New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 26: apps that extend Microsoft products and solve industry-specific issues

AppSource is pleased to welcome 122 apps, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific issues, increase productivity, and deliver insights for informed decision-making.

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Industry-specific apps for design, healthcare, marketing, and more

Adobe Experience Platform. Adobe Experience Platform solves customer challenges by providing an open, intelligent platform that accelerates time to value. Stitch data across the enterprise for real-time, personalized experiences.
AlgoMarker Clinical Predictors. AlgoMarker supports outcome-focused care delivery, helping clients concentrate on preventing or delaying the onset of high-burden diseases, downstream complications, and associated costs.
AptivIO Automated Lead Generation Engine. AptivIO is an intelligent orchestrator that quickly and automatically generates demand, accurately qualifies leads, uncovers hidden revenue opportunities, and quantifies pipeline risk.
Arcadier eCommerce Marketplace Builder. Arcadier Marketplace is a Software-as-a-Service solution that simplifies building an online marketplace. Equipped with templates for retail and goods, service booking, and rentals, Arcadier includes everything you need to get your marketplace up and running.
ATLender. ATLender is a comprehensive SaaS platform enabling mortgage servicers to manage employees, permissions, and loan application compliance; track application status and conversations with borrowers; and more.  
Aware. Aware is an asset integrity management system for organizing inspection information of assets such as piping, pressure vessels, safety relief devices, valves, tanks, and other process equipment. Minimize the risk of equipment failure and meet regulatory requirements while tracking repairs/upgrades.
Checkinwatts. Easily take control of your energy consumption with Checkinwatts. Analyze and interpret consumption data to take energy efficiency measures, reduce electricity consumption, and predict payments before the bill arrives. This application is available only in Spanish.
Chief Returns Officer. Chief Returns Officer is a returns intelligence and returns reduction platform that provides timely, in-season analysis and prescriptive actions across the value chain, enabling retail organizations to work collaboratively to minimize product returns and increase revenue.
ChildDiary. ChildDiary helps childcare providers streamline the recording of daily routines and curriculum assessment by offering an easy-to-use platform that was created in the classroom. Save time by automating repetitive tasks and promote family participation in children's education.
Conductor Technology. Conductor Tecnologia streamlines retail and financial sector transactions for organizations of all sizes to increase business agility, payment options, and customer satisfaction. 
Cooler Screens. Cooler Screens offers brands a new platform to market products at the point of sale, deliver real-time analytics to enable targeted advertising, and drive marketing effectiveness through A/B testing.
Davyn Social Security Citizen Engagement. Davyn's Social Security Citizen Engagement platform integrates registration, contributions, and benefits to offer a 360-degree view of insured persons, employers, and service providers.
Digital Marketing Platform. Mobio's Digital Marketing Platform combines marketing, sales, and customer service processes to help brands automate, optimize, and measure daily activities while delivering consistent customer experiences at all points of contact.
Electronic informational and educational environment "YOUR UNIVERSITY". Provide students with a personal account service aligned with Federal State Educational Standards. Available only in Russia, the solution includes a unified database, directories and permissions, integration gateways, and more.
Enerfy. Enerfy aims to make driving safer by measuring risk and inspiring safe driving behavior. The Enerfy platform requires no IT integration and includes more than 480 white label solutions, including AI pricing, gamification, and more.
Forensic Notes - Electronic Investigation Notes. Designed to optimize the way investigators document and manage investigations, Forensic Notes are timestamped and stored in a private blockchain to ensure an investigator can prove when a note was changed while providing access to the original if required.
Frenzy - Automated Product Tagging Service. Frenzy uses computer vision to automatically tag exact fashion products in street style and inventory photos. It also tags existing inventory to unlock full revenue potential with accurate product recommendations and robust search across e-commerce catalogs.
GeneFAX Pro: Your Digital Genetic Health Companion. GeneFAX Pro, a conversational AI platform trained on genetics, educates patients about genetic tests. The HIPAA-compliant platform also assists with patient consent, triaging, and pre-test and post-test counseling.
GeoCloud. GeoCloud is a vendor-agnostic petrotechnical cloud solution that facilitates all your applications and data in one flexible solution. Work from anywhere and collaborate across borders to facilitate an improved working environment for your exploration and production organization.
Getac Digital Evidence Management Software. Getac Digital Evidence Management Software allows law enforcement to quickly identify operationally relevant information, alert responding personnel, and receive real-time information (including on-scene video) from an incident.
