone Illuminate enables law enforcement investigative teams to cost-effectively search, analyze, and explore large amounts of audio-, video-, and text-based evidence.
Xplorer. Create immersive 3-D marketing and training experiences in minutes with Modest3D Xplorer. Xplorer has a familiar drag-and-drop interface that facilitates creating immersive presentations for publication to desktop, virtual reality, or mobile.

Apps for Microsoft Teams

Social27 AI. The Social27 AI Assistant provides sales teams with content, context, and insights into a prospect’s readiness to buy right in Microsoft Teams so that they can prioritize account outreach and have a conversation that maps directly to the buyer’s needs.

Ensure security throughout your organization

Prisma Public Cloud Threat Defense and Compliance. Prisma Cloud is a SaaS platform for frictionless deployment that discovers cloud resources and sensitive data across Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms to detect risky configurations and identify network threats, suspicious user behavior, and more.
Wandera Mobile Security Suite. Wandera Mobile Threat Defense protects against threats to mobile devices, such as malware, rogue or insecure applications, phishing, cryptojacking, data exfiltration, and network attacks. Threats are detected at the endpoint and prevented in the network.

Analyze data and gain new insights with apps for Power BI

Accounts Payable analytics by ZAP. Zap Data Hub for Power BI is a free, open, and agile data warehouse automation platform delivering accounts payable analytics for fast insights into your data. Prepare and generate modern data warehouses on Azure.
Accounts Receivable analytics by ZAP. Zap Data Hub for Power BI is a free, open, and agile data warehouse automation platform delivering accounts receivable analytics for fast insights into your data. Prepare and generate modern data warehouses on Azure.
General Ledger analytics by ZAP. Zap Data Hub for Power BI is a free, open, and agile data warehouse automation platform delivering general ledger analytics for fast insights into your data. Prepare and generate modern data warehouses on Azure.
Inventory analytics by ZAP. Zap Data Hub for Power BI is a free, open, and agile data warehouse automation platform delivering inventory analytics for fast insights into your data. Prepare and generate modern data warehouses on Azure.
Manufacturing analytics by ZAP. Zap Data Hub for Power BI is a free, open, and agile data warehouse automation platform delivering manufacturing analytics for fast insights into your data. Prepare and generate modern data warehouses on Azure.
OmniCX Analytics Dashboard. OmniCX Analytics Dashboard uses Power BI to analyze and share your store’s performance and data collected by OmniCX Retail Platform. This template app helps you quickly connect to your e-commerce business running OmniCX Retail Platform and visualize a variety of data.
Plantronics. Plantronics Power BI allows you to visualize your unified communications (UC) headset estate with starter dashboard tiles and reports leveraging Plantronics Manager Pro data. Included reports help optimize your UC quality, identify ways to accelerate UC adoption, and more.
Procurement analytics by ZAP. Zap Data Hub for Power BI is a free, open, and agile data warehouse automation platform delivering procurement analytics for fast insights into your data. Prepare and generate modern data warehouses on Azure.
Sales analytics by ZAP. Zap Data Hub for Power BI is a free, open, and agile data warehouse automation platform delivering sales analytics for fast insights into your data. Prepare and generate modern data warehouses on Azure.
Smart BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Smart BI is a business intelligence tool that displays your data in a dashboard, summing up important values from any data set. Gain a competitive advantage from stunning, interactive visuals and share the results with your team.
Teamwork Analytics: Online Meeting Usage. Modality Online Meeting Usage Reports is a reporting module of Modality Teamwork Analytics, a suite of reporting, adoption, and governance automation tools to drive best practices in Office 365 collaboration.
Teamwork Analytics: Teams Governance & Security. Modality Teams Governance and Security is a reporting module of Modality Teamwork Analytics, a suite of reporting, adoption, and governance automation tools to drive best practices in Office 365 collaboration.
Teamwork Analytics: Teams PSTN Billing. Modality Teams PSTN Billing for Microsoft Phone System is a reporting module of Modality Teamwork Analytics, a suite of reporting, adoption, and governance automation tools to drive best practices in Office 365 collaboration.
Teamwork Analytics: Teams Usage. Modality Teams Usage is a reporting module of Modality Teamwork Analytics, a suite of reporting, adoption, and governance automation tools to drive best practices in Office 365 collaboration. Get detailed reports on Microsoft Teams Usage. 
Teamwork Analytics: Yammer Usage. Modality Yammer Usage Reports is a reporting module of Modality Teamwork Analytics, a suite of reporting, adoption, and governance automation tools to drive best practices in Office 365 collaboration. Get detailed reports on Yammer usage globally.  
Template Apps Exploration Tool. This Power BI template app connects to Microsoft AppSource to show all Power BI template apps publicly available on the marketplace. You can publish this report in your tenant and have it always up to date by using a scheduled refresh.
