New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 81: apps for automation, integration, and efficiency

AppSource is pleased to welcome 103 apps and services, many of them designed to automate processes, work with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and address industry-specific challenges.

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Extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365

Aptean Quality Control for Food and Beverage: Aptean Quality Control for Food and Beverage, designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, helps food and beverage manufacturers simplify and easily record their quality control activities.
bisting: bisting License AB's app provides centralized monitoring, logging, and proactive alerts to help you set up integrations and data import or export functions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
BluJay Gateway for Denied Party Screening: Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and useful for international business transactions, BluJay Gateway for Denied Party Screening performs government compliance screening for restricted parties, embargoed countries, and export license determination.
COSMO Advanced Construction Suite: COSMO Advanced Construction Suite integrates COSMO Project Construction with other COSMO apps. This version includes an integration to COSMO Bill of Quantities Management, which allows bills of quantities to be imported to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
COSMO Mobile Solution: Made for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, COSMO Mobile Solution captures warehouse movements at the point of origin and transfers data in real time to your enterprise resource planning system, assisting downstream business processes, such as picking.
Gateway to TMS for Shippers: Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, BluJay Gateway delivers enterprise-class supply chain solutions for smarter shipping, end-to-end logistics network support, and managing export compliance risk.
HyColaborador Portal: HyColaborador is a corporate web portal integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. HyColaborador's self-service tools allow employees to easily check their pay, schedule holidays, and carry out other workplace procedures.
Infotek Add-On Infrastructure: This add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an infrastructural layer for all the apps provided by Infotek except the company's Turkish Language app. This app is available in Turkish.
Infotek Applications License Management: Infotek Applications License Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you use Infotek's apps for free during a trial period and receive support in purchasing licenses. The app is available in English and Turkish.
KTC Support: The KTC Support app allows users to contact Karlsruhe Technology Consulting GmbH's support team from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in English and German.
Manufacturing Base Toolkit: The Manufacturing Base Toolkit from EOS Solutions expands the base functionalities for manufacturing management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Temporarily close production orders or link a reversal output entry to the original capacity entry.
Monday Morning Quarterback: Monday Morning Quarterback automates email-based reports from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, turning your sales and marketing information into a customized morning newsletter.
Physical Inventory for Lithuania: Lithuanian Dynamics Partners' extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets companies create physical inventory documents that meet Lithuanian requirements. This app is available in English and Lithuanian.
pryme Intercompany Master Data Management: pryme's Intercompany Master Data Management extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central streamlines and automates the transfer of transactional data between companies and provides fast and reliable reporting and analytics.
Softera E-invoice for Lithuania: Softera's solution automates invoice receiving and archiving processes for businesses in Lithuania. It integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and e-invoicing operator Unifiedpost, which performs digitalization. This app is available in English and Lithuanian.

