New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 24: apps and consulting services to extend Microsoft products

AppSource is pleased to welcome 87 apps and consulting services, many of them designed to extend the Microsoft products and technologies you already use.

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Industry-specific apps for finance, retail, call centers, marketing, and healthcare

aKite: Cloud-native SaaS for Retail Stores. aKite is a cloud-native point-of-sale and back-office SaaS solution that enables retailers of all sizes to forget the traditional problems associated with IT and focus on their business, even with stores spread out across different continents.
ARPU Up Suite. ARPU Up Suite is a collection of services that allow sending customers the right offer via the user’s preferred channel according to their purchase and recharge history. ARPU Up Suite is adaptable to the needs of each market where it operates as well as to the needs of each user.
Aspect Software Workforce Management. Aspect Software's Workforce Management is available for contact centers to forecast future call volumes, predict the number and skills of agents required to service customer calls, schedule appropriately skilled agents at the proper times, and track their daily productivity.
BankingEasy. BankingEasy on Azure enables small and midsize banks to minimize upfront technology investments and free up resources by managing non-core activities around datacenters, networks, and other technologies.
BOS. BOS is a core banking system and a middle- and back-office solution for fintech and challenger banks. Characterized by software modules delivering mono-line product solutions in multi-brand organizations, BOS is based on a microservices architecture, is cloud-enabled, and has an open API.
Buy more visible ads by using machine learning. Adpicker helps automate the collection of unstructured advertising data by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to further improve and optimize ad purchases. Increase your advertising efficiency, improve KPIs, and turn advertising data into value.
Carefolk Integrated Care Technology For Care Teams. Designed to streamline your care service and integrated with community services, Carefolk Pro improves the quality of care you provide while involving the whole team and keeping client records in one secure space. 
Command Center. Command Center is a digital evidence management platform that is tightly integrated with Safe Fleet's in-car video, body-worn camera, and interview room solutions. Enhance the safety and productivity of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and law enforcement officers. 
Data Mastering Solution from Aprexo. Aprexo Limited's Data Mastering Solution (DMS) is designed for fund managers by fund managers in the global financial services industry. Address the foundational data needs of asset managers, asset owners, and asset servicers with DMS. 
eSENSE BI Healthcare Analytics. eSENSE BI provides healthcare professionals a cloud-based service to easily harness data from existing systems for instant insight, enabling rich visualizations, powerful analysis, and streamlined reporting. 
FaunaPhotonics Embedded Visualisations. FaunaPhotonics provides data on insect activity using non-invasive optical sensors, which help farmers and farming consultants make critical decisions in crop management. Embed FaunaPhotonics sensor data into your existing data platform for mutual customers.
Follett Destiny Library Manager. Follett Destiny Library Manager not only allows librarians and administrators to keep thorough, real-time track of library inventory and media assets, but it also gives students a fun means of discovery and reading.
Geosys Ag Analytics API. The Geosys API provides programmatic access to Geosys' remote sensing data processing tools, enabling a business to access weather and agriculture imagery from satellite, integrate analytical data, optimize data flow, and filter options for complex requests.
Hailing Core Platform. Initially aimed at solving issues pertaining to ride hailing only, the PickMe mobile app has evolved to enable customers to get food delivered, organize trips with pre-booking, send and receive parcels, and more. 
Mobile Care Monitoring in Care Homes. With Person Centred Software's easy-to-use app, caregivers can quickly create meaningful care records that typically save an hour a day on paperwork, enabling them to spend more time with residents.
NLP as a Service. The ezNLP service provides access to ezDI's natural language processing engine, which reads unstructured clinical text, understands its meaning, and transforms it into structured data for a variety of uses in healthcare organizations.
nsKnox TxAuthority. TxAuthority detects and prevents cyberfraud attempts in real time by verifying every destination account before payments are transferred, generating alerts when changes are made to the master vendor file, and blocking payments that are detected as on route to unauthorized accounts.
OneDocx for Law Practice. OneDocx for Law Practice offers all you need to run a law practice, with powerful tools to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, and reporting. Built on SharePoint Online, OneDocx for Law Practice is designed for solo practitioners and small law firms.
Work 121. The Work 121 process matrix empowers government organizations to automate their processes in order to suit the rapidly evolving needs of modern citizenry. Built with a non-cohesive, engine-based architecture, Work 121 can easily adapt to the unique needs of various organizations.

