New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 21: SaaS apps that boost productivity, solve industry-specific issues, and more

AppSource is pleased to welcome 139 apps, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific issues or build on Microsoft products you already use.

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Industry-specific apps for retail, healthcare, finance, marketing, and manufacturing

Aardvark Sales for Teams. Manage your sales funnel collaboratively and focus on the best leads, right from Microsoft Teams. Improve lead relevance and quality of sales with this simple and intuitive solution that allows you to drag and drop opportunities between pipeline stages.
ABB Ability Ellipse EAM software for the rail. This enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution delivers maintenance, safety, and performance management. Get operational in 90 days with preconfigured best practices, processes, and functionality for public transit.
Airline Network Operations Recovery. Airlines lose $25 billion yearly because of delays and cancellations. GE Aviation’s Digital Group delivers real-time insight into operations to respond faster to predictable and unforeseen events to minimize delays and significantly improve the customer experience.
Ameyo Cloud Contact Center Software. Ameyo Emerge is cloud-based contact center software targeted to businesses such as travel and hospitality, financial services, and consumer internet startups to quickly get on board with customer service operations without hampering their brand reputation.
Aria Billing and Monetization Platform. Aria’s cloud-based billing solution helps companies advance their recurring revenue strategies. Aria’s platform coexists alongside other systems, enabling customers to roll out monetization models for existing, new, and bundled products in a unified environment.
Axesor 360. This advanced solution for credit risk management provides security, automation, and efficiency to your business. Axesor 360 is an innovative cloud platform that applies artificial intelligence in credit risk modeling, allowing you to make decisions with the utmost precision. 
Big Data y Analítica para el Sector Financiero. This big data and advanced analytics model allows financial institutions to proactively identify customer needs to offer tailored products and to deliver important industry reports. This application is available only in Spanish.
Brain. Solve day-to-day financial services challenges in marketing, risk, and compliance. This solution for banks and insurance companies is based on deep learning and enables the creation of smart applications in a few clicks. It also provides transparent explanations for every decision the platform makes.
BVR Clinic Management System (CMS). Bever CMS is a fully functional, Azure-compatible relationship management system based on Dynamics 365 for healthcare (clinics, medical institutions, and diagnostic centers). It manages a clinic's or center's interaction with patients from beginning to end.
Cabexpert Retail. Control the management and profitability of your point of sales with this solution that interfaces with cash registers and central purchasing organizations. Organize stores and manage stocks, orders, inventories, purchases, prices, assortments, and promotions.
Capacity Squared. This AI-driven assistive planning tool for apparel manufacturing generates production schedules that traditionally have been a highly complex and iterative task that takes hours of effort. This tool incorporates advanced algorithms to save manufacturers up to 20 percent in plant capacity.
Crowdspector | Big data monetization. Crowdspector is a data monetization solution for telcos and banks that processes billions of data points to produce a data monetization solution that facilitates generating new revenue from services such as location intelligence, targeted communication, and risk scoring. 
d.velop for Office 365 - ECM for Manufacturing. d.velop for Office 365 enhances document management for SharePoint to help your organization implement a successful enterprise content management strategy. Deliver relevant information for the right business context, directly to employees' favorite applications.
eCare21 Virtual Care. Helping medical clinics monitor and follow up with patients between visits, eCare21 allows clinic staff to conduct timely interventions to help prevent hospital admissions and complications for patients.
ecOrigins. The EcOrigins e-commerce solution uses a scalable microservice architecture along with functions that contribute to increased sales and operational efficiency. This application is available only in Japanese.
Elite. ImageTrend Elite is an electronic patient care reporting and records management solution that provides a secure method of collecting pre-hospital data and fire data. It also extracts existing data, exports it for analysis, and shares it with other agencies, hospitals, counties, states, and applications.
Fieldera Grocery Platform. Fieldera's omnichannel grocery platform allows grocery stores and food producers to sell their products online and deliver them to homes and offices on time. Fieldera offers a secure, responsive website for e-commerce with support for subscriptions and on-demand orders.
Forecast as a Service. Itron’s Forecast as a Service provides daily, hourly, or sub-hourly power and natural gas forecasts for forecast horizons of five minutes ahead to several months ahead. Forecasts are updated continually.
FRB - Finance Report Builder. Erp Link's FRB - Finance Report Builder offers an easy way to produce periodic financial reports. FRB enables users to create financial reports such as balance sheets, profit and loss, business and administrative expenses, as well as key performance indicators.
Fusion Digital Banking powered by Malauzai. Fusion Digital Banking powered by Malauzai provides consistent digital banking across channels, with your customers at the center. Utilize a streamlined, holistic, and economical approach to digital banking solutions.
GravidaVet. GravidaVet is a unique solution that unites Microsoft SharePoint Online functionalities and PowerApps functionalities into a complete, user-friendly application that reduces the time medical and veterinary staff need to manage patient records.
HoloBuilder. Making use of 360-degree imagery data, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, HoloBuilder documents construction projects in a secure Azure cloud environment. One 360-degree picture replaces up to 11 standard photos, which significantly increases documentation efficiency.
ICAP - Workers Compensation Modernization. Designed to meet the needs of workers’ compensation entities, Intellectual Capitol's Claims Engine is a flexible solution that represents a framework of claims management administration that uses modern cloud-based technology to improve delivery and service. 
