New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 7: apps for Dynamics 365 and apps targeting specific industries

AppSource is pleased to welcome 186 apps and services, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific issues or add functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Industry-specific apps for retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, marketing, and aviation

Adbox. Adbox allows retail stores and other businesses to broadcast advertising that is most suitable for each visitor, as well as use augmented reality and interactive scripts to attract their attention.
AdminSchool. AdminSchool lets you effectively manage all the departments of your educational institution and communicate with parents and students. This application is currently available only in Spanish.
AMCS Platform. AMCS Platform enables companies in the waste and recycling industry to operate smarter through its integration of six solutions: analytics, vehicle technology, mobile workforce, enterprise management, intelligent optimization, and digital engagement.
Amperity - Intelligent Customer Data Platform. Amperity empowers global consumer brands through a new approach to identity resolution that leverages machine learning and the power of the cloud to build complete profiles from customer data.
Ari. Ari is an all-in-one software solution for modern-day retailers. It covers each process, from procurement to inventory management to sales.
asBUILT Vault. asBUILT’s VAULT brings together all your construction information into a secure, centralized, and collaborative environment. Reference all your project photos with 360-degree imagery and incorporate Microsoft Power BI.
Augusta. Augusta is a biomedical AI and machine learning framework designed to simplify and automate data science workflows. Common use cases include drug discovery and development; diagnostics and precision medicine; and patient outcome prediction and stratification.
Beneylu School. Beneylu School brings together 26 applications and 500 digital resources for primary school classrooms. Highly illustrated, Beneylu School is intuitive even for very young children, and it works at school or at home.
BEYE Banking Executive Dashboard Solution. Decision-making can be complex in today’s global banking sector. BEYE makes it easier for C-level executives and middle managers through a business intelligence and performance management solution equipped with hundreds of pre-built KPIs.
BlueRush IndiVideo. Building on more than 10 years of experience creating engaging digital journeys for innovative financial institutions, BlueRush created IndiVideo, a content experience designed to engage customers through visual storytelling.
Cabexpert Multimag. Cabexpert Multimag by CMV Informatics is a centralized store management solution that saves companies time and increases profitability.
Cabexpert Pricing. Cabexpert Pricing simulates scenarios to measure the impact of your pricing strategy on your economic performance. Refine your brand's strategy and improve your competitive positioning.
Care Command Center - Healthcare. The Care Command Center is a highly adaptable suite of visual and communication tools to boost efficiency, resource utilization, and cost containment by replacing wasteful and disruptive processes with harmonious and responsive patient flow.
CETAS FOS365. FOS365 helps you manage food orders and delivery with online modules and mobile capabilities. The POSlite module gives restaurant owners a simple point-of-sale system, and FOS365 integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Core Hindsight. Rapidly transform your banking in the cloud or on-premises with Core Hindsight's prepackaged, highly configurable, AI-enabled accelerator modules for all aspects of banking and financial services.
COREIoT Asset Tracking. Get instant insights about your equipment's location, health, dwell time, and more. COREIoT Asset Tracking helps manufacturers and other businesses cost-effectively keep track of valuable assets.
COREIoT Condition Monitoring. ECSG's end-to-end turnkey solution allows you to continuously monitor your equipment's health, enabling you to increase equipment uptime, production rates, and overall operational effectiveness.
Credit Control Cockpit. The Credit Control Cockpit provides clear information about the age of invoices and the outstanding activities per credit controller, with real-time updating.
Debmedia. Debmedia offers customer experience management solutions for companies to manage their brick-and-mortar stores. Through Debmedia, companies can optimize queues, monitor, and obtain deep analytics of their branches. This application is available only in Spanish.
Digital Asset Management & MRM by Wedia. Wedia's platform provides digital asset management, distributed marketing management, digital experience management, and creative project and content management so that brands can better deliver their marketing media.
DigitalReach. DigitalReach is a content engagement platform for financial advisors that aligns sales, marketing, and compliance. Empower your advisors and make each touchpoint more impactful.
District Analyser. Fully utilize your network with Kamstrup's analytical tools for water utilities. Your meter data is automatically organized, visualized, and analyzed to give you a total overview of your distribution network.
Dugga. Dugga is a flexible, easy-to-use, secure digital system for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations. Dugga enables better assessment of knowledge, skills, and capabilities through technology.
EAGLEi. Using footage from existing CCTV cameras in brick-and-mortar retail stores, EAGLEi's artificial intelligence collects and analyzes data on customer traffic to improve store performance and customer experiences.
E-commerce Solution Development. This e-commerce platform by WaveAccess connects online and offline retail points. It's based on machine learning and features a content discovery engine, a built-in payment system, ad personalization, and more.
FileVision Health. FileVision Health enhances continuity of care and improves health outcomes, and it provides more convenient access to clinical and operational services.
Grado Online School System. Kick-start your student enlistment with Grado. Monitor activities in real time for quick coordination and conflict resolution, and process more transactions with less wait time after configuring school requirements and student eligibility.
HxGN OnCall Public Safety Solution. With HxGN OnCall Dispatch, emergency services and dispatch centers can improve performance, maximize their information technology investments, and provide the public with better, more responsive service.
IFS Automation Platform. IFS Automation Platform is designed for independent broker dealers, broker dealer networks, wealth management companies, and insurance organizations. It enables firms to automate processes around onboarding, account maintenance, and asset movement.
illico. illico's built-in workflows, optimized features, and multi-channel support empower public-sector teams to accelerate processes, simplify content and mail management, and improve community engagement. This application is available only in French.
