New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 54: apps and services to improve business with analytics and Microsoft Dynamics 365

AppSource is pleased to welcome 68 apps and services, many of them designed to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Improve accounting processes and data entry with apps for Dynamics 365

Advanced Discounts. Advanced Discounts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to apply multiple discount percentages in document lines. Alterna’s app provides a unique field to input your discount formula and calculate the composed discount.
Advanced Finance Reporting for Italy. Display and print accounting and regulatory entries from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Alterna’s app, available in English and Italian. Generate reports such as VAT Register with an improved layout, VAT Register with a summary of the settlement, and more.
Advanced General Ledger. Alterna’s app lets you simulate general ledger transactions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Post G/L entries in a simulation journal, manage accruals and deferrals entries, and post simulation entries for fixed-asset depreciation.
Advanced Quality Management. Manage quality controls and nonconformity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with this app from Alterna. Define flexible rules to activate quality checks on different document types, create quality control documents, and log nonconformity and corrective actions.
Capgemini Re-Tailored. Re-Tailored enables retail digital transformation with an experience-driven, easily scalable, and global solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The omnichannel experience provides insight into customer behavior, simplified retail processes, and more.
Dadata plugin for easy data entry. The Dadata plugin from Yolva IT, formerly known as Kedva LLC, is designed for quick and easy data entry into Microsoft Dynamics 365. The plugin integrates with a third-party service and is available in Russian.
Direct Connect - API Catalogue. Direct Connect is an extension to other Connect APIs from Digital Architect Group Aps, built for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This extension simplifies API integration and provides a central hub for monitoring data transferred from external apps.
Dynamic Age Analysis. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, CHASE SOFTWARE's Dynamic Age Analysis app speeds your collection processes and helps reduce bad debt. This app will help you to keep a tight rein over your outstanding collections and keep the cash flowing.
Dynamics Checklist: fancy checklist functionality. Expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system with the Checklist app from datom GmbH. Checklist lets you simplify processes and procedures by grouping tasks and to-do lists, as well as linking users to actions.
e-Con - Engineering BOM Route Generator. e-Con Solutions’ BOM Route Generator is an add-in module for the e-Con CPQ app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With this module, you can create or import a single bill of materials (BOM) for multiple business configurations.
EJADA LOS (Loan Origination System). Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Loan Origination System (LOS) from Ejada Systems lets you manage credit and loan applications in accordance with Sharia-compliant financial practices. The system covers personal finance, housing finance, auto leases, and credit cards.
Electronic Invoice for Hungary. With this app your company can take a significant step toward a paperless office. Create and send authorized and time-stamped invoices directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and save up to 80 percent on printing, shipping, and other costs.
G-HRMS. G-HRMS from Global ITS is designed to provide customized human resources, payroll, and employee self-service in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This solution meets requirements for countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Middle East, and North Africa.
GRC 365. This solution by Axnosis supports your organization's core governance, risk, and compliance processes using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Key benefits include protection of assets; loss reduction; and improved safety, visibility, and compliance.
Lanham Inbound Container. Lanham’s Inbound Container solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you gain greater insight into your on-the-water inventory. Inbound Container provides detailed information to help you make decisions and optimize the import process.
Multi Company Inventory Report. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Novasoft’s Multi Company Inventory Report is an add-in to improve control of inventory and supply-chain planning across multiple companies.
OHS 365. This solution by Axnosis helps organizations, plants, and factories to simplify the management of occupational health and safety and to comply with legislation. Capture incidents, create investigations, and more inside this module for Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Pendo for Dynamics 365. Drive application success with Pendo, a platform for onboarding, training, and employee communications built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Pendo gives you access to a no-code digital adoption platform with customized guides, tooltips, and more.
Power BI Gold Finance Data Connector. Fenwick’s Power BI Gold for Finance provides ready-made Microsoft Power BI reports using data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Report against aspects of your general ledger, by dimensions, and more.
Power BI Gold Purchasing for Business Central. Fenwick’s Power BI Gold for Purchasing provides ready-made Microsoft Power BI reports using data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Generate reports by purchase cost, purchase quantity, outstanding orders, and more.
proMX 365 for Construction. This app from proMX AG provides extended functionality for construction suppliers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. Features include construction-specific categories, multi-project Gantt charts, project-specific budget management, and more.
Qorus for Dynamics 365. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Qorus proposal management software empowers your sales team to build customized, secure, and engaging proposals in minutes.
TALXIS Start. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, TALXIS Start from The lets you manage your team’s accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities as well as related tasks and activities in one place. This app is available only in Czech.
Wipfli Connect for Contractors. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Connect for Contractors from Wipfli LLC eliminates silos and provides a unified database to give everyone greater visibility into project performance. Information is easily accessible, allowing for enhanced responsiveness and accountability.
Wipro's D365 Virtual Visits Solution. Built for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Wipro Ltd’s Virtual Visits solution empowers remote sales and service teams by integrating guideline surveys, collaboration tools, and remote support. Sales teams can showcase products or services without visiting the client’s location.
xPayroll_GCC. Xenatus Global’s xPayroll GCC enables organizations to process and manage global payroll operations in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app monitors processing steps, calculation criteria, payment generation, and more.

