New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 19: apps that extend Microsoft products or solve industry-specific issues

AppSource is pleased to welcome 114 apps, many of them designed to extend Microsoft products you already use or solve a wide variety of industry-specific issues.

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Industry-specific apps for healthcare, marketing, museums, education, finances, transportation, and more

ActiveViam for Pricing. ActiveViam for Pricing leverages data science and analytics technology, including in-memory computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to offer a comprehensive, interactive, and customizable retail price optimization solution.
Advantasure. Advantasure helps reduce administrative costs, improve the quality of care, and increase risk score accuracy for health plans and provider organizations delivering government and other healthcare programs.
AI-based Lead Scoring. C Centric’s AI-based Lead Scoring uses artificial intelligence to find correlations between cause and effect. It analyses lead data to build a predictive lead scoring model and predicts whether a lead will convert and the probability of lead conversion at any stage of the engagement.
Artyou Global. Artyou Global is a comprehensive app for museums, galleries, artists, and more. Featuring QR code and geolocation functionality, Artyou Stories lets you add audio, images, and videos to objects to engage your local or global audience.
Bankingly Platform (Web, Apps and Backoffice). Bankingly is a leading digital banking software provider. Its omnichannel platform supports web and mobile banking, working seamlessly off a single integration and back-office portal.
BCdiploma. Specializing in higher education, BCdiploma ensures the authenticity, security, and accessibility of your institution's certificates and diplomas. Boost your graduates' employability with BCdiploma.
BizSight 365. BizSight 365 is cloud-based financial accounting software for small businesses. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, BizSight 365 provides small-business users with the security and performance typically available only to larger companies.
BlueRush Financial Calculators. Financial decisions can be complex and emotional. BlueRush Financial Calculators simplify financial products and create educational experiences that empower your customers to make decisions with confidence.
bookkeep. Bookkeep is a financial-management solution for cloud-based microbusinesses. Save time managing your company's finances with invoice creation and delivery, sales tracking, cash flow, and more. This application is available only in Spanish. is a fintech solution that enables users to overcome occasional short-term cash flow gaps by advancing payments for outstanding invoices. This application is available only in Polish.
Cloverleaf Integration. Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite software streamlines the exchange of clinical data to help improve healthcare outcomes and business operations, enabling healthcare organizations to efficiently solve complex interoperability challenges securely and at scale while using the latest standards.
Credit Management & Collection Automation. Aston iTF is a SaaS solution for the automation of credit management and collection, featuring real-time customer scoring calculated on payment behavior. Analyze and share the risk level of each portfolio, subsidiary, and client with Aston iTF.
Digital Sample Manager. Digital Sample Manager leverages distributed ledger technology to bring improved visibility, transparency, and tracking to the chain of custody in clinical trials. Ensure a streamlined and transparent process across participants, get real-time status updates, and eliminate lost samples.
EasyTerritory - Maps for Manufacturing. EasyTerritory for manufacturing is a robust application for boundary management and data visualization for the manufacturing and machine tooling industry. It can be used alone or integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI. 
Elit Finance & Controlling Reporting Automation. Elitmind SP offers Power BI solutions for controlling based on ready-to-go reports and data models. Users can enrich Elitmind Finance & Controlling Reporting Automation with automatic forecasts, what-if analysis, run rates, and dynamic scale reports.
Expediente Azul (Blue File). Expediente Azul automates the document-gathering process for large loans, leases, mortgages, or insurance claims that require a customer to send 15-30 documents to the financial or insurance institution by reducing the friction caused by missing, incorrect, or outdated documents.
ExtrAXION quantity surveying Takeoff. ExtrAXION is a quantity surveying and cost-estimating solution for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals requiring speed, efficiency, and attention to detail when preparing project cost estimates.
GFA - Taxis. Adding Technology's taxi-management solution streamlines the taxi-ordering process with two associated mobile apps—one for drivers and one for customers. This application is available in English and Spanish.
