New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 40: apps streamline processes, deploy artificial intelligence solutions, and manage supply chains with Microsoft Dynamics 365

AppSource is pleased to welcome 81 apps, many of them designed to efficiently manage business with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Industry-specific apps for manufacturing, finance, and more

Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS). Beabloo's Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS) enables businesses to communicate with in-store customers, analyze their behavior, and create personalized and automated experiences. Cover the entire retail customer journey—from awareness to purchase and loyalty.
ARCC Platform. Connected Packaging and Connected Display from TUKU Inc. enables analysis of consumer behavior using Internet of Things devices in packaging and targeted consumer experiences for the brick-and-mortar retail industry.
BCB Disease Specific Monitoring Solutions. BCB Medical's disease-specific monitoring solutions provide clinical data for more than 100 types of diseases and their treatments. Uncover relevant insights from structured data and utilize real-world evidence to fast-track clinical decisions and trials.
BeSight Now. BeSight Now is a vertical ERP solution for the manufacturing sector, focusing on the core processes of fashion and luxury businesses. The comprehensive platform covers sales and distribution and material and product management to optimize operations and boost customer satisfaction.
ClickDimensions. ClickDimensions is an end-to-end marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that creates a seamless user experience to ensure sales, marketing, and IT staff are working together in the same system. Boost your campaigns with marketing automation, lead scoring, and more.
Fusion Phoenix. Fusion Phoenix is a core banking system for community banks and credit unions. Built entirely on Microsoft technologies, Fusion Phoenix features an open API architecture that enables financial institutions to take advantage of trends and opportunities quickly and efficiently.
Fusion Treasury Essential. Finastra's Fusion Treasury Essential helps bank treasuries maximize liquidity, manage resources centrally, control and forecast the balance sheet, and mitigate risk to optimize profitability.
FX1. This app is an end-to-end, fully integrated, enterprise hotel management system that streamlines processes for independent properties, hotel groups, and even chains. FX1 runs on both native mobile and web browsers, and focuses on such areas as front desk to booking, finance, guest services, and more.
HIVERY Propel. Propel provides space-aware optimization for retailers and consumer packaged goods operations. This app enables localization and provides AI-driven recommendations to optimize product mix.
HRLocker. Leveraging integrated cloud modules, HRLocker enhances organizational performance and greatly streamlines business, HR, and recruitment processes. HRLocker makes managing employee details, recruiting and tracking potential talent, and onboarding new employees a snap.
iSpring Learn LMS. iSpring Learn is a fully functional learning management system designed to help companies organize, manage, and automate internal training. Improve processes such as onboarding new hires, training sales reps on new products, running compliance training, and much more.
Night Drop Bag Auditing & Safety. Night Deposit Bag Auditing & Safety from Mesh Systems tracks cash-deposit bags and pouches using Bluetooth low-energy beacons embedded in the fabric. Automate notifications, locate bags and pouches, and quickly identify affected customers.
Personetics' Engagement Platform. Personetics provides this service to create customer-engagement platforms for the financial services industry. Conduct real-time financial analysis, predict individuals’ finance needs, and deliver personalized offers.
Personnel Tracking & Construction Worker Safety. An end-to-end platform, Mesh Systems’ Personnel Tracking & Construction Worker Safety solution helps businesses and enterprises easily track and monitor who enters and leaves workplaces. Simplify real-time monitoring of workers and equipment.
ScanDiags. ScanDiags provides augmented diagnoses from MRIs for musculoskeletal conditions. It interprets MRIs of all body regions for orthopedic conditions, providing AI-driven diagnoses to clinicians and radiologists.
SenseCAP LoRaWAN Wireless Network Solution. SenseCap from Shenzhen Sidi Technology Co., Ltd. provides Internet of Things devices for agricultural management, weather stations, and urban environmental monitoring for low-power, long-distance, and long-term data collection.
Senseforce IIoT Technology. Senseforce GmbH bundles four apps for the machine manufacturing industry, integrating with over 1,500 third-party applications to collect, manage, and analyze data from industrial Internet of Things devices. This app is available only in German.
YONA Tourism. YONA from YONA provides mobile apps and a service to enable augmented reality displays with additional tourist content, based on printed and physical advertising. This application is available in German.