GreenRack Service. GreenRack is a cloud-based marketing platform that makes it easier for organizations to define, tag, and host content; add gamification; and collect analytics across multiple delivery vehicles.
Health Hero. Health Hero offers providers and payers a solution to substantially reduce readmittance and improve patient experiences with multichannel nudges and follow-ups delivered via automated phone calls and text messages.
Helpicto. Helpicto is an easy-to-use translator for people with autism or language disorders and their caregivers. Simply speak and Helpicto translates what you say into images and pictograms from a database of more than 15,000 images. This application is available only in French.
hospoIQ - Business Intelligence for Hospitality. 2IQ Limited's hospoIQ business intelligence for hospitality provides real-time, historical, and predictive sales, wage, and financial information delivered directly to your mobile phone or web browser. is a software-based census solution for managing trees and plants. The system offers real-time data and analytics; facilitates easier data sampling; and measures carbon absorption, biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, and more.
kisuke. Kisuke is an e-commerce management service that facilitates the use of Line as a new sales channel, enabling users to distribute rich menus that cannot be distributed via Line alone. This application is available only in Japanese.
Merz OEE. Merz OEE provides a digital window to your production with a quick, flexible, and safe solution for measuring the efficiency of manufacturing equipment. This application is available only in Czech, English, and German.
METIS - Maritime Digital Transformation Solution. METIS is an end-to-end solution for digital transformation in the maritime industry. It includes automated data acquisition based on a robust IoT system, a cloud-based analysis platform, alerting and reporting, and more.
nahmii. Anahmii is a scaling and interoperability solution for blockchain currently live on Ethereum. Built by developers for developers, the nahmii protocol includes tools to simplify and optimize blockchain development.
Nomnio IoT Platform Variant For HVAC. Nomnio IoT HVAC platform is a cloud communication infrastructure service on Microsoft Azure, customized for HVAC solutions delivered via a mobile and desktop application. Enable real-time exchange of data between connected products and client applications.
PwC Factory Intelligence. PwC Factory Intelligence connects all data and existing systems in an organization's production processes. Integrated AI creates intelligent process chains and uses evaluated data for advanced analytics to ensure end-to-end data transparency on the shop floor. is an AI-powered marketing automation, optimization, and insights platform that helps businesses meet their customers' individual needs. Unifying online and offline data, acts as a data superstructure and an enabler of highly relevant, cost-effective omnichannel campaigns.
Sierra Wireless All-In-One Edge-to-Cloud Solution. Sierra Wireless Octave provides a complete edge-to-cloud solution, enabling manufacturers to easily and securely extract, orchestrate, manage, and act on asset data.
Simporter SaaS. Simporter is a SaaS solution that helps marketing and product development teams answer two questions: which SKUs to launch and how? Simporter combines natural language processing with neural networks to analyze online textual data and identify patterns between the data and sales.
Sinqia Fundos. Designed to simplify day-to-day operations and optimize performance and time management, Sinqia Fundos offers a complete package of investment fund management solutions for custodians and investment managers. This application is available only in Portuguese.
Smartest space. Transfer complex operational business processes to an intuitive virtual environment, where you can perform process modeling at any stage without engineering knowledge. This application is designed for construction projects and is available only in Russian.
SML Clarity Inventory Solution. SML-RFID’s Clarity is an enterprise-class platform for radio-frequency identification (RFID) deployment in-store and throughout the retail supply chain. Use Clarity to increase sales, reduce inventory, and improve customer service.
Symptom Assessment. Doctorlink’s Symptom Assessment enables health providers to efficiently manage demand by directing people to the most appropriate care pathway, including self-help, pharmacy, and urgent care. Transform how doctors manage resources, save money, and reduce administrative burden.
TradeBeyond. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, TradeBeyond is a community of retailers and suppliers coming together to streamline assortment planning, sourcing, quotations, and buying. TradeBeyond helps retailers discover new products and helps suppliers get discovered and win business. 
Veezi (cinema management & ticketing software). Veezi is a cloud-based cinema management solution that delivers the benefits you need while leaving out the stuff you don’t. Designed for independent cinemas, Veezi lets you manage your cinema from anywhere, 24/7.
VideoQR. VideoQR uses a deep convolutional neural network-based technique to strategically hide QR codes in videos, extract URLs, and then send the URLs to a mobile application to direct viewers to the appropriate product pages.

