New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 22: consulting services and apps to extend Microsoft products

AppSource is pleased to welcome 151 apps and services, many of them adding functionality to Microsoft products or offering consulting engagements.

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Industry-specific apps for healthcare, finance, marketing, retail, manufacturing, and more

Actio Prorrata. The VAT pro-rata application for Dynamics 365 Business Central, available only in Spanish, can be applied both for the pro-rata rule as well as for non-deductible fees in full. Results are calculated and recorded automatically, saving time and possible errors versus manual entry.
Alpha Hub. Alpha Hub lets financial institutions and large-commerce enterprises add hundreds of new vendors while managing current vendors via one standardized interface and dynamic API. Add revenue while reducing costs, enable personalization, free up resources, remove legacy pain, and more.
Assocify. Assocify is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the management of member-based associations such as nonprofits, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and clubs. It includes subscription management, payment management, email marketing, and mobile app features.
BankBuddy Retail Banking AI. BankBuddy is a cognitive banking platform that combines bots, workflow automation, AI recommendations, machine vision, and natural language processing to enable intelligent interactions. Improve customer experience management, operations automation, and more.
CadDo ESG. The CadDo platform provides an investment-grade ESG index score out of the box. This is seamlessly combined with any other index or measure to create a truly holistic view. Everything from institutional holdings by portfolio to individual investors can be dynamically managed and modeled.
Cognitiwe Retail. Cognitiwe Retail delivers AI-based analytics and intelligence for retail businesses. Features include facial recognition, smart alerts, a traffic map, and more.
ContrOCC. ContrOCC is designed to handle complex calculations for payments, financial assessments, and charging across adults' and children's social services, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and increasing efficiency.
Corolar FHIR CDR For Microsoft Teams. Corolar FHIR CDR integrates clinical data into Microsoft Teams using HL7 and FHIR. This allows clinicians to enable team huddles, care coordination, clinical consults, and research. Clinicians also can see individual patient health records in Teams.
Customer Loyalty. The Comminus Customer Loyalty solution helps establish a loyalty program so you can reward your customers and gather data about their interactions with your company. Create custom reward schemas per product, quantity, sales location, manufacturer, and more.
CustomerIQ. CustomerIQ enables churn prediction, customer lifetime value forecasting, and personalization for retail businesses. It uses custom machine learning models to develop customer insights and allow for real-time marketing campaign measurement and micro-segmentation. 
Digital Elevation Model API - Terrainizer. This solution lets users make digital elevation models or digital terrain models (mesh 3-D model) based on selecting a rectangular slice on Earth (including oceans and seas). Can be used in construction, design, architecture, 3-D modeling, and more.
EduWave K12. EduWave is an award-winning e-learning platform serving K-12 schools that integrates educational services (student information system, learning management system) and enterprise-level financial services (ERP) in a single relational database.
Emailmarketing for Dynamics 365. kWare's Emailmarketing module distributes professional email campaigns and newsletters to customers in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Create, implement, and evaluate your campaigns in one place with Emailmarketing.
Grow profitably with Advanced Retail Analytics. Piik keeps all your data in one place, enabling you to uncover underlying patterns and get interactive analyses and trends, reliable sales/demand forecasts, and AI-powered recommendations for actions to help increase sales and optimize costs.
Hitachi Solutions for Investment Banking. Hitachi Solutions for Investment Banking helps you understand and work relationships in a way that positively affects the growth of your business. Get the information and tools you need to help find viable new prospects and collaborate to close deals.
iBroka Insurance Brokers ERP. Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies' iBroka is a fully integrated subscription-based solution that allows brokers to manage insurance brokerage services, business operations, accounting, talent acquisition and management, business and regulatory reporting, and more.
LoRRI - Transporters. LogisticsNow Private Limited's LoRRI is a discovery platform for transporters. Build your LoRRI profile and upload details of your branches, fleet, operating lanes, and more to enable customers to make better business allocation decisions, resulting in more business for you.
Luceos Smart Service Management. Luceos Smart Service Management is a SaaS solution for small business and big enterprises alike that enables easy scheduling, dispatching, and settlement of service orders to ensure higher efficiency of field workers and active participation in cross-company processes.
Mortgage365. Mortgage365 provides loan officers with a singular work surface on Microsoft Azure for managing leads, loans, and realtors. Pull credit, price and send mobile-responsive customer presentations, and use the loan origination system you already rely on, all without leaving the app.
Oilsphere-Petrovisor. PetroVisor is a workflow and integration development platform that builds automated opportunity management systems quickly to help you transform your oilfield operations and achieve optimum operational efficiency.
ORTHENSE - abonnement Etablissement. ORTHENSE - abonnement Etablissement, available only in French, digitizes your surgical care, motivates your teams, satisfies your patients, and documents your files with the High Authority of Health (HAS).
Power BI voor AFAS. Power BI for AFAS is a powerful, quick-to-install business analysis application for Microsoft Power BI that is configured and optimized for ERP solutions. Create dashboards for ​​finance, payroll, order management, and more. This application is available only in Dutch. 
Predictive Healthcare. Predictive Healthcare assists doctors in clinical decisions with an AI engine, focusing on medical imaging, predictive analytics, and digital transformation that enables image-to-text conversion and uses natural language processing to extract information from text.
Prometeia Enterprise Risk Management. Designed to support the active management of enterprise risks, ERMAS integrated analytics provides a unique framework for balance sheet risk and performance measurement, consistent regulatory and managerial analyses, and more.
RYPT. RYPT for performance coaches and organizations provides a digital channel to connect with clients and potential clients. RYPT helps save time, improve performance, and improve client satisfaction to boost retention and generate incremental revenue streams.
SchedulePro Compliance Edition. Designed for oil and gas and petrochemical organizations, SchedulePro empowers customers to adhere to their complex compliance requirements. It also optimizes manpower for corporate objectives such as safety and fairness, labor cost reduction, and proficiency equalization.
SmartFlow. SmartFlow monitors waterworks infrastructure parameters based on sensors that collect, transmit, and analyze real-time information about water distribution. The system effectively tackles the problem of hidden leakages by ensuring failures are addressed quickly if they occur. 
TurnKey Lender. TurnKey Lender simplifies multipoint management by providing unified management and reporting for both borrowers and lenders, increasing operational efficiency versus integrating and managing multiple products from different vendors. 
VitrinaBox | Interactive Virtual Walkthrough. VitrinaBox transforms your retail, hospitality, tourism, or real-estate business spaces into interactive virtual walkthroughs for your customers to browse 24/7 as if they were physically there. 
xInspect Guided Inspection. xInspect is an inspect-by-vision solution targeting service and maintenance processes in various industries. With xInspect, information such as guidelines, checklists, visualizations, and circuit diagrams are always right in the field of view without compromising workers’ mobility.
xPick Vision Picking Solution. xPick is an award-winning vision picking solution for logistics and warehousing that supports manual order picking, incoming and outgoing goods, sorting, and inventory management. xPick allows for hands-free, high-speed order picking while reducing picking errors.