Insurance Analytics Platform. Centric Consulting's Insurance Analytics Platform is a pre-engineered, value-driven solution powering the business insights that drive premium growth, retention, and operational efficiency.
Intake+. Simplify the application process for your funding initiatives with Intake+, a government client portal for grants and contract management.
InvestmentRight. InvestmentRight is a set of engagement solutions for wealth management and investment banking. Expand digital client engagement or quickly and easily create a new proposition.
LDCOM. Logical Data's LDCOM system is a complete solution for retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers that allows them to manage their marketing strategies and analyze results in real time. This app is available only in Spanish.
Look Who's Charging - Transaction Enrichment. Using AI and machine learning, Look Who’s Charging can return up to 150 data fields on a merchant based solely on a bank statement description.
Magenta. Magenta solutions help manage logistics operations in the banking industry, serving such areas as debt collection, ATM services, field sales, field customer service, cash and valuables in transit, and internal logistics and card delivery.
Manifest Quick Start. Manifest Quick Start is a comprehensive package that enables companies to rapidly deploy and evaluate Manifest, a 3-D solution for compliance, inspection, and field service that uses Microsoft HoloLens.
Obvy: Paiement sécurisé. Obvy is a universal payment solution that integrates with websites, protecting customers from scams and malicious activity. This application is available only in French.
OpenBack Smart Push Notifications & In-App. Build powerful marketing campaigns leveraging more than 40 device triggers to deliver interactive and personalized messages that can increase your click-through rate by 10 times.
PAREXEL InSight - Regulatory Information Management. Life science companies trust LIQUENT InSight for regulatory information. The platform is invaluable for regulatory planning, product detail management, dossier management, project planning, and more.
Persimmony Electronic Case Management. Persimmony's case management software increases compliance, reduces billing errors, and maintains audit-ready status. Persimmony focuses on the case management departments of local, state, and federal governmental agencies.
PRO.Display. PRO.Display, an image recognition app, measures your retail store activities with more than 99 percent accuracy. Measure and review key performance indicators.
QueroQuitar. QueroQuitar functions as an online negotiation table between debtors and creditors. The web platform is aimed at recovering corporate credits while preserving good relations with consumers. This app is available only in Portuguese.
Quris - Clinical Guidelines. The Quris platform allows organizations to better manage clinical decision support resources, including local guidelines, handbooks, protocols, algorithms, pathways, medical calculators, scoring tools, and forms.
Real-time operation for cities & utilities. InfoTiles, a real-time Software-as-a-Service solution for cities and utilities, streams data from sensors, open data sources, plants, systems, and machines.
Replenium Auto-Replenishment Platform. Replenium delivers a turnkey auto-replenishment platform to drive product subscriptions, smart order/reorder recommendations, and long-term customer retention for retailers and brands.
RLS Interaction. RLS Interaction, a service for verifying the results of pairwise drug interactions, improves the quality of information support for doctors. This application is available only in Russian.
Satellogic Earth Observation AI Solutions. Satellogic is building a fleet of small satellites to produce affordable commercial-grade data for decision-making in a range of industrial and government applications. The goal is to enable a real-time understanding of the planet.
Search and Merchandising. Celebros' technologies use advanced semantic algorithms to improve conversion from search, turning more visitors into paying customers.
Shareablee PowerRankings. Shareablee’s PowerRankings product provides an audience-centric metrics set for researchers, brands, agencies, publishers, and marketers to quantify social performance in a holistic, cross-platform view.
Smart Manufacturing. ThingTrax's smart manufacturing platform, via plug-and-play hardware, enables manufacturers to connect machines, labor, and processes in minutes.
Smart Treasury Management Solution. EFS by Groupe AZUR is a smart treasury management Software-as-a-Service solution. EFS focuses on banking connectivity, strategic liquidity planning, financial risk management, and a smart rolling forecast.
SSB Central Intelligence. SSB’s Central Intelligence platform establishes an Azure-based master data management ecosystem that enables universities to make accurate decisions and address critical data issues.
tactileo. Tactileo is a digital learning platform for primary and secondary education. Create content, share learning paths, evaluate activities, and access its resource bank. This application is available only in French.
ThingWorx for Azure. ThingWorx apps help you improve operational efficiency and workforce productivity across the shop floor. Deploy ThingWorx industrial IoT on Microsoft Azure to accelerate your company’s digital transformation with speed, scale, and security.
Trade Promotion & Profitability Management. This solution provides real-time forecasting for emerging markets of consumer goods producers. It uses Dynamics 365 for Sales, Power BI Embedded, and Azure Machine Learning to enhance your trade promotion, sales volumes, and margins.
Trafinas. Trafinas is a robotic process automation solution developed for trade finance transactions. Trafinas uses optical character recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning to extract data from scanned documents and help users make informed decisions.
Unified Commerce Module. Headstart Global's Unified Commerce Module offers retailers a seamless connector between the Magento's e-commerce platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Veritone IDentify. Veritone IDentify lets law enforcement agencies harness the power of their booking database to identify suspects faster. Facial recognition AI engines enable users to rapidly extract actionable insights from video evidence used in investigations.
Veritone Redact. Law enforcement and judicial agencies can save time and increase productivity with Veritone's turnkey solution powered by AI. Veritone Redact automates the redaction of faces and sensitive information within audio, video, and image-based evidence.
VieCure. VCurePrecision by VieCure is an electronic medical record platform that helps oncologists generate patient-specific treatment plans in real time using a state-of-the-art clinical inference engine.
Wiseleap Deicing Manager. Emyode's comprehensive data management software captures, stores, and analyzes aircraft deicing operations, helping aviation professionals reduce flight delays.