Expand functionailty with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

360 Canadian EFT. Use 360 Canadian EFT, an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, to quickly set up an electronic funds transfer service with any major Canadian bank. The service is controlled, secure, convenient, and cost-effective.
Alpha KMU Starter Pack (ASSMB). Alpha KMU Starter Pack adds various features, such as pop-ups for accounts receivable and accounts payable, to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help your business grow. This app is for customers in Switzerland.
CAMP 365 Event. The CAMP 365 Event app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central handles all administrative processes for professional organizations and associations. This app is for customers in Denmark. Financial Data Sync BE Companies. Companyweb's app for Dynamics 365 Business Central syncs financial data from Companyweb's database with your records. It also prefills fields with information associated with a VAT number. This app is for customers in Belgium.
DynaPay. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, DynaPay automates HR and payroll management, keeping your staff up to date with easily accessible information. This app is for customers in the United Arab Emirates.
ID TAX SOLUTION. Simplify Indonesian tax invoice administration with ID TAX SOLUTION from Kreatif, which automates various VAT processes and helps you send the data to the Indonesian tax authority application. This app is for customers in Indonesia.
Reason Code Mandatory. Help out your accounting department with Reason Code Mandatory. This extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central adds a field in the General Ledger setup to check that the Reason Code is not empty when you try to post entries.
Sales Order Status. KUMAVISION's Sales Order Status app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides you with a simple and visual display of status messages for your sales orders at the item level.
Tech Trade Availability Indicators. WSB Solutions BV's app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps wholesale companies gain insight into stock levels, allowing them to see at a glance what orders can be shipped and what needs replenishing.
TQH Chart of Accounts Sync. Teqhou's extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables chart of accounts synchronization between different legal entities. This saves time for companies that have multiple legal entities operating under the same chart of accounts.
Vietnam Localization Pack. All businesses operating in Vietnam must comply with the Vietnam Accounting System (VAS) issued by the Ministry of Finance. This VAS package for Dynamics 365 Business Central provides functions to meet these accounting regulations.

Convert files with apps for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

GetPDF Solution. GetPDF extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, allowing users to easily convert its default Word documents into PDF files.

Fulfill public records requests with apps for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Avtex Public Records Tracker for Dynamics 365. Avtex Public Records Tracker, an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, provides features to help agencies quickly and cost-effectively meet Public Records Act and Freedom of Information Act compliance requirements.

Share costs and manage employee schedules with apps for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Novo Workforce Management. With the Novo Workforce Management app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you can create employee schedules within minutes. Increase efficiency and productivity in your organization.
Recharge Manager. Recharge Manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations enables companies to automatically share costs with predefined values and an upfront configuration for an unlimited number of scenarios.

Track job applicants with apps for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Recruiting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Hubdrive's Recruiting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources extends the functionality of Dynamics 365 Human Resources with a professional employee recruiting module and an integrated applicant tracking system.

Integrate sales data and increase revenue with apps for Dynamics 365 Sales

Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows you to sign, send, track, and file contracts with legally binding, globally compliant e-signatures without leaving Dynamics 365.
Commercient QuickBooks Desktop Sync To Dynamics 365 CRM. Commercient's SYNC app lets your sales team see QuickBooks data in Dynamics 365 Sales. Unlike an extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool, SYNC doesn’t require any mapping or custom coding on your end.
Connection Explorer. Use Connection Explorer to quickly visualize relationships between entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Users can quickly navigate between records and automatically create a tree view of relationships.
Fin365 CRM for Financial Services. Fin365, an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, provides customer management for financial service professionals, helping them deliver a better and more efficient experience for customers.
HumanSoft - HR Solution on Dynamics 365 & Power Apps. Intended for medium-sized or large organizations, HumanSoft is a human resources management software suite that runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and a Power Apps Common Data Service environment.
SalesSpark. Built natively on the Microsoft Power Platform and designed to work with Dynamics 365 Sales and Office 365, SalesSpark enables organizations to book more appointments, generate more leads, and increase revenue.
VeriTouch. VeriTouch is a vertical solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales that enables banks and insurance companies to place customer relationship management at the core of their digital transformation journey.
Wipro's Complete Healthcare. Automate and optimize your healthcare system using Wipro's Complete Care, an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Empower patients with self-service options and offer outpatient and inpatient process support.

