New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 79: apps to streamline processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365

AppSource is pleased to welcome 94 apps and services, many of them designed to extend the capabilities of Microsoft products.

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Manage pricing, trade agreements, shipping, and more with apps for Dynamics 365

Aptean Advanced Pricing for Food and Beverage: Advanced Pricing for Food and Beverage, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, handles a wide range of pricing scenarios that food and beverage companies encounter daily, such as hierarchical pricing, enhanced discounting methods, and more.
Aptean Trade Management for Food and Beverage: Trade Management for Food Beverage helps you track different trade agreements and allows for the establishment of a separate trade plan for each trade agreement in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
bossZoll: The bossZoll app is available for Switzerland. Create export shipments from any preferred source document such as posted sales invoices, sales orders, or customized source tables and submit orders to the E-Dec server of Swiss customs, all from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Cnext Customer Retention Buddy: Make it easy for sales teams to connect with the customers who need your attention and will impact your results. Give your marketing department more insight into customer behavior. Customer Retention Buddy customizes your CRM built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Compello PROCESS Accounts Payable Automation: Get Microsoft Azure-based services for document and invoice approval with full support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. PROCESS eliminates manual handling and automates invoice and document approval.
dvproject: dvproject from Davisa Informatica is an ERP solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that is designed for companies in the construction and/or real estate promotion sectors. Optimize tasks and evaluate your projects in real time. This app is available in Spanish and English.
Elite Property Management: This solution, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 AX, helps supervise and manage land and building investments for clients and tenants. Track property cost using an advanced facility management system, reduce maintenance costs, and more.
EV Mail and Print: Get advanced email features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Easily set up the master data needed for controlling how outgoing documents are sent to your customers and vendors. Define by customer how and to whom outgoing documents should be delivered.
GoToWebinar Integration for Dynamics 365 Marketing: This solution allows users to integrate the GoToWebinar platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. Drive more revenue and eliminate the need to create multiple contacts and webinar content assets in multiple systems.
Kjarni - Data Exchange: This solution allows Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to import data from the Kjarni human resource and salary system. Kjarni - Data Exchange lets you import payment, debt, schedule, per diem, and employee data.
KYC for Microsoft Dynamics 365: CRM Partners will automate the KYC process in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Reliably and quickly comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, reducing manual work. The customer dossier is automatically completed in your core Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.
Manufacturing Masterdata Management: EOS’s solution improves advanced features for production management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Monitor equipment and personnel within routings and calculate their costs. View, replace, and delete components within bills of materials.
Minimum Character Counter: Reduce frustration and wasted time for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with this solution from Preact. Users can see the minimum number of characters required for a field, enabling them to fix potential mistakes and avoid error messages before submitting the information.
Product Configurator for Advanced Document Reporting: Combine EOS's Product Configurator and Advanced Document Reporting apps for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to enable printing item and variant specification values directly from configured items.
Product Configurator for Tools and Personnel: Installing this app lets you combine EOS’s Product Configurator and Manufacturing Masterdata Management apps on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Enable generation of tools and personnel information in production routing lines.
Prodware Third Party Payment Accelerator: The Third Party Payment accelerator lets you automate the allocation of company roles in groups to boost sales and finance processes on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Real Estate Suite: Real Estate Suite is designed to be used on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as an all-in-one package for the monitoring of multiple projects during all project phases, from prospection through implementation to sales and post-calculation.
Softera Extended Localization for Lithuania: This offer is available in English and Lithuanian. Softera’s Extended Localization provides language and VAT support for Lithuania for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Softera GPAIS for Lithuania: This offer is available in English and Lithuanian. Companies registered and/or operating in Lithuania can use Softera’s GPAIS for Lithuania on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to submit audit data to national PPWIS/GPAIS system.
Softera SAF-T for Lithuania: This offer is available in English and Lithuanian. Companies required to periodically submit audit files in SAF-T format can use Softera’s SAF-T for Lithuania on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to standardize the process and limit data entry mistakes.
Thai Language Translations: This offer is available in Thai for Thailand. Thailand Translation customizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to enable users to work in the Thai language in the main modules without needing to switch to another language.

