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AppSource is pleased to welcome 107 apps and services, many of them designed to secure information, manage processes, and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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21RISK Template App for Power BI: Connect Microsoft Power BI to your 21RISK data to enable powerful exploration and visualization. This template app contains prebuilt and ready-to-use dashboards, but it also allows you to extend and develop custom visualizations to answer your specific questions.
Access Manager: This app from Xtbc simplifies information security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by enabling user segmentation and transparent access control management. Generate reports to meet compliance requirements and to significantly reduce the cost for security audits.
BySoft Business Manufacturing: This manufacturing tool delivers complete control of your sheet metal processes via the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central premium edition. You will be able to set up routing and bill of materials much faster, then compare expected to actual cost per order.
Company Picture Finder: This extension finds company logos on the internet by using web and email addresses of vendors and customers; then it downloads and saves the logo to serve as the customer or supplier picture in the Essential or Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
LinkedIn Insights Power BI Dashboard: This free Microsoft Power BI dashboard from Newcomp Analytics provides insights into your company’s LinkedIn followers, social actions, and engagements. Users must have a Power BI Pro license (or trial) for access and must also acquire a LinkedIn API key.
LogiWebshop: This powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution allows you to efficiently build or extend your e-commerce business, with reduced maintenance based on your online shop always displaying updated master data. This app is available only in Switzerland.
Omne RH – Castilla Nomina: This app is only available in Spanish. Omne RH Castilla Nómina is a solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to cover all requirements related to the calculation and management of payroll in accordance with Spanish legislation.
Production+: The Production+ app utilizes production sequence to capture data and reduce manual entry errors in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Maintain production operations on a single screen with less time and effort.
ProE-SCM 365 Data Interfacing Platform: YAVEON’s ProE-SCM 365 platform is easy to install for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and quickly provides automated data exchange, highly configurable customizations, and additional protection mechanisms.
Project Tracking Dashboard- Azure DevOps: Adrosonic’s Project Tracking Dashboard, built on Microsoft Power BI, helps stakeholders assess the month-over-month health of their Microsoft Azure DevOps environment, measure output, and get insights into work capacity.
Risk management system: Mogul’s Risk Management System, built on Microsoft Power Apps, can fulfill your internal requirements for the ISO 31000 standard. The system is capable of registering, assessing, responding, monitoring, and reporting on all levels of risk within your organization.
Rue de Net H3 Integration: The Rue de Net H3 Integration app includes the functionality to import transactions from the H3 payroll system into the General Journal in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in Icelandic and English.
Rue de Net Motus Integration: With the Rue de Net Motus app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can confirm, refuse, and handle Motus claims without needing to open the Motus site. This app is available in Icelandic and English.
Sales Commission Based on Cash Receipt: The Sales Commission Based on Cash Receipt app, built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, lets you grab the data from sales invoices or ledger entries to calculate a commission based on cash receipt. This app is available in Chinese and English.
Shipping Manager: The Shipping Manager app lets you connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to shipping brokers, create waybills, and manage shipping. Simplify waybill registration, find cheap shipping costs, and manage orders efficiently.
WeChat Archiver: Use the TeleMessage connector, WeChat Archiver, in the Microsoft 365 compliance center to import and archive WeChat calls, chats, attachments, files, and deleted messages. You’ll be able to apply compliance functions and search WeChat messages.

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Activate Digital Selling: 6-Week Design & Implementation: This implementation by W-IT will enable you to provide an end-to-end digital buying experience for customers, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing you to optimize sales and marketing processes to reduce costs.
Always On Service: 8-Week Design & Implementation: Empower teams with the right tools and insights to provide personalized customer service, optimize scalable resources, and troubleshoot issues at any time and any place, all thanks to this Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting engagement with W-IT.
App Identity Evaluation: 8-Hour Workshop: This adaQuest workshop shows you how to control all your apps, users, and devices via a single pane. Get insights, recommendations, and next steps to enhance the identity security posture of your Microsoft 365 and on-premises environments.
AppCare: 2-Day Services and Implementation: Prodware Group management services guarantee the full operation of your business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, by handling updates and security to free up your in-house IT team to focus on value-added projects.