Improve efficiency and record-keeping with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Charity Accounts. This solution provides charitable organizations with a means of tracking donations received and their charitable funds in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Charity Accounts provides a graphical and drillable report of the status for each charitable fund.
Compliance Field Validation. This extension from Microsoft partner 2-Control B.V. provides a solution for implementing flexible data quality business rules for all your master data in Dynamics 365 Business Central, thereby ensuring your core business processes run smoothly.
Dionix eSign. Electronically sign documents within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with this solution from Dionix. You can safely and securely store e-signatures, and each signature has an expiry date so that it can easily be deleted periodically based on your GDPR and data-retention policies.
Estonian Payroll365. This comprehensive payroll and personnel solution for Estonian companies takes care of earnings, deductions, time and attendance, leave, absence, annual benefits, medical, insurance, overtime, advances, loans, claims, reimbursements, retro pay, final settlements, and numerous reports.
Finance by isatech Essentials. This solution can extend financial information in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, such as adding comments on ledger entries, creating default descriptions, updating entries descriptions, or updating dimensions on ledger entries.
InterFormNG. Combine your Dynamics 365 Business Central data seamlessly with a modern report designer and many new distribution possibilities. The solution is tailor-made for laser printing and label printing without the use of any middleware, with support for PDF/A and XML formats like PEPPOL.
Payroll for Dynamics 365 Business Central. This solution, designed for Australian business with ATO requirements in mind, internalizes payroll within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Human Resource module, integrating core Business Central functions with comprehensive payroll functionality.
Power BI Essentials - Sales. Access sales analytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with this solution by NCA Dynamics Inc. The app uses advanced, sales-specific visualizations to help you in your management decisions and help your company improve revenue.
Prime APP - Advanced Financials. This solution developed and certified by Var Prime extends the accounting functions present in the management module of Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing the integrated management of corporate analytical accounting. This solution is available only in Italian.
Scapta Dynamics Sync. This ready-to-use solution synchronizes your data from Dynamics 365 Sales to Dynamics 365 Business Central or vice versa. Easily set up which data you want to sync, identify and solve errors with the log overview, and choose if you want to sync specific tables or sync data in a batch.
ShipIT. Book your transport orders and print labels for UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 400-plus other carriers directly from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. ShipIT manages all your transport orders and is completely integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central.
SNCMobile. This warehouse management system extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with ease-of-use and process control in the field of logistics. The app is intended for companies with their own warehousing and support tasks, such as deposit, inventory movements, picking, and stock-taking.
Subscription Management. Manage subscription-based invoicing of customers in a simple and efficient way in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Subscription Management app from Abakion helps you set up and manage subscriptions on your own without the need for consulting services or programming.
Trade365 Enterprise. Integrate your wholesale-based revenue streams into the financial processes from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, increasing sales revenue and decreasing costs. Get direct insights in your margins per order, item, and customer for both purchases and sales.
VLC Visitor Management. Welcome and manage your visitors with a digital logbook featuring check-in, check-out, visitor creation wizard, printable badges with QR code, notification emails sent to team members upon visitor check-in, reports of statistics and analysis data, and more.
Wizard Default Dimensions. This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution from Alterna helps you assign default dimension values according to your master data attributes. This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
WooCommerce Connector. Synchronize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with WooCommerce, a WordPress e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store. The solution helps you avoid tedious double entry, human errors, and delays by automating your processes.

