New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 33: apps that build on Dynamics 365 and solve business challenges

AppSource is pleased to welcome 93 apps and services, many of them designed to extend Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft products you use every day.

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Industry-specific apps for retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, and more

Aimia Loyalty Platform SaaS. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Aimia Loyalty Platform SaaS provides the business logic, flexibility, and technology to enable personalization and implement and manage a successful loyalty and rewards program.
CloudBeat. CloudBeat is a hardware-agnostic, cloud-based cardiac arrhythmia monitoring solution that accommodates different modes of cardiac monitoring (short- and long-term monitoring) for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.
CORD. Yellowtail's CORD platform integrates and combines external and internal systems in a smart and flexible way to create new data-driven propositions. Integrating CORD with your front end enables you to easily retrieve data from the finance domain.
Edupac Enterprise Edition. EDUPAC Enterprise Edition is a robust online ERP software suite with integrated data flow between all divisional functions at educational institutions, including curriculum management, employee management, and a communication portal.
FINBOT - Pre-Trained Conversational AI for Banks. FINBOT for the financial industry has been pretrained with natural language models in the areas of savings accounts, loans, leasing, interest rates, credit cards, general FAQs, and even integrations with core banking and credit card applications. 
Intelligent virtual care & rehab health technology solutions. With a focus on musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiac, and cognitive care, ForaHealthyMe's virtual care solutions enable providers to remotely treat and manage patients while addressing the disconnect between physical and mental health treatment. 
Kind Heart Cloud (KHC). IMESC's Kind Heart Cloud is a cloud-based system for remote, long-term ECG analysis that allows customers around the world to receive high-quality ECG Holter analysis services without needing to buy a Holter system.
Levia. Available only in French, Levia is a conversational AI solution for retail and e-commerce that helps increase conversion rates via conversational search technology and an automated Q&A engine.
Lumachain Recipe Management. Lumachain’s Recipe Management solution enables manufacturers of foods and prepared meals to manages recipes, costs, production processes, quality and control documentation, as well as batch tracking for product recalls, to help boost efficiency and safety.
midess. The midess solution incorporates all the components required for digital education, including a dashboard for remote configuration and monitoring, an Internet filter, a classroom manager, application blocker, geolocation, and parental interaction.
MyForce - HSE. PT Astra Graphia Information Technology's MyForce HSE supports day-to-day Health and Safety Executive (HSE) operation with an easy-to-use mobile app and powerful case handling functionality.
OneConsultation for Microsoft Teams. OneConsultation is a fully managed virtual consultation service that leverages your Skype for Business or Teams deployment. It provides a secure virtual consultation room that doctors and patients can join via a web browser on smartphone, tablet, or PC.
Orion - Asset Management System. Orion is a web-based system for industrial asset management that helps companies balance performance, risk, and cost to achieve new levels of operational efficiency. This application is available in Portuguese and English.
TeleTracking. As hospitals spend hundreds of millions to install systems that move patient records, TeleTracking is positioned to add significant value to that spend by offering an interdisciplinary, real-time system that moves people and resources efficiently and safely.
Tignis Mechanical Asset Performance Management (mAPM). Tignis Mechanical Asset Performance Management helps improve the reliability and availability of assets in industrial mechanical systems. It leverages IIoT and analytics to monitor, understand, and diagnose connected mechanical systems. 
Vector Risk Service. Vector Risk's multi-tenant SaaS offering for the finance industry dramatically reduces implementation timeframes, has little project risk, requires no new IT infrastructure, and provides regulatory evergreening.

Improve efficiency and record-keeping with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Entries Source Names. The Entries Source Names extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you see the Source Name column on every ledger entry, enabling you to quickly identify and track the third party related to a transaction and export it to Excel for reporting.
Postcode Check NL. Micro Apps' free Postcode Check NL for Dynamics 365 Business Central ensures your address directory is filled correctly and automatically. Available only in the Netherlands, Postcode Check NL is continuously updated to minimize errors and keep codes up to date.
True Sky Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting. The True Sky budgeting solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central leverages the power and familiarity of Excel while providing the security, data tools, and integrations needed in an enterprise budgeting solution.

