New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 8: apps built on Microsoft products or solving industry-specific problems

AppSource is pleased to welcome 196 apps and services, many of them designed to complement Microsoft products or solve industry-specific challenges.

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Industry-specific apps for financial services, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, government, energy, agriculture, marketing, and travel

A psychographic credit score (PCS). AdviceRobo's Software-as-a-Service solution aims to increase acceptance rates among loan applicants by giving the loan provider an early warning system. Continuous base monitoring enables preventative default services.
AuraPortal Energy - Oil and Gas. AuraPortal Oil and Gas automates operational business processes for oil and gas companies, with areas including finance, accounting, human resources, IT, and purchasing.
AuraPortal Insurance. AuraPortal Insurance is a zero-code intelligent business process management suite that allows you to visually create and digitize insurance processes. It requires no additional programming, and managers can check the status of each process.
AuraPortal Manufacturing. AuraPortal Manufacturing can implement complex processes without any additional programming. Automate the process for a new product launch, including prototyping, maintenance, and purchases.
AuraPortal Retail. Digitize retail processes with AuraPortal's platform, which is compatible with enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and other existing systems. Maintain control over all your shops and operational procedures.
Azure HL7 Health connector. This connector by Datacon enables the transmission and receipt of HL7 messages. HL7 is a standard for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information.
Behavee. Behavee maps the customer's digital journey on all channels and provides real-time, hyper-personalized product and content recommendations and predictions. This increases the company upsell and conversion rate, and it decreases the cost of marketing.
BiD-Me. BiD-Me is a financial technology/regulatory technology hybrid platform. It places loan origination pricing power into the hands of the consumer while creating qualified bankable leads for financial service providers.
Bingli, making consultations great again. Bingli is an AI chatbot that interviews patients ahead of the doctor visit. This helps patients be more prepared and doctors be more informed at the consultation.
BrandMail. BrandQuantum International's add-on for Microsoft Outlook ensures brand-compliant emails and tamper-proof email signatures, banners, and content across your global organization.
BrandOffice. The BrandOffice add-on for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint ensures that all branding, formatting, and corporate identity specifications are automatically applied across all business documents.
Cambio CDS Systems. Cambio clinical decision support systems share health information across platforms, helping clinicians make the right decisions. Analyze data at the point of care and deliver timely and personalized recommendations.
Campus Management CampusNexus Platform. CampusNexus enables you to offer flexible academic programs and terms, empower a wide diversity of learners, manage multiple campuses, optimize resources, automate financial aid processes, and improve engagement and student outcomes.
Casper365 for Education. Casper365 for Education is a suite of automated processes designed for education users. Its apps are integrated with SharePoint Online and the Office 365 Business application layer.
Cenareo Digital Signage Solution. Cenareo empowers retail businesses and digital out-of-home (DOOH) companies to create, manage, and broadcast content on multiple screens from any device and anywhere in the world.
Cincom CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Cincom's solution eliminates difficulty in the quoting and ordering process for manufacturers with complex, configurable products. Embed configure-price-quote capabilities directly into your Dynamics 365 for Sales process.
ClearDATA PHI Compliance Dashboard. This dashboard for Microsoft Azure helps providers, payers, healthcare IT companies, and life science companies comply with HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulatory frameworks.
Compass Connected and Smart. Data Market's IoT monitoring solution for manufacturers ensures that machines and equipment are always connected. It collects critical performance data and sends alerts to the IoT database via Microsoft Azure IoT services.
Connected Healthware. Connected Healthware caters to healthcare providers and patients, using automated processing and integration to simplify administration, improve efficiencies, and comply with medical governance frameworks.
COREIoT Outdoor Asset Tracking. Optimize manufacturing asset usage, gain visibility even when your assets are out in the field, and generate alerts when an asset has been removed from its geofenced area.
COREIoT Temperature Monitoring. Maintaining temperature levels in datacenters, blood banks, and warehouses can prevent equipment downtime and interruptions. COREIoT sensors can help maintain these levels with real-time monitoring and alerts for temperature threshold violations.
COREIoT Workforce Management. Lack of appropriate people-tracking measures can result in industrial accidents and exposure to workplace hazards. ECSG's end-to-end solution enables manufacturers to gain visibility and ensure safety.
CountBig. CountBig digitalizes census, survey, and inspection runs, helping government agencies establish a digital baseline of data. The data can be plotted over interactive dashboards using GIS technology, and it can shape future polices, strategies, and projects.