Manage documents, risk, and planning with apps for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Advanced Foreign Exchange by DycoTrade. DycoTrade’s FX module for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations registers forex contracts, which can be hedged to a purchase order or sales order, and thus mitigates any foreign currency exchange rate risk on orders.
Experlogix CPQ for Dynamics 365 for Operations. Harness the power of a true manufacturing product configurator to produce complex quotes and orders consisting of thousands of potential product and pricing rules. Automate the creation of individualized BOMs and routes in Dynamics 365.
GO-SEPA. Automated bank payments solution. GO-SEPA is a simple and convenient way to pay in Euros within SEPA countries according to the common standard of payments in Euros. Payment code information and the recipient's address are automatically added to payment files.
KwikTag Content Management for D365 Finance & Ops. This content and document management system allows users to easily capture documents and related content for transactions in Dynamics 365. Users can attach, or "tag," and view documents directly from within more than 60 Dynamics 365 pages.
MAXLife. MAXLife enables life sciences companies to implement an enterprise platform with less risk, a shorter time-to-value, and the flexibility to scale. It extends Dynamics 365 in areas such as vendor management, expiration/retest date management, electronic signatures, and more.
Sales Order Management for Distribution. This solution from ENAVATE is a toolbox of order management features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 designed for distributors. Reduce order-entry errors, increase consistency, and improve customer service by reducing workarounds.
SO99AXi. MHT presents SO99AXi, a standard interface between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SO99+, an innovative tool developed by Toolsgroup for demand planning, inventory optimization, and distribution requirements planning. SO99AXi manages all item and customer master data.
Steeples HCPM. Using HCPM Payroll, you can manage the payroll process in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The solution handles legal entities; multiple currencies; timesheet/non-timesheet payroll base; and GCC requirements like pension/gratuity, air ticket, leave accruals, and settlement.
Subcontract Management. Is managing subcontractors a big challenge for your company? This solution from CEM helps you manage contract terms, prepare and process subcontractor purchase orders, generate reports, and use wizards to capture subcontractor invoices.
Vendor or Customer data Import from GUS Website. This app from Sii Polska enables data download from the Central Statistical Office database to automatically update information when adding customers and suppliers in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Increase revenue and operational efficiency with apps for Dynamics 365 Sales