Visualize marketing data and deliver personalized student support with Power Platform

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads - by Connect and compare your marketing data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads on Microsoft Power BI. The Power BI template visualizes dimensions and metrics, including campaigns, clicks, impressions, sessions, conversions, revenue, and more.
Student Support and Wellbeing: Deliver personalized student support with world-class engagement and self-service functionality using Tribal’s Student Support & Wellbeing, built on the Microsoft Power Platform. This cloud-native solution includes case management and an engaging student portal.

Track your business’s customer experience and satisfaction

Flow CX: Flow CX delivers a complete customer experience platform that quickly and easily integrates with your business. Get a toolset that measures Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and more.

Go further with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Akari Multi-Agency: 4-Week Implementation: Build a low-code, multi-agency data sharing solution with the Microsoft Power Platform. Akari’s standard methodology allows for the capture, searching, and amending of data no matter where it is processed within the data lifecycle.
Artificial Intelligence: 4-Week Deployment: Take advantage in the search for opportunities. 4Results combines artificial intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to automatically capture leads, reducing operational costs. This offer is available in Brazilian Portuguese and English.
Automation Marketing: 4-Week Implementation: Get dynamic, flexible technology for collaborative solutions in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. 4Results’ solution will help you shorten sales cycles, increase sales and revenue, and more. This offer is available in Brazilian Portuguese and English.
Banking Accelerator: 5-Hour Workshop: Axxon’s framework accelerates the implementation of business solutions for financial services covering customers, sales, services, and products. Take advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.
Bed Management Teams App: 2-Week Implementation: Advancya’s app for Microsoft Teams allows health care employees to easily update available beds in different departments and units. It also enables hospital administrators and selected employees to view available versus occupied beds for any selected date.
Business Central Online: 10-Week Implementation: myPartner will help you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to take advantage of cost reduction, greater mobility, and agility. Enable efficient data collection and management, automate business processes, and more.
Catalyst Envision: 6-Week Workshop & Design: Through Microsoft Catalyst, W-IT can help you identify where your company is positioned today, what needs and difficulties it is facing, and how to move toward a modern, tailored service system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.
Change Management: 1-Week Implementation: Mobile Mentor’s service will help you deploy technology changes to large, diverse groups of Microsoft 365 users. Acting on your behalf, Mobile Mentor will manage the rollout, support employees, and proactively report key project metrics.
Cloud Transformation Implementation: Withum will support your business’ journey to the cloud. Move from on-premises to Microsoft Azure, automate key manual processes, and ensure security and compliance. Withum will focus on three core areas: efficiency, productivity, and security.
Cloud Workforce: 4-Week Implementation: Manage your endpoints with a complete out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 solution implemented by Ironstone. Enable efficient and flexible working while in full control of security, devices, and corporate data. Let end users work flexibly from anywhere.
Commerce In A Day: 1-Day Workshop: Visionet will help you discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can unlock operational efficiencies, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences for your business. Gain a clear understanding of Dynamics 365 Commerce.
connectiv: 1-Day Catalyst Envisioning Workshop: Create your transformation strategy with Microsoft Catalyst in this offer from connectiv! eSolutions. Drive digital transformation in your company on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a proven, innovative approach. This offer is available in German and English.
CRM Business Solution: 3-Week Consulting: Get complete monitoring and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. 4Results will identify your organization’s needs and find customizable solutions. This offer is available in Brazilian Portuguese and English.
CTP Dynamics 365 Marketing: 2-Week Implementation: This offer from Covenant Technology Partners will allow your marketing team to quickly get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. Track and prioritize leads, target key prospects, track analytics, and more.
Customer Insights for Retail: 4-Day Workshop: HUDi will help you become a customer-centric organization in which your marketing, sales, and customer service departments use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights data to improve the experience of your customers’ journey.