Hogia Instant. Hogia's Instant product family for the real-time monitoring and management of public transport provides a comprehensive overview of the transport network and shows detailed traffic data down to vehicle level.
HPCBOX Big Compute for R&D in Manufacturing. HPCBOX delivers supercomputing capability to any PC running Windows 7 or later. HPC cloud infrastructure can be plugged into your application pipeline to provide fine-grained control on big compute cloud resources and accelerate productivity.
HyperVerge FinTech Platform. HyperVerge's AI-powered FinTech Platform uses Azure to automate all manual checks in the customer onboarding journey. Reduce turnaround time, fraud, and operating costs while boosting customer experience and lowering customer drop-offs. 
iClub solution. CEE Investments iClub is a comprehensive solution for gyms, climbing walls, and kids' centers that helps increase employee productivity and member satisfaction. This application is available only in Slovak.
iZooto: Owned Audience Marketing Platform. iZooto is an owned audience marketing platform that helps publishers own, build, and engage their audience using web push notifications. With iZooto, publishers can increase their traffic by up to 20 percent. 
JoinMyWifi. JoinMyWifi is a Wi-Fi marketing solution that can be connected to any Wi-Fi network to become a proximity marketing tool. With proximity marketing, businesses can deliver personalized promotional content to customers while they are present in the store.
Kepler Analytics - Retail Sales Improvement. Kepler Analytics is a retail sales improvement solution based on customer traffic, behavior, and demographics. Build a performance-driven culture of accountability and excellence from the head office through the entire store network with Kepler Analytics.
Lifeone. Lifeone is ideal for your healthcare facility, whether it's a small office or a large hospital. Increase productivity, organize activities, streamline processes, control inventory, analyze performance, improve customer communication, and more. This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
LP+365. Learning Possibilities Asia's LP+365 is an award-winning learning collaboration platform developed in partnership with Microsoft and built on Learning Possibilities Asia's award-winning Adopt Framework. LP+365 is easy to use, flexible, and adaptable to suit all pedagogies.
Manufacturing X Sales Platform (CRM & CPQ). Combining the power of CRM and configure, price, quote (CPQ) software with production expertise and analytics insights, Manufacturing X helps manufacturing and engineering businesses make fast, profitable business decisions from opportunity to production.
Maxxing. Maxxing helps businesses interact with consumers regarding loyalty programs, promotions, and couponing in real time by connecting a scalable, centralized promotion engine to all sales channels (stores, e-commerce, m-commerce) during each transaction.
Movarch Digital Signage. Movarch Digital Signage is a two-way digital signage and content production solution that helps organizations increase sales, highlight promotional offers, and collect customer ratings and reviews. This application is available only in Polish.
MrWolf - e-Service Desk Automation by BlueSoft. MrWolf is an e-service desk automation platform that maintains the level of accuracy and ticket resolution normally associated with humans. Users can define the logic for ticket handling based on fixed criteria or use advanced machine learning to train MrWolf.
Online Product Connector. Brushtail Technology's Online Product Connector is a platform for designers in the textile industry to collaborate on assets. Share items securely with anyone, including external users.
Process Automation for Service Support. Lagash Service Support Desk Automation has a direct impact on costs and helps reduce human errors in repetitive tasks. The solution includes ticket creation using bots and apps as well as interaction with support ticket applications and SAP and ERP systems.
SAP Solution for Engineering & Construction. Larsen and Toubro Infotech digitizes construction operations with its templatized solution on SAP S/4HANA and Microsoft Azure. The solution provides customers with a fully integrated SAP S/4 environment on Azure optimized for the engineering and construction industry. 
Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence. Hitachi Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence harnesses the power of alerts, geospatial visualization, and graphical analysis of layers of data from cameras, LIDAR sensors and IoT sensors, people, vehicles, and buildings, along with social media data and statistical information.
TourismInSky. InSky Solutions' TourismInSky is an industry-specific business solution bundle developed for hospitality digitalization. 
Tribe: Social Action & Community Capacity. Tribe is a social action initiative to upskill members of the community within areas of inequality to become community caregivers.
UAIMS. UAIMS, University Administration and Information Management System, is built to manage entire university campus administrations and all their affiliated colleges and departments from a single centralized system while maintaining respective functional autonomy.