365 Signature. Sign or have documents signed in a few clicks without leaving Microsoft Dynamics. Seal documents, have them signed by selected contacts, and place them in Docaposte's NF461 certified probative value filing system. This application is available in French and English.
Advanced Workflow Pack - Free. Increase productivity with Dynamics 365 add-ins from Microsoft partner Office Automation Systems Limited. These add-ins can manipulate and send emails, query lists and tables, run workflows on query results, and more.
BOLDBuild Foreman App. This solution from AlphaBOLD provides a holistic project management system that automates key operational processes and simplifies project lifecycles. The solution aligns with complex construction pipelines to oversee networks of contractors and field admins.
Commercient Sage 50 UK Sync To Dynamics 365 CRM. The SYNC solution simplifies the complexity of data integration and closes the gap between your Sage 50 UK and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Unlike an ETL tool, SYNC is a hassle-free app download that doesn't require any mapping or custom coding.
Credit Card Processing. Enable the process of capturing credit card details with high security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. An optional Authorize.Net service keeps credit card information out of your company, removing liability and responsibility but maintaining accessibility to data.
DXC Intelligent Survey for Dynamics 365. Transform the way you carry out assessments, inspections, surveys, and call scripts. Run surveys directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365, on a mobile or tablet client in online for offline mode, or from a Microsoft portal or Azure Web App.
equipment360 for Dynamics 365 Field Service. Get a complete field service solution for equipment service providers, using the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service with enhancements that address the most pressing challenges of manufacturers and equipment service providers.
ITRAK 365 Safety & Compliance Platform for Dynamics 365 CE. This solution from NeoSystems manages all aspects of a company's quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE/EHS/HSE) processes and is built from the ground up using Microsoft cloud technologies.
Loopio. Supercharge your RFP, RFI, DDQ, and security questionnaire response process with workflows that will save time and allow your team to focus on what matters to them. With Loopio for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you'll be able to monitor a project's progress without leaving Dynamics.
neusta planning board for constructions. This easy-to-use tool integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you perform wage calculation, plan resources optimally, and control costs. It offers a wide range of possibilities such as job data management, inventory and group control, and personnel planning.
PowerCopy. Easily copy any or all fields within a Dynamics 365 record into a different record with a single click. Create a configuration, choosing which fields to duplicate from one Dynamics 365 record to another, then copy those fields into the new record.
Sprinklr Modern Care for Dynamics 365. Engage and provide customer care via 25 social and 10 messaging channels directly in Dynamics 365 by using the power of Sprinklr AI. Auto-create customer support cases in Dynamics 365, and respond to customers natively in Dynamics 365.

Analyze data and gain new insights with apps for Power BI

Cursum Power BI Integration App. Translate your Cursum data into insights with the Power BI integration module. Create powerful, visually appealing reports on all your courses, learning plans, and users. The module gets you up and running with a set of standard reports.
Finance Dashboard for Exact Online. This solution allows you to easily connect your Exact Online company to Power BI and get insights into your company's financial data. The dashboard contains financial analysis of revenues, margins, costs and results, plus outstanding items of debtors and creditors.
Northcraft Analytics IT Change Dashboard. Visualize your IT operations change process efficiency and effectiveness for ServiceNow, BMC Remedy ITSM, HP Service Manager, and Microsoft SCSM. Change your management intelligence with the Northcraft Analytics IT Change Dashboard.
Planview Enterprise One - CTM. Visualize your enterprise architecture repository in new ways directly in Power BI. Use your Planview Enterprise One - CTM sign-in credentials to interactively visualize your business capabilities, the apps that deliver those capabilities, and the technologies that support those apps.
Planview Enterprise One - PRM. Visualize your resource and work management data in new ways in Power BI. Interactively see your portfolio investment spend, understand where you are over and under budget, and know how well your projects align with your corporate strategic priorities.
Projectplace by Planview. With the Projectplace Power BI app, you can visualize your collaborative project data in new ways directly in Power BI. Use your Projectplace sign-in credentials to interactively view key project statistics, find out who your most active and productive team members are, and more.