Improve resource management and record-keeping with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

ADEPT for Dynamics 365 Business Central. ADEPT simplifies common tasks, including customer payments, deposits, and paying bills, while retaining the power to perform advanced transactions.
Advania IS Reports. Does your organization use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Iceland? Advania IS Reports updates Dynamics 365 reports to ensure your accounting follows Icelandic laws and regulations. This application works together with the Advania IS365 localization app on AppSource.
Axway Accounting Integration Suite (AI Suite). Axway Accounting Integration Suite streamlines integration between business applications and financial information systems to improve the data quality and transparency of your accounting flows while maintaining consistency and reconciliation between systems.
Collect 365. This app from Professional Advantage North America automates accounts receivable processes to streamline debt collection. Schedule collection tasks for specific customers, assign accounts across the collections team, and audit collections activity.
Inventory Register. EOS Solutions' Inventory Register application for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to print your warehouse inventory register entries in chronological order. This application is available only in Italian.
Lanham Outbound Warehouse Request. Lanham's OWR drives efficiency by prioritizing the picking and shipping of orders. Whether you ship from sales orders or need the most sophisticated directed pick warehousing processes, OWR can help you prioritize shipments.
PowerPack for Progressus. PowerPack from Progressus Europe is an extension of the Progressus PSA app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that adds functionality for project management and resource management. Integrate Outlook into workload planning, visualize resource availability, and report key operational metrics.
ReBilS. ReBilS from Multisoft Kft. centralizes data for recurring billing procedures such as subscriptions, licenses, and other periodic invoicing. Connect contracts to customers, define key invoice items, and automate invoicing by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
sBarcode. sBarcode assists employees and reduces employee training time – without the possibility of human error – by helping you bar code central operational data. Supporting all varieties of barcodes, sBarcode has a customizable barcode format that is sure to meet your needs.
Smart Dimensions. This app from SmartApps provides a way to split large transactions into smaller pieces for consistent analysis. Smart Dimensions creates default dimensions in master data tables, shows the columns of all shortcut dimensions in the general ledger, and provides an overview of transaction values.

Automate customer orders and simplify digital retail with apps for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Carbon Theme for Dynamics 365 Commerce. Carbon from Visionet Systems Inc. is a customizable online store theme for retailers who use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce digital storefronts. Realize ample screen space for products, enhance product visibility, and feature a simplified navigation experience.
Cloud4Commodities. Cloud4Commodities adds the Logistic Operations form to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, enabling you to manage your logistic operations more efficiently and view the statuses of all orders related to the same operation.
Dynamics 365 Localization for Greece. Developed with local market knowledge and business best practices that can boost users' competitive advantage, Dynamic Integrated Solutions' Greek Localization for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ensures users stay compliant with Greek legal requirements.
Essentials for Service Businesses. Essentials for Service Businesses, a project-billing and resource-management solution, automates project delivery so you can bill customers accurately, provide self-billing functionality for subcontractors, and more.
MNG Fixed Asset Solution. AXIONSPLUS' Fixed Asset module helps companies track fixed assets, print barcode labels, and generate fixed asset movement reports in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.
Prodware Customer Channel for F&O. Customer Channel from Prodware Group is an app that enables the addition of multiple customers on an order, as well as automating the electronic data interchange imports when entering customer orders.

Standardize sales and increase document security with apps for Dynamics 365 Sales

CRM Alerts. CRM Alerts enables the creation of custom alerts by phone, web, and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app. Alert users to events, facilitate one-tap approvals with PDF attachments, and send push notifications to iOS devices.
Data Integrity Automation. Data Integrity Automation gives you an instant visual representation of your records. Flexibly edit quality measure standards, filters based on data quality, and report results with easy-to-use dashboards.
MISSION CRM. MISSION CRM provides a donor-management and fundraising system built on the Common Data Model for Nonprofits, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure. Integrated with Office 365, this solution includes pre-built and customized reports, dashboards, and analytics.
Netiks 360Bank. This app from NETIKS aggregates customer data from multiple sources into a dashboard that emphasizes a one-to-one relationship between the bank and its clients. Gain insight into the customer’s lifestyle, recommend new products, and monitor alerts about customer data and activity.
ORBIS Construction ONE for Dynamics 365 CE. ConstructionONE from Orbis AG is an app for sales teams at construction supply companies that integrates with Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Power Apps. Manage stakeholders, track opportunities, and visualize key performance indicators.
ORBIS Consumer ONE. ConsumerONE from Orbis AG is a CRM app for medium-sized companies in the consumer goods industry and retail industry. Standardize sales processes, manage contracts, support point-of-sale systems, and manage promotional campaigns.
SharePoint Security Sync. This app leverages security privileges to diminish risk while storing Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents and attachments in SharePoint. Restrict users’ level of access, manage security, and realize many other security benefits.
ZIWO Dynamics 365 CRM CTI Plugin. ASWAT’s Ziwo plug-in for Dynamics 365 enables users to make and receive calls via the Ziwo service directly from Dynamics 365. Improve call response and customer satisfaction with Ziwo and Dynamics 365.