valQ – Modern Digital Planning. valQ is cloud and on-premise business modeling software that empowers executives and decision-makers to visualize and analyze business scenarios and make real-time decisions on the go. Quickly identify, measure, and optimize KPIs for organizations of any size.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Charon-SSP. Charon-SSP is a cross-platform hypervisor that emulates legacy Sun SPARC systems. The virtual layer acts as SPARC hardware and is compatible with any Sun/Solaris software running on it.
Cloudpaging CDN. Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology enables the rapid delivery of Windows applications at scale in unmanaged and managed environments, increasing end user satisfaction and significantly reducing operational expenses.
IIJ Cloud License Portal. IIJ Cloud License Portal visualizes customer billing data to help organizations accelerate their cloud business. This application is available only in Japanese.
LoadRunner. Micro Focus LoadRunner delivers performance and load testing for any application type in organizations of all shapes and sizes. LoadRunner stresses your entire system to isolate and identify potential client, network, and server bottlenecks.
Mirantis Application Innovation Solutions. Mirantis helps companies achieve cloud ROI at scale by supporting their transition to cloud-native technology, processes, and tools. Accelerate your cloud-first and application modernization initiatives with Mirantis application innovation solutions. 
Nubeva TLS Decryption. Nubeva TLS Decryption is a universal solution supporting any TLS protocol and cipher, including TLS 1.3. It is a low-cost solution that is easy to deploy and manage solution. It uses minimal CPU and memory resources and enables parallel decryption.
One Identity Active Roles. Solve security issues and meet compliance requirements by securing and protecting Active Directory and Azure Active Directory with One Identity Active Roles. Active Roles is designed with a modular architecture so that your organization can easily meet business requirements.
Orixcom SD-WAN. Realize the benefits of using Orixcom SD-WAN services to securely, optimally, and resiliently connect to your resources in any Microsoft Azure region. Orixcom SD-WAN provides customers with private connectivity to their Azure VMs and virtual networks.
Polyaxon on Azure. Polyaxon is a platform for reproducing and managing the lifecycle of machine learning and deep learning applications. Automate machine learning on Microsoft Azure with Polyaxon.
PostgreSQL Hosting: Fully Managed DBaaS on Azure. Optimize PostgreSQL hosting on Microsoft Azure with ScalGrid's fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). Easily deploy, monitor, provision, and scale your PostgreSQL deployments with an all-inclusive, easy-to-use management console.
Princity - Efficient Printer Management. Drastically reduce the costs of printing with effective printer and toner management. Princity features printer discovery, continuous monitoring, printer supply management, and more.
strongDM Database Access. strongDM extends your SSO to manage database permissions so that you spend less time onboarding and offboarding staff. Easily adopt security best practices including role-based access control with least privilege and multi-factor authentication.
Symantec VIP (Validation and ID Protection). Symantec VIP delivers strong, two-factor, cloud-based authentication that combines something you know (a username and password) with something you have (a credential such as a card, token, or mobile phone). VIP helps protect networks, apps, and data. 
ZConverter Cloud Migration SaaS. ZConverter Cloud Migration SaaS helps engineers simplify cloud migration between heterogeneous cloud platforms and dissimilar hypervisors and dissimilar disk formats.

Streamline human resources and training

Introduction offer Microsoft Azure. Searchie is a talent-screening and shortlisting platform that uses artificial intelligence to drastically reduce the time and cost to hire.
Netways Payroll & ESS Resource Planning. Netways provides a cloud-based payroll solution that boosts a company’s ability to meet requirements, be compliant with local regulations, and reduce costs. Netways is an extension of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with seamless integration to all modules.
SafetyLine Lone Worker. SafetyLine helps organizations meet safety regulations to protect their isolated and remote workers. The SafetyLine app allows workers to check in to update their status, record detailed messages, and report their location with GPS.
SmashFly. SmashFly's CRM for recruiting is driven by AI, delivering the critical intelligence you need to make sense of candidate leads and build relationships with them. SmashFly’s software creates brand-driven journeys that always lead back to your site – then tailors the site experience to convert talent.
X0PA AI Recruiter for Dynamics 365 Talent. X0PA AI is an intelligent SaaS hiring platform for corporate- and enterprise-level organizations needing to resource business growth or reduce the impact of lost employees. X0PA uses AI to source, score, and rank talent and identify the best candidate for your needs.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