Manage your IT assets and systems

CloudDeploy for Windows. Design your Windows 10 corporate standard build with impeltec's easy-to-use wizard-driven interface. Select from an extensive library of hardware models and common applications, and integrate your line-of-business or custom applications.
CloudFit Monitoring. CloudFit Software offers an "easy button" for monitoring Azure or Office 365. CloudFit Software’s devices (or customer-provided devices) are placed in critical locations, and escalation protocols are defined. Then the outcomes simply happen: automated phone calls, emails, texts, alerts, and more.
Print as-a-Service (PRaaS). Vendor-independent and hosted on Microsoft Azure, Fulton Francis Group's Print as-a-Service (PRaaS) offers a global platform and service for managing enterprise customers' document printing and scanning needs.

Keep your organization secure

Agari Brand Protection. This solution automates DMARC email authentication and enforcement to prevent brand abuse and protect your customers from costly phishing attacks. Agari Brand Protection enables you to improve customer trust, accelerate DMARC enforcement, maximize marketing efficacy, and more.
eWBM Goldengate Series FIDO2 Security Keys G310. Goldengate keys provide the benefit of a fast login and strong protection against phishing, account takeover, and other attacks. Simply plug a key into a USB port and touch the fingerprint sensor on the key to complete the login process and access the account.
Keyfactor Control. Keyfactor Control makes it easy and affordable to embed high-assurance secure identity into every step of the IoT device lifecycle. Through design, manufacturing, deployment, and ongoing management, it provides the foundation you need to produce and sustain secure devices.
Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention kills advanced and zero-day threats when they first appear, with zero latency. Based on moving target defense (MTD) technology, it provides critical in-memory protection across a wide coverage of advanced threats.
Passwordless Access To Azure AD. FEITIAN offers three types of password-free fingerprint biometric security keys—for USB-A (K27); for USB-C (K26); and for USB-C or mobile with Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC—enabling users to log in to Azure Active Directory with no username or password.
Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense for Intune. Pradeo Security integrates with Microsoft Intune to protect mobile devices, applications, and data. Easily add a security layer to any existing mobile ecosystem managed through Intune.