Crosser IoT Cloud. Crosser's streaming analytics solution provides a framework for industrial IoT projects where advanced algorithms and machine learning are applied at the edge. Flow Studio, a drag-and-drop visual design tool, is a central component.
Detego InStore Lean. Detego InStore Lean Edition optimizes distribution and guides the replenishment process so retailers can improve on-floor availability and avoid customer disappointment.
Digital Counselor. Discourse Analytics offers predictive and prescriptive insights that empower educational institutions and financial service providers to more effectively engage their constituents to achieve a higher value path along their journey.
Dynamicweb All-In-One-Platform v9. Dynamicweb's e-commerce platform supports the online retail experience with impersonation, promo codes, gift cards, loyalty points, subscriptions, and more.
e-chart. Software Service Inc.'s electronic medical record system provides semi-permanent storage, real-time data replication, and more. This application is available only in Japanese.
eCOS Sales. Boost your retail performance with eCOS Sales, a packaged and configurable Software-as-a-Service solution for point-of-sale and service process management.
eData. Intended for garment finishing factories that specialize in denim, eData provides real-time information on machine status, production, and machinery health.
eDrive. eDrive targets garment finishing factories that specialize in denim, and it focuses on laser production file sharing for Jeanologia laser production machines.
EduSolution. EduSolution is a fully integrated offering for the K-12 education market and can be hosted on Microsoft Azure or on-premises. Through a collaborative portal in SharePoint Online, teachers can register attendance and more. This app is available only in Portuguese.
EIM. EIM assesses the environmental impact of garment finishing processes so designers, washing plant employees, and other finishing professionals can focus on sustainability.
FellowInsights. FellowInsights provides in-store automated data collection, retailer enterprise system data feeds, and advanced cloud-based analytics using Microsoft Azure to control inventory sales.
Flyreel. Through proprietary computer vision technology, Flyreel gives property and casualty insurance agents on-demand access to data about a property, and it guides users through inspections to support underwriting, risk mitigation, and more.
Formiik BOT. Formiik BOT brings with it Formiik's nine years of experience in the financial technology industry, and it can interact 24 hours a day, seven days a week with your clients and prospects. This solution is available only in Spanish.
Generwell. Generwell offers integrated data management, workflows, scheduling, and reporting for the oil and gas industry. Its modules can assist you in managing wells, pipelines, facilities, projects, equipment, and land agreements.
Glaze. Glaze is a plug-and-play onboarding and e-merchandising solution. Use it to spotlight the right content to the right visitors at the right time, driving adoption and conversions.
Green 4 Go. Go, a solution by Green 4, helps sports organizations and the travel and leisure industry create fantastic relationships with their customers through carefully constructed online journeys and the intelligent use of data.
Hi There. Hi There, a digital back-office solution for the insurance industry, offers policy administration, product management, personalized pricing, actuarial calculations, and more.
Hoonuit Data Analytics. Designed for teachers and administrators, Hoonuit Data Analytics helps users easily access education data; visualize and track student progress and performance; and effectively manage district operations and school reporting.
I9 - CORE Insurance System. The I9 insurance platform allows you to create products, set pricing parameters, define risk criteria, generate quotes, issue proposals, and integrate with legacy policy management. This app is available only in Portuguese.
Iconic - Analytics for Smarter Manufacturing. Iconic is a prepackaged library of key performance indicators and dashboards with connectors to popular ERP, CRM, and BPM systems that integrate data into a model optimized for analytics.
Idelink. Idelink facilitates communication between retail stores and head offices. Inform your network, connect each employee, and foster company culture. This application is available only in French.
IMHOTEP medical application. IMHOTEP targets doctors, patients, and clinics across all specialties, handling appointments, diagnoses, and treatments. A patient’s medical history can be easily accessed from the system and mobile app.
iMonitor. iMonitor tracks radio channels, TV channels, online streams, and venues, providing the metadata that enables reporting for rights distribution, market intelligence, or performance and usage tracking.
ionTone. The mobile-first ionTone platform helps small and medium-sized enterprises digitally transform their products and operations. Marketing and sales automation tools can be applied to bring in additional revenue.
IRIS Core. IRIS, Unblur's intelligent assistant, helps first responders in the field make faster and safer decisions. Its modularity allows easy and cost-efficient deployment, integration, and customization.
IRIS Multi Energy System. This solution increases sales results and improves the quality of customer service for gas and electric companies. It supports the four basic business areas of energy companies: marketing, sales, customer service, and billing.