[MDM] micro-service de référentiel de tiers. MGDIS's third-party repository micro-service features a briefcase that allows documents associated with a third party to be reused and shared securely. This application is available only in French.
Grid Calculator PE. Create professional grid layouts in Adobe InDesign with Designers Bookshop Grid Calculator PE. The InDesign files the plug-in creates do not require the plug-in to open the files.
officeatwork | Mail Responder. officeatwork 365 Mail Responder enables employees to quickly design automatic-response messages using streamlined workflow-style input methods that ensure out-of-office messages are complete, polite, thoughtful, and consistent throughout your organization. 
Repstor Affinity. Repstor Affinity provides access to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other content stores and file-sharing services seamlessly in Microsoft Outlook. Users can view, add, edit, and collaborate on content regardless of network connection.
SalesTim - Teams Templates and Governance. SalesTim lets organizations provide users with a business solution corporate catalog for Microsoft Teams, automate Teams provisioning, and improve Teams management.
Sproket Intranet. Sproket delivers a high-quality intranet-in-a-box that is easy to configure to meet your organization's requirements. This innovative solution packages standard SharePoint functionality with additional features to support communications, collaboration, and productivity across your business. 
Team Planner version 3.0. Team Planner offers a user-friendly approach to managing your resources by including line managers as part of the process – providing the right data quality and needed handshake with resource owners.
The Cue. The Cue applies gamification in combination with change management and performance management to increase the adoption of Office 365. The games make applying Office 365 and improving team performance fun, challenging, and scalable.
TransCEND. TransCEND enables organizations to control access to information wherever it goes, both inside and outside an organization. The ability to remotely control who can view, edit, and distribute unstructured information empowers organizations to embrace external collaboration with confidence.
Velocity For Teams. Velocity intranet platform's pre-built widgets offer personalized web applications to follow internal news and updates, monitor room availability, see personal tasks, and get bus schedules and traffic information to increase awareness and productivity and strengthen corporate bonds. 
Weaveworks GitOps Quickstart for AKS. Weaveworks AKS + GitOps QuickStart is a comprehensive package to design, build, and operate Azure Kubernetes Service in production using the GitOps methodology. Accelerate your journey to Azure Kubernetes Service with GitOps.
WorkTrek - Cloud Asset, Work & Maintenance System. WorkTrek is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system designed to simplify maintenance activities, asset management, work orders, contracts, resources, subcontractors, and inventory.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, or IoT

AIndustry – Proactive & Predictive Maintenance. AIndustry is a platform for solving top industry challenges such as maintaining proper quality levels, predicting breakdowns, and reducing operational costs. Reduce downtime and get predictive analytics with AIndustry. 
AI-powered Cognitive Analytics. is a cognitive analytics platform for building search-based applications. Developed with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Parabole’s custom training and classification model delivers enterprise search solutions specific to a domain or business case.
CARP-E Anonymizer. The Carp CARP-E Anonymizer automatically anonymizes sensitive documents and texts. Increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs associated with labor-intensive manual anonymization.
Content DNA. Content DNA is a computer vision- and machine learning-based framework for content classification that generates detailed descriptions to speed up content organization. Extract rich metadata about every scene or an entire video, including character emotions and the nature of actions.
Delva IoT. Delva IoT is an industrial-grade Internet of Things platform that aims to optimize plant productivity and reduce unplanned downtime through real-time data access to machinery and predictive maintenance. 
DevMetrics. DevMetrics combines information from Git-based repositories with algorithms and machine learning to generate actionable insights into developer behavior and activity. DevMetrics are based on the objective information generated by a team’s activity.
Mitobot. Quickly and easily create personalized conversational experiences for your customers with Mitobot. Mitobot is built on a microservice architecture that supports easy integration with related services including live chat, NLP, CRM, or any other back-end business system.
PhotonAI. Photon AI helps teachers introduce kids to the world of artificial intelligence. Students can learn what artificial intelligence is and how it works, how to create their own models and classifiers, how to detect objects in robot space, and how to use AI in their own projects.
SoftLine Chat Bot. SoftLine Chat Bot helps improve communication with clients, increase productivity, and simplify and speed up daily tasks. Customize the bot to your needs and connect with various Microsoft Azure services.
Steamlane Condition Monitoring. Steamlane Oy's AI-enhanced continuous condition monitoring service on Microsoft Azure enables proactive and preventive maintenance. The service is designed for those responsible for the operation and maintenance of rotating devices like pumps, motors, fans, and more.
Stoke Adobe Analytics + Dynamics Integration. Stoke Adobe Analytics + Dynamics Integration integrates Microsoft Dynamics 356 data into Adobe Analytics to deliver immediate access to key data points including down-funnel conversions from marketing qualified leads to pipeline, closed deals, and revenue.
Swittons for Pharma. A Switton is an IoT solution that aligns with a sophisticated desktop device engineered to enable immediate communication with prescribers. Designed with convenience in mind, it is customizable, remotely accessible, and easy to integrate.