Streamline human resources and training

Dockabl 1.0 Offer. Dockabl is an employee experience platform that drives business performance and organizational culture. Dockabl provides employees with an easy-to-use platform to manage their day-to-day work while providing HR and leadership with a digital interface to their key people practices.
EdGE JD Analysis. Using the intelligence from reading and analyzing 10 million job descriptions, EdGE Networks' JD Analysis algorithm helps hiring managers define job descriptions based on skills. All the hiring manager needs to enter is the desired title and a short description of the job.
HCMatrix. Are you still using spreadsheets and paper files for HR management? SnapNet Limited's HCMatrix removes all the complexity to help you reduce costs, identify opportunities, increase productivity, and grow your business. 
OpenLearning. OpenLearning is a complete SaaS solution for education providers and enterprises to design and deliver effective online social learning, employee onboarding, and workplace training. It offers training workshops, learning design services, and quality assurance to produce measurable outcomes.
PoliteMail Software. PoliteMail helps corporations measure and improve their email broadcasts to employees. Simply send, track, and measure any email broadcast from an Outlook address to any global address book list.
Productivation. Productivation is a learning-as-a-service solution aimed at facilitating and accelerating the adoption of Microsoft 365 by business users. It's proposed as a point of convergence between change management activities, training, and application support. Productivation is available only in Italian. 
QA Ltd. QA Ltd's flexible learning options mean IT administrators, developers, and IT specialists can access training anytime, anywhere—like Azure Impact Academy, an online, immersive, coach-led learning program delivered through cutting-edge technical challenges.
TTMS e-Learning System. TTMS e-learning System enables users to build a comprehensive onboarding and e-learning solution for their organization. It features easy integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing all users to access training resources.
UpsideLMS. UpsideLMS is a provider of learning technology solutions for businesses across industries and geographies. Maximize the impact of your learning and development programs while ensuring speed, scalability, innovation, a lower TCO, and a higher return on investment.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Approved Contact. Approved Contact allows you to easily share calendars with anyone. Changes you make to your calendar automatically appear on Approved Contact, saving you time. Connect your calendar to websites, text, email, mobile, voice recognition, and telephone systems.
Assembl. Assembl harnesses massive collective intelligence (the ability to mobilize large communities) on key issues to co-create new solutions in a short time. Develop your strategic decision-making skills with the insight of several hundred or thousands of participants, strengthen innovation, and more.
BrainStorm QuickHelp. This SaaS platform hosted on Azure is designed to help organizations drive ongoing adoption of Microsoft Office 365. QuickHelp brings a proven personalized approach that scales to fit your organization. Features include communication tools and templates, live events, and more.
Catch Cloud. Catch Cloud is a New Zealand government-approved hosting solution on Azure. It is a highly available, responsive PaaS model designed for DevOps and tools usage in the business productivity space. With Catch Cloud you can unify and transform the management of your tool chain.
Cloud Spreadsheet Management Evaluation. ClusterSeven lets you risk-assess or compare versions of complex Excel spreadsheets in minutes. The solution provides a full audit trail of changes, and it operates in an ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 accredited environment, ensuring data is secure.
CS Smart Workspace. Smart sensors serve as a building's sensory organs and are also the foundation for this IoT solution based on Azure and Office 365. Microsoft Teams is used as a live assistant in the workspace to help users find free desks or meeting rooms, rendering manual search unnecessary.
EDRM for SharePoint, Teams and Office 365. Encodian's enhanced document and records management (EDRM) solution for SharePoint Online and Teams automates document filing and provides a simple-to-use interface to explore documents in context.
Infosys Industrializing Cloud Native Development. This Infosys offering helps users rapidly build platforms for industrialized, high-speed delivery of APIs, microservices, and modernized applications with capabilities such as multiple releases per day, zero-downtime deployments, and high-velocity execution.
KYC Automation & Digitization. This configurable solution can extract useful information from scanned document images, such as proof-of-identity documents, contracts, invoices, purchase orders, forms, and more. It can reduce turnaround time from hours to minutes, is highly scalable, and offers analytic insights.
Nielsen Connect. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Nielsen Connect propels foundational products and bespoke solutions into a technology-enabled software and data-as-a-service business model. Integrate diverse data sets to measure areas of growth, get predictive analytics, and act.
Pickit. Whether your goal is to inspire, inform, or persuade, Pickit helps you create presentations that make an impact. The Pickit image service puts all the pictures you need in one place, giving you access to your company’s images and handpicked photos, icons, and clipart from Pickit's public image library.
QuickReach: Low-Code Business Process Automation. QuickReach is a low-code business process automation platform that delivers fully automated, always-on, and integrated digital solutions. It combines workflow software, low-code development, and robotic process automation.
Real Time Translation. Real Time Translation translates and transcribes conversations and meetings from web conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams. This application is available only in Japanese and features multilingual support for speech (13 languages) and translation (63 languages). 
Sparrow Modern Workplace. Sparrow Modern Workplace is a communication and engagement platform focusing on communications and engagement for your entire communication ecosystem—from employees at the head office to field workers and third parties you want to keep close and connected.
uCallManager for Teams. uCallManager for Teams is an intelligent communications SaaS solution that brings contact center functionality to Microsoft Teams. Use existing phone numbers or add new numbers for your organization.
Voice Connect. Proscom's Voice Connect enables organizations to use the full potential of Microsoft Teams by connecting landline numbers in the Adriatic region. The solution enables you to work with your existing PBX or switch to the new system and work from your PC or mobile phone.
Wizdom Intranet. Wizdom Intranet from LiveTiles takes your out-of-the-box intranet and give you the tools needed to help your business thrive. Minimize complexity and risk for your digital transformation strategies while reducing maintenance costs and ensuring compliance with Microsoft updates.
WorkFlowWise CORE. Unique workflows are often the most important to you, yet the hardest to automate. WorkFlowWise's mission is to work with you to find, unlock, and create a digital advantage that generates more success for your business.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, or IoT