Visualize data and uncover business insights with Power BI

Biapp Covid 19 Colombia. Analyze the spread of COVID-19 in Colombia and compare it with the rest of the world in a Power BI report updated daily. Available only in Spanish, the report includes daily cases, recoveries, mortality rates, and more.
BOLDBuild Project Management Analytics-Labor. Track and monitor your workforce's timesheet entries for efficient project deliveries. The Labor app tracks all timesheet entries in your workforce, enabling you to easily manage your team for efficient project timelines and deliverables.
Multichannel Attribution Dashboard - by Built on Microsoft Power BI, Multichannel Attribution Dashboard helps you understand your marketing performance in a single dashboard. The app connects with over 50 third-party analytics providers.
Trade Insights - Investment Performance. International Economics Consulting provides this free app for Microsoft Power BI, enabling exploration of more than 150 international investment flows by country. View business environment, development, and performance data along with economic growth rates.
Workplace Analytics Dashboard. Workplace Analytics from Data Maru is an app for Microsoft Power BI that answers questions about employee collaboration hours, how employees are adopting Microsoft Teams, whether Teams has replaced scheduled meetings, and more.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization  

PowerWorkplaces. GFI INFORMATIQUE SIEGE’S PowerWorkplaces provides this app for Microsoft Power Apps, allowing users to book rooms, parking lots, and workplaces as well as manage profile data. Organize workspace usage, facilitate meetings, track space disinfection, and more.
UMT360 Power PPM Quickstart. Power PPM Quickstart from UMT 360 LLC enhances Microsoft Project for the Web with advanced project portfolio management capabilities by using Microsoft Power Apps. Quickly gain visibility across your project and program portfolios.

Apps empowering AI, data collaboration, and machine learning

decentriq - Confidential Query. Confidential Query from dq technologies AG helps you deploy data collaborations in the cloud without compromising on security, speed, or scalability. Make your data collaboration simple and safe.
LTI Mosaic Agnitio. Mosaic Agnito from LTI provide a new way to manage complex, unstructured documents in varying formats and layouts by leveraging deep learning to extract required information. Understand your documents by mining entities and relationships, deriving sentiments, and more.
LTI Mosaic AI-Logistics. LTI’s Mosaic AI-Logistics is an AI-driven platform designed to enable users to build, train, deploy, and manage AI models at enterprise scale. Enjoy a collaborative workbench, AI frameworks and templates, end-to-end model management, and more.
LTI Mosaic AIOps. Mosaic AIOps from LTI uses contextual AI with asset telemetry to present a holistic view of the IT estate and spot issues in real time. Through predictive AI-led enterprise IT operations, the platform helps provide improved support and more efficient IT planning.
LTI Mosaic Catalog. LTI’s Mosaic Catalog is a web app designed for data-driven enterprises that want to discover and manage their intelligent assets. Mosaic Catalog features a contextual interface for each persona, multi-faceted asset discovery, exploration of disparate assets, and more.

Track your business’s purchasing, marketing, product management, or e-commerce

Advellence MDM and PIM powered by Riversand. Using Riversand MDM and Riversand PDM, Advellence provides a SaaS platform for master data management and product information management. This solution keeps purchasing, marketing, product management, and e-commerce information at your fingertips.