Customer Voice Automation: 1-Hour Assessment: Grant Thornton brings together Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, Power Automate, and Power BI to create powerful end-to-end functionality. Go from input to gaining insights and making data-driven decisions faster than ever.
Dynamics 365 Bank Slips: 5-Week Implementation: 4Results’ offer automates the entire billing process and integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the biggest banks in Brazil. Get a better handle on dealing with defaulters and reduce operating costs. This offer is available in Brazilian Portuguese and English.
Dynamics 365 Sales - Customer Service: 5-Week Implementation: 4Results’ implementation will help you get new customers and retain existing ones. Enable users to perform customer service and support and more with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. This offer is available in Brazilian Portuguese and English.
Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Commerce: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Parge Yazilim Danismanlik will demonstrate how to modernize your finances, supply chain management, and connected commerce systems by using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Financial Management: 6-Day Assessment: ODM will evaluate your company's ERP or current system, your organization’s needs, and the health of your data collection, then determine how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help. This offer is available in Spanish and English.
GCC & NIST Compliance Readiness: 2-Week Assessment: Make informed choices to maximize security posture, minimize risk, and optimize cost. Liquid Mercury provides technical, security, and compliance advisory services for Microsoft 365 Government - GCC to meet NIST SP 800-53 and 800-171 regulations.
GoWorks Pro: 2-Week Proof of Concept: This app is only available in Korean. GoWorks provides a user experience integrated with Microsoft 365 apps including Teams. GouIT will provide a free demo environment of its collaboration and electronic payment processing service.
Introduction to Power BI: 1-Hour Assessment: In this briefing, DataMartin will discuss how to build and enable a data-driven culture using Microsoft Power BI. DataMartin will review your reporting landscape, provide real-world use cases, and determine pain points.
Jump-start Teams Firstline Worker: 2-Day Workshop: Reply Ltd will work with you through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify the top Microsoft 365, Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, or Viva scenarios for your frontline workforce. Better understand the challenges facing your workers.
Level Up: 6-Day Workshop News Monitoring: This offer is only available in French. WAKERS experts will get you up to speed on the latest Microsoft 365 platform innovations. Speakers will include a digital workplace architect and a cybersecurity architect.
Logistics Management: 10-Week Implementation: 4Results will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to manage the flow of goods, data, and finances and increase revenue. This offer is available in Brazilian Portuguese and English.
Managed Microsoft 365: 4-Hour Assessment: Take a deeper look into your organization’s environment and needs regarding resources in Microsoft 365. Akquinet will provide you with a proposal for a managed Microsoft 365 environment focused on achieving your business goals.
Microsoft 365: 3-Day Implementation: The experts from atwork can guide your Microsoft 365 rollout with essential adoption and change management services, including assessments, communication strategy, user development, webinars, change management consulting, usage reports, and more.
Microsoft 365 Security Assessment: Up to 6 Weeks: ACTS will perform a Microsoft 365 security and compliance assessment, delivering insights and recommendations to secure your modern workplace while supporting your initiatives. Establish the right processes to reduce cyber risks.
Microsoft 365 Security Envisioning: 1-Day Workshop: Learn how to improve your organization’s security posture with Office Line. This workshop will help your team develop a strategic plan based on the recommendations of Office Line security experts, customized for your organization's needs.
Microsoft Teams: 3-Week Implementation Services: This fixed-price service offer from Paragon Micro helps midsized Canadian organizations with existing Microsoft 365 agreements to standardize their user base on Microsoft Teams through change management, planning, migration, and adoption services.
Microsoft Teams Calling: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop by the experts from Cluster Reply covers how Microsoft Teams can replace traditional landlines. Start with an assessment of the current situation, challenges, and undertaken efforts to enable an analysis and first architecture design.
Microsoft Teams for Communication: 10-Day Implementation: NTT Germany will migrate you to a modern productivity platform built on Microsoft Teams, meeting your business requirements for video and voice infrastructure and allowing your company to react flexibly to external influences.
