New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 51: apps and services to optimize business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

AppSource is pleased to welcome 41 apps and services, many of them designed to build on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Industry-specific apps for retail and healthcare

A4Retail. A4Retail from A4E OOD forecasts future sales and customer demand, enabling smart resource management. Retailers can use A4Retail to plan inventory, budgets, promotional activities, and more.
Oneview Cloud for COVID-19. This Azure-based telehealth platform from Oneview Healthcare Plc. provides a managed tablet solution to operationalize virtual care and enable digital services at the bedside. Oneview Cloud for COVID-19 can be implemented quickly using existing Wi-Fi and without on-premises servers.
Pay Later payment platform for GCC retailers. Spotti is a payments platform for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle merchants that enables shoppers to pay later, with no interest or additional cost. Spotti works with online and in-store retail environments.

Improve accounting, efficiency, and management with apps for Dynamics 365

Avanade Grant Making Solution. Grantmakers can save time and make processes more effective and transparent with Avanade Inc.'s Grant Making Solution, an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provides comprehensive management over the entire grant lifecycle.
DQS Advanced Bank Reconciliation N43. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, DQS Advanced Bank Reconciliation from Dynamics Quality Services Consulting Group S.L. allows you to automatically reconcile electronic bank statements according to Spain's N43 standard.
Dynamica Google Maps Integration 2.0. Integrate Google Maps into Microsoft Dynamics 365 with this app from Dynamica Labs. You can display the location of your contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities, as well as directly configure and save filters, all on a Google map.
iAnywhere SFA for Dynamics 365. iAnywhere from Dynamic Integrated Solutions SA is a cross-platform mobile salesforce automation app for sales and merchandising teams that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
JT Construct. JT Construct from J&T Technology Solutions LLC is an end-to-end business solution for the construction industry built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Leadership Management. Leadership Management from is an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that helps you establish methodologies such as management by objectives (MBO), management by objectives and key results (OKR), or management by projects.
Management of distribution networks - franchises. FRANCH’UP by UPPER-LINK is an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that will help you drive development and results among your franchises, cooperatives, branches, or brand networks.
Microsoft Customer Engagement - Sales Analytics. Customer Engagement Analysis from FuturIT is an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement that uses Microsoft Power BI to analyze and increase the effectiveness of sales organizations. This app is available in Dutch for the Netherlands and Belgium.
Pewól 360. Manage international payroll, deductions, and benefit records for each employee in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Pewól 360 from The Solution Consulting FZCO. Pewól 360 will provide insights into payroll expenses and help you ensure compliance with government reporting requirements.
Phased Trial Balance. Speed up your financial review process and improve the accuracy of your financial results with CHASE SOFTWARE’s Phased Trial Balance, an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app lets you view and query underlying financial transactions to identify and correct errors.
Private Practice Quotation. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and the Microsoft Healthcare Accelerator (MHA), this app from Cluster Reply supports and organizes private healthcare practices.
sToolTracker. sToolTracker from IBODigital GmbH makes tool tracking simple without leaving Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. From measuring instruments to power tools, production to IT equipment, you can integrate your tool data in Dynamics 365, optimize resources, and manage expenses.
Whitelist of VAT payers in Poland. White List of VAT Payers from GO-ERP is an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance that automates validation of bank accounts for automated payments, avoiding incorrect tax deductions for payments of more than 15,000 Polish zlotys (PLN).
Zap Notifications / Alerts. Zap Notifications from Zap Objects is a solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provides alerts based on custom entities, forms, or bell notifications.

Streamline human resources and training     

WorkplaceBuddy - your productivity buddy. WorkplaceBuddy is a free chatbot that creates a personal learning path to help you become more skilled through tips, learning offerings, and updates. You can search for learning based on product, mastery, scenario, and audience.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization     

Mimirium Surveys. Mimirium Surveys is a SaaS platform for internal surveys, communication, and voting for your organization. Built by Mimirium Ltd. to improve work engagement and satisfaction, the platform includes mobile apps and can integrate with CRM systems.
Teamflect - Manager Hub for Office 365. Teamflect from Teamblee is a manager hub for Microsoft Office 365 that is designed to help managers create high-performing and better-engaged teams. The toolkit helps recognize employees, give constructive feedback, and track tasks.
Version Control & Collaboration by Simul Docs. Simul is a service from Simul Docs that enables version control and collaboration in Microsoft Word documents. With it hosted on-premises or in the cloud, you can easily access deleted content and old versions and view what has changed, who changed it, and when.