Manage e-commerce with apps for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

eCommerce for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Manage your organization's e-commerce in a single solution with this robust digital platform. Dynamics eShop offers an end-to-end implementation to get your online store up and running with real-time integration to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Ensure security in your organization

AttackIQ Platform. Automate the continuous efficacy validation of your endpoint, network, and cloud security controls with AttackIQ Platform. Real-time results allow teams to quickly pinpoint which security controls and policies need attention and tuning.
Corrata Security and Control. Corrata’s rich feature set enables any organization to establish and apply mobile data usage control policies tailored to their corporate culture and business needs. Corrata Security and Control detects and prevents attacks instantly with machine-learning-driven device control.
Mailinblack. Mailinblack is a leading business email security solution in France that helps protect your business and employees from email threats including malware, phishing, ransomware, and spam.

Manage your IT assets and systems

ALVAO Asset Management. ALVAO Asset Management provides a comprehensive overview of IT assets, enabling you to know exactly what assets you have, whose responsibility they are, and where each is located. Get an overall picture of every device, from acquisition to disposal, all in one place.
Azure SQL Datawarehouse for Enterprises. Designed for disparate data sources, Azure SQL Datawarehouse for Enterprises uses Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Analysis Services to implement a high-performance, secure, and compliant cloud data warehouse. Blitzz is a cloud-native data replication platform that autonomously migrates databases to the cloud by autonomously migrating schemas and continuously replicating data across heterogeneous systems. The enterprise-scale data replication solution is autonomous, distributed, and fault-tolerant.  
BoxBoat AKS Application Innovation Accelerator. BoxBoat AKS Application Innovation Accelerator is a starter pack for modernizing your applications and migrating them to Microsoft Azure, enabling users to containerize an app and deploy it to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) through a modern workflow.
ClusterOps Setup. ClusterOps is a highly opinionated combination of software automation and professional services to help you get started on Azure Kubernetes Service quickly and easily. Use the default setup out of the box, or customize the setup to meet your organization's needs. 
Compact Identity - The Ultimate IAM Solution. Ilantus Technologies Compact Identity is a disruptive-technology-led solution delivering access management, governance, and administration. Experience a 30-day free trial of Compact Identity with a real-time contextual guide and seamless support.
CW-Lan. Automate and restructure your entire cabling management process, increase productivity, improve the use of existing resources, and take full control of what happens in your day-to-day cabling maintenance with CW-Lan. This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
Elasticsearch Service. Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is a hosted and managed Elasticsearch and Kibana solution from Elastic. Users can wield Elasticsearch and Kibana with confidence, knowing they have the latest release and security patches and can upgrade clusters with one click and zero downtime.
Enterprise Cloud File Transfer and Data Migration. CloudFuze’s migration platform, CloudFuze X-Change, enables users to quickly and securely migrate content between Microsoft Azure and over 40 leading cloud storage services. CloudFuze can handle large, high-risk, and mission-critical migrations effortlessly.
EverTrust TAP Intune Proxy. EverTrust TAP Intune Proxy is headless, designed to be installed between your public key infrastructure certificate authority, Microsoft Intune, and Azure to issue certificates using the SCEP protocol. TAP Intune Proxy also manages certificate revocation and recovery automatically.
Flexera | RISC Networks CloudScape. Successful migrations require planning to determine which apps to move, their associated key application dependencies, the best pricing model, and more. Whether you're considering a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, CloudScape has you covered.
Kompira cloud Sonar. Kompira cloud Sonar is an agentless system-visualization service that automatically collects and manages Microsoft Azure and other cloud platform nodes, application information, and system configurations. This application is available only in Japanese.
LoginPI. Through synthetic monitoring 24/7, the Login PI continuity testing solution monitors and safeguards the optimal performance and availability of your own (or outsourced) virtual desktop infrastructure and associated business applications.
Make-Sense. To ensure all users can freely access your web content and to help avoid accessibility lawsuits, your site needs to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Make-Sense helps bring your website into compliance.
MyWorkspace for O365. MyWorkspace is a simple, secure, device-independent access and provisioning solution for Office 365. Simplify your end users’ access to business-relevant applications and increase their productivity with MyWorkspace.
Terraform Cloud. HashiCorp's Terraform Cloud is a free web application that provides collaboration and automation features for anyone provisioning infrastructure as code.