Business Intelligence: 4-Week Implementation: DevScope business intelligence services, powered by Microsoft Azure and Power BI, help you turn data into actionable insights and numbers-based decisions. This consultation assesses your needs, creates a roadmap, and leads to a project hand-over.
Data Classification and Protection: 3-Week Workshop: Align your data protection strategy and governing security vision with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) over eight half-day sessions with NTT DATA. Educate your IT leadership on MIP’s robust functionality through interactive demos and discussions.
Defender for Endpoint Advisory: 2-Week Workshop: This series of eight half-day sessions with NTT DATA aligns Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with your security framework, compliance requirements, and endpoint landscape, enabling a security posture that protects you from malware and other threats.
Defender for Endpoint: 1-Month Implementation: This offer is only available in Spanish. This deployment of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint by partner White Hat delivers an endpoint detection and response solution with proactive protection, post-detection, automated investigation, and response.
Defender for Identity & Endpoint: 1-Month Implementation: This offer is only available in Spanish. Secure your confidential information, maintain compliance, and reduce risk with this offer, in which White Hat experts will deploy Microsoft Defender for Identity in your on-premises environment.
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: 3-Week Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from RSM Product Sales will configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, validate and model your system data for ingestion, configure customer profiles, and deliver an executive presentation and project roadmap.
Dynamics Chemicals Assessment: 5-Day Workshop: In this consultation for chemicals-based businesses, the experts at cegeka will define project expectations and objectives, solution architecture, and budget proposal to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Dynamics Distribution Assessment: 5-Day Workshop: This consultation with cegeka will define a scope, roadmap, and budget estimate for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management in line with the specific objectives of a distribution-focused business.
Dynamics Pharma & Life Science Assessment: 5-Day Workshop: Experts from cegeka will consult with your pharmaceutical and life sciences business to define objectives, solution architecture, and budget proposal toward the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Dynamics Professional Services Assessment: 5-Day Workshop: This consultation with cegeka will define a scope, roadmap, and budget estimate for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management implementation specific to the objectives of a professional services business.
Emission calculation & reporting: 2-Week Implementation: Calculate and report emissions toward your company's sustainability program with this Microsoft Power Apps consulting offer from ISLET Group. This solution localized for Finnish, English, and Swedish can be extended to other languages.
Finance: 10-Week Implementation: This offer from Best Practices Consulting will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance to centralize financial management with integrated reporting, predictive analysis, and simplified e-invoicing and payments. This offer is available only in Spanish.
Frontline Workers: 1-Day Workshop: This consultation with Sulava Oy enables you to assess frontline workforce needs (including device management and security), develop Microsoft 365 and Power Platform solutions to address business challenges, and define an actionable roadmap.
HCL PowerObjects Field Service: 1-Week Assessment: This consultation from HCL Technologies will assess the ability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to streamline your business processes from real-time mobility across every major device to routing and workflow automation.
Home Healthcare Field Kit: 2-Day Workshop: This KiZAN Technologies consultation educates clinical directors on how to eliminate paper-based errors and inefficiencies while significantly increasing productivity for first-line healthcare professionals with a custom Microsoft Teams solution.
Hybrid Cloud Security: 8-Hour Workshop: This customized consultation with adaQuest will show you how to get insights and recommendations on active threats and vulnerabilities to enhance the identity security posture of your organization’s Microsoft 365 and on-premises environments.
Mailbox migration: 4-Week Assessment: This service from T-Systems transfers all or part of the data (mailboxes, calendars, and contacts) on your local e-mail system to Microsoft 365, enabling your organization to work more efficiently online. This offer is only available in Hungarian.
Managed Services for Microsoft Teams: Netrix’s managed services for Microsoft Teams are designed to help you achieve maximum business value from your investment. Netrix provides day-to-day support for your entire environment, becoming the point of contact for support or administration issues.
Marketing Automation: 1-Hour Briefing: This free consultation with Enterprisecloud will showcase how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing can help you increase leads and nurture them with customer journeys using tracked mailer campaigns, event management, and integrated social media.