Customize, analyze, and optimize with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automated Order Processing. Improve order fulfillment times by eliminating manual order entry. Instantly turn PDF purchase orders into sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Badger. Badger for Microsoft Power BI enables you to start analyzing your business the same day you install it. All the necessary links, measures, and dimensions for your Dynamics 365 Business Central data are already created. This app is currently supported only in Sweden.
Clever Promotions. Clever Promotions by Clever Dynamics provides a quick and easy environment to manage upselling and to encourage customers to keep coming back. This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Commission Management. This extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central is optimized for companies that want to bring transparency into their commission processes, need a flexible system, want to provide individual commissions, and differentiate between salespeople and representatives.
Custom Defined Fields. The Custom Defined Fields app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to add up to 32 custom fields, with no coding required.
Infopank Risk Factor localization for Estonia. This app for Dynamics 365 Business Central makes conducting a background check easy and convenient. Risk Factor gives each company a risk assessment and credit limit recommendation.
Journal Controls. The Journal Controls extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central applies the program's maker-checker concept to accounting journal entries.
Naviceram (ES). Naviceram's app built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a complete management solution for companies in the tile industry. This app is currently supported in Spain.
Naviceram (US). Naviceram's app built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a complete management solution for companies in the tile industry. This app is currently supported in the United States.
Pacejet Enterprise Shipping. Pacejet connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to carriers in real time, consolidates your outdated shipping systems, and connects your shipping data with all of the important data in your ERP.
Pagero E-Invoicing. Send all your invoices directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central to your customers around the world, whether they're private-sector or public-sector entities. Pagero also offers automatic format conversion to all European Union standards.
Purchase Planning. Amerdian's Purchase Planning app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides real-time visibility over warehouse operations and helps you calculate the supply and the demand of required materials.
Soft4Lessee for IFRS 16/ASC 842/AASB 16. Soft4's lease accounting software for Dynamics 365 Business Central supports IFRS 16/AASB 16 standards. Simplify compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standard and the Australian Accounting Standards Board.
TrueCommerce EDI and eCommerce (DK). TrueCommerce's electronic data interchange and e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central connects and integrates your business across the supply chain.
VAT and Withholding Tax Localization for Thailand. AVISIONTH's localization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central complies with the tax laws and regulations of Thailand.
Visual Resource Viewer. NETRONIC's Visual Resource Viewer for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central controls and optimizes your resources with the help of a visual planning board.