Matrix - Digital Core Banking Platform. Matrix supports customer onboarding, transactions, documents, and all customer interactions. It can be connected to any (legacy) core banking system, and it lets you personalize the customer experience. supplies medical clinics with a comprehensive set of tools for patient care, treatment processes, and communication between patients, doctors, and administrators. This application is available only in Polish.
MOLOS.CLOUD. MOLOS.CLOUD is an IoT solution that enables remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and energy efficiency. It covers numerous scenarios, ranging from electrical power generation through grid monitoring to spectral measurement for the chemical industry.
MR^2 - Enterprise BI and Data Platform Solution. With MR^2, a business intelligence, data warehouse, and analytics platform, Convergytics Solutions targets retail and manufacturing clients who have a complex legacy data platform infrastructure and are looking to modernize.
Netways Credit Management System - CREMS. CREMS is an end-to-end retail credit management solution that enables loan officers, credit analysts, and senior bankers to efficiently review, analyze, collaborate, and decide on retail credit applications.
NLP OS for Healthcare. Through natural language processing, NLP OS transforms medical documents into digital assets. NLP OS uses its library of medical data models, medical terminology dictionaries, and machine learning models to consume, read, and extract valuable insights.
OpenForms. OpenForms delivers the capabilities needed to give your city a digital transformation. By offering services online, your city will engage citizens and save time and money. Tea Tree Gully in Australia reduced its call volume by 31 percent year-over-year.
PrecisionLender. PrecisionLender's pricing and profitability solution empowers bankers with actionable insights and coaching so they can win better deals and build strong, more profitable relationships.
Predisys Analytical Suite. Predisys Analytical Suite is a quality data management and advanced statistical process control platform for the extended manufacturing enterprise. It can connect with virtually any type of manufacturing data source.
QualityApp. QualityApp, built for the agriculture industry, allows technicians to carry out quality control operations from a smartphone or tablet. It integrates in real time with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available only in Spanish.
RELEX Solutions. RELEX Solutions is dedicated to helping retail businesses become more competitive through accurate forecasting and replenishment, profitable use of retail space, impactful pricing and promotions, and optimized workforce planning.
Road User Charging. Road User Charging delivers a foundation for tolling and customer services across entire states or multi-state regions. Because the system embeds deployment requirements within business processes rather than compiled code, it offers fast, low-cost deployments.
SaguiEdu. SaguiEdu aims to support schools of all sizes in their digital transformation, eliminating paper and integrating processes and tools based on Office 365 Education and Microsoft Azure. This app is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
Seito Intelligent Management App. Seito's intelligent point-of-sale management system allows retailers to quickly and easily monitor business performance. In addition, staff attendance records are provided for prompt review.
Sked24. Sked24's patient management and loyalty platform scales to the size of the healthcare service provider. Through intelligent multi-resource planning, Sked24 optimizes performance. This app is available only in Spanish.
Skedify | Omnichannel Appointment Scheduling. Skedify aims to transform your distribution model to focus on customer empowerment. Skedify is offered exclusively for banking, insurance, legal services, human resources, retail, and specialized government services.
Sunrise Retail as a Service. Sunrise's Retail-as-a-Service offering encompasses EDGE, a digitally enabled shelf, and LEAP, a digital ad platform bringing brand advertising to shelves, media players, and handheld devices.
Surface Transport Management. Cubic Transport Management allows transportation centers to proactively manage roads, trains, light rails, buses, and ferries through a single open platform and shared operational view. The solution is supported by data analytics and visualization.
Swift Finance. Improve your finance department's planning and forecasting process. Swift Finance, made for small and medium-sized businesses, connects to the general ledger module of your ERP and gives you access to all its data directly in Microsoft Excel.
Theatro Voice-Controlled Mobile App Platform. Theatro's collaboration platform for brick-and-mortar retail stores, hospitality, and distribution brings together the advantages of IoT and new workforce-optimized apps to improve communication, productivity, customer engagement, and more.
Una platform. Designed for coding and STEM education, MagiCube Limited's Una platform provides teaching materials, a virtual classroom, and Microsoft MakeCode with co-coding enhancements to facilitate teaching and learning.
Urban Revenue Management. Cubic's Urban Mobility Back Office, an open-architecture revenue management system, allows customers to manage complex, multimodal transportation networks while offering travelers a single account to manage all their travel needs.
Workseed SaaS. Workseed is a Software-as-a-Service app targeting vocational institutes, colleges, and universities. It offers an easy way to deploy and manage a competency-based education model developed with leading Finnish pedagogical vocational education and training experts.
YETA (Year End Tax Adjustment). PlanIT-Partners presents a year-end domestic settlement specialization program designed by payroll specialists and developed by IT professionals. Reduce risks and costs related to tax investigation. This app is available only in Korean.