Ensure compliance with apps for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Scomply - Smart Compliance Systems. Intertec Systems' Scomply Smart Compliance Systems for Dynamics 365 Customer Service help organizations manage different types of registrations, permits, tests, fines, licenses, and more with a comprehensive, unified solution.

Optimize project management with apps for Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

PPM 365 extension for Microsoft Project for the Web. Trusted IT Group's PPM 365 extension for Microsoft Project for the web is an end-to-end project management tool with powerful features such as Kanban view, task scheduling, and more.

Manage processes and planning with apps for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

360° Real Estate Leasing for Microsoft Dynamics 365FO. Purple Window Consulting's 360° Real Estate Leasing for Dynamics 365 is a fully integrated solution designed for property operators, tenants, and owners to manage leases, cost recoveries, inspections, maintenance, safety, accounting, and purchasing.
AXAD System. The AXAD system from ANEGIS Group offers a comprehensive management solution covering all functions of media and advertising industry workflows, from sales and CRM to billing and campaign delivery.
Cost Allocation and Settlement. ANEGIS Group's Cost Allocation and Settlement module for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations automates the process of allocating and settling indirect costs. Enable settlement with real-time data, allowing in-depth and accurate financial analysis.
Dynamicon Advanced Integration. Dynamicon Advanced Integration enables organizations to achieve a fast, secure interface implementation in Dynamics 365 projects. Use cases include integrating third-party POS transactions and logistics systems with Dynamics 365.
Ecommerce for D365 Finance and Operations. Deliver consistent shopping experiences across channels and devices with Dynamicweb's enterprise-ready Ecommerce for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The solution scales to large e-commerce deployments for B2B, B2C, and customer self-service portals.
In2Scope Exstream connector for Dynamics 365. The Exstream Document Output (EDO) connector for Dynamics 365 is an XML document output framework that integrates with OpenText Exstream, replacing the AX2XML connector that was available for Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012. 
Nodetrace. Suitable for cloud and on-premises environments, Nodetrace for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a performance monitoring tool that allows you to manage your platform proactively and identify potential issues before they occur.
PTC Windchill PLM Integration. PTC Windchill PLM Integration is optimized for concurrent engineering and flexibility in creating complex BOMs. Promote greater efficiency in release and change management, and provide a single system of reference for all product and operational information.

Speed up approval processes and searchability with apps for Dynamics 365 Field Service

Cloud Nine EDO Accelerator. Cloud Nine Economic Development is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing a trusted platform and core CRM functionality such as business process flows, activities, contacts, leads, campaigns, mailing lists, and more.
Signicat Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Ensure legally binding agreements by verifying the identity of your signatories with Signicat Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Manage the entire contract signing process via Dynamics 365, dramatically improving signing times and simplifying workflows and follow-ups. 

Increase revenue with apps for Dynamics 365 Sales Payments. The free Payments app lets your customers easily pay via their favorite channel without an agent handling sensitive financial data. accepts payments via SMS, phone calls, email, WhatsApp, and the web.
ORBIS Rapid Value 4 Sales. Looking for a CRM solution with great customer engagement benefits that can be implemented quickly at a calculable cost? Based on Dynamics 365, ORBIS Rapid Value 4 Sales includes entities and option sets with preconfigured solutions for direct usability.
Relationship Charts. WaveAccess' Relationship Charts is a sales visualization application for Dynamics 365 that provides an insights-driven approach to opportunity management. Visualize relations and hierarchies between colleagues, clients, contracts, and business entities.
Unity For Dynamics. Unity for Dynamics empowers users to seamlessly search, access, and manage data across multiple systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Save on storage costs, enforce document security and lifecycles, and interact with business systems directly from Dynamics 365. 
Valorx. Valorx provides two-way connectivity between Dynamics 365 and Excel, offering a natural Excel experience for both simple and highly complex computation needs while maintaining Dynamics security and controls.
WORX Retail Banking. Cubic Information Systems' WORX Retail Banking is a purpose-built CRM solution for banking and wealth management to help all bank team members market, sell, and provide service more efficiently and effectively.