Improve efficiency and record-keeping with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Customer Loyalty Program. The GWS Customer Loyalty Program for Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to use a variety of identification systems as customer cards to identify customers as well as evaluate revenue per card and card type.
Exsion Reporting. A combination of real-time reporting and self-service business intelligence, Exsion Reporting is a Microsoft Excel-based solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central developed to be used at all levels of organizations that require fast and detailed answers to a variety of issues.

Manage documents and processes with apps for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

License and Subscription App. LISA is a Dynamics 365 solution that automates many subscription billing tasks to reduce the risk of manual mistakes. It supports billing models including perpetual/one-off purchases with maintenance/service agreements, up-front billing, and consumption billing. 
Property Management - Lease and Sales (RealEstatePro). Dynamic Netsoft's RealEstatePro for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations helps residential, commercial, and industrial properties automate renting, leasing, and sales cycles. RealEstatePro provides insights that help management make informed decisions.

Increase revenue with apps for Dynamics 365 Sales

CRMHugger Exact Online. Aimed at businesses looking to integrate Dynamics 365 and/or Power Apps with Exact Online, CRMHugger Exact Online follows best practices, industry standards, and business rules to enable IT departments to easily integrate sales process with bookkeeping processes in Exact Online. - Contract Lifecycle Management. is an award-winning configure-price-quote (CPQ) and contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform. Built on Dynamics 365, DealHub helps sales teams win more deals by reducing sales cycle duration, reducing admin work, ensuring consistency, and more.
Dynamics Tender Management. The tendering process is a combination of stakeholder management, risk management, and project management. Dynamics Tender Management for Dynamics 365 gives a firm grasp on bidding, procurement, and tender processes with accurate reporting.
Email2Record: Dynamics data import. Email2Record offers a universal interface for importing and updating records in Dynamics 365 via email. Use cases include connecting web-based contact forms or event registrations to Dynamics 365 for the automated creation of leads, contacts, or accounts.
GiveLife. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, GiveLife is a nonprofit management system that provides organizations with a 360-degree view to help them manage donors, volunteer interactions, memberships, and campaigns in a comprehensive, unified platform. 
HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Hubdrive's HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete solution for HR management in Dynamics 365. HR Management for Dynamics 365 supports the entire employee lifecycle—from recruiting and employee administration to talent management and more.
Record Translator. Thrives' Record Translator lets users easily and quickly translate text fields in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to any language that is enabled in their system. Simply click the Record Translator ribbon button on any standard or custom entity and choose from the list of enabled languages.

Uncover business insights with Power BI

Acterys Xero App For Reporting & Consolidation. Acterys is a unified platform for analytical applications suited for financial reporting, consolidation, and planning processes integrated with Microsoft Power BI and Excel. It automatically creates professional data models for supported source systems.
Bromcom MIS Analytics for Secondary Schools. Bromcom MIS Analytics for Secondary Schools is a comprehensive analytics solution to give you the data you need with the ability to filter results and create specific analysis groups.
e-conomic Income & Expense Reporting. Accobat's income and expense reporting app enables you to engage with data from e-conomic, providing a prebuilt income statement that lets you drill down to the transactional level. Build your own financial ratios with just a few clicks and see trends over time. 