Expand the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Alna Document Import. Alna Document Import helps you fully automate your document import procedures in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app enables smooth import of purchase and sales invoices as well as customer and vendor cards.
AMC Banking 365 Business. AMC Banking 365 Business is an intelligent, simplified, and flexible banking and cash management service. Centralize your banking functions for more than 600 of the world's largest banks in one automated, agile module.
Clever Handheld for Warehousing. Clever Handheld for Warehousing makes booking transactions in Dynamics 365 Business Central quick and accurate. What’s in your warehouse is immediately reflected on your screen, handling all main warehouse processes for all inventory transactions.
OPplus 365 Check Deposit/Petty Cash. OPplus 365 Check Deposit/Petty Cash enables users to maintain the cash book directly in OPplus 365, while the Check Receipt Journal feature eliminates double entries without being limited to a specific number of checks for each check receipt journal.
Payroll NOW by Integrity Data. Payroll NOW by Integrity Data is a fully integrated, embedded payroll system for Dynamics 365 Business Central. It delivers all the capabilities and efficiencies you expect in a payroll system and more. Plus, it's easy to configure with setup wizards and employee groups.

Address operational challenges with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Aboriginal Trust Management System. Aboriginal Trust Management System is designed to facilitate key processes and procedures comprising member record maintenance and management, claims management, procedural systems, and reporting facilities for Aboriginal corporations in Australia.

Automate and localize with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

gevis Finance Suite. gevis Finance Suite makes payment management easy and fast. Considerably reduce your manual efforts. The automatically generated reconciliation proposal for open accounts receivable and accounts payable entries can be posted with just one click.
K3|business planning. K3|business planning is a fully integrated Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations module that lets you create plans and build out different scenarios using actual data and your own forecasts. 
Maison Payroll For Dynamics 365. Maison Payroll for Dynamics 365 is a highly configurable formula-based calculations add-on aligned to localized policies for Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Gulf Cooperation Council, and African markets.
Rent Management For Retail. Rent Management for Retail automates all operations related to rent management and provides operational convenience. It performs monthly calculations, payment transactions, periodical and yearly clearance, due-date invoices, calculation of fixed expenses, and more.
Special Pricing & Chargeback Management for D365. This supply chain solution for distributors effectively manages pricing rules and vendor cost recovery. Lower your operating costs with efficient and streamlined management of vendor claims and more.

Save time and thwart business challenges with apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

4square365. 4square365 is an effective and timesaving all-in-one CRM solution for managing and selling real estate. It includes features for sales, marketing, contracting, invoicing, and commissioning. 4square365 also meets real estate industrial sector requirements.
Click2Clone - Copy/Clone Dynamics 365 Records. Click2Clone duplicates Dynamics 365 records with relationships. Avoid repetitive data entry by copying an existing record with its related records. Deep clone records for hierarchal relationships and add prefixes/suffixes to cloned records to create unique names.
Click2Export - Export & Email Reports/Templates. Click2Export lets users export Dynamics 365 Report/Word templates. Attach exported files to an email, then automatically send it; attach it as a note, upload to SharePoint, or download for offline consumption. Automate the exporting process with Workflow.
eLite BAM. eLite BAM is a lightweight business automation suite. It provides tight integration between modules to help organizations go online as early as possible. eLite BAM is an easy-to-use, scalable, secure, and flexible system for all types of users.
Gainsight. Gainsight helps companies retain customers and grow revenue by delivering the tangible business outcomes and exceptional experiences demanded by today's customers. Turn disparate customer data from multiple sources into meaningful insights.
Maplytics - Map, Route, Territory: CRM + Bing Maps. Maplytics provides a native map visualization, routing, and geo-analytics app by Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 for territory management, appointment planning, routing, and radius search. Get detailed location-based analysis and routes.
Mercury Lite. Mercury xRM enables you to recruit permanent or temporary/contract positions, allowing the recording of all activities in the recruitment process. Store your data in a controlled and reportable way.
MessageInSky. MessageInSky enables automatic delivery of any information to user devices via short text messages and other channels. MessageInSky is an innovative solution for communicating with your employees or end users directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.
Shopify & Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Integration. DBSync’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector bidirectionally syncs data with Shopify. Migrate historical Shopify data into Microsoft CRM or vice versa.
User Adoption Monitor - Manage & Analyze CRM Usage. User Adoption Monitor allows tracking and monitoring of the most common actions performed by users in Dynamics 365. It acts as an effective, easily configurable tool for managers or administrators for monitoring the usage of Dynamics 365.

