New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 3: apps targeting education, healthcare, and Dynamics 365

AppSource is pleased to welcome 108 apps, many of them designed for education, healthcare, or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Industry-specific apps for education, healthcare, financial services, government, retail, manufacturing, and marketing

4Subsea SWIM digital service. Subsea Wellhead Integrity Monitoring (SWIM) is a digital twin for drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. It measures accumulated load and other critical parameters on the wellhead, providing KPIs and prediction analysis on a digital platform.
A2JOB Plateforme de recrutement. This digital recruitment platform targeting the health, social, and medicosocial sectors helps applicants find work and helps recruiters save time and money. A2JOB is available only in French.
aberto. One of the biggest retail challenges is optimizing promotional investments. Aberto helps retailers generate new customers by determining the best offer and enabling the delivery of discounts. This solution is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
Aico Journals. Entering journals is a time-consuming process. Do it quicker with Aico, which is built for finance and accounting. Aico enables accountants to create new journals from configurable templates and validate all data fields in real time against enterprise resource planning.
Antha. The Antha cloud platform gives scientists flexible and integrated control over their existing lab equipment, enabling experiments and lab workflows to be rapidly automated. The results can be integrated into common informatics packages.
Appway Onboarding for Wealth. Appway massively speeds up the onboarding of new investors. Automate activities to reduce operational risks and easily comply with evolving regulations, managing complexity across all lines of business.
Assessment. Build assessments more easily with this part of the PowerSchool platform. Choose from a bank of prewritten items or author your own to build rigorous, standards-aligned assessments that gauge student comprehension in minutes.
BlockCluster. BlockCluster is a blockchain management system for enterprises and governments that want to digitalize their business processes on blockchain to achieve decentralization. Set up a blockchain network with just a few clicks or API calls.
Boost My Mail. Automate and deploy your corporate email signatures and transform every email into a marketing asset. Add banners about events, special offers, or news to staff members' email signatures, then measure the efficiency of your communication campaigns.
Cyberbanking Omnichannel. This platform delivers customized multisegment financial services to any device, offering a positive and consistent user experience. Banks can set up and tweak the customer journey depending on their differentiation strategy.
dDriven UNLSH Operations Digital Twin Platform. dDriven’s digital transformation platform, UNLSH, captures data from information technology or operational technology systems and IoT devices to create digital twins of plant and business operations.
Dejero Gateway Blended Networks. Dejero GateWay blends multiple internet connections to deliver fast and dependable connectivity for public safety, transportation, enterprise networks, and Microsoft cloud applications.
dotdigital Engagement Cloud. Seamlessly sync your marketing lists with dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud. dotdigital’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics allows you to unlock the full marketing automation potential of your CRM data.
Elmodis Solution. Elmodis provides comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics of industrial machines. Its scalable and adaptable architecture enables it to be implemented in any number and any type of electrically driven machines.
Finance / ERP. Efficiently and securely manage school finances, including purchasing, fixed assets, general ledger, and reporting. This offering is part of the PowerSchool Unified Administration solution.
GearBox Edge for Industrial IoT Gateways. Optimize manufacturing equipment with the customizable GearBox Edge, which lets you connect your equipment and programmable logic controllers to Microsoft Azure IoT Edge analytics and Azure cloud services using any gateway hardware.
Gradebook. Part of the PowerSchool Unified Classroom solution, Unified Classroom Gradebook saves teachers time with an intuitive and powerful gradebook they can use anywhere and from any device.
HCAlert. HCAlert is a cloud-based telehealth solution that collects health data from patients at home. It implements automated clinical rules and procedures in order to alert health professionals about a patient’s condition.
HR / Talent Management. PowerSchool Unified Talent (TalentEd) Employee Records, part of the PowerSchool platform, streamlines and automates the most complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming HR and central office tasks and workflows.