Manage customer relationships with apps for Office 365

iGlobe CRM Office 365 for Microsoft Office 365. iGlobe CRM Office 365 is a simple and easy-to-use CRM add-in for small businesses using Microsoft Office 365. Work across teams and access email, meetings, tasks, documents, and pipelines through a simple dashboard using only one platform.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Billing for Windows Azure Pack. Track resource consumption across Windows Azure Pack and custom services, compare usage versus quotas, configure pricing for resources based on usage meters, integrate with external billing systems, and more.
Extranet User Manager. Envision IT's Extranet User Manager provides a robust set of administrative and end user features to enable collaboration with external users, simplifying administration and external-user onboarding in Office 365.
Internal Risk Intelligence. Internal Risk Intelligence is an integrated analysis of corporate log data and management information to detect internal information leaks and fraud risks. This application is available only in Japanese.
LakeFlow. LakeFlow can be used to quickly create and maintain a data estate in Microsoft Azure. Deploy a data estate in your Azure environment using only Azure first-party components, generate pipelines, and onboard new data sources to your data estate, allowing you to focus on your dashboards and insights.
OverOps for Azure. OverOps for Microsoft Azure is a continuous reliability solution that enables software companies to ensure rapid code changes do not affect the customer experience. OverOps helps teams quickly identify, resolve, and prevent critical software issues.
Reporting-Platform. Imendo's Reporting Platform combines the visual aspects of Power BI with customizable web applications to enable users to easily prepare and manage data. Get a single, unified view of your organization's data.
SpinOne (Spinbackup) for Office 365. SpinOne (Spinbackup) provides an enterprise-grade data protection solution for Office 365 by offering automated daily backups, diversity in data storage locations, restore-in-time capability, migration, reports, an easy-to-use admin panel, and more.

Keep your organization secure

akita_cloud. The Akita.Cloud platform provides home network Vulnerability-Scan-as-a-Service using enterprise-grade penetration techniques, Akita home network threat intelligence, Akita network behavior analysis AI models, and third-party threat intelligence sources to provide results in less than two minutes. 
Ops_brew. Ops_brew pipelines help centrally manage your logs from different sources such as application logs (SaaS applications, databases, custom applications), server logs, OS logs (Windows, Linux, Solaris), server performance logs, and more.

Streamline human resources and training

adoptionchampions. Workspace Heroes guides and trains your Microsoft 365 and Office 365 champions to become digital workplace change agents and support continuous change throughout your organization. This service is currently available only in Dutch.
Digital Adoption Solution - Microsoft Teams. Developed to help customers accelerate adoption and use of Microsoft Teams and Office 365, Vitalyst’s Digital Adoption Platform enables customers to access Vitalyst’s full suite of services and solutions through a single pane of glass in Teams and SharePoint.
eHRM. eHRM enables HR departments to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, enabling them to devote more time to strategic value-added personnel projects. The solution consists of seven independent modules that are seamlessly integrated or can stand alone and be integrated with third-party providers.
Id-Welcome. When a person appears in the focus of a connected camera, Id-Welcome initiates the authentication procedure and then displays a custom welcome message upon successful identification. This application is available only in Russian.
Mr 3Day. Mr 3Day is a comprehensive leave/absence management solution that lets employees request days off, view colleagues' approved requests, access their absence history, and more. This application is available in Polish and English.
Pirios Case Management. Pirios Case Manager is a flexible complaint management system enabling the registration of notifications and complaints in an organization. Easily adjust the scope of information collected depending on the type of notification or complaint. This application is available only in Polish.
Pyxoom. Pyxoom is a talent-management system for the selection, recruitment, and development of talent through psychometric evaluations, skills assessments, and technical tests designed to provide many indicators for intelligent decision-making. This application is available only in Spanish.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