Track your business’s growth, sales, compliance, and online performance 

BeeCast. The BeeCast platform manages terminal networks installed in independent stores or franchises to support digital signage, kiosks, and internet broadcasting. This application is available only in Korean.
Business Enabling Toolbox (B.E.T.). Business Enabling Toolbox (B.E.T.) is a self-diagnostic digital advisor providing access to leading consultancy, guidance, real-time business performance dashboards, and tools and templates to assist you in your business. 
Cloudimage. Faster-loading images make websites load faster, helping convert more users. Cloudimage downloads, resizes, and optimizes web and mobile application images on the fly.
ESGeo Basic. ESGeo helps organizations evaluate environmental, social, and governance-related risks and opportunities, integrate new ESG factors into their value chain, and streamline the sustainability reporting process by allowing a transparent disclosure of information to all stakeholders.
GDPR Tracker. nScape's GDPR Tracker is an easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go cloud-based application to help you meet GDPR compliance obligations. Log and update details of all database applications in your organization and track subject access requests.
LEADS. LEADS is a lightweight, easy-to-use CRM solution built in conjunction with the Office 365 environment. Get valuable feedback on your productivity while managing your sales pipeline, even without an internet connection.
Monocept Redact | Aadhaar Masking Solution. Monocept Redact is a cloud-based Aadhaar-masking solution that extracts information from Aadhaar card images using OCR. Mask in real time the first eight or all 12 Aadhaar card digits from documents your customers submit. 
Noviqu Ensight. By providing a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of the people and equipment in a facility, Noviqu Ensight helps users reduce costs, decrease downtime, and increase revenue and profit margins. 
Proxigroup. ProxiTrak Platform is ProxiTrak as an industrial-level asset location, surveillance, and monitoring solution that gives businesses full creative control by allowing the creation, recursive modification, and optimization of a virtual RFID tracking infrastructure.
QC-Technology QC3. The QC3 cloud-based enterprise risk management tool drives business value and accountability from owned risks, providing increased visibility of organizational issues and progressive steps in risk culture insight.
Regulatory Information Management. WinWire RIMTrack is an AI-enabled, cloud-ready regulatory information management solution that streamlines regulatory affairs processes related to submission planning, tracking, licensing, approval, clinical trials, and reporting across global sites and stakeholders.
SummiumCPQ - Digitalize Your Sales Process. SummiumCPQ users can easily configure complex products and services, price them, and generate quote documentation with just one click. Digitalize your sales and boost the quote-to-cash process with SummiumCPQ.
Touch Point BI. Touch Point BI is a web application that automatically collects, visualizes, and analyzes big data related to cash register data and store operations. This application is available only in Japanese.
Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM empowers all organizations with a complete customer relationship management solution. Ensure your sales team spends more time selling and less time entering data with workflow automation, real-time notifications, and built-in gamification.