Industry-specific apps for financial services, retail, government, and more

bss_voice_solutions: Available in Russian, this omnichannel communications platform from BSS features virtual customer assistants, real-time speech analytics, development tools, voice biometrics, sentiment analysis, and more.
E6 Platform: With extensive customizability, the E6 platform helps financial institutions and fintechs create differentiated products to meet customers’ evolving needs. More than 550 RESTful APIs and 100 plug-ins are included.
Flipkart Ads Manager: Flipkart Ads Manager is a plug-and-play ad platform designed to help retailers monetize their online properties. Key features include brand engagement, audience targeting, and campaign management. Flipkart Ads Manager supports multiple time zones and currencies.
Global Tax Platform – Enabling Tax in the Cloud: EY Global Tax Platform offers end-to-end capabilities to support worldwide tax functions. The solution uses Microsoft Azure to safely store data, and it integrates with leading tax reporting software to provide maximum coverage for your company's global footprint.
HowNow - Document & Email Management: Developed by accountants, HowNow was built to help you find your files faster and connect with clients quickly, easily, and securely. HowNow’s intuitive document filing and search capabilities mean you can instantly access your documents wherever you are.
INDOFinNET Digital KYC and Customer On-Boarding: Financial institutions, e-payment services, securitization firms, and other companies can benefit from INDO-FinNET Digital Customer Onboarding, which enables the incorporation of new customers online from any device with a camera.
InSimu University: InSimu is an interactive clinical training and assessment platform to improve students’ reasoning skills in a simulated environment. Students can study more than 150 diseases with an infinite number of virtual patients.
PONSSE Manager: PONSSE Manager allows logging operations to easily monitor and control their fleet of PONSSE machines. Real-time comprehensive data keeps you up to date on productivity and other matters that influence the profitability of your fleet.
Retail Banking Customer Management System: Cognizant's Retail Banking Customer Management System offers virtual agent-driven portfolio analysis, DocuSign integration for electronic signatures, a configurable rule engine for product suggestions, and integration with a mortgage onboarding system.
Ryedale Portfolio Management System: Built on Microsoft Azure, Ryedale Portfolio Management System addresses three core needs of growing investment firms: index portfolio management, asset allocation, and transaction cost analysis.
SITE - Offshore wind operations, logistics, and HSE: SITE helps offshore wind operations improve operations efficiency. With SITE, they can import and display a wide range of data, manage key processes related to safety and logistics, and get uniform reporting across multiple windfarms.
TRX Retail Analytics: TRX Retail Analytics provides multiple prebuilt dashboards for retail and sales departments. Representatives can report on business performance, conduct what-if analysis, identify clusters, and drive commercial success.
UBIR Service Trial: Intended for fast-casual or full-service restaurants, UBIR Service manages wait-list, to-go, and curbside functions via QR code. Restaurants can operate traditionally or offer a completely contactless experience.
vee24 Customer Engagement Platform: Vee24’s platform enables retailers to rapidly scale their online business and seamlessly connect their virtual and in-person customer experience using Vee24’s AI-powered chatbots and live assistance technologies.
Virtual Collector: Virtual Collector from Rock Solid Technologies maximizes revenue collection efficiency and provides a better experience for citizens. Municipalities can manage their collections procedures online, saving time and reducing processing costs. This app is available in Spanish and English.
Vital Official Document: Vital Official Document from Galaxy Software Services improves the efficiency of official document handling with online sign-off, mobile sign-off, tracking capabilities, and exchange and synchronization of agency data. This app is available only in Traditional Chinese.
zeb Regulatory Hub: Regulatory monitoring is complex and associated with high reputational risks and significant potential fines. zeb Regulatory Hub helps companies in the financial sector reduce complexity through automated and structured evaluation of the latest requirements.

Manage your IT assets and systems

BA Insight for Azure Cognitive Search: BA Insight is an AI-driven search solution, built on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search, that offers connectors to more than 80 systems and provides natural language processing, text analytics, and machine learning-based recommendations.
Contact Synchronization for Outlook and Teams users: Based on Microsoft Azure, TwinCap First AG's solution lets you synchronize corporate contacts and address information from any data source accessible over the web to Exchange Online mailboxes.
Insightastic!: Insightastic! from Agic Technology measures the adoption of Microsoft services and measure the success of digital transformation projects. This app is available only in Italian.

Streamline human resources and training

Leave Application: The Leave Application from IT-IQ Botswana allows employees to make time-off requests and automates the approval process. With it, organizations can reduce paper forms and easily track request status through Microsoft Power BI.
Productivation: 4wardPRO's Productivation solution facilitates the adoption of Microsoft 365 through training and communication services. Brief lessons (15-30 minutes) are divided into topics of a few minutes. This offer is available in Italian only.
XRecruit: XRecruit from Xtremax facilitates the recruitment process from job applications to onboarding. Using the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Azure, it automates recruitment tasks and stores information and documents.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

