New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 37: apps that solve business challenges and build on Dynamics 365

AppSource is pleased to welcome 24 apps and services, many of them designed to solve industry-specific issues and build on Microsoft products you use every day.

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Industry-specific apps for education, manufacturing, healthcare, public transportation, and more

ClassPolicy Chrome. This Azure-based web app provides K-12 educators with tools to monitor student Chromebook devices, including monitoring student browser activity, web filtering, and creating a display poll with aggregated results.
Cycle Time Tracker for Windpower Blade Manufacturing. This web app provides production tracking and reporting for manufacturers of wind power components. Features include detailed project management reporting, support for multiple locations, and customizable processes.
Digital Twin - Pro. ExactCure provides a service for web and mobile platforms that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized patient profiles focused on drug interactions. This digital twin constantly learns to determine the efficacy of medicines for each patient. This application is available in French.
Gaia Public Transport. This Azure-based solution from Gaia System AB provides real-time passenger and service information for public transportation systems. Available in Swedish, Gaia Public Transport controls vehicle LEDs and alerts passengers via audio cues.
IGNITE Point of Sales. Available in English and Arabic, IGNITE provides cloud-based point-of-sale solutions for retail, food, and service businesses. Features include multiple registers, e-commerce integration, inventory management, employee management, and real-time reporting.
Madaster Demo Account. This web-based service from Madaster inventories real estate objects and their component materials. Madaster integrates with financial data sources to present updated values of building components, with a goal of furthering material recycling and lowering maintenance costs.

Improve compliance with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hungarian Localization. This extension from HRP Europe Kft. provides Hungarian localization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Fulfill regulatory, national standard, and compliance requirements for business in Hungary, covering taxes, sales, and reporting.
Tax Functionality Localization for Colombia. This extension from Go2Latam provides localization for Dynamics 365 Business Central for business conducted in Colombia. Be compliant with tax, accounting, and reporting requirements in multiple currencies at the national and local level.

Automate government services with apps for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

e-DARA. This service from CODE Technologies s.a.l. integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service to connect citizens with government services through mobile and web platforms. e-DARA features municipal service forms, online payment, and KPI monitoring.

Manage point-of-sales systems with apps for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Pargesoft External Pos Integration Adapter. External POS Integration Adapter from Pargesoft is a point of sale (POS) API for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, intended for restaurant and retail app development. Features include integration with multiple POS systems and detailed sales data delivery.

Improve customer experiences with apps for Dynamics 365 Sales

CloudCherry. CloudCherry is a customer experience management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provides rules-based notifications, real-time alerts, feedback collection, ticket automation, and marketing lead generation.

Boost employee wellness with apps for Teams

Health Hero For Teams. Health Hero for Microsoft Teams provides wellness challenges for employees via browser, smartphone, and tablet and captures healthy activity with pictures, point awards, and leaderboards.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Azure Governance 2.0. Available only in Spanish, this web app from Datavision Digital SA de CV provides cost monitoring, visual reporting, and estimation tools for Microsoft Azure resources. Establish standards, define policies, and audit resource usage.
Globanet Merge1. Merge1 provides e-discovery and compliance archiving by capturing communications from Office 365 applications, social media, financial messaging, text messaging, and other platforms. Features include user-defined rules, user monitoring, and target filtering.
Grvppe Cloud Backup. This service from Grvppe provides secure cloud backup and recovery of system states, virtual systems, bare metal systems, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and individual files. Features include web-based recovery, end-to-end encryption options, and bandwidth management.

Streamline human resources and training

MojoRank. MojoRank is an AI-powered web app that integrates with existing applicant tracking and human resource systems to vet résumés, match talent to jobs, and formulate screening questions.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Customer Experience Suite. Cognitiva’s customer experience solution provides AI-powered tools for healthcare, education, telecommunications, banking, and insurance companies. Solutions include digital text assistance, interactive voice response, collections, and sales. This application is available in Spanish.
People1 Digital Workplace. People1 is a digital communications solution to increase employee organizational engagement by integrating messages across Office 365, SharePoint, and other platforms. Manage content, communications, social engagement, and more.
Toastar. This add-on for Skype for Business provides real-time customer identification from CRM systems for calls or chat messages. Available in English and Dutch, Toastar integrates with customer information sources from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook, and other platforms.

Apps utilizing IoT, AI, analytics, or machine learning

Camerite - Intelligent Cloud Video Monitoring. Camerite provides technology solutions and a monitoring platform to integrate artificial intelligence and cloud storage with municipal video surveillance cameras. This application is available in Portuguese.
Intelligent Tracking Tags 4ward. Intelligent Tracking Tags is a set of web apps to control and analyze IoT devices, whether indoors or outdoors. Features include collection of georeferenced data, sensor analysis using artificial intelligence, and device control. This application is available only in Italian.
Mesh Ai. Mesh Assist Pty. Ltd. provides AI-driven conversational and business messaging solutions for customer engagement, including omnichannel deployment, contextual conversation, and lead follow-up.
Multi metering. This service solution from Enefit reads remote energy meters, analyzes data, and monitors meter networks in real time. Services range from full-service implementation of devices, network service, and data processing to software processing of existing meters.

Go further with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Japan Pre-Implementation: 1-Wk Assessment. This assessment is designed for companies that plan to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning in Japan. SYSCOM USA, Tokyo, will explain Japanese finance reporting requirements and deliver a fit/gap analysis of your implementation.

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