InvoiceCloud. Invoice Cloud provides secure e-billing, payment, and customer engagement systems. Invoice Cloud’s simple user interface is integrated with billing software to improve customer service, reduce costs, and provide a self-service paperless program.
KAISPE Air Compressor Remote Monitoring Dashboard. KAISPE Air Compressor Remote Monitoring Dashboard is a Power BI dashboard developed to remotely monitor industrial air compressors. The dashboard helps asset managers and support staff easily track air compressor location and other KPIs.
Kasisto Consumer Banking. From simple retail transactions to the complex demands of corporate banks and wealth management, KAI gives financial institutions the power to transform normal customer communications into profound interactions.
LegalTrek. LegalTrek is a comprehensive practice management system for small, boutique, and midsize legal teams. Practice law and manage your legal practice while LegalTrek handles your data, administration, billing, and invoicing.
MKI DryLab. Built on Microsoft Azure, Mitsui Information's MKI-DryLab allows you to build a computational drug discovery and bioinformatics analysis environment quickly and inexpensively. This application is available only in Japanese. 
NetTickIT Retail Signage Platform. The NetTickIT platform enables retailers to communicate effectively with customers. NetTickIT provides fast, seamless integration with existing systems and dramatically improves a retailer’s ability to react in the market.
Numerix Oneview. Numerix Oneview Enterprise Platform is a pricing, risk, analysis, and trade management solution designed for the next evolution of capital markets. Effectively manage risk and build a new competitive edge.
Oktopus. Oktopus from basecom connects your online shop as Magento, Shopware, or Spryker to every relevant software system you use and provides for frictionless, automatic data integration.
Onesait Utilities Customers. Utilities Customers is a robust meter-to-cash solution combined with customer care functionality that supports today’s and tomorrow’s utility models. The integrated, modular solution was designed to support all utility operations.
Open Innovation Platform for Banking. Virtusa's Open Innovation Platform promotes a culture of innovation by partnering banks with curated fintech companies. It incorporates design thinking, lean start-up, and agile development principles to help organizations reduce the costs associated with innovation.
OpenCities Planner. Bentley's OpenCities Planner is a cloud-based service that visualizes 2-D, 3-D, and GIS data in a 3-D world. Design, visualize, and communicate projects from large-scale city developments to detailed architectural designs.
Panoptica Media Ltd. Designed for governments and security organizations, Panoptica Media's PreCog is a real-time crime intelligence solution that leverages IoT hardware sensors and artificial intelligence to help identify and combat damage to environments such as countries, cities, and key infrastructure sites.
Pling - Voice activated banking. Pling is a voice-activated, API-driven solution built on Azure that enables customers to do their banking conversationally. Pling offers third-party providers and their customers an easy, fast, and secure way to manage bank accounts and transactions via voice. 
Prodware Payment Collection. Prodware Payment Collection helps your business identify, manage, and negotiate outstanding payments to boost your cash flow and financial health. Payment Collection is built on Microsoft’s Power Platform, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into the broader Microsoft ecosystem.
Quris Clinical Guidelines. Clinicians need accurate, current, and accessible information. Quris is a digital platform that empowers clinicians to make more effective decisions by providing them with accurate information anytime, anywhere.
Self Point - eCommerce & fulfillment for grocery. Self Point is a digital transformation partner for grocery retailers. It integrates POS retail catalogs into a mobile-first, custom-branded e-commerce experience, expanding grocers’ competitive advantage by making shopping easy, convenient, and more personalized.
Shopizer by SurPaaS OpenSaaS. Shopizer is a B2B application that helps you create online stores, marketplaces, product listings, and more using its secure, fast, and reliable e-commerce engine.
Sigma Conso Consolidation and Reporting. Sigma Conso Consolidation and Reporting unifies statutory consolidation and management reporting. It is ready to use, easy to learn, and can be fully customized to enable the collection and consolidation of actuals, budgets, and forecast data. 
SkyWatch.AI - On Demand Insurance Platform. SkyWatch.AI provides on-demand insurance solutions for the drone and UAV market via a web portal or mobile application, providing a one-stop shop for drone liability and hull insurance.
SmartInChain. SmartInChain is a retail solution that integrates online and offline data to help stores achieve meaningful conversations and personalized product recommendations to create the ultimate shopping experience for consumers. This application is available only in Chinese.
Spectral. Using the HoloLens mixed reality headset, Spectral integrates digital information into a technician's operational field of vision, enabling him or her to train and carry out tasks safely. Facilitate the transmission of industrial know-how with Spectral. This application is available only in French.
Spectrum - Quality Management Solution. Spectrum helps in variation monitoring and supports a laboratory’s analytical and resource management needs. The solution optimizes laboratory throughput and harnesses your data’s potential by turning it into actionable information.
Starter Kit Power BI. Designed for financial and administrative departments, Starter Kit Power BI is a book of reports designed in Microsoft Power BI that can easily connect to any Dynamics 365 instance. Analyze and monitor your company data from anywhere in real time.
Swivel Virtual Dressing Room. FaceCake Marketing Technologies' augmented reality and AI-powered cross-category (apparel, jewelry, skin care, eyewear) and cross-channel (online, in-store, mobile) platform enables consumers to virtually find, try, share, and buy products regardless of device or location.
TowerSheet - Field Services Integrated. TowerSheet leverages data to help streamline operations, identify areas for improvement, and boost sustainable revenue. Empower your company leaders, field workers, and finance and HSE staff to make strategic decisions based on data-driven, actionable insights.
Traffic Flow Optimization. HAL24K’s Traffic Flow Optimization solutions offer versatile building blocks that work with existing infrastructure and tackle the issues that affect urban mobility. Create, scale up, and implement smart solutions that forecast traffic, predict queues, and detect incidents.