BMIT Make it Work: BMIT Make it Work bespoke solutions provide businesses with productivity tools, deliver easy access across devices, and reduce operational costs. The tools contain elements of Microsoft 365, 3CX, and other global technology providers.
FormX: utilizes optical character recognition and artificial intelligence to extract information from physical forms and convert it to structured digital data that can be processed by software or applications.
Freehand by Invision - Digital Whiteboard: Visually collaborate in Microsoft Teams with Freehand from InVisionApp, a digital whiteboard that provides a space for all participants to think creatively. Tools include custom templates and sticky notes. for Microsoft Teams: Through, you can use building blocks – such as boards, views, charts, automations, and integrations - to create custom workflow apps to run processes and projects. Create a new board or add to an existing one from within Microsoft Teams.
Nectir Innovation: Nectir enables large organizations to harness the collective insights of their best and brightest minds. Crowdsource ideas, gamify strategy, and receive companywide feedback with Nectir. The intuitive user experience ensures high engagement and minimizes training.
Oficioo: Oficioo automates the mailroom process, classifying and routing incoming or outgoing business communications and extracting relevant content from paper and electronic correspondence.
Raptor Document Warehouse: Raptor from 9altitudes consolidates information across business applications and brings structure to it. It offers intelligent, taxonomy-based document metadata; context-based security; and out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.
vSend: vSend from Vialutions lets you send files from a Microsoft SharePoint library directly to a recipient's mailbox. Simply select the files, choose the relevant function, and vSend will generate an email with the appropriate attachment.
Whereabouts: Propelle's Whereabouts brings a digital status board to your Microsoft 365 environment, showing who's on and off work. Team members can be managed through Azure Active Directory, so manual updates aren't required.

Track your business’s inventory, operations, and available space 

4wardPRO Booking App: Accessible via Microsoft Teams, the web, or mobile devices, 4wardPRO Booking App enables companies to book workstations and desks, balancing office work and remote work. This app is available only in Italian.
KMD Spend Analysis: KMD Spend Analysis uses AI-based categorization to help private and public companies in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden gain insight into procurement spending.
Softland ERP SaaS: Softland ERP integrates operations so that companies can increase their competitive advantages, reduce costs, and make better decisions. Softland ERP complies with Colombian legislation and electronic invoicing rules, and is available only in Spanish.
Track and Trace at Bosch.IO: Bosch.IO's Track and Trace helps material planners and logistics partners digitally track materials and assets throughout the supply chain. Channel data into customer systems and reduce time spent on searching, booking, and inventory.

Manage security, health, and safety

Abiliti for Occupational Claims Management: This bundle includes AbilitiAlert, a platform for reporting workplace incidents; AbilitiManage, case management software for sick leave, disability, and injury; and AbilitiConnect, a central source for stakeholders in the absence management process.
COVID-19 room booking app: Coleida GmbH's app lets employees book conference rooms or other unused spaces to avoid clustering in buildings and discourage the spread of COVID-19. Note: A Microsoft 365 license is required.