Add reports and more with apps for Power BI

SideKick 365 CRM PowerPack (Preview). SideKick 365 CRM PowerPack is a free Microsoft Power BI template app that will make your SideKick 365 CRM data come alive. You can add reports as needed using Power BI, and data can be refreshed daily. Start leveraging your investment in Office 365 today!
tyGraph OneDrive Analytics for Office 365. tyGraph for OneDrive provides comprehensive inventory and usage analytics across all OneDrive accounts in the organization.
tyGraph Pulse Analytics for Office 365. tyGraph Pulse is an Office 365 reporting analytics solution that provides reports covering key Office 365 workloads including SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, Exchange, Teams, and Skype. The Pulse tool also features Groups information and Licensing Activity.
tyGraph Teams Analytics for Office 365. tyGraph for Teams provides rich and meaningful reporting and analytics for Microsoft Teams. Get tyGraph for Teams to better understand usage and adoption patterns of Teams in your enterprise and take evidence-based action.
tyGraph Yammer Analytics for Office 365. tyGraph for Yammer provides deep social analytics for your Yammer network. Built with community managers, group administrators, and business stakeholders in mind, tyGraph for Yammer brings key measures and metrics to the surface.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Active Directory Pro. Active Directory Pro lets you merge, consolidate, or restructure your Active Directory environment. It securely migrates objects, settings, and properties. Use it to automate your migration while keeping your migrated and unmigrated users, devices, and apps in sync.
Aztek Cloudcare RI. Aztek Cloudcare RI compares prices of on-demand and reserved instances in Azure. The app provides the potential savings, on-demand cost, total RI cost, and percentage savings based on the period and scope of the reservation parameters you select.
Business Process Automation with AuraPortal & ICE. Intertec's solution helps build and automate customers’ business processes without programming. Get up and running on Azure in as little as four months with the help of AuraPortal, an intelligent business process management solution.
Directory Sync Pro. Directory Sync Pro sets up and maintains a sync between multiple systems – even between separate internal directories. Now users in different organizations can find each other in a shared address book. It's flexible enough to adapt to any environment.
Exchange Pro. Exchange Pro automates and simplifies enterprise Exchange migrations within a current Exchange environment to later Exchange versions, or even to Office 365. Exchange Pro does much more than merely move mailbox data – it moves users.
ForePaaS Azure. ForePaaS Azure harnesses cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure automation to deliver industry-grade data projects. It brings together data engineering, data science, and mass-deployed business intelligence to let you build and scale apps and algorithms.
Hybrid Cloud Management. Hybrid Cloud Management addresses two fundamental objectives of IT operations teams: It improves IT agility by addressing new technologies, and it enables teams to operate at the speed of DevOps-driven development teams.
Infoworks Enterprise DataOps Management Platform. This platform lets companies unleash the value of their data and launch analytics use cases faster at a fraction of the cost. Enterprises that use Infoworks' solution span the Fortune 500 to the Fortune Global 1000.
Intelligent Service Center. Intelligent Service Center is a single point of contact that procures services, access of materials, and functionalities for employees. Redesign, remodel, and improve management and the way information technology is used in your organization.
LinuxseQure. LinuxseQure increases the protection of your Linux systems and provides a single point of management in terms of user provisioning. LinuxseQure can be deployed to all your systems, both on-premises and in the Azure cloud, in a matter of minutes.
LogLook+. LogLook+, available only in Japanese, automatically collects and analyzes logs of Office 365. The types of logs collected can be set for each customer, so it’s possible to make suggestions according to your needs.
Netskope For Azure. Netskope for Azure delivers 360-degree data protection, advanced threat protection, continuous security assessment, and real-time controls, all from an Azure-native platform, to secure Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and web assets.
Power365 Directory Sync. Power365 Directory Sync can set up and maintain a sync across Active Directory or Azure AD environments, or even between Active Directory and Azure AD. Now, users in merging organizations can find each other in a shared address book.
RDX G5 DBaaS - Multi Engine. RDX provides a fully managed database service (DBaaS) for commercial and open-source database engines. The service supports Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, and it's built on Microsoft's scalable Azure infrastructure.
RDX G5 DBaaS - Oracle. This fully managed Oracle database service is built on Microsoft's scalable Azure infrastructure for enterprise applications. It delivers a secure, performance-rich experience while enabling customers to manage their infrastructure cost and performance.
Rentsoft Meter for Licensing Efficiency. Rentsoft Meter helps businesses with software licensing efficiency, making it easy to manage product licensing usage and spending. Save money on licenses and identify how much money is wasted by application and business area.
SeekTable. SeekTable is a free business intelligence tool for ad-hoc and operational reporting with web-based pivot tables, charts, and tabular reports. It helps you make data-driven decisions and get valuable insights from your tabular data.
streamworks. streamworks by Arvato Systems is a workload automation solution that provides a central repository for definitions and dependencies of your recurrent and/or event-based workload processing. Use its powerful engine to execute workloads on any platform.
TIBCO Cloud Integration. TIBCO Cloud Integration is the integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) for users of all skill sets: business users, integration specialists, or developers who need maximum speed and flexibility. It's accessible as a secure, multi-tenant, and cloud-based service.
TIBCO Jaspersoft. TIBCO Jaspersoft helps software builders unlock the potential of data for their users. Jaspersoft is designed to be embedded into other software applications. It helps create data experiences in apps that surface answers for non-technical, non-analyst users.
TIBCO Spotfire. TIBCO Spotfire delivers self-service analytics for everyone and works with all kinds of data: data at rest and in motion (including real-time streaming data). It helps people get faster and better insights from more data – and data as it’s generated in real time.
TIBCO Streaming. TIBCO Streaming is an event processing platform for applying mathematical and relational processing to real-time data streams. It enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy event-driven applications for automated processes at a fraction of the cost.
WinseQure. WinseQure offers protection for RDP, WebRDP, and PowerShell remote access with MFA capabilities. It integrates with other apps through standards-based protocols such as RADIUS and REST API, and it enforces remote-access policies across Azure datacenters.
XTOPIA - CMS & Workflow Builder. XTOPIA is a no-code, rapid application development (RAD) platform. Get access to the full power of cutting-edge web technologies so you can get things done quickly and easily.
zipBoard - Bug tracking with annotated screenshots. zipBoard is an integrated client feedback and task management tool. zipBoard lets teams gather quick feedback with annotated screenshots and videos from stakeholders.

