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AppSource is pleased to welcome 102 apps and services, many of them designed to visualize complex data, energize collaboration, and build on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Arineo Dynamics 365 Finance Dashboard: Display important Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance figures and drill into individual accounts with this Microsoft Power BI solution. Get a dashboard showing your balance sheet data and key profit and loss figures with variable time-period selection.
Atcerp's Staffing Solution: Close more positions in a timely manner with this unified reporting platform built on Microsoft Power BI. All authorized team members can access specific information on individual recruiters and candidates so you can turn data and insights into a competitive edge.
Breakthru: This Microsoft Teams wellbeing tool organizes microbreaks of physical motion during the work or school day to increase productivity and boost creativity. Give a moment as a gift, share it as an icebreaker in meetings, or challenge yourself to feel energized, confident, centered, and joyful.
Business Central Accounts Payable Insights: Optimize payments and discover trends to manage your cash flow more efficiently thanks to these preconfigured Microsoft Power BI payables reports that take advantage of the immense amount of information in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Business Central Accounts Receivable Insights: Get ready-made Microsoft Power BI receivables reports that offer essential insights to optimize cash flow and ensure you get paid on time. Track Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central receivables, identify customer trends, and more.
Business Central Cash Flow Insights: Knowing your cash flow numbers is crucial to your business success. Take control of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cash flow and make data-driven decisions with a suite of pre-designed, ready-to-use Microsoft Power BI reports from eKnowtion.
Business Central CRM Insights: Get quicker and better insights into your contacts and their interactions to improve how you do business with them thanks to eKnowtion’s ready-made Microsoft Power BI reports that present your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data.
Business Central Finance Insights: Take control of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central finances and make data-driven decisions with Microsoft Power BI reports from eKnowtion. More than 150 measures and 20-plus dimensions ensure your reporting explains what is happening in your business.
Business Central Inventory Insights: Get a holistic view of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central stock and optimize inventory with pre-designed Microsoft Power BI reports from eKnowtion. See inventory value and quantity movements over time as well as items that are most often out of stock.
Business Central Jobs Insights: Monitor statuses and make data-driven project management decisions with ready-to-use Microsoft Power BI reports from eKnowtion. Bring all your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data together to identify trends for all customers, jobs, job tasks, and resources.
Business Central Purchasing Insights: Your team doesn’t need to wait weeks for purchasing reports to be designed, validated, tested, and installed. Get instant Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central insights and optimize your spending with pre-designed Microsoft Power BI reports from eKnowtion.
Business Central Sales Insights: Does your sales reporting still rely on spreadsheets and manual data extraction? Maximize profitability with an end-to-end view across sales, budgets, costs, and profits with eKnowtion’s Microsoft Power BI reports for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Callroute Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams: Callroute’s solution for Microsoft Teams offers benefits that simplify adoption and provide flexibility. Get automated Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing configuration, flexible per-channel pricing, international capabilities, and a free voice channel for life.
Cloud Replicator: Replicate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data to different cloud databases, allowing you to aggregate data from multiple companies or many tenants into a single database as well as making your data easier to use for reporting with tools like Microsoft Power BI.
COSSERP Customer Inventory Substitutions: This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution allows you to define inventory substitutions by customer or customer class, guaranteeing compliance with manufacturers or distributors when original products are not available.
Free Data Health Check: This free offer checks the quality of your United Kingdom consumer data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing or Dynamics 365 Sales through an automated process. You then have the option to gain access to the report results by signing up to a subscription service.
GarantiasPlus: This offer is for organizations in Spain that manage guarantees and is only available in Spanish. It unifies information and provides end-to-end management related to deposits, seizure of defaults, return and printing of guarantees, and more via Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
ProBatch 365 Sales and Purchase: YAVEON ProBatch 365 Sales and Purchase app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central aims to improve efficiency in your sales and purchasing processes by providing delivery tolerances, allowing you and your suppliers to adjust quantities during the delivery process. Synchronize your contacts between Microsoft 365 and countless apps, including groupware, CRM, web shops, ticket software, marketing automation, and more. Once connected, will enable rapid one-way or two-way synchronization.