CTS. everteam.correspondence provides seamless automation to help you save money on managing customer correspondence while improving service quality, customer satisfaction, and overall productivity.
Cygnature. Cygnature is an award-winning signing solution for Microsoft Outlook that securely authenticates signers, offers a range of signature types, and protects signed documents from tampering. Cygnature supports electronic, digital, and biometric signature types. 
GetBEE solution. GetBEE empowers enterprises in industries such as education, healthcare, and other professional services to have branded online platforms that facilitate the connection between your experts and clients for more accessible and effective e-consulting services.
KKODD-Hoozin Digital Workplace. Transform collaboration, drive employee engagement, increase user adoption, and boost productivity across your organization with Hoozin, an easy-to-use digital workplace. Hoozin consolidates all business process, workflows, and requirements into one unique user experience.
Microsoft Teams + Nintex. Nintex Workflow Cloud with Microsoft Teams enables organizations and employees to be even more productive by completing activities in Teams, initiating workflows in connected systems, and ensuring processes face fewer bottlenecks and reach the desired outcomes faster.
SME Productivity and Collaboration Tools Platform. SMEProductivity is Wragby’s cloud marketplace that provides a platform for small business to subscribe to productivity and collaboration solutions with zero capital investment. Subscribe to simple business automation solutions that drive profitability.
SOFA. SOFA is a secure cloud service providing fast digitization of an organization and constant access to all necessary data, processes, documents, and data messages from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This application is available only in Czech and Slovak.
Teams - Int. Voice Break Out Powered By Azure. Get global business telephony in Microsoft Teams delivered as a service and realize the full potential of Microsoft's communications and collaboration platform. Available only in Danish, the solution is based on carrier-grade SBCs delivered in Azure.
Vision Platform 365. Vision Platform 365 is a rapid, collaborative, and iterative alternative to traditional business strategy methods, enabling you to avoid the lack of clarity and unity that holds many companies back. Focus and engage your talent, refine your reporting, and adapt as the market changes.

Apps utilizing AI, chatbots, machine learning, or IoT

AI assistant service. The AI assistant chatbot for Microsoft Teams helps organizations increase productivity by answering FAQs, adjusting schedules, reserving conference rooms, searching company information, and more. This application is available only in Japanese.
AI-Powered Manufacturing Execution System. ProwMES uses AI-powered predictive maintenance to enable factories to predict maintenance needs and prevent flawed production. ProwMES can be fully implemented in hours and allows users to monitor and manage their systems from anywhere at any time. 
AI-powered Process Automation Platform. KI group's Process Automation Platform uses Azure Cognitive Services and machine learning to automatically validate, translate, and analyze documents, pictures, voice, and text phrases. This application is available only in English and German.
AISAAC. AISAAC is a visual classification system that creates dynamic convolution neural network architecture for sets of images. Users can classify industrial materials, food, plants, machines, medical images, and much more to create advanced quality control systems.
Alegion Data Labeling and Annotation Platform. The Alegion data annotation platform handles machine learning use cases in computer vision, natural language processing, and entity resolution. Increase workforce efficiency and reduce labor costs over the duration of every project.
Arinti Chatbot-As-A-Service platform. Arinti's Chatbot-as-a-Service platform enables organizations to easily create, deploy, and manage customized chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. The platform leverages Azure AI to create smart and user-friendly conversational assistants.
Diagramics Visual Automation for Azure IoT Central. Diagramics' Visual Automation for Azure IoT Central is a Software-as-a-Service solution that extends Microsoft Azure IoT Central to help IoT solution builders add real-time contextual visibility.
Elqano Knowledge Sharing ChatBot. Elqano is a chatbot for Microsoft Teams that enables employees to gather knowledge from their peers and knowledge management leaders in order to capture knowledge stored in Teams and on private SharePoint sites. leverages the power of AI and the Internet of Things to identify workers and detect their real-time locations and activities. compares this data with forensic data to provide predictive analytics that enable early warning signals used to optimize your workforce and predict safety incidents.
Paywizard Singula - Subscriber Intelligence. Paywizard Singula is an AI-driven subscriber intelligence platform designed to help subscription-based businesses take a data-driven approach to customer engagement. Built on Microsoft Azure, Singula generates real-time insights from subscriber data.
qiio Edge-to-Cloud solution. qiio provides complete, end-to-end industrial IoT solutions, including hardware, software, connectivity, and cloud services. Get everything you need to securely connect, monitor, and control assets via a Microsoft Azure-hosted online dashboard.
Service Desk Sentiment Analysis. Service Desk Sentiment Analysis uses Azure Cognitive Services to define the tonality of the end user through text mining and analytics. The solution also audits voice and accent quality, resolution accuracy, and process adherence to provide high-quality output. 
SIMCENTER Prescan360. Unlock insight at scale for autonomous driving with Simcenter Prescan360 sensor simulation. Simcenter Prescan360 increases development process efficiency while facilitating shorter time-to-market and lower development costs.
Skilly - soft skills HR chatbot. Skilly is a chatbot that trains employees on soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and time management. Skilly provides practical guidance that can be applied to professional situations to increase the effectiveness of employee training and career development. 
Smart Building IoT Integration. Sigtree Technologies' smart IoT platform combines IoT devices with professional communities to automate processes for facility management. It does this via triggered routines and chatbots that share information and execute commands in human-controlled chat rooms.