Streamline human resources and training

Appogee Goals. Appogee Goals helps ensure your employees and teams are aligned with your corporate objectives. It makes it simple to implement the same “objectives and key results” (OKR) method used by major high-tech companies.
AskDelphi. AskDelphi is a platform that offers a learning and performance framework for businesses that constantly need to adapt, improve, and innovate the way they do business. It supports workers to perform effectively at every changing moment of need.
Autopilot Leave Solution. Autopilot Leave Solution allows users to electronically submit and approve leave requests. Employees can submit leave requests using a mobile-friendly electronic form. Managers can approve requests using any email client.
Intelligent Learning Platform. Netways Intelligent Learning Platform propagates learning as you engage employees toward your institutional goals. The solution is designed to motivate, engage, and empower employees while easing their learning curve.
M-Files HR. M-Files HR helps HR management and staff find, secure, and control employee- and HR-related information. The flexible platform eliminates the burdens of information silos and manual control, making employee documents easy to find, classify, browse, and organize.
P.O.W.E.R. Up: Performance - Engagement - Wellness. P.O.W.E.R. Up is a profiling, development, and reporting platform designed to improve your employees’ mental and physical health, both in and out of the office. Accounts are private and confidential.
Strategic & Portfolio Management. Strategic & Portfolio Management is a strategy management suite, project management suite, and resource management suite that helps your organization achieve its vision. Realize, transform, and execute this vision to make it reality.
TeamsChamp. TeamsChamp is a Software-as-a-Service product that securely integrates with Microsoft Teams. It boosts the required skills and competencies for the digital transformation of your company through the gamified use of Office 365 and other tools.
Viren. Viren manages payroll regulation and creates a unique experience for employers and employees that reduces costs. Enable users to generate, simulate, and compare different scenarios to support their quest in reaching the optimal situation.
XpertReview - Video Interview Platform. XpertReview allows hiring managers to connect with small and medium-sized enterprises outside of the organization based on demand. Capture candidate activity during online assessments to avoid falsification and bait-and-switch activity.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Colibo. Colibo is a modern social intranet platform that enables complex organizations to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Colibo integrates heavily with the Office 365 suite, making the adoption of Office 365 in your organization a whole lot easier.
Contract Management. Contract Management by Docflow Italia, available only in Italian, allows you to manage the entire contract lifecycle, from the management of document templates to the validation and approval process passing through the collaborative drafting of documents.
CRM Voice Bot. CRM Voice Bot is a productivity app that enables you to enter data to your customer relationship management software by using your voice. Each time you want to put in data, you can call your Personal CRM Bot to guide you through a flow of questions.
Direct.One. Direct.One, available only in Portuguese, delivers customer engagement management through workflow management, optimizing costs, and eliminating the need for unnecessary messaging. The platform also generates communications for clients.
GARAIO MEETING. GARAIO MEETING, available only in German, makes cross-industry solution meeting management easy. Preparation, agenda management, documentation, and follow-up are conducted on a fully digital basis and with minimal overhead.
Knowledge Base. Knowledge Base delivers AI-powered knowledge management and intuitive information access. Knowledge Base lets you share information efficiently. It integrates with Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, CRM, ERP, and more. Increase your productivity today.
MENT. MENT is an AI-powered collaborative decision-making platform. MENT allows teams to make faster and better decisions. On MENT, you can ask questions, get feedback, and hash out ideas with your team. Convert your team’s voices into winning decisions.
M-Files Contract Management. M-Files Contract Management provides an easily accessible and secure electronic repository for contracts and contract data, so you always know where your contracts are and what they say. Automated and trackable workflows eliminate bottlenecks and save time.
M-Files Project Documents. With M-Files Project Documents, organizations decrease risk, increase quality, and expedite their project lifecycles. M-Files intelligently manages project documentation from beginning to end. Increase your competitive edge and reputation.
M-Files QMS. M-Files QMS provides out-of-the-box functionality to help an organization achieve compliance and manage its documents, employee training, risks, inbound and outbound audits, nonconformances, and corrective or preventative actions.
SNAP 365 – Modern Workplace Collaboration. SNAP 365 is the foundation for your digital workplace, deployed directly into your Office 365 tenant to present your documents, news, social feeds, and essential business features in an easy-to-use, visually attractive solution.
TeamSlide Business. TeamSlide Business is a slide-level search solution with a PowerPoint add-in. Users can search, preview, and insert slides without leaving PowerPoint. Connect to your existing repository (SharePoint, Box, OneDrive, etc.) or build one directly.