Manage documents, shipping, and more with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Factor AR Management – Factoring made easy. Visionet's solution extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations modules for accounts receivable and credit and collection to provide the required functionality for AR/invoice factoring.
KCP Dominican Republic Localization D365 F&O. This localization pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations enables users to comply with the accounting and tax requirements of the Dominican Republic.
Milestone Tracking. Milestone Tracking extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations' procurement and sourcing vendor collaboration modules to provide collaborative milestone tracking.
Pacejet Shipping Software. Pacejet integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to extend your shipping capabilities. Pacejet provides management of parcel, freight, third-party logistics, regional carriers, and other shipping services.
Prodware - Wholesale and Distribution Solution. Wholesale and Distribution is a sector-specific solution built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. It helps companies respond better to a changing supply chain and the demands of the modern customer.

Plan events and accelerate partner recruitment with apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Event Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Event Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is designed for professional event organizers. Plan your budget, record payments, view activities by time slots, and streamline your working process.
Impartner PRM. This partner relationship management (PRM) solution with native integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can optimize and accelerate partner recruitment, cooperative marketing, and more. It's easy to adopt, quick to deploy, and simple to customize.
KORUS CRM | Calendar. KORUS CRM | Calendar is a convenient tool to plan managers’ activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365. With this solution, superiors can control staff actions while managers operate via a familiar and intuitive planner interface within the CRM.
RapidStartCRM Referral. RapidStartCRM Referral is a simple CRM powered by and certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. RapidStartCRM can be customized and extended to meet your needs.
SLERT_D365menu. Easily make reports in Excel and create a report of an Excel file from a record in Microsoft Dynamics 365. At the same time, you can take advantage of the ease of data mapping by specifying data fields and cell positions on an Excel sheet.

Gather and scrutinize data with apps for Microsoft Power BI

Bromcom MAT Vision Analytics (Preview). MAT Vision Analytics for Microsoft Power BI lets users view and gather school data, such as attendance, behavior, and attainment data, and then interrogate it with embedded dashboards and advanced reporting tools.
Claims Manager (Preview). Explore and monitor claims management metrics and financial data in Microsoft Power BI by connecting to your Claims Manager data. With the Claims Manager template app, you get a Power BI dashboard and reports with key insights.
Spotlight Cloud Reports (Preview). The Spotlight Cloud Reports template app for Microsoft Power BI connects you to the performance data Spotlight Cloud has collected while monitoring your SQL Server and Windows Server infrastructure.