ThingLink for workplace learning: Create engaging visual learning materials and virtual trainings for multilingual teams using ThingLink. Built on Microsoft Teams, this solution for workplace skills development includes easy tools for creating visual learning experiences.
unitop NPO Fundraising: Increase the efficiency and transparency of your non-profit organization with unitop NPO Fundraising, available on Essential and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This solution is aimed at donation organizations and foundations and is available in Germany.
Vendor Rating: Evaluate your suppliers consistently and precisely for each order using a rating system of zero to 5 stars in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. KTC’s Vendor Rating is available in English and German.

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2-Week Microsoft Teams Telephony Proof of Concept: Solulan experts will help you pilot Microsoft Teams to replace your current telephone system. The engagement includes: a technical review of your telephony infrastructure, a summary of your requirements, and a pilot of Teams.
5-Day Microsoft Teams Design Implementation: Map your organization structure and communication culture via this consultation with Spikes senior business consultants. Create a collaboration landscape blueprint that informs your design for Microsoft Teams setup and provisioning.
Application Modernization: 3-Week Assessment: Move your legacy applications to the cloud with insights on the costs and benefits of modernization via Microsoft 365. Experts from adaQuest will assess your environment, plan migration priorities, develop a roadmap, and then optimize the result.
Asset Management: 10-Week Implementation: Ready to move from reactive to proactive and predictive asset management? Arbela can help with customized deployment services for its Asset Management solution, an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Azure Foundations: 4-Week Assessment: Discover the possibilities for strategic digital transformation via this consultation with adaQuest, an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider. You will gain key guidance on how to meet business and technology objectives by using Microsoft 365.
Business Central Adoption: 1-Day Assessment: As part of Microsoft Catalyst, meet with EOS Solutions experts for an envisioning workshop on business transformation in the engineering industry through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Power Platform, and the Microsoft cloud.
Business Central Overview: 1-Hour Assessment: Experts from Dynasol Technologies will discuss your current business processes, help to identify existing challenges and key gaps, and then determine if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the right option for you.
Catalyst for Capital Markets: 1-Day Assessment: In this Microsoft Catalyst assessment, business leaders from Microsoft account-managed financial services organizations can meet with Redspire experts to define digital transformation enablement using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.
Collaboration Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: The Rubicon Collaboration Accelerator implements a modern social collaboration platform featuring Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva. It can help accelerate your digital business transformation and unlock new opportunities.
Colt Intelligent Communications: 1-Day Proof of Concept: This consulting offer enables you to test a cost-optimized architecture for Colt Intelligent Communications, built on Microsoft 365. You’ll then have the opportunity to seamlessly move from proof of concept to a full production environment.
Complete Cloud Transformation: 1-Day Workshop: In this engagement with Jasco, you will learn how to empower employees to communicate and collaborate better together via Microsoft 365 while ensuring security outside the office thanks to multi-factor authentication and conditional access.
Connected Call Center: 5-Day Workshop: Increase first-touch resolution, automate recurring customer interactions, and provide personalized experiences to take your call center operations to the next level, all thanks to this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service consulting offer from Sigma AB.
Content Management in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: In this engagement with NTT Germany, you will learn about content management, analyze your current landscape, and develop an action strategy based on Microsoft 365 solutions. This offer is only available in German.
Corporate UX × Power Apps: 5-Day Implementation: This Reply DE offer enables your employees to create innovative, low-code Microsoft Power Apps that maintain corporate identity guidelines and standards via company-specific building blocks in a central design repository.
Course PL-100T00: 3-Day Workshop: This Barhead Solutions Australia course teaches you how to build low-code apps using Microsoft Power Platform. Participants (minimum five per session) get training, course materials, and an exam voucher for PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification.
Cybersecurity Assurance: 4-Week Workshop: In this consultation, Sofistic Colombia detects Microsoft 365 vulnerabilities derived from configuration failures, then offers a roadmap adapted to your company’s security maturity to strengthen the platform. This offer is only available in Spanish.
Cybersecurity Consulting: 4-Week Assessment: Experts from SoftNet will diagnose and provide insight into your company's IT status, security maturity, and vulnerabilities. They will also present measures to reduce your risk via Microsoft 365. This offer is only available in Korean.