Conversational AI Integration Platform. InConvo allows an organization to integrate and launch a digital assistant at five times the normal speed. InConvo uses Microsoft Azure to power conversational AI assistants for your business.
Development to Market. devToM (Development to Market) is an AI-powered business intelligence platform for product development support. devToM guides product development professionals through the various stages of a product, from idea to successful outcome, by combining AI techniques.
Ejada eBot. Ejada eBot is an intelligent enterprise chatbot solution designed to help organizations leverage their online channels with the latest AI technologies. eBot supports various industry models and can be linked with popular messaging apps like Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp for Business. Eugenie is an AI-based anomaly detection platform that spots, explores, and exploits outliers at scale. It is also equipped with a state-of-the-art decision engine that can perform automated anomaly detection and forecasting.
JMAS Business APP Innovation AI Chatbot. Built on Microsoft Azure, JMA Systems' flexible AI chatbot helps organizations realize operational efficiency. This application is available only in Japanese.
ModuleQ. ModuleQ uses proprietary Data Fusion AI to identify information that business professionals need and automatically deliver it to them in Microsoft Teams, saving time and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
Playment. Playment is a complete data labeling solution offering high-quality labeled datasets for training and validating computer vision models to help enterprises and AI startups focus on core areas of development.
Smart Asset Monitoring. Monitor and track your assets remotely to gain rich insights into machine health and utilization with Avnet’s Smart Asset Monitoring solution, built on IoTConnect and Azure. Smart Asset Monitoring helps you make the most out of your aging assets and reduce asset lifecycle costs.
Snowflake. Snowflake allows you to bring together diverse data into one system for data warehousing, query processing, and analytics. Natively query any scale of business or machine data with familiar ANSI SQL semantics.
VeriPark Next Best Action. Veripark's Next Best Action is a leading customer-centric technology that considers all possible actions during a customer interaction and recommends the next best one, thereby increasing the likelihood of positive response.
Weaver notification platform. Weaver is an AI-based enterprise platform with an advanced communication engine supported by natural language processing. The chatbot supports interactive communication depending on the natural flow of conversation.

Work smarter with apps for Office 365

Approved Contact Calendar BOT & TAB. Easily compare open times with people from different companies to quickly find a meeting time that works for everyone. Approved Contact is available with Office 365, Exchange, and every major mail system. End the tiring back-and-forth emails when scheduling meetings.
Approved Contact Calendars. Easily share calendars with anyone. Changes you make to your calendar are automatically updated with Approved Contact. Using Approved Contact enables you to connect your calendar to websites, text, email, mobile, voice recognition, and telephone systems.
Text. This solution from Approved Contact allows your customers and partners to send text messages to your business that get delivered to Microsoft Teams. Your replies to their text messages are typed into Teams, then the Text bot sends your replies to the text number it was received from.

Deliver mixed reality content

REWEIV. REWEIV is an intelligent service platform that supports your organization's customers and employees with the help of mixed-reality and live video (remote support). Start a live video via Microsoft HoloLens and share your view with remote experts worldwide.