Streamline human resources and training

CakeHR. CakeHR is a SaaS HR management system that supports Office 365 templates (Excel, Word) and integration with Outlook calendars and Active Directory. Solve organizational challenges and focus on building business with CakeHR. 
CuroGens Learning Academy. Whether you need to onboard new employees, satisfy compliance requirements, bridge costly learning gaps among employees, or teach principles that result in increased company-wide agility, CuroGens can design programs that help you meet business objectives. 
E-MARGER. Digitize your training institution's attendance sheets to provide instructors with real-time attendance information, increase productivity, and save paper with E-MARGER. This application is available only in French.
eXperts People 365. Business Experts Gulf's eXperts People 365 is a flexible HR management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It features real-time financial integrations for United Arab Emirates, Kenya, and Yemen.
HR Analytics. Gramener Technology Solutions' HR analytics solution enables HR professionals and business leaders to make data-driven decisions to attract, manage, and retain employees. Maximize employee productivity and ROI with Gramener Technology Solutions.
Levtech-AI-FaceRec-Timesheet. Levtech Consulting's timesheet solution enhances staff management with the power of facial recognition. Efficiently manage unusual shift rotations, last-minute scheduling changes, split schedules, and varying employee rates.
Limeade. Limeade helps improve employee well-being, engagement, inclusion, and communication. Conduct surveys, access hundreds of well-being activities, get real-time insights to reduce burnout and turnover, and more.
PlanoNET Payroll. PlanoNET is a payroll solution based on the Greek payroll system. Available only in Greek, it covers your company’s needs regardless of size or industry and provides all the necessary subsystems.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

BeBop Cloud Platform. Using BeBop software, creatives and post-production professionals can remotely access an extremely powerful computer on Microsoft Azure and work with processing-heavy industry-standard tools.
BindTuning Teams Collaboration Space. Boost Microsoft Teams adoption and utilize its full potential with BindTuning Teams Collaboration Space. Create a beautiful, professionally branded, and highly functional communication space without coding. 
Collectomate. Collectomate is a new approach to the way people connect, store things, and hand over packages, documents, and other items in a dynamic and flexible working environment. Collectomate helps increase staff productivity and delight your customers.
CommandX. Eurocommand CommandX is an intuitive, cross-platform operational support solution. Missions do not stop at borders, and neither does cooperation via CommandX, which runs simultaneously in multiple languages.
Condeco Enterprise. Condeco's comprehensive meeting room and workspace scheduling solution helps you create a more productive and collaborative workplace experience for you and your business. It's easy to use and globally scalable on Microsoft Azure. 
DifHub. Architects, developers, and business analysts can collaborate in DifHub, eliminating misunderstandings and disconnects from an application’s inception through its deployment and maintenance.
edison365businesscase. edison365businesscase enables users to easily assess and justify the effects of a business case. Internal processes are standardized and optimized, providing the visibility required to understand the financial and resourcing requirements needed to accelerate change and realize value.
empower. Made in Office's empower is a leading add-in suite for Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel. Using empower ensures you always work on-brand with easy access to the latest templates and a large slide and document library. 
GLADTOLINK. Gladtolink was born from the idea of ​​facilitating digital transformation in companies, focusing especially on those "non-core" processes generally resolved through emails, Excel worksheets, and paper managed in an isolated and uncontrolled manner. This application is available only in Spanish.
InsideBoard App - Adoption and Change management. Measure, boost, and sustain user adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365. Based on big data technology with integrated and unique artificial intelligence algorithms, InsideBoard revolutionizes organizational change management. 
Knowledge Management System. Lighthouse's powerful AI-enabled search functionality dramatically improves engagements across all service and sales channels, including easy integration to enhance self-service channels such as chatbots, IVRs, and more.
KnowledgeLake Platform. KnowledgeLake is an intelligent automation platform that helps organizations automate their most important document processes. KnowledgeLake's cloud platform enables users to capture, classify, tag, manage, and secure content in Microsoft Azure, Teams, Office 365, and SharePoint. 
Microsoft 365 Enterprise. Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security and empowers employees to be creative and work together securely.
one folder. Andreas Treubert's one folder is a cloud-based document management system that is secure, easy to use, and includes robust user management functionality.
workware. Workware Data Insights is a SaaS solution that aggregates data from manual, robotic, and existing systems including business process management, workflows, and enterprise content management to provide a single, real-time view of all resources. 