Microsoft Teams Platform: 3-Day Proof of Concept: In this engagement focused on pre-built app templates for Microsoft Teams, Intellinet will work with your business stakeholders to match uses cases to business opportunities and outline a plan for future customization to meet your specific needs.
Microsoft Teams Voice: 1-Week Assessment: This voice assessment from iCubed evaluates all aspects relating to your telephony infrastructure, network, and operations to confirm that your organization meets the requirements for using cloud voice services built on Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Viva: 2-Day Assessment: Experts from atwork can help you enhance employee experience and engagement with Microsoft Viva. Get oriented to and prepare to deliver the modules (Connections, Insights, Learning, and Topics) and features of this product.
MIP 1-Day Workshop and Concept: This workshop from CONTENT+CLOUD provides an overview of the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) lifecycle and covers the high-level design considerations applicable to an information classification and data loss prevention implementation for Microsoft 365.
Modern Management Deploy: 6-Week Implementation: Microserve experts will help you: transform from traditional to modern desktop provisioning of Windows 10 devices using Windows Autopilot, while also enabling a secure Microsoft 365 application access model using Microsoft 365 security controls.
Modern Workplace: 3-Week Assessment: Slovak Telekom will assess and recommend a path for your company to migrate to a modern workplace including Microsoft 365 with integrated solutions, Windows 10 operating system, and a collaborative digital workspace.
Modern Workplace Security: 8-Week Implementation: Softline’s cybersecurity team provides a full cycle of services for Microsoft 365 including implementation, support, penetration testing, and security awareness, all to protect your user accounts, endpoints, and documents.
Password-less Starter Kit 10 Yubikeys: 2-Hour Workshop: Imagine a world in which users no longer need to set, forget, and reset multiple passwords. This workshop by Onevinn offers an understanding of what you can achieve with password-less Yubikeys by Yubico.
Point Taken Case and Archive: 2-Week Implementation: This offer is available in Norwegian. Point Taken will implement its PT: Case and Archive, a solution based on Documaster's Noark 5-approved archive solution fully integrated with Microsoft 365.
Point Taken Collaboration: 2-Week Implementation: This offer is available in Norwegian. Point Taken will implement its PT: Collaboration, a customizable solution based on Microsoft Teams. Get an overview of group history, including documents, conversations, videos, and more.
Power Apps Starter: 3-Day Workshop: ELCA’s workshop will help you implement a low-code solution built on Microsoft Power Apps and designed according to your organization’s needs. You will be the app co-creator and will learn by doing with guidance from ELCA experts.
Power BI Governance Reports: 4-Week Implementation: Track your entire organization’s usage of Microsoft Power BI from a single report built by MAQ Software. Easily identify clusters of reports that refresh simultaneously, fail frequently, or refresh slowly.
Power BI Premium: 4-Week Deployment: Deploy Microsoft Power BI Premium with specialists from Pi Data Strategy & Consulting. This offer is a phased interaction that will explore a business scenario in your organization, use data analytics to improve decision-making, and boost your business.
Power Platform Meets UX: 4-Week Implementation: This offer is only available in German. Digitize your business processes and workflows with a UX-focused solution from Bright Skies that extends Microsoft Power Apps using a holistic and user-centered methodology.
Power Virtual Agent in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Rubicon will show you how to enable powerful and intelligent chatbots built on Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, reducing workload on your employees while boosting customer satisfaction. Get hands-on experience with the Microsoft Power Platform.
ptvault.x Consulting Offer: 1-Hour Assessment: In this free assessment, you’ll learn how Grant Thornton's ptvault.x solution for property tax and vehicle leasing on Microsoft 365 can provide pass-through tax estimation, intelligent automation, and improved data accessibility across your organization.
Remote Microsoft 365 Mail Migration Service: 4-Week Implementation: This offer is only available in Chinese. Far EasTone will assist your enterprise in migrating from your current mail system to Exchange Online on Microsoft 365. This offer includes system configuration and data transfer.
Saegus Institute: 2-Day Workshop: This offer is available in French. Saegus will help you discover, try, and adopt Microsoft 365 and Power Platform solutions. This customized course focuses on learning by doing through short or immersive training sessions.
Secure Work Anywhere: 2-Day Workshop: Devoteam Alegri will evaluate your options for secure remote work and provide a concrete deployment plan. This workshop focuses on identifying scenarios that align to your business needs using Microsoft Teams, identity and security, and mobile access.