Expand the capabilities of SharePoint

Contract Management Software Office 365. This add-in built on Microsoft SharePoint streamlines the contract management lifecycle, including how contracts are requested, drafted, reviewed, negotiated, approved, signed, stored, and renewed.
ConvergePoint Policy and Procedure Management 365. This add-in for Microsoft SharePoint offers an easy and affordable way for organizations of all sizes to manage the lifecycle of policies and procedures.
Disclosures - Conflict of Interest Software. ConvergePoint's add-in enables organizations to manage intuitive smart custom disclosure forms, review disclosures, and manage conflicts with automated email alerts, search, reporting, and dashboards.
Incident Management Software - Safety & Case Mgmt. Manage accidents, fraud, corruption, harassment, discrimination, and any other incident quickly and efficiently with ConvergePoint's add-in for SharePoint.
Power BI Collaboration. View your Microsoft Power BI items within SharePoint with the Ataira SharePoint Power BI Group Collaboration add-in. Send notifications to your corporate groups and teams, add follow-up actions, and embed Power BI links.
Power BI Collaboration Connector. Keep your team updated with notifications on your Microsoft Power BI items, documents, links, and assigned actions. This connector requires the Power BI Collaboration SharePoint add-in.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Apptimized Assess. As a Software-as-a-Service platform hosted on Microsoft Azure, Apptimized Assess provides 24/7 availability for your app test center in an easy-to-use package. Enable business units to contribute to the testing process and slash your testing times.
Apptimized Evergreen. Automate testing at scale of Windows-based apps in the course of Windows 10 migrations as well as the lift-and-shift of legacy or on-premises apps into the cloud.
Bunifu Framework - Visual Studio .NET UI tools. Bunifu UI controls help you build awesome desktop application interfaces and reduce development time for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET software developers. Bunifu's solution currently targets the C# and VB.NET languages.
ChatBot: Proof of Concept. LiveTiles Bots is an intuitive web-based tool that enables you to create customizable virtual assistants. In this offer, LiveTiles' service partner, CloudScale, will create a proof of concept to help you visualize bots for your organization.
Coretek Azure Management Suite. With the Azure Management Suite from Coretek, you can manage your subscriptions, provide advanced reporting, and display real-time consumption cost based on department and projects.
CortexOne. Using the cloud infrastructure and tools of Microsoft Azure, CortexOne simplifies and automates complex configuration processes, and it enables rapid and secure website creation, versioning, and editing using an intuitive interface.
Cyberfish Phishing Protection for Office 365. Cyberfish visual analysis technology allows you to detect new phishing attacks in real time without relying on outdated blacklist technology. Cyberfish stops spear phishing, credential harvesting, attachment phishing, and more.
Dremio. Dremio enables business analysts and data scientists to explore and analyze data at any time – regardless of its location, size, or structure – using their favorite tools, including Microsoft Power BI, Python, and R. 
Managed Security Services. AhnLab offers integrated and comprehensive security monitoring and management services for Microsoft Azure, protecting clients’ corporate information assets from ever-increasing security threats.
Power365. Built on Microsoft Azure, Power365 provides a secure, compliant migration experience, solving even the most complex enterprise transformations.
Quantum Whisper. Quantum Whisper connects support and development teams by integrating disparate line-of-business systems. The most common scenario is the escalation of bugs or issues captured by support workers that require development resources to fix.

Streamline human resources and training

BlockSkill LMS. BlockSkill is a cloud-based learning management system that enables organizations to create interactive corporate open online courses (COOC).
Certifications Delivered on Compass. Compass, secure browser-based software using Microsoft Azure, provides a simple and easy way to launch a Certiport certification exam.
GMetrix SMS. Become a Microsoft Office specialist and get your résumé noticed. GMetrix's practice tests provide users with the tools to pass the official Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.
meetroo entree - digital adoption center. Meetroo Entree is a digital adoption platform for Microsoft Office 365. It helps employees build awareness and skills by suggesting training and tips through an easy-to-access portal.
Neojob. With geolocation, algorithms, and interconnection with information systems, Neojob enables job seekers to easily create a CV and then match it to corresponding offers defined by recruiters. This application is available only in French.
okKoala. okKoala combines professional security audits and interactive online training. It carries out simulated phishing attacks to check data security and educate your employees. This application is available only in Polish.
Qarrot Employee Recognition. Qarrot is a complete recognition software solution for small to mid-sized businesses. It features award campaigns, a social feed, role-based point budgets, and a global reward catalog with more than 200 leading brands.
Technadopt. Technadopt is a web platform that facilitates the launch of technologies and enablement of end users by providing an organized, structured interface for videos, tutorials, documents, images, webinars, and more.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