Apps utilizing AI, mixed reality, chatbots, or IoT

AI Engine for email-based Customer Service. Reduce or eliminate manual customer service processes. C Centric’s AI engine reads every email received, uses machine learning to understand the content, and triggers other processes, like assignment, auto-response, or SLA definition.
AR4vision. AR4vision is a collaboration tool that works with the mixed-reality glasses of Microsoft HoloLens. It enables remote audiovisual and file-transfer support for two people in different locations.
Botvise. Botvise makes it possible to manage your own chatbot that can answer questions, conduct persona analysis, and connect to other users or live chat agents. The chatbot can run from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or on top of your own website.
Code Pilot AI Accelerators. Code Pilot AI Accelerators provide comprehensive, ready-to-deploy AI solutions that address common business scenarios, including product recommendations, customer experience personalization, sentiment analysis, and fraud detection.
easyedge. easyedge is middleware that simplifies the creation of IoT solutions using edge technology. As the name implies, easyedge aims to be extremely easy to use, and users can create very complex projects without having to write a single line of code.
Priva-ECO. Priva ECO is a self-learning software tool that automatically optimizes climate conditions and energy usage in your building. Priva ECO bases this optimization process on historical and real-time data, enabling you to create a comfortable working environment.
SPACE1. SPACE1 leverages augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality, expanding the concept of collaboration between users and improving quality assurance.
Trask Meetbot. Trask's internal chatbot can be integrated with an Office 365 environment to reserve resources (meeting rooms, shared cars) or set up meetings. Meetbot is available only in Czech.

Track your business’s growth, sales, data, and customer service  

APayCenter - AP Automation for SAP. APayCenter is a complete solution for automated processing of incoming invoices in SAP and Office 365. APayCenter streamlines the entire lifecycle of an accounts payable invoice, from capture to payment.
ApCare for Dynamics CRM. Improve your on-site customer service and easily manage your mobile technical team with ApCare. This application is available only in French.
CluedIn Data Hub. Rather than using a standard extract, transform, load (ETL) technique, CluedIn's “eventual connectivity” data integration technique uses a graph database to seamlessly blend data from across your siloed data, yielding important business insights.
Dynamics Telephony- Contact us for free trial/demo. Dynamics Telephony integrates telephone systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365, giving users a single interface so that advanced call control functionality is right where is should be: alongside the information that is fueling their conversation with the caller.
EccoSolution. The EccoSolution web platform and its service modules help small and large companies digitize their administrative and financial document processes. This application is available only in Italian.
Excelando Brain - BI as a Service. Excelando Brain is a business intelligence solution using Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Azure services. It provides insights and dashboards to customers by pulling their data from enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems.
Hosted Contact Expert. Contact Expert by Geomant offers a powerful multichannel contact center for Skype for Business. It features interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, callback, business intelligence reporting, and intelligent skills-based and presence-aware call routing and queuing.
Hydra Experience Management. Hydra Experience Management lets organizations leverage and aggregate their operational and experience data with real-time data from humans, sensors, and systems to gain information awareness and a competitive edge.
izOrder. izOrder is a customer relationship management and order-taking app that accelerates the digitization of your field sales force activities. This solution is available only in French.
Practia | Digital Backoffice SmartBPA. smartBPA by Practia helps organizations automate their business processes intelligently, solving problems associated with operational optimization. This app is available only in Spanish.
Practia | Digital Backoffice SmartDATA. With smartDATA's advanced analytics and predictive models, you can improve the processing and analysis of data, enhance the client experience, prevent fraud, and reduce operating costs. This app is available only in Spanish.
ProComp 365. The ProComp 365 integrated platform from Mesa enables enterprises to manage all phases of the governance, risk, and compliance lifecycle. ProComp 365 follows the criteria of simplicity, usability, and customization.
SaguiControl. SaguiControl is an enterprise management app developed for small businesses. It runs on any device with internet access, letting entrepreneurs manage their business from anywhere. This app is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
Supportbench. Supportbench's intelligent customer support ticketing system includes everything you need right out of the box: a powerful knowledge base, customer surveys, a customer portal, a calendar, and project management.
Xyvid Pro. Xyvid is an enterprise web broadcasting platform for business users. Promote viewer involvement and retention through its dynamic platform and engagement suite.