Ensure security throughout your organization

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric Security Analytics. Risk Fabric analytics allow organizations to rapidly identify and address leading cyber risks. The platform covers strategic use cases spanning from threat detection and information protection to risk management, compliance, and top-down security management.
Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics. Detect advanced attacks in real time and automate alert triage to provide context and facilitate incident response. NTSA is a plug-and-play solution with flexible deployment options that detects sophisticated malware and advanced persistent threats.
Check Point SandBlast Mobile. Mobile devices are the back door to network breaches, exposing sensitive corporate data to risk. Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile is a mobile security and mobile threat defense solution that protects your business from advanced, fifth-generation cyberattacks.
Deep Learning-Powered Network Malware Protection. Deploy the Blue Hexagon deep learning-powered network threat protection platform to detect threats at more than 99.5 percent efficacy. Prevent and remediate on firewalls and endpoints, including Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection.
NC Protect. NC Protect augments authentication using the unique identity a file builds over time. It starts when a file is first saved, with its content, name, authorship, and date stamps. And then through its lifecycle, the file gains additional transient context such as location or information repository.

Manage your IT assets and systems

BioCatch Behavioral Biometrics. BioCatch is a digital identity company that delivers behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions to protect users and data. BioCatch is powered by Microsoft Azure and has deployments at major banks around the world that cover tens of millions of users.
CallTower Direct Routing Integration. Add legacy phone systems, paging, faxing, and more to your Teams deployment. The Microsoft Teams Phone System powered by CallTower enables customers to integrate traditional voice services into the Microsoft cloud through direct routing.
Cloudbridge. Automate your hybrid IT operations with the Cloudbridge platform. Cloudbridge transforms manual, laborious IT tasks into predictable, streamlined, repeatable processes. This results in a lean, cutting-edge IT group that executes with maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.
CloudPronouncer. CloudPronouncer is a cross-browser REST API supporting 193 standard and premium voices in 32 languages, including variants. CloudPronouncer can be used on any device that connects to the internet and sends POST requests to SC DE VIS SOFTWARE's API.
Codeturn. Anubex’ CodeTurn takes an application's source code and converts it to functionally identical sources, now ready to run in an alternative environment on the same platform, or on a different platform altogether. Automatically convert legacy source code into modern source code with CodeTurn.
DevOps Power Tools. DevOps Power Tools makes it easy to track progress of your project managed in Visual Studio Team System, providing everything you need for developing, deploying, and monitoring your DevOps projects.
DevOps4SAP: SmartChange Transport Management. SmartChange offers integrated, consistent, and flexible SAP automation tools that enable SAP systems to be easily migrated to Microsoft Azure, providing a fast, easy way to use hybrid landscapes with all their advantages.
EBF EMM Onboarder for Intune. EBF'S Onboarder for Microsoft Intune executes onboarding projects from many sources to Microsoft Intune, helping administrators and IT departments in any industry quickly, easily, and cost-effectively migrate from mobile devices to Intune. 
Insight-EA - Enterprise Architecture. Insight-EA delivers a set of tools for enterprise architects, business architects, information architects, application architects, technical architects, digital transformation teams, and consultants interested in better aligning their IT landscape with their overall business strategy. 
Keyfactor Command. Keyfactor Command is a complete, scalable cloud-based certificate management platform providing the freedom to secure every identity across the enterprise. Get all the benefits of owning public key infrastructure without the risks.
