New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 23: apps that extend Dynamics 365, optimize business processes, and boost productivity

AppSource is pleased to welcome 66 apps and consulting services, many of them designed to build on Microsoft Dynamics 365, streamline business processes, and increase productivity.

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Industry-specific apps for agriculture, finance, contact centers, education, and sales

Agrometrika. Banks, input industries, input distributors, securitizers, and others use the Agrometrika platform to analyze credit profiles linked to agribusiness. This application is available only in Portuguese.
Arena-EX. Graniteshares' Arena-EX is a back-office/middle-office system for running the operational business of exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuers. Reduce risk, improve efficiencies, and generate settlement reports, automated compliance documents, and fact sheets.
Collab Nubitalk. Collab Nubitalk is a cloud-based contact center service hosted on Microsoft Azure that integrates voice, video, email, social media, and chat in a single platform. Its intuitive interface and easy deployment—no coding skills required—make it a great match for companies of any size.
Majesco P&C Core Suite. Majesco P&C Core Suite provides essential core system capabilities, including policy, billing, and claims, to give property and casualty insurance providers the power, flexibility, and speed to innovate and create profitable growth.
Payr. Payr is a digital financial tool that lets buyers access credit instantaneously, enabling them to settle invoices with their suppliers on the strength of their inventory, transaction history, or credit scoring.
Revas Business Simulation Games. Business Simulation Games help teach business in an engaging and fun way. Participants run virtual companies and make business decisions like those made daily by real managers. Decisions are juxtaposed with the market and ranked by financial and non-financial ratios.
Sales Canvas. Sales Canvas is a sales CRM platform that automates data capture and provides smart feedback for sales professionals. Natively designed around how salespeople work, Sales Canvas is built on four major pillars: automated data capture, ease of use, performance, and proactive feedback.
TRANSITiQ. TRANSITiQ enables users to view real-time bus positions and arrival predictions. Support for rail, bike, and even Car2Go ensures users have a clear view of all available options. Explore bus stops and rail stations; search specific stops, routes, or landmarks; and plan upcoming trips.

Improve efficiency and record-keeping with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

4PS Construct: All-in-one business solution for Construction. 4PS's solution for construction, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical, service and maintenance, house building, and equipment rental companies supports processes during planning, implementation, and after-sales service.
Atradius Flow. Credit insurance is an important tool for managing trade credit risk, but it is also associated with administrative burdens related to policy compliance. Atradius Flow reduces the manual tasks related to credit insurance and supports policy compliance though data integration and automated processes.
Bank Payments for Italy. Alterna's Bank Payments for Italy extends bank receipts management into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling users to easily define default bank accounts and payment methods for their customers and vendors. This application is supported only in Italy.
Connector 365 E-Post API. The Connector 365 E-Post API for Dynamics 365 Business Central automates invoice mailing. BELWARE's solution transmits invoices to the Deutsche Post, where the rest of the sending process is handled automatically. This application is supported only in Germany.
ecoDMS Integration. ecoDMS Integration for Dynamics 365 Business Central extends your Dynamics 365 solution with integrated document management and revision-proof filing. Using intelligent template recognition, ecoDMS determines document affiliation and links files with the correct data record.
GAC DocuSafe. GAC Business Solutions' DocuSafe enables users to organize all unstructured information with Dynamics 365 Business Central entities by using drag-and-drop functionality. Increase productivity by ensuring all information is in the right place. This application is supported only in the Netherlands.
Parrot. Do you regularly send the same invoices to your customers? Parrot makes sure all charges are invoiced on time and reduces manual work to boost productivity. This application is supported only in Sweden.
Prodware Supply Chain Management. Prodware Supply Chain Management is an integrated end-to-end vertical solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that helps manufacturers and distributors work to the specific needs of their businesses. 
Rental Process Management Jobs. Suite Engine's Rental Process Management Jobs solution enables Rental Process Management to collect data from the job journal so that anyone who enters job task information does it only once. Eliminate redundant data entry between the job journal and work orders.
Scapta365 for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Scapta365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a ready-to-use solution to get started with your accounting in the cloud. Supported only in Belgium, Scapta365 is tailored for SMBs and aligns with local Belgian legislation and accounting standards.
SmartConnect Data Integration. Built to support the unique integration needs of midmarket companies, SmartConnect focuses on connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the data in your applications, files, databases, and cloud or on-premises apps.

Speed up processes and increase efficiency with apps for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

DXC Health360. Pre-configured to meet healthcare requirements, DXC Health360 helps you better understand your patients and their behaviors, preferences, goals, and challenges so that you can create stronger relationships and deliver more personalized care.
FI Model Risk Manager. FI Consulting’s Model Risk Manager is a highly adaptable application that enables effective model governance throughout the model management lifecycle. Model Risk Manager goes beyond rigid automation to promote greater efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness.