AEON. AEON is a powerful, secure business process management platform. AEON is configurable to support the automation of project management, document generation, acquisition management, vendor engagement, and more.
Autenti. Autenti is a platform for approval of documents and signing contracts online. It transforms business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions into e-commerce and increases sales with one-click e-signatures.
AutoCollect document collection system. AutoCollect streamlines the collection of information and documents from clients and facilitates the process for the company requesting the information. AutoCollect increases accuracy and efficiency.
AXISCOPE DIGITAL SOURCING PLATFORM. AXISCOPE DIGITAL SOURCING PLATFORM, available only in French, makes it possible to automate and digitize purchasing processes. It connects buyers to internal customers as well as to suppliers to improve collaboration.
Basware CloudScan. Basware CloudScan lets you send and receive orders, invoices, credit notes, and catalogs quickly, simply, and with fewer errors. The network is used by more than 1 million organizations across more than 100 countries.
BirdDog by ASURiO. BirdDog by ASURiO is a cloud-based mobile inspection and data collection system. BirdDog is versatile and easily configurable for multiple industries, regions, and inspection and data collection needs. - Modern BI, ML & AI for SaaS Applications. is a business intelligence platform for SaaS-based solutions that do not have interactive dashboards and advanced analytics capabilities built in. Use's pre-built solutions to get your dashboards up in minutes.
Business b-ridge. Business b-ridge, available only in Japanese, allows you to create apps with no code. Securely build apps without slowing down your business, and connect business processes that have been divided between departments and companies.
Carizma - Contract Management System by AXICOS. With Carizma - Contract Management System by AXICOS, manage your contracts from first negotiations all the way to contract expiration. Manage and control contractual obligations and risks over time.
Carizma First - Document Automation by AXICOS. Carizma First - Document Automation by AXICOS lets users automatically create contracts, rental agreements, quotations, invoices, and more. With Carizma First, document creation is simplified.
ciao. Ciao, available only in Korean, provides Unified Communications-as-a-Service, making it feel like you are sitting right next to each other. Make voice or video calls or share your screen right from your Ciao web or desktop apps. 
Elise Cloud. Elise Cloud, available only in French, provides an integrated document and information management platform to facilitate collaboration between teams. Break down information silos and get a 360-degree view of your files to increase productivity.
Genialcloud Facsys. Genialcloud Facsys lets you share information, manage your workflow, and collaborate anytime and anywhere. It also stores everything securely, with a client tool that manages legally compliant storage.
IsCapex. IsCapex is end-to-end transformation management software. Identify with greater certainty which ideas will deliver optimum ROI. Know which projects to start and which to refuse based on available resources and strategy.
Meeting 365 - Manage your meetings in Office 365. Meeting 365 supports online meetings and enables organizations to efficiently conduct them using Office 365. Set the agenda, share documents, administrate decisions, and distribute tasks across the team.
Migreat!. Migreat! standardizes project management processes with standard or custom template project types. Migreat! generates full transparency on project status, health, progress, and all elements of the project management triangle for all levels within your organization. 
PBX Asterisk + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration. PBX Asterisk + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration combines PBX Asterisk with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Call your customer directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a single mouse click.
Peg@sus. Peg@sus, available only in Spanish, uses service-oriented business architecture for the adoption of a real paperless office. This is achieved through the centralized handling of all matters and files, adapted to the dynamic workflows in your organization.
PROOM. PROOM is a digital platform that allows companies to quickly and easily exchange confidential information and collaborate externally. With PROOM, documents can be exchanged in a confidential and controlled manner.
Prosperi PPMfast. Prosperi PPMfast provides rapid deployment templates for immediate adoption of Microsoft PPM. These templates fit the best practices of most organizations, based on years of Prosperi's implementation experience.
Smart Approvals for Office 365. Smart Approvals allows you to initiate approval requests directly within Word, Outlook, or Excel using your existing company forms, or quickly customize the included best-practice templates.
Smart Minds FaciliApp. FaciliApp provides facility management companies the ability to track leads and manage contacts, raise service requests, assign tasks to employees, and invoice clients.
YeeFlow for Microsoft Office 365. YeeFlow is a cloud-based subscription service for business process management. With YeeFlow, you can easily create workflows and online forms and manage business data with no code required.
Zenvoices. Zenvoices, available only in Dutch, automatically recognizes invoices and receipts, then processes them in leading accounting packages. With Zenvoices, you decide to what extent you want to automate the process, from receipt to booking.