Managed IT Support. Adept IT offers a remotely managed IT department for small and midsize businesses. You'll get your own IT director, unlimited remote support, hosted email, the latest version of Office 365, and more—at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own team. 
Monitor for Microsoft O365. Valimail's Monitor for Office 365 discovers third-party services sending on your behalf, as well as potential impostors hijacking your brand to send fraudulent email to your customers, partners, and employees. 
Nexthink. By providing a unique combination of real-time analytics and metrics, instant remediation, automation, and employee engagement, Nexthink helps IT teams deliver on the promise of a modern digital workplace.
Office 365 Support. RyanTech's Office 365 Support is a plug-in for Outlook that lets you quickly reach RyanTech's team of US-based professionals on all things Office and Microsoft 365. 
Panoptics. Crosscode's Panoptics is a robust, feature-rich enterprise application discovery and code-level dependency mapping solution enabling operational, DevOps, and innovation staff to visually understand their complete business environment.
PowerBA. PowerBA platform applications enable organizations to analyze and migrate legacy Notes and Domino applications to Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint Online in Office 365, and other enterprise content repositories. 
SkyLab MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing). SkyLab's Multi-access Edge Computing is designed to be deployed at the edge, either as a physical or virtual appliance. Running applications at the edge means you can offload processing and network usage, complementing your existing infrastructure.
SLASCONE - Licensing as a Service. SLASCONE gives vendors the flexibility to offer business models such as subscriptions, pay-per-use, trials, or lifetime licenses with minimal engineering effort while monitoring and analyzing the use of their solutions with advanced analytics dashboards.

Streamline human resources and training

ahead Intranet. Engage and empower employees to align with the vision, mission, and goals of your organization with this intranet as a service. Leaders get relevant insights that allow them to identify influencers and take the right actions in order to shape the company culture.
Chatbots for HR. Witivio 365 is a design and monitoring platform to quickly enable chatbots for the digital workplace. You can easily activate a virtual assistant designed to answer recurring questions from your employees. The solution is available in SaaS and is fully integrated with Office 365. 
GyrusAim Learning Cloud. GyrusAim Learning Cloud is an award-winning learning management system that easily scales from 50 to over 1 million users and is available as a cloud or self-hosted solution. Its HTML5 interface is fully responsive and accessible on any device by learners and managers. 
Phisherman Alert!. Phisherman Alert! is a subscription-based solution that addresses the needs of businesses at risk of being targeted for business email compromise. This offering provides phishing templates you may use to trick your employees into clicking a hyperlink and giving away their information.
Sympa HR. Used by more than 600 organizations, Sympa HR provides companies with a clear, aggregated view of all employee data along with integrations with other software to automate routine tasks and support smart decision-making.
Talview Behavioral Insights. Talview Behavioral Insights ranks candidates according to their performance in competencies determined by the enterprise to provide accurate, reduced-biased reports for an in-depth view of every candidate.
Team plan. Soon's workforce management solution helps improve human resource operations by combining your organization's needs with your employees' preferences to offer efficient, modern scheduling.
X0PA AI Recruiter. X0PA uses artificial intelligence to source, score, and rank talent and identify the best candidate for your organization's needs. Transform new-hire retention and predict employee performance in every role to save time and reduce costs throughout the recruiting process.
XEN HRMS. XEN HRMS is a comprehensive end-to-end human resource management solution with modules that help you manage and execute critical HR processes from hire to retire. 
YourChampions Programme. 365Tribe's offering delivered through Microsoft Teams engages your champions; delivers real-world, up-to-date learning; and assesses their competency. Champions are incentivized to learn and share knowledge and ideas through a set of unique Champion Challenges.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