Security Assessment: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop offered by atwork will support you in focusing on your priorities and security strategy, discovering current threats, learning about Microsoft 365 security tools, and planning next steps for your organization.
Smart Sales: 4-Week Implementation: This offer is available in Brazilian Portuguese. L3 will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, including data migration up to 20,000 records, account configuration, Microsoft 365 integration, and ongoing support.
SOC.x - SOC Automation Technology: 1-Hour Assessment: Learn how Grant Thornton’s SOC.x helps companies improve the efficiency of their risk, compliance, and System and Organization Controls (SOC) reporting. SOC.x follows both SSAE No. 18 and ISAE 3402 standards.
Stock Allocation: 2-Hour Assessment: In this free session, you’ll learn how Cluster Reply’s experience in the retail industry can help businesses improve the effectiveness of their sales across all major channels through improved stock allocation management on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
TaaP Solution: 2-Day Workshop: In this offer, PlanB. GmbH will use practical examples and techniques to show you how you can expand the Microsoft Teams platform for your company with Teams app templates and a roadmap for further steps.
Teamwork: 2-Day Assessment: This offer is only available in German. In this teamwork assessment, Comma Soft will plan the introduction of Microsoft Teams into your organization and show you available optimizations to increase the ROI of your Microsoft 365 tenant.
VKY 10-Day Automation Discovery Workshop: Kickstart your automation journey with Akari Solutions’ rapid innovation workshop, including an introduction to robotic process automation (RPA) on Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. Learn how RPA fits with your organization’s strategy.
Workplace Analytics: 3 Discovery Workshops: MondayCoffee will help you discover how to gain data-driven visibility into how work patterns affect well-being, productivity, and business performance in your organization. Learn more about Microsoft Workplace Analytics.
XCVoice for Microsoft Teams: 5-Day Implementation: XContent offers planning and deployment of a fully hosted telephony solution for Microsoft Teams, from initial design through migration, licensing, and quality monitoring. XContent offers services remotely or on-premises in South Africa and select countries in Africa.
Yolva Equipment CRM: 1-Day Workshop: This free offer is only available in Russian. For companies that produce or sell complex equipment, Yolva IT will lead a discovery session for automating sales and after-sales services using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service, and Customer Service.
Yolva Equipment CRM: 1-Week Briefing: This free offer is only available in Russian. Yolva IT will demonstrate the capabilities of its Equipment solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service, and Customer Service for companies that sell sophisticated equipment and engineering services.
Yolva Equipment CRM: 2-Week Assessment: This free offer is only available in Russian. Yolva IT offers a complete assessment of your business processes and needs for automation of the full cycle of work, mapped to Yolva’s Equipment solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Yolva Equipment CRM: 2-Week Proof of Concept: This free offer is only available in Russian. Yolva IT will create a prototype CRM solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for automating the full cycle of customer service (marketing, sales, after-sales, and service) specific to your business.
Yolva Equipment CRM: 10-Week Implementation: This offer is only available in Russian. Yolva IT will implement a solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service, and Customer Service to automate the full cycle of customer service (marketing, sales, after-sales, and service).
Yolva Marketing: 1-Day Workshop: This free offer is only available in Russian. Learn how Yolva IT can automate your marketing tasks in this session, featuring a prototype built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and tailored to your marketing department’s needs.
Yolva Marketing: 1-Week Briefing: This free offer is only available in Russian. Yolva IT will demonstrate all the features of its solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, taking into account the specifics of your business and the needs of your marketing department.
Yolva Marketing: 2-Week Proof of Concept: This free offer is only available in Russian. Yolva IT will build a fully functional prototype on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to meet your business needs and demonstrate the benefits of automation, centralized data, and analytics.
Yolva Marketing: 8-Week Implementation: This free offer is only available in Russian. Yolva IT will implement a customized marketing automation solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to align the work of your sales and marketing departments and enable advanced analytics.

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