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, or IoT

Adastra IoT Platform. Get a comprehensive Internet of Things solution with the flexibility for customization according to a customer's needs. The IoT platform provides data processing, data consolidation, analytics, and storage and offers easy-to-use interactive dashboards for reporting.
Ai-Kehu. This IoT solution captures and recognizes facial expressions for analysis of store traffic and customer satisfaction. Ai-Kehu uses Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning to study customer behavior and sentiment and provide insights for decision-making and improvements.
Arch Factory Exchange Broker. Gather data from manufacturing machines, normalize it, and securely transfer it to Azure for predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence applications. Enable predictive maintenance and optimize factory performance with Arch Factory Exchange Broker.
Ascend Dataflow Platform. Ascend's autonomous dataflow service enables customers to build, scale, and operate continuously optimized, Apache Spark-based pipelines with less code and fewer breakages. Manage cloud infrastructure, optimize pipelines, and eliminate maintenance across the data lifecycle.
C3 AI Suite. This suite provides comprehensive services to build enterprise-scale AI applications faster than alternative approaches. It features pre-built AI applications and has 35 integrations that include Azure Cognitive Services, Azure IoT Edge, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure IoT Hub device provision services.
Callinter. Analyze conversation context in different languages and accurately detect potential risks in calls using automated speech recognition and natural language processing technology. Detect and analyze the emotion of customers to improve service and uncover potential sales opportunities. Build a chatbot that interacts intelligently with customers while learning from them. This AI-powered solution interprets your customers' behavior and provides you with improvement suggestions to increase service satisfaction, while also offering an API to integrate with your contact center solution.
City_AI. This solution turns existing CCTV cameras into smart and powerful tools for mobility and security analysis. Governments, municipalities, and operators of road management, parking, and airports can optimize transportation infrastructure, lower congestion, and improve mobility experience and safety.
Craft Reporting. Maximize your company's profits through AI-powered analytics and reporting. Craft Reporting automates your enterprise performance management system in the cloud, using the latest technology and AI to bring you powerful reporting and analytics features.
Ecommerce Recommender. Increase e-commerce sales with EPICA, which collects data from Azure to cluster it, generate predictions, and send it back to Azure as product recommendations. Use your predictive data in marketing/advertising platforms, personalization engines, mobile, analytics, CRM, etc.
Enterprise Face Recognition Platform. FaceFirst creates safer communities, more secure transactions, and great customer experiences. It offers plug-and-play solutions for physical security, identity authentication, access control, and visitor analytics, with robust SDK/APIs for easy integration into any system.
HxGN SFx | Asset Management. Unlock the full potential of your equipment with real-time monitoring and analytics of machine performance and utilization. This IoT solution brings transparency, visibility, and context to your assets, whether equipment is at a single site or in multiple factories around the world.
Infosys Genome Solution. This deep domain data management and analytical solution helps drive analytics across the enterprise for high-impact business outcomes. Embed intelligence in sales, marketing, customer journeys, and operational processes across channels in an accelerated manner.
Intelligent Edge for Azure IoT. Easily connect, manage, and update thousands of disparate edge devices with Intelligent Edge for Azure IoT. This solution complements and extends Azure functionality to integrate and control new and legacy assets, gather device telemetry, and remotely manage configuration and files.
LogiX. This artificial intelligence platform for linked assets monitoring gives live advice and warnings about bottlenecks in production processes. LogiX enables you to track energy consumption, production order progress, and operator workload and can identify root causes of problems.
Lumini 360°. Collect data from multiple sources, normalize it, and create AI models for real-time insight generation focused on optimizing processes and predicting phenomena. The platform is native to Azure with fast and easy deployment, adapting to each client's architecture and privacy policy.
MBO BOT Educa Admisión. This chatbot powered by Microsoft Azure specializes in answering questions about the university admission process. It understands natural language to detect intentions from a user's full input. This solution is available only in Spanish.
NeoIDM. This end-to-end IoT device management solution offers data collection, control, firmware update, and monitoring of devices. Build IoT services integrated with existing industrial systems, including sensor technology, network infrastructure, and cloud and data analysis.
RoiBot. Get instant relief from everyday reporting issues via industry-proven dashboards with key performance indicators (KPIs) as soon as your source systems are integrated into RoiBot. Using Power BI, it's easy to change standard dashboards, and each user can create custom reports using business data.