Build custom reports with apps for Power BI

Helpshift - Agent Analytics. Helpshift's Agent Analytics offer​s​ insights into ​the ​overall performance of your agent​ team​ as well as individual agents. The report provides​ activity metrics such as issues resolved and​ issue touches ​and ​support quality metrics such as customer satisfaction and reopen rate​.
Helpshift - Bots Analytics. Helpshift's Bots​ Analytics includes answer bot ​and custom bot analytics. The answer bot analytics provides insights ​on​ key metrics such as​ invocations, ​​FAQs shown, FAQs read, and deflection​ rate, and the custom bot analytics includes metrics such as invocations, assignment, and more.
SAP Business One Accounts Payable Analytics by ZAP. Quickly and easily deploy Power BI-based dashboards and analysis on your SAP Business One accounts payable data. ZAP Data Hub’s unified data model and Power BI analytics help you centralize and analyze all your SAP Business One data. 
SAP Business One AR Analytics by ZAP. Quickly and easily deploy Power BI-based dashboards and analysis on your SAP Business One accounts receivable data. ZAP Data Hub’s unified data model and Power BI analytics help you centralize and analyze all your SAP Business One data. 
SAP Business One General Ledger Analytics by ZAP. Quickly and easily deploy Power BI-based dashboards and analysis on your SAP Business One general ledger data. ZAP Data Hub’s unified data model and Power BI analytics help you centralize and analyze all your SAP Business One data. 
SAP Business One Inventory Analytics by ZAP. Quickly and easily deploy Power BI-based dashboards and analysis on your SAP Business One inventory data. ZAP Data Hub’s unified data model and Power BI analytics help you centralize and analyze all your SAP Business One data. 
SAP Business One Manufacturing Analytics by ZAP. Quickly and easily deploy Power BI-based dashboards and analysis on your SAP Business One manufacturing data. ZAP Data Hub’s unified data model and Power BI analytics help you centralize and analyze all your SAP Business One data. 
SAP Business One Procurement Analytics by ZAP. Quickly and easily deploy Power BI-based dashboards and analysis on your SAP Business One procurement data. ZAP Data Hub’s unified data model and Power BI analytics help you centralize and analyze all your SAP Business One data. 
SAP Business One Sales Analytics by ZAP. Quickly and easily deploy Power BI-based dashboards and analysis on your SAP Business One sales data. ZAP Data Hub’s unified data model and Power BI analytics help you centralize and analyze all your SAP Business One data. 

Manage your IT assets and systems

Dynamics Performance Scan. Kaya Consulting's Dynamics Performance Scan features measured indicators that range from low-level hardware and SQL server indicators to high-level Dynamics AX batch and AIF service indicators. This application is available only in Dutch, German, and English.
Fixed Asset Management System. Bahwan IT's Fixed Assets Management System helps organizations easily manage IT and non-IT assets. The solution can be integrated with barcode-based handheld devices to ease the asset inventory process.
metering and billing multi cloud solution. C-Facts provides insights into the cloud footprints of enterprises, cloud service providers, and their customers, enabling organizations to retain a measurable, transparent, and auditable business footprint.
YubiKey Passwordless offer for FIDO2 Security Keys. Make strong authentication easy to use, fast, and reliable for your users with YubiKey, a hardware-based authentication solution that defends against phishing and account takeovers while facilitating compliance. 

Keep your organization secure

Anjuna Runtime Protection for Hashicorp Vault. Anjuna Runtime Protection for Hashicorp Vault uses secure enclaves, a memory encryption technology available through Azure confidential computing, to protect application data even if an attacker obtains root access to the virtual machine.
CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator. CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator keeps your documents safe by automatically synchronizing Dynamics 365 privileges with SharePoint permissions.
Citrix Analytics for Security. Citrix Analytics for Security aggregates and correlates information across network traffic, users, files, and endpoints in Citrix environments and generates insights to help organizations proactively handle user security threats.