ABACOX UX. Manage and communicate content effectively and immediately from a single digital environment, connecting multiple creators to integrate publishing across mobile applications, screens, digital kiosks, and more. This application is available only in Spanish.
Calling for Teams. Digital Armour will help migrate your organization seamlessly to Telstra Calling for Office 365 (EasyMigrate), conduct an assessment of tools for collaboration (Collab Solutions), and provide managed services via helpdesk and 24/7 monitoring (Managed Services).
Email Connector for Gmail and Microsoft Dynamics. iEnterprises Holdings' Email Connector for Gmail and Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings CRM to your inbox. It automatically displays the sender's details in Dynamics 365 including email address, phone number, and related opportunities.
Enghouse Teams Contact Center BI Dashboard. Enghouse Teams Contact Center BI Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of contact center performance. Agents, supervisors, and managers can quickly view up-to-date data on queue and agent status as well as information from third-party databases.
Infortel Select. Infortel Select facilitates collection, processing, and reporting of communications activity from most VoIP and legacy PBX platforms to provide the means by which to analyze, manage, and optimize unified communications interactions, adoption, productivity, and expenses.
Knowler365. Knowler365 is an end-to-end solution that reads, understands, and extracts the most relevant knowledge from all your documents and unstructured data. Reduce development time, streamline processes, and accelerate Office 365 adoption.
Power Portal: Instantly Share Power BI Dashboards. Provide reports to external clients, give stakeholders crucial information, and collaborate internally with Power Portal. Easily manage users through granular permission levels for workspaces, roles, and report access.
Project Groups Integration for Project Online. Sensei Project Group Integration enables customers to use Office 365 group sites in place of Project sites that are usually provisioned as sub-webs in the Project Online site collection.
Purchase Order Manager. Purchase Order Manager is a procurement process management system based on Office 365 that automates key procurement functions including submitting and approving procurement requests, selecting and ordering products or services, controlling budget overruns, and more.
Smart RDM. Smart RDM is a simple and effective system for information management. All reports are available in one place when you need them in your personalized dashboard, and you can receive a regular newsletter with the new and updated reports that matter for you.
Storyals Lite. Storyals Lite is a subscription-based service offering designed to help organizations drive effective usage of Office 365. Storyals’ methodology is built on inspiring, motivating, and educating users through real-life storytelling to spark interest and excitement. 
TAMPLO: Collective Intelligence Driven by Meetings. TAMPLO delivers on the promise of a shared and followed action plan at the end of every meeting. Make sure decisions made during a meeting lead to action. Assign and share clear action plans with your team, and get live updates on project progress.
Tarasol Correspondence Management. Tarasol captures incoming, outgoing, and internal communications from paper and electronic sources, registers and classifies them, and then routes them to the right participants.
Teams Migration & Monitoring with CloudFit. Accelerate your users to Microsoft Teams and ensure successful onboarding, user experiences, and service health with CloudFit. 
Tributech DataSpace Kit. The Tributech DataSpace Kit enables you to secure and share data cross-company or cross-process in a selective, tamperproof way while maintaining data sovereignty. The included blockchain technology makes sure that the data can be trusted and has not been manipulated.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, or IoT