Apps utilizing AI for big data     

Pointly. Pointly from Supper & Supper GmbH is a cloud-based software solution that manages, classifies, and analyzes big data as 3D objects. Pointly’s AI techniques enable automated classification and segmentation of data points and objects.

Go further with consulting services from Microsoft partners     

Beginner Training for Power BI: 1-Day Workshop. This beginner-level course from IronEdge Group will teach BI developers, data analysts, and data consumers how to build compelling dashboards with Microsoft Power BI. The one-day session can be conducted virtually or in person.
Data Strategy and Design: 10 Wk Assessment. IronEdge Group will assess your current business intelligence and data strategy, then recommend how to implement Microsoft Power BI. The discovery document will include best practices, mappings of business and technical processes, and more.
DAX and Data Modeling: 1-Day Workshop. In this hands-on training, IronEdge Group will teach your staff to model data and use Microsoft Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in Microsoft Power BI. The one-day session can be conducted virtually or in person.
Dynamics 365 for Logistics - 1 Hr Assessment. Advantage’s free assessment will analyze your logistics requirements, identify solutions, and provide a high-level proposal for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Dynamics 365 Online Deployment: 3-Day Workshop. Mint Management Technologies offers a three-day training course aimed at teams that support Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling you to successfully develop and deploy Dynamics 365 within your organization.
Dynamics for Healthcare - 1 Hr Assessment. Advantage’s free assessment will analyze your healthcare business requirements, identify solutions, and provide a high-level proposal for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
E-Commerce Core: 4-Wk Implementation. Parity Software (Pty) Ltd. offers small and midsize businesses an e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling them to expand product offerings through digital channels.
Explore Dynamics Customer Voice: 5- Day Workshop. This five-day virtual workshop will show your team how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to get customer feedback and launch surveys. You choose which process to target, and PwC India will work with you to build a working proof of concept.
FO Development Budget Estimation: 2-Day Assessment. GO-ERP will assess your needs and provide a detailed project proposal, including timeline, budget, and required competencies, to migrate or implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
One day with Power Platform: 1-Day Workshop. Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech a.s. will familiarize your staff with the built-in components and capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform to drive adoption in your organization. This session is available online or in person.
OneCore Business Central: 4 days Proof of Concept. AXIOM PROVIS Int. will provide a fit-gap analysis and estimated effort for implementing its OneCore For Business Central, a product management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
PAFnow Process Mining: 4-Week Proof of Concept. Process Analytics Factory GmbH will build a self-service proof of concept using its PAFnow, a process mining solution built on Microsoft Power BI. PAFnow automatically learns how your business processes work and detects any hidden deviation.
Power Apps & Power Automate: 3 Days Workshop. This accelerated training from Artware Software Solutions will help you create excellent applications integrated into your current systems without the need to write code. This offer is available to all Latin American countries, remotely or in person.
Power Apps Customization: 3 Days Assessment. In this free assessment, Xencia Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will identify your business requirements, demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps, and scope custom solutions to solve your business problems using Power Apps.
Power BI Custom Group Training. IronEdge Group offers customized training for your staff in data cleansing, report creation, and visualization techniques using Microsoft Power BI. This training can be conducted virtually or in person.
Power BI for Finance: 2-Wk Implementation. Data Bear will connect Microsoft Power BI to your finance data and build insightful reports within Microsoft Power BI Desktop. This implementation includes definition of a financial analysis solution and user training.
Power BI Rapid Report: 10-Day Proof of Concept. Jump-start a new or stalled Microsoft Power BI project by working with IronEdge Group professionals to review, model, and visualize your data in a proof of concept. The offering includes documentation for future development.
Rapid Impl BC Premium Srv: 3-Wk Implementation. MindQuad Solutions Private Limited will configure and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, including core modules for purchasing, sales, accounting, and project management. The offering includes post go-live support.
Remote Application Monitoring Tool - 2 Hr Workshop. Wipro Ltd. offers a workshop to demonstrate how its Remote Application Monitoring Tool, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, can help monitor the health of your applications and ensure business continuity during crisis situations.

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