Idea Online. This digital STEM program covers K-12 content, teacher training courses, and information communication technology skills. The content is housed on IDEA's own adaptive content management system.
Learn App. Part of the PowerSchool Unified Classroom solution, Unified Classroom Learning helps teachers focus on each student with easy-to-use technology that connects the classroom and home.
LTI Smart City Advanced Operations Center. LTI’s Smart City Advanced Operations Center (AOC) is designed to bring citywide operations onto a single platform. Handle complex scenarios, get actionable insights, and efficiently cater to the needs of modern citizens.
LTM. More than a platform, WebPremios is a business tool that provides retailers with artificial intelligence based on browsing behavior, enabling personalized product recommendations. This solution is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
Lunit INSIGHT for Chest Radiography. Lunit INSIGHT for CXR detects, localizes, and characterizes abnormalities in chest X-rays. The AI solution identifies detected lesions in the form of heat maps and generates scores reflecting the probability that a lesion is abnormal.
Lunit INSIGHT for Mammography. Lunit INSIGHT for Mammography identifies suspicious lesions to aid in the detection of breast cancer. More than 200,000 cases, spanning the United States, the United Kingdom, and Korea, have been used to train the algorithm.
Metro Process. Metro Process is RMS's automated intelligent workflow module within the Metro software suite. Use it for store audits, petty cash management, compliance monitoring, sundries ordering, and more.
Novari ATC. In real time, Novari ATC complements and integrates with each hospital’s surgical information system (Meditech, Cerner, Picis, SIS, etc.), improving wait list management, communication, and coordination.
Novari eRequest. Effectively manage electronic healthcare referrals with Novari eRequest. Requests can be centrally managed by the system's intake capabilities and routed to the most appropriate available resource.
Novari PRM. The Novari Provider Relationship Management (PRM) module gives health authorities a detailed database of the healthcare providers in a region as well as a communication tool and a means to manage these relationships.
O365. The PowerSchool platform, which serves more than 65 million users, is integrating Microsoft Office 365 into its Unified Classroom product. Get rid of traditional tech silos and help your teachers manage the entire instructional process.
Parkunload. PARKUNLOAD regulates parking in city loading zones. The scalable and real-time platform uses smart traffic signs (based on Bluetooth Low Energy components) and mobile applications, and it can analyze traffic and routes in last-mile freight deliveries.
Registration. With the PowerSchool platform, discover an efficient way to manage admissions, enrollment, school choice, and registration. 
Smart Factory by ICONICS. ICONICS Smart Factory software delivers a contextualized view of global plant operations, streamlining configuration with asset-based organization, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics, quality monitoring, and reporting.
Special Education. Part of the PowerSchool Unified Classroom solution, Unified Classroom Special Programs helps educators meet the needs of students in special education, English language learning, gifted and talented, and Section 504 programs.
Spyglass Visual Inspection. Spyglass Visual Inspection, built on Microsoft Azure, enables manufacturers to harness AI-driven real-time insights to improve product quality while significantly reducing the costs associated with manufacturing flaws.
Travel Appeal. Travel Appeal uses cutting-edge semantic analysis, AI, and data science to make easy yet powerful solutions to help professionals dive into their clients’ minds, make smart decisions, improve reputation, and increase profits.
Troovo Payments. Troovo Payments creates single-use credit card numbers to simplify corporate travel. It integrates into an agency's global distribution system after a booking has been made but before the agency's fulfilment processes have kicked in.
Unified Classroom (UC). Spend less time tracking down assignments and more time delivering instruction tailored to student needs. PowerSchool Unified Classroom helps educators evaluate learning gaps, identify strengths, and design instructional strategies.
White-label E2E digital loan process. FinAi makes it easy for banks to sell high-margin loans via a secure, cost-efficient channel. Integrate the fully digital loan process with any existing banking system and start selling loans with plug-and-play solutions.
WillowTwin. Designed for real estate and infrastructure such as stadiums, the WillowTwin platform allows asset owners and managers to have a digital twin that combines geospatial information, live data from systems and sensors, and static information.

Expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Clever Document Delivery. Use Clever Document Delivery to send documents to customers and vendors, maintain a log of all emails, password-protect documents, define email templates to personalize each communication, and do it all from within Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Clever Shipment Management. With Clever Shipment Management, you can define the drop order in which shipments will be delivered, define different processes for types of shipping, generate all the warehouse shipments, and move any shipment between agents or vehicles.
Field Security+. Field Security+ lets you prevent changes to important fields in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, such as a customer credit limit or a vendor bank account. You also can institute mandatory fields or prevent changes to default dimensions.
Multi Company Inventory. Check for an item's availability in your inventory across multiple companies. This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Primo Payday. Are you tired of payroll solutions that are not fully integrated with your accounting system? The Primo Payday app allows you to run payroll within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Progressus PSA (DK)(GB)(SE). Progressus adds professional services automation features to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, combining the extensive functionality for project and resource management (PSA) with financial management (ERP).

Localize and plan with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

GO-GPAIS. This extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a part of the Lithuanian Localization Pack. The electronic system GPAIS provides data on waste management to the Ministry of Environment.
GO- Lithuanian Localization Pack. According to the law of the Republic of Lithuania, every active company in Lithuania must submit certain data to the state public authority. GO-ERP has created the Lithuanian Localization Pack to help companies carry out this duty.
IFR Dynamics 365FO Advanced Reconciliation. IFR Group's Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Advanced Reconciliation solution allows easy management of all tasks related to advanced bank reconciliation.
IFR Dynamics 365FO Building. IFR Group's Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Building solution enables construction project management, from planning to execution to analysis.
Syscom 365Furniture. Designed for the furniture and soft furnishing industries, the Syscom 365Furniture app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations allows you to effortlessly plan preferred business processes.

Connect, tag, and integrate with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Document Manager. Document Manager is an add-in that extends the default integration between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online. Built on the top of the latest web technologies, it provides advanced document management features to speed up daily business work.
PowerApps Connector for Kaizala Partner Management. This app connects your sales and service essentials on Microsoft PowerApps with a partner management application built on Kaizala. Include your ecosystem of partners, dealers, and more into your customer-facing processes.
ProHashTag. With ProHashtag, you can use keywords to tag customer relationship management records in Dynamics 365 and create dynamic marketing lists. Categorize your CRM records without programming.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Algolia Search and Discovery. Create relevant, scalable, lightning-fast search and discovery experiences. The Algolia platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure datacenters worldwide and reduces the complexities of building large-scale digital experiences.
AlgoSec CloudFlow. AlgoSec CloudFlow delivers visibility and security policy management across multi-cloud environments, enabling Azure customers to centrally manage network security across their Azure estate, including Azure firewalls and network security groups.
Azure Cloud Billing. Integrating seamlessly with Azure, Surveil Cloud Billing aligns cloud costs with your business billing categories. Monitor and manage your cloud spending with extensive tables and graphs that break down your daily, weekly, and monthly costs.
Cloud8 - painel de gestão multicloud. Cloud8 is a multicloud management platform focusing on cost analysis and control, workflow automation, and security auditing. This solution is available in English and Portuguese.
CloudLabs. CloudLabs helps Microsoft and cloud ISVs run hands-on labs, test-drives, proofs of concept, and more by providing lab environments for individual learners and organizations.
Coo Kai for 365. Coo Kai for Office 365 is a public cloud environment that flexibly meets Office 365 user needs through implementation, customization, and maintenance. This application is available only in Japanese.
Redis Enterprise VPC. Redis Enterprise VPC delivers a powerful multi-model database for real-time, data-driven applications on Azure. It enables you to install an enterprise-grade Redis cluster for managing and running Redis databases in a highly available geographically distributed architecture.
SAP Cloud Lift for Azure. Spin up SAP workloads in Azure for DevOps, training, or project landscapes, including scrambling and securing data at the source. Easily decide which SAP data you want to lift to the cloud, allowing you to right-size your SAP estate.
servicenav. ServiceNav is a Software-as-a-Service monitoring platform that's suitable for IT environments of all sizes and complexities. Easy to deploy and use, ServiceNav cuts costs by targeting support resources at the cause of service-impacting events.
Teradici Cloud Access Software: Azure VDI, Linux. Securely deliver high-performance workstations and applications from the cloud to any device. Cloud Access Software supports hybrid and full cloud environments, Windows or Linux virtual desktops, and GPU-based or non-GPU infrastructure.
Teradici Cloud Access Software: Azure VDI, Windows. Creative professionals worldwide depend on Teradici Cloud Access Software, powered by PC-over-IP technology, to deliver access to graphics-intensive 3-D apps and virtual workstations while your media assets remain protected.