Go further with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Business Central & Proliant: 1-Hr Assessment. New Technology Research consultants will assess how your company can integrate Proliant with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The assessment includes a review of your current processes and use cases, along with an estimate for future services.
Business Central ERP, HCM & ADP: 1-Hr Assessment. JourneyTEAM offers this free assessment to discuss your current ERP system, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As part of the discussion, JourneyTEAM will evaluate gaps in your ERP, payroll, HR, and human capital management (HCM) systems.
Create your Inclusive Workplace: 5-Day Workshop. Using the ADKAR Change Management methodology, Hable will help you create an inclusive workplace with Microsoft 365. The workshop will help you achieve accessibility awareness, buy-in from key stakeholders, and organizational preparedness for sustainable change.
Customer Insights Pilot: 3-Week Implementation. Is your organization hesitating because of the uncertainties about your cloud journey? Catapult's Customer Insights Pilot will deliver a path forward at a known cost, providing a quick and low-friction way to see your vision in action.
Dynamics 365 for Distribution - 1 Hr Assessment. Advantage will bring its experience helping logistics/distribution customers implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to demonstrate how it can help your business optimize efficiency as well as improve profitability over time.
Dynamics 365 Readiness Assessment - 3 Weeks. WinWire Technologies will identify opportunities to automate your business processes and empower you to build a strategic plan for modernizing your business applications.
E-Commerce Master: 8-Wk Implementation. Parity Software (Pty) Ltd’s offering is targeted at small and midsize enterprises that want to provide their customers a personalized e-commerce experience. Parity will implement its E-Commerce Master on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for you.
Microsoft Catalyst - 1-day Envision workshop. Mint Management Technologies will deliver a Microsoft Catalyst design workshop via Microsoft Teams to focus on transforming your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.
Migrate AX to Dynamics 365: 2 Day Assessment. HSO provides this free insight into the impact that migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 will have on your processes, data, custom work, and people. Let the HSO migration assessment be the first step in your journey to the cloud.
OneCore for Business Central: 1-Hr Briefing. Learn how you can grow your small to midsize business by connecting people and processes with OneCore, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. OneCore makes finance, contracts, sales, service, and operations easier.
OneCore for Business Central: 4-Hr Assessment. Developed for the financial services industry, OneCore is designed as a modularized offering built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Learn how OneCore can be configured to fit your business needs.
ORBIS Remote Assist: 3 Day Implementation. ORBIS AG will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to quickly and easily link your service technicians, internal maintenance, and customers with your back office and home office experts.
Patient Relationship Management: Briefing 2-Hours. This no-obligation informational briefing from Cluster Reply will demonstrate Cluster Reply's Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Healthcare providers can evaluate how PRM can be applied to improve their processes.
Power Analytics Portal: 2-week Implementation. The Power Analytics Portal from Agile Analytics is a centralized place for managing and sharing all your Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards with end users in a secure and managed environment. Jump-start your Power BI and embedded analytics journey.
Power App & Power Automate: 5 Days Workshop. This Microsoft Power Apps workshop, available only in Spanish, is geared toward technical and non-technical people. It is specially designed to help participants understand the value of Power Apps and know how to implement it within their organization.
Power BI Center of Ex: 5-Wk Proof of Concept. During this engagement, Pragmatic Works will work with your organization to develop your Microsoft Power BI implementation by helping you establish a Power BI Center of Excellence. The offering includes architecture, hands-on workshops, and support.
Power BI Discovery: 3-Day Workshop. This assessment from Agile Analytics includes evaluation workshops of your environment that will result in a detailed plan for Microsoft Power BI implementation and deployment. This 3-day assessment can be held on-site or remotely.
Power BI for Distribution: 1-Hr Assessment. New Technology Research will help your distribution company quickly get value from Microsoft Power BI. The assessment includes a review of your reporting needs and data sources, as well as an estimate of future services.
Power BI for Manufacturing: 1-Hr Assessment. New Technology Research will help your manufacturing company quickly get value from Microsoft Power BI. The assessment includes a review of your reporting needs and data sources, as well as an estimate of future services.
Power BI for Real Estate: 1-Hr Assessment. New Technology Research will help your real estate company quickly get value from Microsoft Power BI. The assessment includes a review of your reporting needs and data sources, as well as an estimate of future services.
Power BI for Service: 1-Hr Assessment. New Technology Research help your service company quickly get value from Microsoft Power BI. The assessment includes a review of your reporting needs and data sources, as well as an estimate of future services.
Power BI Quick Start: 1-Hr Assessment. Learn how you can upgrade from spreadsheets and quickly get value from Microsoft Power BI with this assessment from New Technology Research. The offering includes a review of your reporting needs and data sources, as well as an estimate of future services.
Power BI training: 2 days. In this hands-on training, Sopra Steria France will introduce your team to report creation using Microsoft Power BI Desktop and the Microsoft Power BI service. The training can be provided remotely via Microsoft Teams or on-site.
Power Platform for Government: Two Hour Assessment. During this session, TechTrend Inc. will explore how your government agency or organization can effectively use the Microsoft Power Platform. Solve your workforce challenges, meet your business needs, and deploy secure apps.
Retail By Appointment - 1 Day Implementation. Manage the safety of your retail store staff and customers, while ensuring ease of shopping, by having HSO implement its Retail by Appointment shopping solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Simplify how customers schedule shopping appointments and item pickup.
Return to Workplace 5-Day Implementation Service. Mazik Global Inc. will implement Microsoft Return to the Workplace using the Microsoft Power Platform, helping your business reopen safely. Mazik uses rapid implementation methodologies so you can start seeing value fast.
User Adoption Improvement: 5-Days Assessment. Cluster Reply will provide you with a strategy to assess and increase user adoption of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. The assessment includes the first two phases of user-adoption strategy: goal-setting and state-of-the-art measurement of adoption.
Workplace Return Accelerator - 2-wk Implementation. Protiviti will implement its Return to Work Accelerator, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, to provide a workspace management solution. Schedule, automate, and streamline office visits, third-party access, travel requests, and employee health tracking.
Workplace Wizard Power App: 1-Wk Implementation. HSO will implement its Workplace Wizard Power App, using Microsoft Power Automate. The app helps your employees reserve office workspaces and comply with COVID-19 safety rules.

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