Visualize data and uncover business insights with Power BI

Social Feels COVID-19 Twitter Analysis. Social Feels analyzes Twitter conversations about COVID-19 via a continuously refreshed Power BI report. Implement advanced social listening pipelines, and analyze conversations by location, hashtags, users, and more to learn the sentiment of your audience.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Corporate Asset Auditing & Tracking. Asset Tracking Solutions from Mesh Systems uses low-energy Bluetooth devices to enable the management of employee assets within buildings and facilities. Import system data into asset-management systems, monitor environmental conditions, and report asset status.
Digi: Digital Maturity Assessment. This service from Velrada provides a survey for IT departments to assess the adoption of digital collaboration tools across an organization. Identify which teams make the least use of tools and where to focus efforts to increase tool adoption.
Mimecast Email Security for Azure Sentinel. Mimecast Workbook integrates security event data from your Mimecast tenant with Azure Sentinel’s log analytics to prioritize events, automate workflows, and help security analysts address the most critical threats.
Open iT LicenseAnalyzer2020. LicenseAnalyzer2020 from Open iT Inc. is a customizable solution that manages all aspects of license and application utilization. Report on license usage, meter license activity, and automatically harvest inactive licenses to manage costs.
PrintWayy. This app from SOUTHWAYY LTDA provides printer management for print outsourcing environments, monitoring printer alerts and automating customer invoicing. This application is available only in Portuguese.

Streamline human resources and training

apollo. Apollo from Dingheng Digital Technology Co. Ltd. provides tools for human resources management, including mobile attendance, payroll processing, and employee management. This app is available only in Chinese.
Q-Memo. Data Semantics' Q-Memo is a unified, easy-to-use request and information platform enabling employees to raise HR, IT, and other business requests. It is designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations by simplifying processes and boosting business continuity.
WorkForce TimeKeeper. WorkForce Timekeeper is a fully featured, easy-to-use staff time attendance solution. HR and management teams can easily enroll new employees into the system, monitor attendance, and approve overtime and working hours.
You Rock. You Rock is a gamification application for employee appreciation and HR engagement. You Rock connects to ERP systems to support your organization's rewards programs and helps keep employees motivated with pre-built templates for different types of appreciation.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

COCO. Hexaware's COCO is a bot for Microsoft Teams that boosts employee productivity by unifying disparate IT systems. Empower your employees to access the information they need and undertake transactions with key business functions through a unified, conversational interface.
Digital Workplace ADVANCED. Digital Workplace Advanced from Trivadis AG is a multi-platform app based on Microsoft Office 365 that integrates business applications, enables process automation, and provides interactive dashboards. Establish process governance and align applications with processes.
Digital Workplace BASIC. Digital Workplace Basic from Trivadis AG is a multi-platform app that provides a collaboration platform, an intranet news portal, and a corporate social network based on Microsoft Office 365. Centralize employee communications and enable collaboration from any location.
Digital Workplace SMART. Digital Workplace Smart from Trivadis AG is a multi-platform app enabling mobile work and enhancing the Digital Workplace Advanced product. Enhance processes with AI, deploy virtual assistants, and enable automation using the Microsoft Power Platform.
Imperf Teams Direct Routing Contact Centre. Imperf Consulting delivers unified communications services with intelligent call routing to improve enterprise routing and queueing for omnichannel contact centers.
Luware Stratus Agent - Cloud based Contact Center. Stratus Agent is a cloud-based contact center solution integrates with Microsoft Teams to provide a single application for internal and customer communications. Make custom workflows, use skill-based routing, and perform real-time reporting to optimize processes.
SOFTEL Microsoft Skype for Business Auto Answer. Auto-Answer from SOFTEL Communications Inc. extends Skype for Business for correctional institutions and medical facilities, where users may not interact with the user interface. Designate allowed users, remotely control the device, and automate answer mode.