Apps utilizing AI, mixed reality, or IoT

Arrobview Coro. Visualize the user experience and transform your marketing with this artificial intelligence tool that analyzes people's emotions and employs Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. This application is available only in Japanese.
CCMS. Using natural simulation dialogue techniques through modeling and knowledge accumulation in Microsoft LUIS, this AI system gathers data during a conversation and provides an appropriate answer to the situation.
Cl@ud.IA - Plataforma Conversacional. Cl@ud.IA is a conversational AI platform built on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. Interpret your clients' interactions and analyze their feelings. This application is available only in Spanish.
DeviceTone IoT-Enablement Solution for Azure IoT. DeviceTone is a ready-to-run IoT enablement solution for creating smart connected products. It empowers companies and IoT systems integrators to deliver products that can be deployed, managed, and secured at scale.
HEROZ Kishin Monitor. HEROZ Kishin Monitor is an automatic monitoring and anomaly detection tool based on time series analysis of data using artificial intelligence. This application is available only in Japanese.
HoloMeeting SaaS. HoloMeeting is a remote collaboration solution for Microsoft HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft Surface Hub, and more. It supports 60 different file types. Share, view, and amend 3-D models.
Object Tracking System. Analyze customer emotions, watch for unauthorized activities, or record employee actions to simplify frequently repeated operations. This application is available only in Russian.
Operational AI Platform. Use the Peltarion operational AI platform to develop, manage, and deploy deep learning models, with support for a broad range of use cases and methodologies.
SaneBox. SaneBox uses AI technology and an intelligent algorithm to filter emails based on your customization and training preferences. The Office 365 add-on is private and secure, reading only headers and not the email's body content.
TIIZ ChatBot. TIIZ ChatBot is a conversational AI platform that interacts with users via rules or Microsoft Azure AI on chat interfaces.
Trask BabelFish. Trask Solutions' app transcribes and translates speech. The speaker simply needs to attach a microphone to a web browser. The system also takes into account non-native speakers' pronunciation.

Track your business’s sales, service, contracts, and communications

Care Command Center - Heavy Truck. Care Command Center - Heavy Truck enables companies to manage the service experience from start to finish. With wide-ranging shop loading and workflow management capabilities, CCC-HT users identify inefficiencies in real time and adjust accordingly.
Compositeur Digital. Compositeur Digital UX enhances professional presentations in face-to-face meetings. Leverage all your existing files (PDF, PowerPoint, images, videos) to achieve added sales or boost collaboration.
ConMas i-Reporter for Azure. ConMas i-Reporter for Azure, available only in Japanese, delivers a paperless "on-the-spot report" record. View related documents such as drawings and procedures at the same time with the document management function.
DataWalk Data Analysis Software. The DataWalk Data Analysis Software platform links your data together in one database. Quickly find patterns, anomalies, and bad actors, even if you have billions of records. Instantly analyze via visual queries, link analysis, and geospatial analysis.
Digital Tax Solutions - Electronic Invoicing. Pegaso Technologia's digital tax solutions suite serves the needs of automotive, retail, health, banking, technology, and other sectors. This application is available only in Spanish.
EchoBus Content Management System. This enterprise-level publishing tool manages your large number of pages and sections. Using EchoBus CMS requires zero technical skills or background, and it comes with a wide range of plug-and-play modules.
Emigo Integra. Emigo Integra is responsible for forwarding orders placed via the Emigo Mobile Terminal to the sales systems of distributors. This process is fully automated. Integra combines most distributor systems from various branches in one network.
Genialcloud Analysis. Genialcloud Analysis lets you visualize data, discover trends, and share findings using Master File Foundation, Analysis Dashboard, Genialcloud Connectors, XLS Connectors, Powerviews, Standard Connectors, and more.
Genialcloud Proj. Genialcloud Proj is a self-service cloud ERP solution to optimize your processes and functions. Genialcloud Proj Professional includes Master File Foundation; Accounting, Finance, Control; Sales, Marketing, Support – CRM; Sales, Purchase, Distribution; and more.
GoodMeeting. GoodMeeting is fully integrated with Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and your smartphone, meaning you can finally find a meeting space at the right location with the right equipment and ensure that it will be booked for you.
Luware Stratus Team. Luware Stratus Team offers call queuing functionality via federation from the Luware Cloud, with no requirement for on-premises equipment by the customer. Stratus seamlessly distributes calls to Microsoft Teams users based on their presence status.
Netways Correspondence Management System. Netways Correspondence Management System, available only in Arabic, allows correspondence routing and archiving through a process that gives companies visibility and control over their correspondence, including tracking escalation.
Playbooks for Dynamics. Playbooks for Dynamics enables intelligent, cadence-based prospecting through structured "plays," or contact strategies that leverage phone, email, voicemail, social, and custom steps. Prioritize people, accounts, contact methods, and timing.
PublishOne. PublishOne is a content creation, management, and publication solution used by major businesses, educational publishers, technology providers, and government institutions. It's a highly configurable SaaS app for companies of any size.
Q-Action: Enterprise Content & Workflow Management. This solution delivers an out-of-the-box enterprise content management framework called Q-Action and industry-specific solutions that are easily configured and integrated into an organization’s environment and objectives.
RapidStartCRM PowerApp. RapidStartCRM PowerApp provides the basic features you need to get started with Microsoft Business Applications. RapidStartCRM is an end-to-end simplified CRM app built entirely on the Common Data Service, utilizing the new Unified Interface.
SaaS DQM Adresses. SaaS DQM Adresses, available only in French, allows users to make postal corrections and eases address entry by displaying dynamic lists. It also offers dynamic-view lists for streets, postal codes, and cities, sorted by descending order of relevance.
Saas DQM Entreprises. SaaS DQM Entreprises, available only in French, searches, retrieves, and assigns SIRET code while also using complementary data sources to provide information on French companies. Find out employment size, creation date, and more.
Tilkee. Tilkee is a data-driven sales platform that improves sales and marketing processes to increase revenue. Tilkee increases efficiency for sales and marketing teams, and it generates data for organizations to better engage with prospects and customers.
Winpoint. Winpoint is contact detail management for retail points of sale as well as pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and healthcare providers. It constantly provides up-to-date, accurate data, along with geo-coordinates.
Younium Subscription Management B2B. Younium Subscription Management B2B is an all-in-one platform for subscription management, subscription billing, and subscription products and pricing. Learn how to effectively and easily manage your subscriptions.