Brainhint AI Farm. This solution provides a complete environment for the implementation of AI-based decision-making in your organization. It realizes the promises of AI technologies by addressing major issues such as integration difficulties, poor quality, and hard-to-access data.
Cognizant BigDecisions. Cognizant BigDecisions is a data modernization platform designed to accelerate the time-to-market, cost, and operational efficiencies of creating a data-driven business. It provides a scalable, end-to-end solution from ingesting data to operationalizing AI enterprise-wide.
Crowdkeep. Crowdkeep delivers IoT analytics, industrial asset management, and time-capture services to customers with reliable servers that can withstand extreme environmental conditions and demanding workloads. Eliminate tedious business processes while increasing accountability and productivity.
Decisyon App Composer for Digital Factory. Decisyon App Composer (DAC) is a no-code, visual drag-and-drop development environment for rapidly building industrial IoT applications. DAC enables you to quickly design, modify, and deploy scalable industrial-grade IIoT solutions for Microsoft Azure. 
Digital Workplace Safety. Stone Three's Digital Workplace Safety solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify safety issues in CCTV footage and generate appropriate notifications in real time. Mine video feeds and other data for actionable insights that improve safety.
Facial recognition live/video. Video data from security and surveillance cameras is one of the largest sources of data in the world. Deep Vision AI enables users to continuously monitor target zones to provide the count, gender, age, and unique identification of individuals over time.
RBEI Trac360. The Bosch Trac360 cloud-based IoT solution provides real-time tracking and visibility across a supply chain to help improve customer satisfaction, reduce inventory carrying costs, and boost distribution productivity with a single view from the factory to delivery.
Red Pine SaaS. Red Pine features a self-learning analysis engine based on artificial intelligence for personalizing customer content. The system constantly improves at predicting customer behavior as your business changes. This application is available only in Swedish.
Sitemark. Sitemark is an AI-powered drone data platform designed to help you make relevant business decisions. The platform is equipped with reliable tools that give precise measurements of distance, area, volume, gradient, temperature, and more to help you achieve operational efficiencies at your sites.
Univerie. Univerie is an AI-based video analysis solution that can register, follow, and evaluate objects that are in sight of a camera. It uses artificial intelligence to inform users about potential safety risks, lost objects, heat maps, area movement information, and more.
WAGO CLOUD. The WAGO CLOUD is a Microsoft Azure-based IoT solution for machines, plants, and buildings that is optimally tuned to WAGO hardware. Data from various machines and systems can be collected centrally and visualized, for example, by using trends and graphics. 