Go further with consulting services from Microsoft partners

AddPro SecureIT: 4-Hour Workshop: This workshop from AddPro is an introduction to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Get greater insight into how you can classify, encrypt, and track access to information. This offer is available in Swedish and English.
Adoption: 5-Day Workshop: Hone your Microsoft 365 strategy and optimize user adoption and change management in this workshop from IT sure GmbH. IT sure will help you implement Microsoft 365 workloads for the use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and more. This offer is available only in German.
Analytics-in-Action: 1-Day Assessment: OmniData’s workshop will help organizations achieve success with data. Get a checkpoint for your analytics environment and build a roadmap to success. Get access to professionals with real-world experience in the Microsoft analytics suite.
Audit Consumption & Usage: 1-Day Implementation: Get complete analytics of your Microsoft Power BI service usage. Learn the amount of your Power BI service consumption, report usage, and diagnose any potential Power BI environment issues using Quadrant Resource’s tool.
Biz App for Asset Management Company: 4-Hour Assessment: Translate your operations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform in this offer from Agic Technology. Get an overview of getting started, including license requirements, project methodology overview, and project timeline.
Calling: 2-Day Workshop: Learn to use Microsoft Teams efficiently with this workshop from IT sure GmbH. Get comprehensive advice on technical settings as well as end user-related issues to integrate your telephone system into Teams. This offer is available only in German.
Catalyst 5-Day Assessment: Learn how to build a resilient supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance with this offering from Inove, part of Nexer. Solve key business challenges, such as activating the digital sale of commodities and enabling digital producer assistance services.
CE DIGITAL TRANSFORM. RETAIL: 10-Week Implementation: Build strong relationships, optimize processes, and make better decisions based on advanced analytics with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. myPartner’s implementation will help you stay connected to customers.
Contact Center Modernization: 3-Day Assessment: Arbela’s assessment is designed to help your organization understand what’s possible with modern remote contact centers, then develop the right strategy to modernize your customer service using the latest Microsoft technology. 
Cybersecurity: 3-Week Assessment: adaQuest will provide insights, recommendations, and next steps with a strategic plan based on approaches recommended by Microsoft security experts. Enhance the security posture of your Microsoft 365 environment and on-premises environments. 
Development with .NET: NETCHECK SA provides a range of consulting services and development of .NET solutions and applications, along with database integration. This offer is available only in Spanish.
DXC Connected Bank-as-a-Service: Implementation: DXC will implement a fully scalable digital banking solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Veripark's suite of products for financial services. Enhance customer engagement and more.
DXC Customer Engagement Ctr: Implementation: DXC will implement an architectural framework built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and the Microsoft Power Platform to connect your sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and e-commerce.
DXC Event & Membership Mgt: Implementation: This offering from DXC is for organizations that have a requirement to integrate the management of events and membership within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
DXC Implementation Services for Dynamics 365: This offering from DXC enables insight-driven transformation, allowing you to invent new and innovative service delivery and customer engagement models. Robust analytic capabilities provide actionable insight to continuously optimize your business.
DXC Implementation Services for Power Platform: This service from DXC will unlock value from your investment in the Microsoft Power Platform. It encourages innovation and provides real business value from the outset, from ideation workshops to training programs and more. 
DXC Managed Services for Dynamics: DXC will provide managed services for Microsoft Dynamics 365, including support and maintenance, core support and maintenance, release management, and enhancements. DXC will help you get the most out of your Dynamics applications.
DXC Solutions for Manufacturing: Implementation: Get a set of intelligent Microsoft business applications that will help you run your business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights. This offering from DXC includes advisory services to define your transformation strategy.
DXC Solutions for Retail: Implementation Services: DXC's offering will utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform to enable you to make smart decisions quickly and grow your business at your own pace.
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: 10-Day Proof of Concept: Gather real-time transactional, behavioral, and demographic data to create a 360-degree view of your customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This offer from Twelve Consulting is available in French and English.
Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing: 1-Hour Briefing: Fusion5 will help you get a high-level understanding of your business, from the environment and technology landscape to how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can support your wider business objectives.
Fsoft consulting services for Dynamics 365 Business Central: FPT Software implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft products to help businesses optimize costs and harness the latest digital platforms. FPT Software will provide prototypes within one week.
Keep Secure: 5-Week Implementation: With this offering, Overcast integrates security solutions based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, in conjunction with CheckPoint, Imperva, Infobloks, Symantec, S21sec, Fortinet, and Mimecast.
Learning Workshop Communardo (4 Hours):In this workshop from Communardo, your organization will learn how to effectively use Microsoft 365 and Viva Learning. Increase the efficiency of internal training and improve employee satisfaction. This offer is available only in German.
Managed Microsoft Teams Calling: NEC’s service lets businesses make and receive calls to landline phones and mobile phones from any device, and it adds high-quality voice calling capability with direct routing to Microsoft Teams.