Visualize data and uncover business insights with Power BI

NGPM-Change Management. NGPM is a suite of project analytics modules, built for Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. This application is a sample dashboard for the change management module.
NGPM-Cost Management. NGPM is a suite of project analytics modules, built for Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. This application is a sample dashboard for the cost management module.
NGPM-Portfolio Analysis. NGPM is a suite of project analytics modules, built for Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. This application is a sample dashboard for the portfolio analytics module.
NGPM-Projects & Programs. NGPM is a suite of project analytics modules, built for Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. This application is a sample dashboard for the programs and project management module.
NGPM-Resources Management. NGPM is a suite of project analytics modules, built for Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. This application is a sample dashboard for the resource management module.
NGPM-Risks & Issues. NGPM is a suite of project analytics modules, built for Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. This application is a sample dashboard for the risks and issues management module.

Manage your IT assets and systems

DCbrain INeS. DCbrain's INeS platform is a software solution combining digital twin modelization (graph databases) and AI algorithms to predict, model, and optimize IT networks. This application is available only in French and English.
Hypergate Authenticator. Hypergate Authenticator delivers a seamless and secure Single Sign-On solution integrating directly with Active Directory. It leverages Kerberos to authenticate with enterprise services and apps and provide a great user experience without compromising security.
Jile: An Enterprise Agile Planning and Delivery Product. Jile is an enterprise agile DevOps offering from Tata Consultancy Services that helps companies continuously build and deliver valuable software faster. Jile was developed to help organizations transition from project-centric to product-centric delivery. 
MyA'. MyA’ (My Assistant) is a solution for digitizing IT support, consisting of a self-service portal and a mobile application that enables users become to autonomous. This application is available only in French.
NetMotion Software. NetMotion is an intelligent software solution for today's modern, mobile organizations. It works to enhance connectivity and security for users while providing complete visibility and control for IT teams.
Olympe DRAW on Azure / create enterprise apps. With the Olympe platform, teams create robust and adaptive solutions that augment existing systems while leveraging new technology. Deliver digital innovation without compromise and build an adaptive enterprise to respond better to ever-changing needs.
Refactr Platform - Radically Simple DevSecOps Automation Platform. The Refactr Platform is a DevSecOps automation platform for designing and delivering complex cloud infrastructure and applications. Enable your teams to create repeatable, software-defined automation solutions that can be deployed quickly.
Zero Incident Framework - ZIF. GAVS Technologies' Zero Incident Framework is a big data-based artificial intelligence IT operations platform that facilitates insightful data aggregation to enable service intelligence through predictive risk management.

Streamline human resources and training

BehaviorHR. BehaviorHR Job Voucher Controller enables users to create and update job postings on multiple job websites from a single screen. Streamline hiring operations with BehaviorHR. This application is available only in Japanese.
Cloud Institute. is a cloud readiness platform that uses AI, adaptive learning, and multi-modality delivery to personalize learning experiences and employee engagement, accelerate enablement and certification, and meet cloud project goals.
Timesheet. Available in Portuguese and English, the Timesheet app allows you to register your workload, automate it with approval flows, connect the data to your reporting tool (Excel, Power BI), and track workload distribution across your company in detail. 