Deploy artificial intelligence models and optimize business with these AI and IoT apps

AI-based Drawing Verification Solution DiCA. DiCA is an app that uses artificial intelligence to extract information about symbols and marks from a two-dimensional image, automating verification of images and drawings. This app is available only in Japanese.
Conversational AI Chatbot for business. MindTitan OÜ builds AI chatbots for all-day customer support based on each client’s specific use case to maximize first-contact resolution and automate the answering of over 100 questions. The chatbot can be integrated into websites, mobile apps, and other platforms.
Dimonoff Statum. Statum is an industrial IoT system that keeps track of the assets and products in your supply chains, distribution networks, and buildings. Detect statuses such as vibration, temperature, humidity, shock, movement, position, ambient light, and more to avoid waste and breakdowns.
ignio AI.WorkloadManagement. This app combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to ensure proactive workload operations. Predict and prevent SLA violations, plan for growth, and triage job failures to transform batch operations.
OpTApf. This app provides an interface to build artificial intelligence models using the Microsoft AI platform on Azure, without specialized knowledge of data science. OpTApf is available only in Japanese.
Syook InSite - Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). Syook InSite provides real-time tracking of vehicles, equipment, and people for manufacturing, healthcare, warehouse, and petroleum companies, using Internet of Things devices. View assets on a digital layout of facilities and identify underutilized assets.
TexAintelligence. This app automates text search, classification, and summarization using artificial intelligence to analyze a large number of documents. TexAintelligence is available only in Japanese.
TKW Market Insights Tool. TKW Market Insights from Tecknoworks Europe SRL identifies and categorizes digital information from competitors, regulators, and marketing campaigns. Perform complex analysis and visualize the results.
Verovis Advanced SAP Cash Forecasting. This service from verovis GmbH provides forecasts of cash inflows and outflows for finance departments, based on SAP data and Microsoft Azure machine learning. This application is available in German and English.
Wovenware Custom Chatbot. Wovenware provides custom-built chatbots and virtual assistants to provide all-day service for internal or external customers. Wovenware’s chatbots support complex questions, connect with existing systems, and integrate with popular social media platforms.

Track your business’s contracts, inventory, and data warehouses

biGenius: Data Warehouse & Big Data Automation Tool. biGENiUS from Trivadis AG provides automation for data warehouses, data lakes, and big data integrations. Simplify data modeling, generate data objects, and implement best practices to ensure data quality.
INTIME. INTIME is a virtual platform designed to streamline the management of bidding and contract administration—from the moment a new purchase requirement is received until the award of the good or service to the winning bidder. This application is available only in Spanish.
MoonDesk ImageCompare. Image Compare from MoonDesk SAS compares two design files, highlights differences, and reduces errors. This web-based service works with digital files and scanned versions, supporting JPG, PNG, and PDF image formats.
V Net Optimized Inventory and Analytics. V Net Inventory from V Net provides inventory management and analytics tools for retailers and suppliers. Forecast consumer sales across product segments, identify store trends, and maximize stock availability with this multi-platform app built on Microsoft Azure.
Viana by meldCX. Viana’s suite of AI-driven products measures how people work, shop, learn, and play in physical and digital spaces, empowering businesses to use data to make insightful business decisions.

Go further with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Palantir Foundry Contact Me Offer. This service from Palantir Technologies enables analysis and transformation of data into visualizations using open-source APIs. Build point-and-click analytics, construct advanced analytic models, and centralize data operations.
RelativityOne. This Azure-based e-discovery service from Relativity ODA LLC integrates with Office 365 to collect and manage data for litigation. RelativityOne is certified to ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA-compliant, and SOC 2 Type II-certified.

Manage cybersecurity risk and emergency communications

Cyber Risk Quantification & Cyber Liability Insurance. Cowbell Cyber’s solution maps insurable threats and risk exposures using artificial intelligence to determine the probability of threats and their impact on insurance coverage. Update risk insights and eliminate gaps in cybersecurity liability coverage.
HealthCheck by Stratum. HealthCheck is an app to track and analyze the wellness of organizational members, whether employees, students, or volunteers. Perform screening through mobile apps, visualize trending symptoms, and use anonymized data for disaster planning.
HR Assessment. Data Semantics' HR Assessment application enables employees to declare their travel history to HR and operations teams to help avoid the risk of COVID-19 transmission and ensure employee safety.

Deploy virtual and augmented reality to increase efficiency

HoloGallery. This app from Tecknoworks Europe SRL enables retailers and interior designers to visualize object arrangements with clients through Microsoft HoloLens glasses and on mobile devices. Prototype in a virtual environment to reduce costs.
Onsight Augmented Reality Platform. Onsight Augmented Reality Platform empowers workers to rapidly and securely diagnose, inspect, and manage assets – in even the most difficult industrial field environments – on a  broad range of devices. Increase operational efficiency with industrial augmented reality.

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