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

365Performance DATEV Import: 3-Hr Einweisung. Business Systemhaus AG will analyze data exchange needs between your company, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and your accountant, accounting system, or DATEV. Consultants will provide valuable tips for daily work with 365Performance DATEV.
Analytics for Supply Chain: 4-Wk Proof of Concept. Clouds On Mars will help build a picture of your firm's retail execution to effectively analyze metrics using Microsoft Power BI. This PoC will implement analytic reporting on your data to identify blind spots and improve business metric monitoring.
Application Management Service-AMS. AlfaPeople application management service provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure customers with comprehensive service and maintenance support. AMS ensures solutions are updated, enhanced, and operating in accordance with your goals.
Basic Warehouse Management: 4-Wk Implementation. Solution Systems Inc. helps you improve efficiencies in order picking and shipping processes through extended warehouse capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Deliverables include implementation plan, timeline, and kickoff meeting.
Business Central Advanced: 6-Wk Implementation. Extend Dynamics 365 Business Central with manufacturing and service management modules. Solution Systems Inc.'s Sure Step Methodology provides project management, tools, advice, and best practices to achieve rapid implementation.
Business Central FINANCE: 4-Hr Assessment. In this free session via remote screen-sharing, a NAV-lab consultant will analyze your enterprise resource planning (ERP) requirements and assess how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Tempo Zero could suit your organizational needs.
Business Central Intermediate: 6-Wk Implementation. This offer from Solution Systems Inc. will help you quickly deploy core financials in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with modules such as general ledger, accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP), and core reporting.
Business Central MANUFACTURING: 4-Hr Assessment. NAV-lab will analyze your ERP requirements and assess whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Tempo Zero is suitable to your organizational needs for manufacturing. This free session will be done through interactive screen-sharing.
Business Central Support: 1-Hr Assessment. This information session with MetaOption LLC is for customers looking for a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 support services organization that covers all their support needs, from functional support to new feature development.
Customer Insights for Automotive 4-Wk Workshop. Create a complete view of your customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights via this workshop with Avtex. The company draws from its automotive industry expertise to use data for the enrichment of your customer profiles.
Customer Insights for Financial Svcs 4-Wk Workshop. This Avtex workshop helps you create a complete view of your credit union members using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Exclusive to this offering, Avtex delivers reporting that aggregates statistics of member households.
Customer Insights for Healthcare 4-Wk Workshop. Avtex will help you create a complete view of your healthcare customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. For healthcare, Avtex exclusively offers a patient journey timeline configuration to provide insight to your workforce.
D365 Business Central: 1-Wk Proof of Concept. Solution Systems Inc.'s proof of concept package is perfect for organizations still evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. SSI will define your requirements and create a personalized demo to meet your needs.
Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops: 10-Wk Proof of Concept. Alna Business experts will perform a deep dive into your operations and review your requirements to deliver in a live demo of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations system configured to meet your needs and enhance your processes.
Dynamics Assurance: 2-Wk Assessment. In this offer from partner cloudThing, your current Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement system will be analyzed by consultants to identify issues, risks, or limiting factors, as well as to capture opportunities for optimizing business processes.
F&O Development Package: 10-Day Implementation. Domain 6 Inc. can enhance your Microsoft Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations solution, with development services focused on providing additional functionality or integrations to maximize utilization and efficiency.
Governance & Rollout Strategy: 7-Wk Assessment. This assessment from Adatis delivers a governance model and rollout strategy to enable the business value of Microsoft PowerBI. Adatis' model consists of four phases, with each having business, technology, and process as focus areas.
Lease Management Solution: 1-Hr Assessment. Fiftytwo A/S will assess current challenges that your business is facing and make a recommendation on whether 52LEASING, a lease management system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is right for you.
Lease Management Solution: 2-Day Workshop. This workshop from Fiftytwo A/S covers 52LEASING, a lease management system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You will receive a report of recommendations and estimates based on your specific needs and plans.
Online Power BI: 3-Hr Briefing. In this online training from Clouds On Mars, you will learn how to effectively communicate quantitative business data using Microsoft Power BI by building effective dashboards and reports that convey your message effectively using the right visualization techniques.
Power BI Dashboard in a Day: 1-Day Workshop. This offer from Allgeier (Schweiz) AG covers the full capabilities of Microsoft Power BI. The workshop is based on experiential learning methods, is hands-on, and will have a lasting impact on your skills to build powerful reports.
Power BI Performance: 3-Wk Assessment. Performance is a major factor that influences adoption of Microsoft Power BI. This offer from Adatis provides a tuning assessment for improving performance as well as recommendations on increasing report views and speeding up the rendering of reports.
PowerSuccess Plan 2 US: 4-Wk Implementation. This offer implements PowerSuccess from PowerObjects, a service-as-a-subscription for small, medium, and enterprise organizations that gives you access to a dedicated engineer who acts as your single point of contact for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 needs.
StreamLine Start Onboarding: 1-Wk Implementation. SmartApps, in collaboration with NAB Solutions, offers StreamLine Start, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central package for companies to get started with basic accounting and invoicing. The setup package is available in English and Swedish.

Deliver video, virtual reality, and augmented reality content

Start VR - Immersive Learning Solutions. Start VR helps learning and development teams to improve learning outcomes with immersive, interactive mixed-reality products. Deliver engaging training quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.
SyncWords Captioning Service. SyncWords uses Azure Cognitive Services to convert speech to text, offering automation technologies, cloud-based tools, and services for closed captioning.
Video Assure. Video Assure is a Microsoft Azure-based monitoring platform for intelligently managing global streaming services. Identify video streaming issues before they become disruptions with instant alerts, real-time insights, and quality forecasts for live and on-demand streaming.

Stay up to date

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