Manage documents and planning with apps for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Advanced Database Log. A common problem in many financial systems is locating the origin of errors and changes in data. Advanced Database Log for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations lets you track all modifications a user makes to data in the database.
Arbela Audit and Security Manager (ASM). An all-in-one security and audit solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Audit and Security Manager simplifies audit preparation by offering a host of functionality and pre-configured data sets.
CAD/ERP LINK for SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge. By providing a real-time link between CAD and Dynamics systems, CAD/ERP LINK enables users to seamlessly share their data and incorporate considerations such as price, quality, and operational experience into the product design process.
Crowe Metals Accelerator. The Crowe Metals Accelerator was designed to meet the needs of the metals industry value chain, including producers, processors, service centers, and manufacturers along with specialty products such as pipe, tubing, wire, and cable.
Hitachi Solutions - Essentials for Professional Services. Hitachi Solutions' Essentials for Professional Services provides a complete automation solution to help you effectively manage the delivery of client projects, the resources required for those projects, and project billing and accounting. 
Workflow Approval App for Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations. Folio3's Workflow Approvals App for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a customizable mobile solution that provides approval capabilities for all workflow types including timesheets, leave requests, purchase orders, expense reports, and more.

Increase revenue and manage territories with apps for Dynamics 365 Sales

ActivityTools: Simple email and activity handling. ActivityTools provides a 360-degree view of Dynamics 365 activities in an Outlook-like user experience. The add-on loads records on-demand in reverse chronological order and comes with various filter and search options.
EasyTerritory for Dynamics 365 - Maps for Sales and Field Service. A leading mapping solution for sales territory management, field service capacity planning, spatial business intelligence, and salesperson productivity, EasyTerritory integrates with Dynamics 365 to map any data from Dynamics 365 or Power BI.
Events Calendar. Dotsquares' Events Calendar allows users to quickly view all activities and tasks running daily in various teams in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Manage your tasks, appointments, and phone calls from a single page with Events Calendar.
Interactive Activity Timeline. Soluzione IT Services' Activity Timeline for Microsoft Dynamics delivers a visually appealing, interactive view of various Dynamics activities and their associated notes in a single pane to help your organization increase productivity.
Intlix.Api for D365 Virtual Entity. Virtual entities enable the integration of data residing in external systems without replicating the data and often without custom coding. Intlix.Api for Dynamics 365 Virtual Entity helps create and provision the OData v4 API of an external system to create a virtual entity data source.
Supersearch. Supersearch is an advanced tool to search and build complex queries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. Supersearch features built-in set operations (union, intersect, and difference) that can be combined between Advanced Find views, marketing lists, or system and custom entities.
Tagging. xRM Consultancy’s Tagging solution allows users to tag any record in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with either their own tags or previously entered tags. Easily categorize records in Dynamics 365 with structured or unstructured tags.
triomis CopyEntity for Dynamics 365 - CRM 2016. CopyEntity is a Dynamics 365 extension built to ease the process of creating quotes, orders, and invoices by allowing the creation of duplicates. Minimize data errors and improve accuracy by allowing users to copy recurring quotes, orders, and invoices.
UniPRO/DATEV Interface. Unidienst's UniPRO/DATEV offers an interface between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and DATEV Mittelstand, enabling users to transfer debtor, invoice, and payroll information seamlessly between applications.
xRM Foundation. From tracking graduate and education history to closing the feedback loop between gifts and the scholarships they fund, xRM Foundation provides a platform to handle all the places these two vital functions overlap by catering to the needs of alumni departments and development offices.
Zap Report Scheduler. Zap Report Scheduler enables you to schedule reports, views, and Excel templates to be emailed or saved to SharePoint Online based on configured recurrence patterns (daily, weekly, monthly). Automate report delivery and always stay updated with the latest business data.

Uncover new business insights with Power BI

Executive Reports for Microsoft Project for Web. Executive Reports for Microsoft Project for the web is a reporting solution that includes visually rich reports and dashboards that deliver valuable insights about your project portfolio, resources, assignments, and more.
Sage 300 Accounts Payable analytics by ZAP. ZAP Data Hub’s optimized, pre-built unified data model and Power BI analytics conquer the challenges of centralizing and analyzing your Sage 300 data across companies. Give your organization an extensive, trusted repository of organizational data.
Sage 300 Accounts Receivable analytics by ZAP. ZAP Data Hub’s optimized, pre-built unified data model and Power BI analytics conquer the challenges of centralizing and analyzing your Sage 300 data across companies. Give your organization an extensive, trusted repository of organizational data.
Sage 300 General Ledger analytics by ZAP. ZAP Data Hub’s optimized, pre-built unified data model and Power BI analytics conquer the challenges of centralizing and analyzing your Sage 300 data across companies. Give your organization an extensive, trusted repository of organizational data.
Sage 300 Inventory analytics by ZAP. ZAP Data Hub’s optimized, pre-built unified data model and Power BI analytics conquer the challenges of centralizing and analyzing your Sage 300 data across companies. Give your organization an extensive, trusted repository of organizational data.
Sage 300 Sales analytics by ZAP. ZAP Data Hub’s optimized, pre-built unified data model and Power BI analytics conquer the challenges of centralizing and analyzing your Sage 300 data across companies. Give your organization an extensive, trusted repository of organizational data.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Dashboard de Gestão - Gerenciamento de Custos. The cost management dashboard informs about Azure consumption, adding value and ensuring greater effectiveness in cost decision-making by project, area, department, and location. This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
Nintex Promapp. Nintex Promapp features visual process mapping to encourage company-wide collaboration, increase accountability, and improve processes. Empower your process experts to automate processes without technical barriers and increase collaboration.
StorageOS for Azure. StorageOS is a software-defined storage solution for developing cloud-native systems with persistent storage for stateful applications in production. Built to run with any stateful application, on any infrastructure, and as a container, StorageOS integrates with your favorite platforms.