Streamline human resources and training

astorTime. astorTime makes tracking workers’ attendance and calculating project labor costs a breeze. Equipped with a comprehensive and flexible policy engine, generating pay slips is just a click away. Encourage a feeling of belonging in your company and improve team cohesion with Comeet, which helps organize activities between employees. Documentation is available in French. The application is multi-language.
Grafik Optymalny. Grafik Optymalny's schedule records your online work time. This application is available only in Polish.
JustHappit - Free training solution. JustHappit is a freemium version of the employee training solution Happit. Happit is a Microsoft Azure-based tool that deploys as a layer on top of any HTML application to help employees learn in their own context.
LiveWell - Employee wellbeing and engagement. Reduce attrition and absenteeism and improve communication via LiveWell, a software-based employee engagement and corporate well-being platform. LiveWell offers a social, gamified, and rewards-based environment.
Rapport for HR Professionals. Rapport’s AI solution uses natural language processing and machine learning to derive how employees feel about their company and their experience of being an employee.
Woffu. Woffu helps forward-thinking businesses bring out the best in their employees with a friendly and collaborative environment where vacations, time off, HR documents, and internal communication procedures can be easily managed.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

adeptia_connect_id001. Adeptia Connect is a modern B2B application that shifts operational load from IT workers to business users while IT retains governance and is available for more productive tasks. Adeptia Connect allows your business users to onboard partners with a no-code approach.
appsolut graph. Based on the extensive capabilities of Microsoft Graph, appsolut graph provides you with a single point of access to Office 365 and an easy-to-use navigator. See the relations between documents, people, teams, and more.
Beekeeper. Beekeeper connects dispersed workforces by combining operational systems and internal communication channels within one secure, intuitive employee portal. Improve team communications, increase employee engagement, and streamline workforce management.
Blitz. With Blitz sales commission tracking software, sales, finance, and HR teams can work together to define the business rules that govern incentive plans and easily implement them with automated calculation processes.
DataGalaxy. Targeting the full scope of functional and technical aspects of data knowledge in an integrated platform, DataGalaxy provides an agile, 360-degree data catalog. DataGalaxy empowers organizations to get the best value out of their data.
Effective Teamwork. Arkano builds connected teams, encouraging creativity and collaboration. This application is available only in Spanish.
Output Management System - PLOSSYS 5. PLOSSYS 5 can handle your document and print management in public-cloud, private-cloud, or hybrid-cloud environments. Operating in the cloud enables you to simplify your IT environment, reduce costs, and increase the flexibility of your printing processes.
ParaFlow. ParaFlow manages business processes to ensure every task is performed by the right people on time and to minimize human error involved in the manual work. It integrates seamlessly with ParaDoc to automate the lifecycle of an organization's business documents.
ParaForm. ParaForm is a web-based tool that enables the creation of electronic forms. When used with ParaFlow, an organization's business process can be automated to manage the lifecycle of these electronic forms.
ParaHub. ParaHub enables secure and efficient collaboration between business partners, customers, and project team members. It facilitates instant sharing of accurate, coherent information, prompt action with informed decision making, and no disruptions to the collaboration due to participant turnover.
ParaScan. ParaScan is a scalable document-capturing solution that converts large volumes of paper-based documents to digital images. It's suitable for medium to large enterprises, offering intelligent batch processing, multilingual recognition, and more.
ParaShare. ParaShare provides a new level of control, security, and versatility for sharing business documents with external parties. Plus, if you send the wrong version of a document, ParaShare lets you retrieve or replace it. 
PEAKUP SUITE. PEAKUP's Suite is a broad set of applications that work collectively to run a business in the cloud. Human resources departments can use leave management processes with Suite to follow up on employee schedules, while IT departments can control CSP Microsoft licenses.
Velocity. Velocity is an internal collaboration hub to empower employees and encourage digital transformation. Widgets within the platform offer personalized web applications to share news and updates, check meeting room availabilities, and track tasks.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, or IoT