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization - Meeting Content Management Platform. is an all-in-one solution for managing meetings that handles the entire meeting content lifecycle. Easily and intelligently capture and retrieve information to transform meeting content into valuable knowledge assets with
Beacapp Here. Beacapp Here is a cloud service that enables you to visualize locations in real time with beacons and smartphones. This application is available only in Japanese.
Condense Employee App. Condense is a communication app designed to help organizations with mobile workforces reach their goals regarding employee engagement, user adoption, enterprise-grade connectivity, and security. The multi-tenant SaaS-based data catalog maps your siloed, distributed data to familiar and consistent business concepts, creating a unified body of knowledge anyone can find, understand, and use.
Dexon BPM. Dexon BPM supports organizations in their digital transformation by enabling users to digitize any business process. Dexon BPM complies with information security standards, including PCI-DSS for the banking industry and ISO 27001.
Easy Projects. Easy Projects is an enterprise project management solution designed for marketing, IT, operations, and professional services teams. Replace spreadsheets, emails, and whiteboards with a simple workspace for everyone to collaborate effectively.
Enhanced GDPR Messaging O365. BulPros Consulting's offering provides customers with additional options and functionalities in Office 365 that help them meet the strict GDPR requirements for email systems.
Hypergate - Files - Enterprise File Access. Hypergate Files provides seamless access to on-premises network shares. Empower your users to collaborate freely with their teams and edit all types of files directly on their mobile devices without changing applications.
Inspect AR. Inspect AR optimizes and digitizes inspection processes using augmented and mixed reality. Replace manual, paper, and Excel-based checklists while increasing accuracy and traceability in your organization.
Microsoft PPM Accelerator for Power Apps. Microsoft PPM Accelerator for Power Apps installs a pre-configured instance of Power Apps that supports industry-specific standards and best practices. Help your team achieve results with enhanced project transparency, communication, and accountability.
Rapid Platform. From ideation to development, Rapid Platform's no-code, browser-based development environment enables you to build powerful applications to capture and store business data. If you can imagine it, you can prototype and build it in Rapid.
SEPPmail E-Mail Signatur und Verschlüsselung aus der Schweiz. SEPPmail offers GDPR-compliant email encryption and certificate-based signatures based on industry standards. The gateway supports common encryption standards such as S/MIME, OpenPGP, TLS, and SSL. This application is available in German.
Strategy Management Solution. The Strategy Management Solution allows executives to initiate a strategy by first defining high-level objectives and then drilling down to the required tactics, projects, teams, and budgets.
SurveyMonkey MS Teams. SurveyMonkey’s Microsoft Teams integration enables you to enhance your workflow seamlessly with live polling and notifications shared directly in your team’s channel. Stay on top of your surveys and results without leaving Teams.
TalkLine. Based on low-latency high-quality audio and video services, TalkLine provides comprehensive real-time sharing and collaboration control capabilities to ensure smooth communication in different scenarios. This application is available only in Chinese.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, machine learning, or IoT

AI Development Course. Kobe Digital Laboratory's AI development course is for AI beginners, with a focus on development rather than theory. Topics include how to use Azure Custom Vision. This service is available only in Japanese.
Alteryx Analytics Platform. Whether you are an analyst, data scientist, or someone with a passion for solving challenges, Alteryx Analytics Platform helps you address complex analytic business problems with less time and effort to drive business-changing outcomes across your organization.
Collam. Collam is a human-like chatbot that offers efficient inquiry handling with natural conversations, high-precision answers, and automatic generation of AI learning data. This application is available only in Japanese.
myveego. PT Astra Graphia Information Technology's myveego is an IoT service platform that offers everything you need to build an IoT solution. Features include end-to-end monitoring, a modular design, analytics, and advanced reporting.
Sievo Procurement Analytics. Sievo's procurement analytics solution enables large, multinational companies to turn procurement data into actionable insights. It automatically identifies opportunities to help organizations focus on strategic tasks instead of manually reviewing vast amounts of data.
Survey Insights. Survey Insights from Symanto is an AI-powered SaaS platform that enables users to analyze free text, such as open-ended survey responses, and extract key insights, including topics, opinions, and sentiment. 