Streamline human resources and training

Beenova AI. Beenova AI teaches and tracks 21-century skills through personalized learning. Automatically create daily high-impact learning plans and provide your organization with insights on what works and what doesn’t, along with analytics on the interplay of personality, emotions, and skill levels.
Xceed365 Human Capital Management. Xceed365 Human Capital Management is a unified talent and workforce management platform that provides a single source of HR truth so that organizations can more effectively recruit, develop, measure, compensate, and retain their talent.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

altn8 Productivity Apps. Built on SharePoint Online, the altn8 Productivity Apps suite helps organizations streamline their processes and increase efficiency while introducing more accountability.
Base Wework. Base Wework offers comprehensive task management for small and midsize enterprises, enabling users to organize work and manage projects effectively with one platform. This application is available only in Vietnamese.
OnePlan for Time Tracking. OnePlan for Time Tracking helps organizations unleash data-driven insights, increase productivity, and bring overall awareness to what their teams are working on. Create and manage multiple time categories that align with your organization’s work structures.
SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence. SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence helps you close the digital divide between Confluence and SharePoint Online. Seamlessly integrate the two platforms to collaborate on documents, lists, and pages—and empower your teams to do more together.

Apps utilizing AI and chatbots

ARIA Service Chatbot. ARIA Chatbot for Customer Service helps transform your business and optimize your customer service experience with an intelligent, trusted, and secure chatbot platform. Use this integrated solution to improve customer service while cutting costs by reducing call center calls.

Track your business’s growth, sales, compliance, and expenses 

Cin7 Inventory. Cin7 enables you to manage your sales channels, inventory, points of sale, and supply chain in one cloud-based solution. With extensive integration and workflow automation, Cin7 helps contain costs and maximize margins and cash flow for B2B, B2C, online, and brick-and-mortar businesses.
NT Barcode Lite. NavTech Group's barcode scanning tool facilitates easy selling and item management. Avoid manual data entry errors while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. The Lite version is free and is limited to 10 scans.
Quick Modules. Quick Modules handles virtually any document without presorting using one common process workflow. With the system’s virtual batching capabilities, users do not need to separate checks, forms, or other documents into different workflows.
Traveo. Traveo is an end-to-end, fully automated business travel and expense management solution that books entire trips and creates expense reports from travel details and bills. Streamline your organization's processes, increase productivity, and save money with Traveo.

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

365Performance DATEV Export: 3-Hr Einweisung. Business Systemhaus AG will analyze the data exchange needs between your company, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and DATEV; provide recommendations for implementing 365Performance DATEV; and perform a setup of the extension in a demo environment.
BI as a Service: 10-Wk Implementation. Methods Analytics provides on-site services building BI solutions on Microsoft Power BI and the Microsoft Azure stack for clients across the UK. The company employs a unique mixed delivery model based on using its permanent staff and carefully selected associates.
Biz Central Job Shops: 18-Wk Implementation. Solution Systems' Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Job Shops full implementation package includes the functionality of the Business Central for Job Shops Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced packages, and more.
Cloud Analytics: 2-Hr Workshop. KPI Partners offers a free workshop on its Cloud Analytics solution based on Azure and Power BI. Cloud Analytics leverages the benefits of Azure, SQL Server, and Power BI technologies to deliver modern BI capabilities such as data discovery, data visualization, and more.
Jump Analytics Mining Solution: 5-Day Assessment. Jump Analytics, in partnership with leading mining companies in North America, has designed a mining analytics solution that collects key operational and financial metrics, bringing them together into actionable dashboards and reports.
Power BI Consulting: 1-Wk Implementation. Apps4Rent's Power BI Consulting implementation will help you derive valuable insights from your current and previous projects by integrating Power BI with Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online applications.
Power BI Modern Data Strategies: 1-Day Workshop. Netrix will show you how to gain a competitive edge using Microsoft Azure analytics and Microsoft Power BI. Simpler and faster than ever before, Power BI helps you read data, discover insights, and forecast trends across a wide range of business priorities.
Sales Automation Fasttrack: 3-Wk Implementation. Pixelzebra's Sales Automation Fasttrack helps your organization implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with your sales department. Increase customer insight and keep control of appointments, tasks, and relations.

Stay up to date

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