ablebot. ablebot is a chatbot management system that employs a Hangul-based interface targeting Korean speakers. It uses the Microsoft Azure machine learning-based service LUIS for chatbot construction and management.
AI-OCR-Application. KIP's handwriting recognition service uses Tegaki, an AI optical character recognition engine. For security, it disassembles and shuffles the form image for each item and won't release the key to outside entities. This solution is available only in Japanese.
CHACHAT-Application. KIP's CHA – CHAT application is a solution for entering and printing residence changes. You can create application information by answering simple questions with a chatbot. This solution is available only in Japanese.
craft ai. craft ai is an API that enables product and operational teams to quickly deploy and run explainable artificial intelligence. craft ai decodes your data streams to deliver self-learning services.
Customer Sales and Service Virtual Agent - Megan. Megan, Actionable Science's AI-powered virtual agent, leverages powerful process orchestration capabilities to engage with customers, solve their common issues, and quickly connect to the right human expert when needed.
Dictalogic Dictation with Artificial Intelligence. Dictate and transcribe using IBM Watson AI techniques. Dictalogic includes tools to customize and manage global dictation systems from a central console.
IoT-TICKET, THE IoT Productivity Studio. Use this modern tool suite to create large-scale Internet of Things applications. Build and manage applications, dashboards, cloud logic, and reports while leveraging big data and analytics.
Turing Virtual Assistant (BOT). Turing's multiflow and multichannel bot comes ready to use and can be integrated with customer tools like enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management.

Track your business’s sales, supply chain, employee commitment, and online performance

flooWe. flooWe is integrated with enterprise resource planning systems and allows systematic and simple reporting and incident handling. flooWe can easily be adapted to the current needs of a company and expanded with other modules.
inQuba CX. inQuba optimizes acquisition, retention, and upselling across the customer journey by deploying advanced techniques that draw insights from experiential and operational data.
Inventory, Price Optimization & Demand Forecasting. Invent Analytics is a leading inventory, pricing analytics, and forecasting solutions provider. All Invent systems are highly customized to clients’ needs.
Mentor. The Mentor content management system allows you to easily deploy and update a variety of sales content, communicate in real time, and selectively use features to support business activities using smart devices.
PurChain. PurChain is a web-based blockchain solution for transparency and traceability in your supply chain. Tokenize your loads and value your traceability data for informed decisions with an ERC721 token. This application is available only in French.
Reward Process. Accelerate your company's growth by boosting employee commitment. The Reward Process Software-as-a-Service solution increases motivation through gamification. The application can be embedded effortlessly into the client’s information system.
SalesUp Plateforme eDevis. SalesUp is a Software-as-a-Service platform dedicated to creating and following up on all your quotations. It helps companies transform traditional proposal formats into e-quotes (online quotes).
SMD. SMD provides quick access to strategic multi-dimensional analytical data, empowering business managers tracking financial performance. This product is available in Japanese only.

Keep watch with apps for security and surveillance Access-Control-as-a-Service. Control and manage secure areas and gain visibility into when and where team members use the system. Manage your employees and track absenteeism, late arrivals, and early departures from any location at the touch of a button.
Nettprotect Vulnerability Scanning. Nettprotect provides continuous insight into your global security with visibility across all IT assets. Pricing is based on your vulnerability exposure, as measured by the number of IP addresses you choose to protect.
Security Removable Media Manager. Squadra Technologies' secRMM is Windows security software that runs on workstations and servers, managing and monitoring removable media (external hard disks, USB drives, smartphones, tablets, SD cards, CD-ROMs and DVDs).

Deliver video and other media content

Eolementhe: collaborative media tool box. Eolementhe is a collaborative media toolbox to make your content ready for different purposes, including broadcast, video on demand, sales, and search engine optimization. Ingest your content and build sequential workflows by selecting the blocs.
Motionlab. Motionlab is an innovative video platform producing personalized experiences. Features include a modifiable voice-over, photos, locations, animations, subtitles, and customized scenarios.

Achieve GDPR compliance

ICONFIRM - GDPR compliance tool. ICONFIRM offers a practical approach to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, giving companies templates, a privacy portal for rights management, and a tool that links documentation to data subjects, data processors, and internal employees.

Stay up to date

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