Mergers and Acquisitions: 1-Month Implementation: This consulting offer from Interlink uses a six-stage methodology to get you organized and build your foundation (based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure) for a smooth infrastructure consolidation process after a merger or acquisition.
Microsoft 365: 6-Week Assessment: This comprehensive Microsoft 365 assessment by Agilisys will baseline your organization’s current configuration, identify risks, issues, and opportunities, and develop a roadmap to implement additional capabilities and achieve business outcomes.
Microsoft 365 Business Voice: 1-Day Assessment: This free consulting offer from ECF Data lets you experience state-of-the-art telephony via Microsoft 365 Business Voice to enable productivity, communication, and collaboration. You’ll take away a roadmap for deployment and adoption.
Microsoft 365 Defender: 10-Week Implementation: This Cyclotron offer provides a complete approach to consolidating your security tools and protecting your environment through implementation of Microsoft 365 Defender, resulting in improved detection rates, threat coverage, and security posture.
Microsoft 365 Security Scan: 3-Day Assessment: This series of interactive sessions with Ordina Belgium will produce a map of your Microsoft 365 environment and uncover advice based on industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 to increase the security posture of your modern workplace.
Microsoft 365 Security: 4-Week Assessment: Learn about new security opportunities that come with the introduction Microsoft 365. Experts from T-Systems will examine your IT security and compliance standards, then assess the benefits of moving to the cloud. This offer is only available in Hungarian.
Microsoft Catalyst: 1-Day Envisioning Workshop: Build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies with The CRM Team and a proven, innovative approach from Microsoft Catalyst. The envisioning and planning program employs Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Microsoft Power Platform, and the Microsoft cloud.
Microsoft Endpoint Manager: 10-Week Implementation: Cyclotron's implementation of Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides an introduction, education, and a production-ready framework for IT teams to revolutionize their device management strategy and enhance user security.
Microsoft Information Protection: 10-Week Implement: Cyclotron provides a complete approach to identifying, classifying, protecting, and monitoring sensitive data with Microsoft Information Protection, resulting in real-time views into where your highest-value data lives and flows.
Microsoft Teams Phone Planning: 5-Week Assessment: Protiviti will conduct a strategic assessment of Microsoft Teams Phone implementation options, licensing structure, user telephony personas, existing telephony services, and carriers. You’ll get a roadmap to realize your investment in Teams.
Microsoft Teams Voice Integration: 1-Day Workshop: Learn how to integrate your current Cisco UCC system or PBX into Microsoft Teams. In DAMOVO’s workshop, experts will guide you through the process of a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high-quality, and integrated calling.
Microsoft VIVA 360 Degrees: 10-Week Implementation: Campana & Schott accompanies enterprises and their employees holistically with envisioning, conception, introduction, and implementation of Microsoft Viva Insights, Topics, Connections, and Learning to create a sticky and productive work environment.
Modern Work Strategy: 3-Hour Briefing Session: A risual enterprise architect will review primary elements of Microsoft 365 and risual’s strategy and assessments for Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions. This free briefing will cover how risual designs, deploys, and supports the adoption of Microsoft 365.
NTT Cybersecurity Advisory: 1-Week Workshop: NTT’s Cybersecurity Advisory Baseline is an asset-based consulting engagement that uses workshops and interviews to assess cybersecurity maturity across all areas of your people, processes, and technologies.
Okta Migration to Azure AD: 3-Week Assessment: Invoke’s Okta Migration to Azure AD Assessment offering is designed to assess and plan your migration efforts to maximize your existing investments in Azure AD. Reduce costs, improve user experience, and lay the foundation for zero trust security.
Power BI Design: 4-Week Implementation: Infopulse will help you enhance your current Microsoft Power BI solution to fit your enterprise in style and functionality. As a result of this implementation, you’ll get a set of efficient report templates that deliver maximum value and present insightful data analytics.
Power BI Governance Plan: 5-Week Implementation: Bismart will help you take full advantage of Microsoft Power BI capabilities, define corporate policies for Power BI usage, and train your staff. Bismart will propose a complete roadmap for implementation and optimization of Power BI. This offer is available in Spanish.