Streamline human resources and training

Akudos Recognition Platform. Akudos allows organizations to easily set up one or more recognition programs. Through the Akudos online portal, they can manage their entries, communicate, distribute support material to judges, and report on the results.
Cashify SaaS. Designed for companies that have more than 40 employees of any socioeconomic level, Cashify lets you offer a payroll advance and other benefits to your employees. This app is available only in Spanish.
Enterprise Security Awareness Training and Phishing Bundle. Deployed on Microsoft Azure, the Cyber Risk Aware security platform assesses and mitigates human cyber risks through training and simulated user attacks, enabling clients to meet their compliance obligations.
gettribute. Simple to use and easy to launch, the Tribute mentorship app harnesses the power of personal stories and shared experiences to unlock leadership potential in every employee.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Archee Robotic Management Center. Archee Robotic Management Center is a web-based platform hosted on Microsoft Azure for monitoring and controlling robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. This application is available only in English.
Aster - Your assistant for efficient meetings. Integrated with Office 365, Aster prepares recurring team meetings according to the roles of the participants and generates and shares meeting minutes while being connected to Microsoft Teams, Planner, and SharePoint.
Digital Asset Management. FotoWare's Digital Asset Management enables users to organize, share, and publish corporate media files (videos, images, graphics, and documents); create self-service portals; access assets from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint; and more.
Go Approve Plus. Go Approve Plus helps speed up document approvals by sending push notifications to your device when one or more documents are pending processing. This application is available only in Portuguese.
Intranet Portal. Powered by SharePoint and Office 365, Global Infonet's intranet portal enables enterprises to take control of their business, drive collaboration, and maximize productivity. Features include complete customization, quick deployment, and customer support.
kanDO Agile Projects. kanDO provides the tools for tailor-made agile project management in your Dynamics 365 work environment, enabling users to boost collaboration and benefit from integrating classic and agile project management methods. This application is available only in English and German.
Newgen OmniDocs. Newgen Software Technologies' OmniDocs enterprise content management suite enables you to access the right content in the right customer context and build the right experiences. Enable end-to-end management of enterprise content, and access or deliver content anytime, anywhere.
ORBOX. ORBOX provides automated verification of media file compliance with the technical specifications of broadcasters, media providers, and content producers. Additionally, ORBOX checks large volumes of media content to detect quality issues against a wide array of parameters and industry standards.
Startup Flow. Startup Flow enables large companies to break internal silos, manage interactions with startups and partners, and navigate innovation projects involving various ecosystems. This helps users make informed decisions about projects and external business opportunities.
Teams Telephony. Teachers Technology Solutions' Teams Telephony is a fully integrated Microsoft Teams and telephony unified communications solution enabling access to documents, a chat hub, video and voice conferencing, and the phone/PBX system from Teams on any device.
Territory Manager: The sectoring solution. Geoconcept Territory Manager fairly distributes activities, teams, and resources based on geographical location. Automated sectorization tools enable users to establish an optimized sales map that is fit for purpose given the available resources. 
thedocyard. thedocyard combines project management, workflows, compliance, client user experience, and productivity for an end-to-end transaction management platform. thedocyard provides the infrastructure to build an enterprise-wide ecosystem for managing all your deals.
Vital BizForm Business Forms. BizForm allows you to quickly create online business forms and provides lifecycle management for forms including designing, creating, searching, archiving, and access rights control.
WorkPoint 365 Project Management. WorkPoint 365 Project Management is a fit-for-purpose solution for managing multiple projects across an organization. It functions as the central cockpit for structuring guidelines, policies, and documents related to all projects across the project lifecycle.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, or IoT