Data and Infrastructure Migration: 4-Week Assessment: Accelerate your journey to the cloud with this consulting offer from adaQuest. Evaluate your current IT infrastructure, prioritize business needs and their requirements, and develop a roadmap for migration to Microsoft 365.
Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management: Implementation: Columbus will help you increase process efficiency, improve data accuracy, enhance product safety, and maximize margins with this implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Dynamics Food Assessment: 5-Day Workshop: Learn how to build a resilient supply chain for your food-related business with this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management consultation with cegeka. Define an optimal scope and get a roadmap and budget estimate in line with your objectives.
Endpoint Management Security Workshop: This four-day engagement with Microsoft FastTrack Ready partner Xylos offers you an understanding of the cloud-based Microsoft Endpoint Manager, an evaluation of your current environment, and a roadmap based on Microsoft 365.
Endpoint Management: 8-Hour Workshop: This modern device management workshop from adaQuest will show you how to leverage intelligent security, risk-based controls, zero-touch provisioning, advanced analytics, and deep integration with the Microsoft 365 products you already use.
Excel to Power Apps: 5-Day Implementation: The experts at Reply DE will help you migrate data to Microsoft Power Apps from Microsoft Excel, Access, and Forms. You’ll get help with analysis, templated migration of data, structuring of a relational database, and setup of rights and roles.
HC Microsoft 365 Legal & Compliance: 4-Week Assessment: This Lighthouse Global assessment provides healthcare industry organizations an in-depth review of Microsoft 365 legal and compliance issues. Get a hands-on tools overview as well as long-term management and governance recommendations.
Identity Security Workshop: This four-day consultation with Microsoft FastTrack Ready partner Xylos offers an overview of the identity security landscape, insights into your identity posture, and creation of an improvement roadmap with high-level plans for deployment within Microsoft 365.
Inclusive Culture Program: 10-Day Workshop: Insight Technology Solutions’ Microsoft 365 Inclusive Culture program is designed to provide your organization with the knowledge and tools to create a more empowered and inclusive culture.
Legal & Compliance for FinServ: 4-Week Assessment: Lighthouse’s Microsoft 365 Legal & Compliance Assessment for financial firms optimizes the efficiency of your Microsoft 365 tenant for e-discovery, defensible data migrations, records management, and information governance.
Level Up Power Query: 1-Day Workshop: Learn to automate the extraction and cleansing of data in Microsoft Power BI and Excel by using Power Query. P3 Adaptive will show you how Power Query makes grabbing and shaping data easy for business people.
License Consulting Service: 1-Hour Briefing: Start or accelerate your Cloud journey by assessing and optimizing your Microsoft 365 and Azure licensing. Insight Technology Solutions’ consultants have deep expertise, knowledge, and experience in all Microsoft licensing, whether on premises or in the cloud.
Managed Service: Your Modern Workplace by V-Care: Provide your employees with a secure, managed service available anywhere at any time. V-Care builds your business around the Microsoft 365 Business Premium suite for increased collaboration, strengthened security, and reduced cost.
Microsoft 365 Compliance for FinServ: 4-Week Workshop: Lighthouse’s Microsoft 365 Compliance Workshop helps financial institutions implement a compliance strategy that accelerates and streamlines data security and governance while reducing risk.
Microsoft 365 Compliance for Manufacturing: 4-Week Workshop: Lighthouse’s Microsoft 365 Compliance Workshop helps manufacturing organizations implement a compliance strategy that accelerates and streamlines data security and governance while reducing risk.
Microsoft 365 Data Modernizer: 6-Week Implementation: The Rubicon Microsoft 365 Data Modernizer will configure your tenant to enrich your documents and information automatically or manually, preventing data leakage. Move to a self-protecting data model so that sensitive data is secure wherever it resides or travels.
Microsoft Security: 3-Day Workshop: This free workshop shows you how to use Microsoft’s security capabilities to protect your users and data. Let Oxford Computer Group show you how secure your organization is now and how to mitigate and protect against threats in the future.
Microsoft Teams: 3-Week Assessment: The Teams Assessment from adaQuest analyzes your current Microsoft 365 environment and develops a roadmap for your journey to Microsoft Teams. Drive collaboration with insights on the business, cost, and technology benefits to your organization.