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Access 2016 Introduction. In this workshop by Dynamics Edge, you will learn how to orient yourself with Microsoft Access 2016, including creating a simple Access database, working with table data, querying a database, and customizing the environment.
Business Central Starter: 1-Day Implementation. Dynamic Consulting's starter package is perfect for organizations with some financial acumen and interest in handling the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on their own.
Dynamics 365 BC Acctg Localization: 3-Day Workshop. This workshop by Awara IT focuses on Russian accounting, tax reporting, and Russian localization features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It's intended for Russian speakers.
Dynamics 365 BC Russia Training: 8-Hr Workshop. Awara IT's training covers Russian accounting specifics within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Awara IT recommends a brief introductory call in advance of the training.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Hr Assessment. Join ACE Microtechnology for a free one-hour discussion about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and whether it would be a good fit for your business.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Hr Assessment. During this free assessment, MindQuad Solutions Private Limited will consider the compatibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with your business needs.
Dynamics: Power platform automation - 1 day. In this one-day workshop by Dynamics Edge, attendees will learn how their organizations can optimize operations by automating routine tasks and standardizing best practices.
Fixed Assets: 2-Day Implementation. A Logan Consulting expert will walk your team through the setup required to start using fixed assets in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations system.
Improve Dynamics 365 Installation: 3-Wk Assessment. Are you planning to extend your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment? If so, you can speed up your system with Inway's performance and architecture checkup for Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Infographics with Power BI: 1-Wk Implementation. Create powerful interactive infographics. Enlighten Designs will introduce you to Microsoft Power BI’s new publish-to-web functionality and how it enables you to share your data stories with a broader online audience.
MQ Xtend for Manufacturing: 8-Wk Implementation. MindQuad Solutions Private Limited will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Xtend, an out-of-the-box solution for discrete manufacturing and engineering.
Premium Support with Dedicated Specialist. A Navisiontech specialist will spend a day with you to identify the scope of your issue and define a resolution. Navisiontech supports LS Retail, Lanham, ChargeLogic, TinX, Tasklet Factory, and many other industry-specific add-ons.
QuickBooks to Dynamics 365: 2-Day Implementation. Seepath experts will help you migrate from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and provide a solid foundation for rapid user adoption.
Support and Consulting: 2-Hr Assessment. Receive up to two hours of support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in this assessment by Navisiontech.

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