Danfoss Cooling Cloud Suite. The Danfoss Cooling Cloud Suite brings together IoT solutions to deliver data insights and recommendations that help customers more efficiently manage refrigeration, HVAC systems, and other assets.
Kortical Automated Machine Learning Platform. Kortical's end-to-end AI-as-a-Service (AIAAS) platform greatly accelerates the creation, iteration, explanation, and deployment of machine learning models. Its AutoML component writes custom machine learning solutions.
New Libretta for Outlook. Libretta uses AI to analyze your email and improve your persuasive writing skills. Libretta is based on the Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile) from the book "Words That Change Minds" by Shelle Rose Charvet.
ON-Bot. Insert the ON-Bot Q&A chatbot into your knowledge base to support your users. Through the content management system, you can analyze questions and answers and guide ON-Bot to be increasingly effective. This app is available in English and Italian.
SAS Viya. SAS Viya, an in-memory analytics engine, provides quick and reliable insights when processing huge amounts of data for machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.
Think AI Chatbot. Obtain a quick and low-cost chatbot framework from Think AI Consulting Corporation to better utilize your team. Let the chatbot handle basic questions and free up your employees to do more meaningful and valuable work. Test 1. Developed by Vector AI's team at Cambridge University, the machine learning platform combines an intuitive user interface and proprietary algorithms to efficiently guide a user through end-to-end document workflows.

Track your business’s proposals, contracts, compliance, and online performance 

Austranet GRC. AustranetGRC, a platform for measuring compliance and risk management, improves companies' traceability, evidence, and visibility. This app is available only in Spanish.
Barium Live. Barium's cloud-based digital process automation (DPA) platform is for organizations that need to develop user-friendly, customized applications based on their processes. Transform manual ways of working into digital processes and gain transparency throughout workflows.
Bigin. Bigin is customer pipeline management software from the Zoho CRM family, and it's a great first step for anyone who wants a simple, powerful tool with built-in telephony, proactive alerts, and automation.
EDEGESCO APLICACIÓN. Edetanos Informaticos S.L.'s document management and billing application includes modules for registration, file tracking, expense control, contracts, supplier invoices, and more. This app is available only in Spanish.
Enterprise Enterprise is an archiving and compliance solution that interfaces seamlessly with Office 365 and on-premises email systems such as Microsoft Exchange to ensure information is properly retained.
MATCHBOX Exchange. MATCHBOX Exchange maximizes triangulation opportunities across the global supply chain. The collaborative platform enables wharf carriers to exchange shipping containers between logistics companies.
Neticle Media Intelligence. This media analysis and social listening tool can show you what the web thinks about your brand. It provides media coverage and textual understanding in Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.
rem inStore. rem inStore is a Software-as-a-Service solution that helps companies improve their business results by tracking in-store execution compliance, taking instant action toward it, and increasing field force efficiency.
SAP Extended ECM. OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions helps organizations reduce the time and effort spent managing, organizing, and sharing information across business processes and makes content management a part of every SAP business solution.
SurePact - Project & Contract Risk Management solution. Made for government or corporate contract delivery, SurePact allows project managers to mitigate risks of deliveries before the tender stage through to closeout. Put an end to delivery surprises and gain enterprise-wide insights.
TEKORA 4I System. 4I System, an automated digital platform, helps you manage ideas, proposals, and more. Increase your business's operational efficiency and form an innovation culture. This app is available only in Russian.

Go further with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Business Central Standard: 6-Wk Implementation. Dynamic Objects will provision a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment, then license, configure, and assign security rights for up to 10 users. Dynamic Objects will also conduct an initial configuration of Power BI.
C/AL to Extension Analyzer: 1-Day Assessment. UAB 1ClickFactory will prepare you for your transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This assessment will involve an automated tool that analyzes C/AL solution modifications and identifies conflicts that need to be solved.
Dashboard in a Day: 1-tägiger Workshop. In this workshop for up to 10 people, ORAYLIS GmbH will show you how to evaluate and present your data with Microsoft Power BI. The workshop will be conducted in Düsseldorf, Germany, or at your location with added travel expenses.
Dynamics 365 Finance Localization: 2-Hr Assessment. This engagement from Qualysoft involves a Hungarian localization package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, with mandatory and optional functionalities for U.S. customers.
Predica Yammer Analytics: 2-Wk Proof of Concept. In this offer, Predica will deliver a proof of concept of Yammer analytics solutions. The solutions will consist of Microsoft Power BI dashboards that visualize data gathered from Yammer.

Stay up to date

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