Microsoft Teams Apps and Solutions Workshop: With Migrate’s Microsoft Teams Apps and Solutions Workshop, you will envision and create tailored solutions that extend the benefits of Teams by automating business processes, integrating with business systems, and more without sacrificing security.
Microsoft Teams Rooms: 1-Day Workshop: This offer is only available in German. NTT will help you find a manufacturer-independent video solution with an optimal price-to-performance ratio and an outstanding video experience built on Microsoft teams.
Microsoft Viva: 3-Day Knowledge Discovery Workshop: Explore knowledge and content services available in Microsoft 365 and learn about Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntext. Dendrio’s multi-day Knowledge Discovery Workshop will help you build a plan for implementation.
Office 365 Customer Immersion: 1-Day Workshop: The Customer Immersion Experience Workshop from novaCapta GmbH lets you experience Microsoft 365 on a real production environment, performing a practical deep dive testing the possibilities of digital and productive collaboration.
Overview of Microsoft Teams Telephony: 1-Day Workshop: Get started with Microsoft Teams telephony through this consulting offer from msg services. You will learn about features, end-user devices, migration scenarios, and Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing. This offer is only available in German.
Passwordless Starterkit 25 Yubikeys: 4-Hour Workshop: Onevinn´s introduction workshop, Passwordless with 25 YubiKeys, allows you and your organization to secure employee access by using password-less technology integrated with Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory, and YubiKey two-factor authentication.
Power BI Data Marketing Training: 2-Day Workshop: Build advanced marketing analyses via Microsoft Power BI with this consulting offer from Novencia. You will learn how to connect to disparate sources, load data, apply advanced data processing, use advanced analytics functions, and more.
Power Platform Governance: 3-Week Assessment: Accelerate your Microsoft Power Platform journey with Rubicon’s accelerator, providing you with the ingredients, best practices, and architecture to govern the Power Platform within your organization.
Professional Power BI Training: 1-Day Workshop: This introductory consultation with Novencia will help you understand the possibilities offered by Microsoft Power BI. Learn how to create and edit analysis tables, master flat file loading, design interactive analysis boards, and more.
Scan To Teams Migration: 8-Week Implementation: Automate your file-server migration to Microsoft Teams. The Rubicon Scan To Teams Migration Accelerator scans, creates, and migrates local file-server storage locations directly into new Teams based on usage, modification date, and folder structure.
Security & Compliance: 4-Week implementation: Prisma’s Security & Compliance for Microsoft 365 is designed to help organizations meet the needs of managing secure content and being compliant in the use of data with legal, regulatory, and technical standards.
SOS Enterprise Communication App: 1-Week Implementation: SOS Group Limited will implement its Enterprise Communication App for Microsoft Teams to facilitate business operations, two-way communication between colleagues and the company, and more.
Teams Calling: 1-Week Proof of Concept: A Microsoft-certified expert from Paragon will perform discovery workshops to understand your telephony needs and deploy Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice in Microsoft Teams for a pilot group of 25 users.
Teams Calling: 8-Hour Workshop: Engage with adaQuest to get modern calling capabilities and a plan to adopt Microsoft Teams. You’ll benefit from adaQuest’s experience with network remediation, Microsoft 365 service deployment, telephone porting, and more.
Teams Consultation and Design: 2-Week Assessment: This offer is only available in Hungarian. T-Systems experts will assess your company’s current communications solution and create a customized plan to set up a collaboration platform built on Microsoft Teams.
Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms: 8-Hour Workshop: The Meetings and Meeting Rooms Workshop offered by adaQuest is a modular engagement to identify and understand your business priorities while focusing on specific scenarios for planning and deploying Microsoft Teams and Teams Meeting Rooms.
Workflow Automation: 3-Day Implementation: New Signature’s service utilizes Microsoft Power Apps to deliver an interactive customer engagement that provides both knowledge and usable outcomes to solve real business problems. Quickly low-code and no code apps.
Workplace Modernization: 3-Week Assessment: With adaQuest’s Workplace Modernization Assessment, you’ll undertake a four-phased approach to simplify cloud adoption on Microsoft 365 and reduce risk. Make your business applications better with adaQuest.

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Revenue Grid Guided Selling Platform

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