Track your business’s growth, sales, and supply chain 

Connecting Food. The Connecting Food platform enables clients to connect batches of raw, semi-finished, and finished products together to provide a holistic view of a product’s journey in real time. This application is only available in French.
EasyVisit. EasyVisit is a web-based visit and route planning solution for sales teams in the field. Available only in German, EasyVisit helps reduce driving times and increase contact times by providing an optimized list of customers to visit.
FOSS. FOSS is a cross-industry, platform-independent, and fully integrated system for business tasks that offers comprehensive functionality and highly flexible modules. Control all aspects of your organization's supply chain, logistics, and finance and accounting.
Plataforma de Inteligência de Negócios Serpro. Available only in Portuguese, this solution provides public information from the National Register of Legal Entities. Get accurate company information quickly and easily, including registration status, address, economic activity, legal nature, and phone number.

Go further with consulting services from Microsoft partners

AX to Dynamics 365 Upgrade: 5-Day Assessment. enVista Enterprise Solutions provides this five-day technical and functional assessment to review your current Dynamics AX 2009 or 2012 environment and provide a clear and actionable roadmap to ensure the success of your Dynamics 365 upgrade.
BE-terna - User Experience Check: 1-Day Assessment. In this one-day assessment, BE-terna Business Solutions will analyze your current CRM environment and provide a proposal document covering how to improve the user experience in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack.
Bus Central for GP Manf Users: 2-Hr Assessment. Sabre Limited's assessment is for organizations interested in the process and effort required to move from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central. A Saber ERP consultant will assess your status and provide recommendations for the migration.
Customer Insight Accel Lite: 4-Wk Implementation. Kin and Carta Partnerships Limited's four-week implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights provides the foundations for a unified view of your customer and a data model optimized to the key business questions you need answered.
Customer Insights Accel Plus: 7-Wk Implementation. Kin and Carta Partnerships Limited's seven-week implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights will help you build a unified customer view from your critical data sources and make it accessible through Power BI.
Customer Insights Data Strategy: 4-Wk Assessment. In this four-week assessment, Kin and Carta Partnerships Limited will help you understand the opportunities your customer data provides and will teach you how to plug gaps that prevent you from using data to improve marketing performance.
Digitale Transformation Inspire: 2-Hr Assessment. In this two-hour assessment, akquinet will demonstrate how Dynamics 365 Business Central can be the first step in your organization's digital transformation, enabling new business models, automated processes, and more. This service is available only in German.
Dynamics CRM Systemanpassung Online: 3-Hr Workshop. OnDemand4U's workshop, designed for two to eight participants, will cover the CRM sales process in Dynamics 365. Available only in German, the online courses are divided into small units and include practical exercises and question-and-answer sessions.
Executive Analytics Bootcamp. Understanding advanced analytics concepts can be daunting for a non-technical audience. This engagement brings business and technical leaders together using a common language, helping promote discussion and prioritize opportunities for data science at your company.
GP to Business Central Migration: 1-Hr Briefing. JourneyTEAM's one-hour engagement will help you determine whether you should upgrade Dynamics GP to a newer version or move to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Identify the most appropriate solution and migration path for your organization's needs.
Power BI Center of Excellence: 8-Wk Implementation. Collectiv's Power BI Center of Excellence implementation will help your organization establish best practice-based standards, security, and governance processes for your enterprise data analytics and Power BI.
Power BI Dashboards in a Day. In Affirma Consulting's Power BI Dashboards in a Day offering, participants will first learn how to use Power BI desktop to author reports through a series of labs and sample data. Then they will use their own reports to compose a dashboard and learn to share it.
Power Platform Low-Risk: 10-Day Proof of Concept. AKA’s low-risk proof of concept demonstrates how Microsoft Power Platform can help your organization achieve its objectives and accelerate its vision. Build apps, automate workflows, and extend the solutions you already use with the Power Platform. 
Regression Suite Automation: 2-Wk Implementation. In this two-week engagement, Hitachi Solutions will implement the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) as part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to help expedite testing processes, updates, and modifications while reducing costs.

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