Managed Modern Workplace: 4-Week Implementation: This customer all-inclusive service from Trans4mation IT GmbH within Microsoft 365 offers a managed workplace in full client operation. Ensure your IT is tailored to your core business without you having to worry about it.
Master Planning: 4-Week Assessment and Education: Arbela will help you digitally transform master planning by automating as much as possible and ensuring data integration, system interoperation, and process communications using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Microsoft 365 Secure Landing Zone: 2-Week Implementation: Rubicon’s service ensures your Microsoft 365 cloud environment is properly and securely set up, always maintained, and compliant with CIS AVG ISO 27001 and BIO. This offer is available only in Dutch.
Microsoft 365 Security Baseline: 3-Week Assessment: This Motion10 offering provides secure and controlled collaboration with Microsoft 365. Working together with you, Motion10’s consultants address the most common set of baseline security measures.
Microsoft Teams Adoption: 1-Week Implementation: Softlanding's change management implementation provides a tiered approach for greater organizational flexibility. Softlanding's team of experts will make it easy to adopt Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop: 3 Days: This service from Migrate leads you through key Microsoft Teams governance concepts such as provisioning methods, compliance, retention, guest access, demonstrations, and improving the user experience.
Modern Workplace: 1-Day Workshop: Get access to modern management of your workplace and identity resources with this offering from Synapsys. Come away with an overview of the solutions Microsoft 365 offers to more efficiently manage your devices, patches, and more.
Modern Workplace: 3-Hour Briefing: This introduction from Synapsys will give you the basic knowledge to manage your workplace within Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. If you wish to deliver a workplace efficiently, wherever and whenever, this briefing is for you.
Modern Workplace Management: 6-Week Workshop: Beck et al will help you thrive within Microsoft 365, combining technology, training, and change management to evolve the way your organization works. This offer is available only in German.
Power Apps: 2-Day Workshop: Proge Software will teach you the ins and outs of Microsoft Power Apps. There will be a deep overview of the platform, with consideration given to benefits and limitations, and a final roadmap with a business case that befits your organization’s needs. 
Power BI Administrator: 2-Hour Implementation Support: BSgroup can assist you with migration, a more efficient Microsoft Power BI administration, or the implementation of specific reports and solutions in relation to Power BI, provided with optimal support.
Power Platform App in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: KiZAN will help teach practical skills for using Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate. You will learn how to build business applications, increase collaboration, and accelerate the adoption of the Microsoft Power Platform.
Power Platform Strategy: 1-Day Workshop: Learn about Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate and what they can do for your organization in this offering from Communardo. Establish the Microsoft Power Platform in your company. This offer is available only in German.
PPM Discovery: 3-Day Assessment: Get a comprehensive implementation roadmap for a long-term project portfolio management (PPM) solution using Microsoft Project. PPM Works will provide you with guidance and recommendations throughout the system evaluation. 
Preclinical Life Sciences: 10-Week Implementation: If you are a life sciences company in the preclinical phase, Arbela can help you optimize finances, supply chain management, and more with a rapid implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Proactive Services: 4-Week Implementation: L3 will rapidly implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, including CRM configuration, migration, support, incident management, knowledge article management, and customer service activity management.
Retail Offerings - Platformation: 7-Week Assessment: Sonata Software offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementations to build an intelligent retail platform. Achieve operational transformation across your core finance and operations, your sales and marketing divisions, and more.
RPA in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: This training from L3 will teach you the basic concepts of Microsoft Robotic Process Automation in Microsoft Power Automate. At the end of the day, users will create an automation in the "practical" format for their business under guidance of the instructors.
SE Marketing: 3-Hour Envisioning Workshop: Innofactor’s offering is aimed at business owners and/or marketing and sales directors who want to modernize their sales and marketing capabilities. Drive ROI from a Microsoft cloud platform strategy that includes the Microsoft Power Platform.

Smart Marketing: 4-Weeks Implementation: L3 offers the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, including lead management, CRM configuration, data migration, marketing assets management, and automated customer journey management.

Sycor.ManagedSecurity: 4-Hour Implementation Service: Permanently increase IT security in your company with a solution based on Microsoft Enterprise + Mobility Suite E3/E5 or Microsoft 365 E3/E5. Sycor will optimize IT security processes and help you save costs.
Teams Meetings: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Intellinet will help you define your business priorities and scenarios that drive hybrid work using Microsoft Teams. Stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and simplify work in a secure and compliant way – all in one place.
User-Centered Design in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Learn in one day how your organization can make a difference in IT projects with user-centered design, focused on Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Power Apps. Cover common challenges such as product delays, project viability, and more.
Yolva Marketing: 2-Week Assessment (RU): Get a comprehensive assessment of your business’s marketing processes and automation needs through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. Arrange a Dynamics 365 prototype based on your needs. This offer is available only in Russian.
Zero-Trust: 3-Day Assessment: Toreon will guide you toward improving your identity posture in Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory. Learn what to do when it comes to identity, information protection and governance, compliance, and threat protection.

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