Track your business’s growth, sales, compliance, reporting, and online performance 

AbleCommerce CMS and eCommerce Software. Build a free e-commerce site with content management and a complete shopping cart system with hundreds of features. Create unlimited content pages mixed with sophisticated e-commerce features for a website you can keep up to date easily.
DoDo - smart delivery platform. Deliver as efficiently as possible by using big data, AI, and automatization, with real-time reporting, predictive planning, and KPI tracking. DoDo uses a unique logistics platform, GAIA, that connects customer demand with a fleet of vehicles or third-party partners.
DOQdrive. This cloud solution stores and forwards digitized client documents to comply with preservation requirements dictated by local legislations. The process can save up to 40 percent of the relevant document archiving and handling costs by improving data management and archiving processes.
DPOView Pilotage RGPD. This management tool allows the implementation and monitoring of organizational compliance with GDPR. The tool is based on Microsoft PowerApps, facilitating the creation of cross-platform applications. This offer is available in English and in other languages ​​on demand.
findnorder. This indoor 3-D mapping solution offers 30-cm accuracy and real-time geolocation based on magnetic field capture. No infrastructure is required to install in your building. Use cases include managing the layout of a store, guiding customers to searched products, and optimizing picking processes.
ice Contact Center. ComputerTalk provides cloud contact centers for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Dynamics 365. Its ice Contact Center supports agents on any platform, and it seamlessly integrates with existing applications to enable you to communicate with customers across every modality.
Infinity GDPR Manager. This modern GDPR personal data privacy solution simplifies and helps manage compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The system can be easily integrated over API web services to pull and show personal data stored in other internal or external systems.
Inflight+. This back-office solution for air/train/bus carriers and caterers includes tools for meal planning, loading content, flight scheduling, dispatching material, and onboard retail. Inflight+ connects to enterprise resource planning systems and mobile sale terminals and works on Microsoft Azure.
Inxeption. This secure industrial commerce platform helps you promote, sell, and manage your products online. Inxeption's feature-rich software and service platform provides tools based on blockchain technology to ensure trusted, secure, and reliable transactions.
kilometers. Check your route in real time via the app to discover the most efficient or sustainable ways to get from A to B based on current traffic. As well as saving you time, kilometers promotes sustainable solutions for your travels. Use cases include field service, corporate car sharing, and fleet management.
Vital Records Management System (VRMS). GCOM’s VRMS is an electronic vital event reporting, issuance, and records management system. Users benefiting from this offer include state and local vital records staff such as medical examiners, hospital staff, funeral homes, health departments, and county registrars.

Deliver video content

Cloud Based Multi CDN Solution. DLVR's cloud service measures, optimizes, and simplifies multi-CDN delivery for internet video. Boost video performance, increase stability, and mitigate delivery problems with DLVR.
Harmonic VOS360 SaaS. VOS360 is Harmonic's Media-Processing-as-a-Service solution designed to transform traditional video preparation and delivery into a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, helping you launch revenue-generating streaming services quickly.
Kollective ECDN for Microsoft 365. Kollective is an enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) built on Microsoft Azure that enables organizations to broadcast video to their dispersed workforce on Microsoft Teams live events and Yammer without the need to deploy hardware or upgrade networks.

Stay up to date

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