Track your business’s growth, inventory, and sales

MarginPoint FieldPlus. FieldPlus helps service contractors manage customer data, work orders, and inventory with one integrated solution, offering secure payment processing, QuickBooks integration, automated replenishment, and complete inventory control of any warehouse, jobsite, or vehicle. 

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Business Central Localization: 2-Hr Assessment. This free assessment includes a Hungarian localization package for Dynamics 365 Business Central, with mandatory and optional functionalities for U.S. customers. The base package includes online invoice reporting, term settlement transactions, and more.
Customer Insights: 1-Wk Workshop. Organizations hold vast amounts of customer data dispersed over a wide landscape. In this workshop, Broad Horizon will help your organization obtain a 360-degree customer view by overcoming data silos with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.
Customer Insights: 4-Wk Proof of Concept. Organizations hold vast amounts of customer data dispersed over a wide landscape. In this four-week proof of concept, Broad Horizon will help you assess the suitability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for your organization.
Customer Insights: 8-Wk Implementation. Organizations hold vast amounts of customer data dispersed over a wide landscape. In this eight-week implementation, Broad Horizon will help your organization obtain a 360-degree customer view by overcoming data silos with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.
Dynamics 365 BC EDI: 1-Hr Assessment. 4th Quarter Solutions invites you to a complementary one-hour session to learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and TrueCommerce EDI Integration Solution can help you manage your organization’s order processing.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 2-Hr Assessment. Determine whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best fit for your organization in this free two-hour assessment. Improve your internal processes and get the right information to make the necessary business decisions.
Dynamics 365 CE Solution: 2-Wk Assessment. Barhead Solutions will assess your organization's Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to help you understand current pain points, gaps, opportunities for improvement, best practices, and more. 
GP 2365: 4-Wk Implementation. GP 2365 is a combination of software tools, extensions, and implementation know-how to help you effectively transition from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central. GP 2365 builds on existing Microsoft conversion tools to provide a complete migration solution. 
On-Prem to Online Migration: 2-Wk Implementation. In this two-week implementation, Barhead Solutions will help your organization move its on-premises Dynamics 365 solution online by using Microsoft Lifecycle Services as part of the FastTrack program. Microsoft's OP2OL tool is used to complete the migration.
Power BI Center of Excellence: 4-Wk Implementation. Artis Consulting's Power BI Center of Excellence offers enterprise-class best practices and governance for the self-service era. Learn the questions you need to ask and the processes you need to implement to enable users to be successful.
Salesforce to Dynamics 365: 4-Wk Assessment. Barhead Solutions will help your organization assess the transition from its Salesforce solution to Dynamics 365. Barhead will discuss what opportunities Dynamics 365 offers and how to prepare for the transition, along with best practices, licensing impact, and more.
Thailand Pre-Implementation: 1-Wk Assessment. TThis assessment is for companies operating in Thailand (or planning to expand their business to Thailand) that want to use Dynamics 365. SYSCOM USA’s, Tokyo branch will cover Thai Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS), WHT/VAT, and e-tax invoices and receipts.

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