Track your business’s growth, sales, compliance, and supply chain 

Andromeda Cloud Platform. NGC powers the digital supply chain with the Andromeda Cloud Platform, enabling brand owners and retailers to maximize revenue and profit by accelerating lead times, streamlining product development and supply chain management, and optimizing distribution.
ASC neo cloud Services. ASC neo cloud on Microsoft Azure provides compliance recording, quality management, and analytics as a service from the cloud, allowing financial institutions, contact centers, or public safety organizations to record and archive all communication channels.
BI for Dynamics 365 BC. Translating data into insights is easy with Business Intelligence for Dynamics 365 Business Central. The standard data warehouse solution delivers speed, agility, and reliability in reporting and analysis, allowing you to connect all data sources and then visualize them with Power BI.
Billon Blockchain Trusted Document Management TDM. Billon provides a secure, reliable, and irrevocable end-to-end document publication solution using distributed ledger technology to ensure digital information integrity and consistency with an embedded full audit trail.
BizBot. BizBot helps entrepreneurs and investors get an overview of shares and convertible notes, enabling effective management from an easy-to-use and connected platform. BizBot helps investors receive updates and sign and store documents in the cloud.
Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud. This solution achieves process optimization by discovering root causes of operational friction, enhancing processes with AI-driven actions that reduce and prevent friction, and continuously monitoring improvements with unique process visualizations.
CertiMint - Blockchain as a Service. CertiMint secures data and files on one blockchain network (such as Ethereum) or more to increase the efficiency of sharing data and enable users to provide proof of the existence, integrity, and signature of any document or data.
CertRadar service. Protect your customers against phishing and brand violation. CertRadar tries to find suspicious certificates, which could be used for potential phishing attacks or brand violations, and notify your teams so that you can report certificate abuse before attacks reach your customers.
COPA- Private by design. COPA enables users to send and receive data directly without an intermediary (or a cloud service provider) while maintaining full control over the recipient. Users can choose whether to exchange data directly (no intermediate) or use COPA’s private cloud. 
Domus. Available only in Spanish, Domus is a document management tool that optimizes information management and helps boost your organization's operations. Organize all documents in the right place, effectively contributing to corporate decision-making.
EBKF Manager. EBKF Manager is a universal solution for monitoring machines and their operator performance remotely. Increase the efficiency and productivity of machines and operators through continuous status reporting.
EVAA - App de Encuestas de Satisfacción. Northware SA de CV's EVAA app delivers satisfaction surveys via mobile devices to inform you of customers' opinions and measure any type of experience. Improve your service experience with real-time feedback. This application is available only in Spanish.
Facilities Management. ServiceChannel's cloud-based platform efficiently sources, procures, manages, and pays for contractor-delivered repair and maintenance services—enabling organizations to enhance their corporate brand image, drive significant savings, improve compliance, and mitigate operational risk.
Flipview. Flipview combines sophisticated survey technology, visually stunning dashboard reporting, and simple project management tools to help organizations better manage their risk and strategy. 
InDex. InDex is a next-generation document and content management solution from Dexterity designed to help unlock the potential of your company assets by using machine learning and forms recognition to deliver insight into your business processes. Fotofabriek's Instant Design Tool is a fast web app for your corporate identity that is compatible with any device and supports multiple languages. Enable your customers to create and order their own designs from your web shop.
intelli-CTi for Dynamics 365. intelli-CTi for Dynamics 365 provides caller context to ensure telephone calls are always personal and to the point. Integrating Dynamics 365 with your telephone activity will intelligently and automatically surface key customer information to help with customer interactions.
Jitsuin Archivist. Increase transparency with regulators to show continual compliance, clearly communicate risks to supply chain partners, and collaborate on fixes with Archivist.
KMS Lighthouse. Lighthouse's AI search functionality dramatically improves engagements across all service and sales channels, from call centers to branches and stores, including easy integration to enhance existing and future self-service channels.
Lerta Energy Intelligence. Lerta Energy Intelligence is an all-in-one solution for energy monitoring, data analytics, and automated decision-making. The solution consists of hardware devices (e.g., climate sensors, energy meters, HVAC controllers), cloud software, and machine-learning-based algorithms.
NetSuite Power BI (SuiteApp: Satori Reporting). Satori Reporting is a turnkey reporting solution for NetSuite that provides improved reporting, modeling, and analytics. All your NetSuite data is pre-built in Satori's data model to create an advanced Power BI reporting solution for NetSuite customers.
NotiLocate. Primesoft's indoor location solution provides tracking, monitoring, and securing of people and mobile objects. The system uses Bluetooth beacon technology to track people or moving objects, and the gathered data is processed in the cloud and then presented visually in a mobile app or web-based portal.
OptimalQ SAS Consulting. OptimalQ helps companies engage customers based on their availability, which leads to increased answer rate, faster customer reach, and improved conversions. This solution is for companies with operation that engage customers via telephone or mobile phone and operate in EMEA.
Orlo. Orlo is a unique social media management and monitoring platform that allows users to create powerful customer experiences. Orlo is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve efficiencies by reducing the need for agents to switch between multiple systems.
ProcureEasy. ProcureEasy makes procurement simpler, faster, more transparent, and more efficient. It facilitates a full-cycle solution from planning to buying, delivery to collection, and receipt to payment release for the procurement process, all in a transparent and secure environment.
SBLCore. Leveraging Azure SQL Database and other Azure functions, SBLCore is a unique software package developed to facilitate the generation and subsequent management of safety data sheets. Features include sophisticated filtering, automatic classification, and supporting documentation.
Sesam Data Hub Integration Platform. With Sesam data can quickly be repurposed, restructured, and used without changing the systems that own the original data. Avoid source system dependencies, reduce maintenance costs, and break data silos.
Signitic. Signitic enables you to manage all your employees' Office 365 email signatures from one place. Create templates; manage entities, groups, and users; and deploy marketing to ensure the integrity of your brand.
Situm Indoor Positioning IPS Platform. Situm Indoor Positioning Service is a cloud platform containing the following components: Situm RTLS, Situm Dashboard, Situm SDKs, and Situm REST API. Get real-time positioning with high precision and automatic floor detection.
SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving as-a-service. As a fully managed, pay-as-you-go service, SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving helps manage enterprise data and implement archiving projects while offering the flexibility to align investments with data archiving goals.
xTrackTMS. Axes Software's xTrackTMS transport management system optimizes an organization's transport based on parameters including mass, volume, distance, driver schedule, types of goods, and transport temperature. This application is available only in Romanian.

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