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Business Central: 8-Wk Implementation. This implementation from Columbus offers rapid-deploy packages for Dynamics 365 Business Central with proof of delivery in as little as eight weeks. Columbus also provides project management and field-tested best practices.
Business Central Enhanced: 4-Week Implementation. Dynamic Consulting's implementation is ideal for experienced organizations that require only the initial setup and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with minimal guidance.
Business Central Extended: 10-Wk Implementation. Columbus offers extended-deploy implementation for Dynamics 365 Business Central with proof of delivery in as little as 10 weeks. Columbus also provides project management and field-tested best practices.
Business Central Premier: 8-Wk Implementation. Dynamic Consulting builds upon the Enhanced four-week package above with an implementation designed for organizations with an experienced bookkeeper or CFO/controller who requires core financial processing and minimal guidance.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Hr Assessment. This free assessment and demo session by Folio3 Dynamics AX Services, conducted via an interactive screen-sharing session, will be followed by a Q&A session. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will also be demonstrated.
Dynamics 365 Customer Serv: 10-Day Implementation. AlfaPeople's implementation gets you up and running in less than two weeks. Customize fields, personalize views, build business rules and workflows, and configure users, security roles, and business units.
Dynamics 365 Field Service Fit: 2-Day Workshop. This workshop by Audius optimizes your field service. Audius supports you in shaping your service processes with a procedure and timeline in the workshop so they are more effective and future-proof.
Dynamics Performance Health Check: 3-Wk Assessment. Flintfox will conduct a performance health check of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. The engagement will also involve a full system health check and code analysis, including recommendations.
Enterprise-grade Power BI: 1-Wk Implementation. Data Maru’s implementation helps enterprises understand their business needs and translate them into effective data visualizations using Microsoft Power BI. This implementation will cover a full assessment of the customer’s data.
Escaping Notes to PowerApps Starter: 3-Wk Workshop. This workshop will demonstrate why and how PowerApps is a perfect fit for many of your Lotus Notes apps. EscapeNotes brings 20-plus years of Lotus Notes and migrations to the PowerApps environment.
Food and Beverage Mfg: 10-Wk Implementation. Columbus offers rapid-deploy implementation for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Manufacturing in as little as 10 weeks. Columbus also provides project management and field-tested best practices.
Food Distribution: 10-Wk Implementation. Columbus offers rapid-deploy implementation for Dynamics 365 Business Central with proof of delivery in as little as 10 weeks. Columbus also provides project management and field-tested best practices.
Get started with PowerApps: 1-Day Workshop. iGlobe's workshop will get you up to speed on the basics of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow so you can hit the ground running in the PowerApps and Flow for App Builders course.
GP to Business Central: 8-Wk Implementation. Columbus offers rapid-deploy implementation packages for Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central using the Intelligent Cloud to bridge your data in as little as eight weeks.
Microsoft PowerApps: 8-Hr Proof of Concept. Cynoteck's proof of concept will evaluate if PowerApps, Flow, and Common Data Service (CDS) Platform are the right fit for your organization. Cynoteck will show how Power Packs work together to give you a modern business application solution.
Power BI Custom Visual: 2-Wk Implementation. This implementation from DataScenarios will create a Microsoft Power BI custom visual based on your specifications. Scope the prototype of the visual, then, after delivery, get an introduction on how to use it within Power BI reports and dashboards.
Power BI Dashboard in a Day: 1-Day Workshop. VNB Consulting’s workshop is for business users, IT specialists, and analysts. Participants will learn to develop basic-to-intermediate Power BI reports and dashboards, create data models in Power BI, and apply them to real business problems.
Power BI for SCOM Alert: 1-Hr Implementation. This implementation from Data Maru lets you set up a System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) dashboard. The Power BI dashboard provides "at-a-glance" health of your production environment and detailed information of alerts.
Power BI Training for Dynamics 365: 1-Day Workshop. Flintfox will teach the basics of using Power BI with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite. This session is geared toward the novice user, serving as an initial orientation to Power BI.
Power BI with Project Online Intro: 2-Day Workshop. Program Framework will provide an instructor-led training on developing, publishing, and sharing Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards. The workshop will use Microsoft Project Online data sources.
QuickBooks to Dynamics 365: 2-Day Implementation. Seepath's implementation provides easy migration of customers, vendors, items, and accounts to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Seepath experts will work with your team to guide you every step of the way.
Reporting with iGlobe CRM: 4-Hr Workshop. iGlobe’s workshop will show attendees how to better forecast sales, hit sales targets, and increase profitability per sale, and it will provide users with a dashboard-based navigation using Microsoft Power BI.

Ensure safety and security

COVER3. COVER3 combs through vast amounts of data to rapidly identify potential security threats. The device-agnostic platform performs facial recognition, object detection, and transcription/translation services.
Hydra Holistic Safety and Security. Hydra Holistic Safety and Security helps private security companies, law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and others transform data into value. Applications include urban and rural security, crime analysis insights, and tracking of high-value assets.
Mailinja – Encrypt & Legitimate Emails. But Simple. Use Mailinja's message form to compose and encrypt emails. Your passcode, which is needed to decrypt the email, will be transferred either via email or the Mailinja app. The recipient often needs only a PDF reader and the passcode.
R&S Trusted Gate Azure Solution for Office 365. R&S Trusted Gate transparently encrypts and fragments data into chunks while using a virtual file for running existing workflows. Secured documents remain fully searchable by authorized users.

Achieve GDPR compliance

AuraPortal Compliance. AuraPortal's GDPR accelerator and governance tool ensures that your business procedures meet the requirements of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

Stay up to date

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