Track your business’s sales, fleet, compliance, and online performance 

Basware Scan and Capture. This service outsources the reception, scanning, capturing, and validation of paper invoices. The Basware Network lets you send and receive orders, invoices, credit notes, and catalogs simply and with fewer errors.
Business plan online. can help you construct a great business plan without knowing anything about cumbersome Excel calculation rules and formulas. Use this step-by-step business builder to put all of your thoughts in a cohesive, collaboration-friendly format.
Deep 1. Deep1 enables optical character recognition in identity documents and license plates, reducing development times and costs as part of your organization's digital transformation strategy. This application is available only in Spanish. 
Fraud Detection as a Service. ITESOFT offers a unique and differentiating approach for fraud detection by systematizing a document's controls as soon as it is submitted (by paper, by email, or via a web portal) and before any business process starts. Increase fraud detection with robotic document and data control​.
Intranet News Add-In. Steffen Haase Internetprogrammierung's Intranet News Add-In for SharePoint enables organizations to easily publish news and articles to their intranet. Features include a rich-text editor, robust search functionality, automatic deletion, and more.
LavaDo. A cross-system SaaS solution, LavaDo seamlessly synchronizes data across ERPNext, Redmine, and other solutions. LavaDo empowers top management by giving them a 360-degree view of their organization's performance in real time.
LogistInWeb. LogistInWeb is a cloud-based platform for transport logistics and fleet management. The service helps companies accurately plan delivery routes and control their execution in real time. All updates, support, and server maintenance are included in the price.
Monitera Engage. Monitera Engage helps companies or brands use their social media accounts as customer service channels. Improve customer relationships in real time to solve their problems in public conversations or private messages. gives SME leaders access to state-of-the-art tools that help improve management process efficiency, accurately measure and analyze data, and build forecasts and budgets with more precision for finance, accounting, sales, marketing, and operational activities. 
Steps Enterprise Cloud ERP & CRM. Steps Business Solution is an ERP system for midsize retail or trading and logistics enterprises that integrates all business processes in one solution. This application is available only in German.
Theta Lake Realtime Compliance Advisor. Theta Lake Realtime Compliance Advisor is an AI-powered assistant that supports compliance teams and the employees of their organizations with real-time reminders, compliance resources, and robust reporting to reduce your firm's compliance risk.
xTrackDashboard. xTrackDashboard, available only in Romanian, optimizes companies' logistics flows, from order management to storage and delivery to the final customer. It uses the latest technologies to develop high-performance software solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.
xTrackPOD. xTrackPOD, available only in Romanian, confirms deliveries. The first version of the application is installed on mobile terminals using Android. The second version is a web application and does not require installation, making it suitable for shippers that do not have their own drivers.

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Business Central Single Pkg: 4-Wk Implementation. Migrating to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be daunting. With this package from WhiteOwl, you'll take the right path toward implementing the appropriate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central modules to fit your needs.
Fast Finance BC Gold: 6-Day Implementation. Aimed at smaller businesses that require speed and cost-effectiveness, this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation provides a preconfigured setup and access to some of Dynamics Consultants' popular scheduled training courses.
Fast Financials BC Silver: 5-Day Implementation. Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central quickly and effectively. This offer includes a preconfigured setup and training courses from Dynamics Consultants, including finance, sales order, and purchase order processing.
Fast Financials Silver BC: 4-Day Implementation. Whether you are transitioning from a basic finance package or are new to accounting software, Dynamics Consultants will help your business get up and running quickly and effectively. Includes a preconfigured Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central setup.
FF Bronze Business Central: 1-Day Implementation. Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central quickly and effectively with a preconfigured setup by Dynamics Consultants that is aimed at smaller businesses.
One-day Power BI Advanced Training: 1-Day Workshop. Want to become a technical Microsoft Power BI expert? Learn the benefits of using Power BI in your work environment and how to optimize your data model in this one-day Power BI advanced training from Dynamic People B.V.
One-Day Power BI Beginner Training: 1-Day Workshop. Start creating interactive, compelling, and shareable dashboards with Microsoft Power BI to provide immediate insights into your business. Dynamic People B.V. can teach you how to start using Power BI in your own work environment.
Power BI Deployment & Governance: 5-Day Assessment. Altius' assessment determines how to successfully deploy self-service Power BI across the enterprise, helping organizations adequately prepare for and support business users.
Power BI Premium Performance: 3-Day Assessment. This assessment identifies performance improvements of Microsoft Power BI Premium reports. Altius will deliver an analysis and a set of actions and recommendations in order to optimize performance going forward.
Power BI Pro Performance: 3-Day Assessment. This assessment will identify performance improvements for Microsoft Power BI reports. Altius experts will perform a detailed review of up to two of your most problematic reports to reveal the underlying issues affecting performance.
Power BI Quickstart: 5-Day Proof of Concept. This PoC from FTS Data and AI is a fast and easy way to start your data visualization and reporting journey with Microsoft Power BI. Consultants will work hand in hand to help you understand how to adopt the tool and deliver genuine value.

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