Power Platform Capability: 1-Week Assessment: HCL’s PowerObjects assessment focuses on ensuring your success on the Microsoft Power Platform by helping your organization build an internal Center of Excellence. Govern structure and processes, manage security, and encourage innovation.
Power Platform Starter Kit: 4-Week Implementation: MNP Digital will empower your employees to analyze data and create solutions built on the Microsoft Power Platform for an immediate impact on your business. MNP’s offer can be tailored to your specific needs.
Power Platform Technical Advisory Service: 4-Week Briefing: This app is available only in Japanese. Win Technology will provide advice for solving problems by using the Microsoft Power Platform. This offer includes off-site and on-site support on a monthly basis.
PowerConvert: 1-Week Assessment: HCL will utilize its PowerConvert tool to automate your transition from Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Workflows to Microsoft Power Automate. PowerConvert mitigates risk and reduces migration overhead.
Regression Test Automation: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Arbela’s Regression Test Automation and Organizational Change Management services can help your organization reduce costs and quickly update to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Sales & Operations Planning: 2-Week Assessment: MCA Connect will take you through five phases of alignment, discovery, process design, deployment, and monitoring to help you achieve your sales and operations planning objectives with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
Secure Workspace: 1-Day Workshop: Watserv’s workshop is designed to help companies rapidly and securely enable remote work scenarios using Microsoft 365 technologies. Make your team connected and productive without sacrificing security and control.
Security & Productivity: 1-Day Assessment: This offer is available only in German. Tara Technologies will provide a report on the status of your Microsoft 365 environment with regard to cloud security and productivity and will provide recommendations for improvements based on best practices.
Security Assessment for Microsoft 365: 5 Days: Chess Ltd will help you keep your business secure, your data protected, and your operations compliant. Make the most out of the built-in Microsoft 365 security features and implement best security practices.
Starter Offer Defender for Identity: 1-Month Implementation: This offer is only available in Spanish. White Hat will implement an operational deployment of Microsoft Defender for Identify to help you learn about the benefits of using the technology to protect against attacks.
Teams Direct Routing: 2-Week Implementation: Replace your traditional phone system with Microsoft Teams, using the TELUS network. Direct Routing connects your Teams infrastructure via a TELUS-managed network appliance to the public switched telephone network to make calls anywhere in the world.
Teams Meeting Rooms: 1-Day Workshop: Dendrio’s workshop will help you understand how to bring Microsoft Teams to your meeting room facilities. Microsoft Teams Rooms are purpose-built solutions delivering a complete Teams meeting experience that includes high-definition audio and video.
Teams Phone for Call Centers: 5-Week Assessment: Protiviti will provide a roadmap and high-level view to move toward a successful implementation of Microsoft Teams Phone for contact centers. Get ready to plan, deploy, and adopt Teams and maximize the ROI of your Teams implementation.
Teams Phone System Rollout: 2-Week Implementation: This offer is only available in Russian. JSC Softline Trade will deploy Microsoft Teams to enable audio conferencing for your organization. The offer includes remote support and configuration.
Teams Success Service: 4-Week Implementation: Modality’s Teams Success Service is a tiered bundle of services, software, and support that addresses the key requirements of an effective Microsoft Teams operation for organizations with up to 2,500 users.
Teamwork Assessment: 2-Day Workshop: AMTRA's Teamwork Assessment provides an actionable roadmap that aligns business opportunities and challenges with IT goals, enabling the deployment or further adoption of Microsoft 365 through tailored workshops.
Unified Endpoint Management: 10-Day Assessment: Understand how VENZO's Unified Endpoint Management solution uses Microsoft 365 technologies to ensure that devices that utilize organizational data are updated and secure, no matter the location or network
Unified Endpoint Management: 10-Day Proof of Concept: Get VENZO's Unified Endpoint Management solution, built on Microsoft 365 technologies, to ensure that devices that utilize organizational data are updated and secure, no matter the location or network
Vodafone Teams Connect: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Vodafone Teams Connect delivers a unified, cloud-based, modern working environment built on Microsoft Teams. Get all the features of a traditional private branch exchange (PBX) without the ongoing maintenance costs or complexity to worry about.

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