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AppSource is pleased to welcome 114 apps and services, many of them designed to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 and elevate your business's potential.

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Advanced Allocations: Enable greater data entry accuracy and efficiency by using general ledger entries, statistical entries, or quick key allocations to distribute transactions against multiple general ledger accounts and dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central via a templated approach.
Advania H3 Service: With Advania H3, you can import data from your external H3 payroll system directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app has a dependency on the Advania IS365 localization offer and is available only in Icelandic and English for the Iceland market.
ARFinances: This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central financial localization contains all federal government requirements for Argentina and for the city of Buenos Aires to help you gain intelligence more easily and keep your operations under control. This offer is only available in Spanish.
CLFinances: This financial localization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Chile contains all the federal government’s legal requirements, in addition to features that will help you gain intelligence more easily and keep your operations under control. This offer is only available in Spanish.
Component at Location: This add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables setup of locations used on production order lines and production order components using item categories, which mean locations will fill automatically. This offer is available in Croatian and English.
Financial Leasing Express: This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central app manages all your financial lease (hire purchase) processes. The solution connects lease operations for small and mid-sized lessor companies and deals with all moveable goods subject to a fixed lease term.
Funding Express: Accelerate your funding and deposit management with this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution by Solitea. The app is suitable for use by startups or established small and medium-sized companies receiving loan tranches or deposits.
GAC eCommerce Platform: Quickly add extra sales channels and enable customers to monitor the progress of their orders with this e-commerce solution that uses your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data in your web shop and receives orders back into Dynamics 365.
Grid by MAQ Software: Navigate complex data sets to focus on the most important items with this visual solution for Microsoft Power BI. Grid includes pagination to facilitate easy navigation as well as a sort function to order data based on any column.
Installment Sale Express: Enable your customers to buy now but pay over a period of time with this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution from Solitea. You will be able to apply interest and any necessary fees, send notifications, and manage installment payments.
Loans Express: Streamline your loan management processes with this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution from Solitea, which helps you accelerate financial close, improve forecasting, and get real-time performance metrics while also fostering compliance and security.
Navertica POS Base: Navertica POS Base helps you cover basic sales processes in your shops, creating bills and managing shop operations in one place. The app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in English and Czech.
Navertica Warehouse Mobile: Improve warehouse accuracy and increase efficiency with mobile device and barcode integration through Navertica Warehouse Mobile, an online mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in English and Czech.
PI Inventory Lookup: Portable Intelligence’s RF Plus tool enables inventory lookups and uploads of parts photos via tablets, phones, and handheld scanners. The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Pimics AI: PIMICS AI is an extension for Allium’s PIMICS, which speeds up product information management by using artificial intelligence. This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
ProBatch 365 Costing: ProBatch 365 Costing lets you easily determine the manufacturing costs or prices of your production items directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in English and German.
ProBatch 365 Warehouse Management: Expand and improve the logistics features of your system with ProBatch 365 Warehouse Management for the Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in English, German, and French.
Rue de Net Contracts: With Rue de Net's Contracts app, you can store, classify, and manage all contracts and business documentation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in English and Icelandic.
Rue de Net Customs: Using Rue de Net's Customs app, you can create customs declaration from purchase invoices, print the single administrative document declaration, and send it by EDI to the Icelandic customs authorities. This app is available in English and Icelandic.
Rue de Net External Users: The External Users app from Rue de Net allows the management of external users’ access to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment. This app is available in English and Icelandic.
Rue de Net Ferli Integration: Ferli Integration is an app from Rue de Net that makes it easier for you to create, maintain, and update customer data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by using information from the Icelandic National Registry. This app is available in English and Icelandic.
Sendcloud: Sendcloud helps your business save time, effort, and money on the shipping process by allowing you to book shipping orders directly from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment. Print labels and make real-time tracking information available for you and your customers.
Simple Pick App: Simple Pick is an easy and inexpensive way to implement a warehouse picking solution, letting you keep track of warehouse picks, orders, and returns. This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
STRUXI Business Intelligence: Connect Microsoft Power BI directly to your STRUXI data with STRUXI BI, out-of-the-box example reports from Penta Technologies. STRUXI BI is designed to connect to STRUXI data and expose calculations that are helpful for project managers.

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Adoption & Change Management: 2-Hour Briefing: This briefing from Pivotal Consulting will help you make informed decisions on Microsoft 365 rollout timing, communications, and training needs. You’ll get a demo, use cases, guidance, resources, and a question-and-answer session.
Adoption & Change Management: 8-Week Implementation: JSC delivers a programmatic consulting engagement based on Prosci ADKAR-methodology, enabling a tailored adoption of Microsoft 365 with the involvement of executive sponsorship to transition an organization to modern work.
Adoption and Change Management: 10-Week Assessment: Experts from Span will review how your organization uses Microsoft 365, identify your challenges and map them to Microsoft 365 tools, and organize trainings that will help end users quickly adopt the new ways of working.
Akari Secure Score: 2-Hour Workshop: Akari Solutions will talk your teams through Microsoft Secure Score with a focus on identity, Microsoft 365, and devices to build a good, better, or best security posture roadmap to help your organization protect itself from cyber threats.
Assessments Deployment for Microsoft 365: 2-Week Implementation: Experts from iCorps will analyze your current services and platforms and map them to the Microsoft 365 stack of services under the E5 licensing model.
Automotive CRM Deployment: 6-Week Implementation: Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech will deploy a customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales solution to your tenant to deliver a multi-brand solution for digitalization of sales processes at car dealerships.
Bank Reconciliation: 8-Week Implementation: Increase administrative productivity and take precise control of your finances by implementing automatic bank reconciliation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance via Best Practices Consulting. This offer is available only in Spanish.
Budgets and Cash Flow with AI: 8-Week Implementation: Streamline your budget process and gather all the necessary information into a single system with this implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance by Best Practices Consulting. This offer is available only in Spanish.
Calling Plans for Microsoft Teams: Proof of Concept Deployment: In three days, Transparity Solutions will deploy a fully featured proof of concept (capable of being converted to live) of Microsoft Teams to enable native telephony functionality based on Calling Plans for Microsoft Teams.
Catalyst for Banking: 1-Day Assessment: At managed financial services organizations, Redspire experts will envision alongside business leaders to build a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales transformation strategy via Microsoft Catalyst, a proven and powerful approach to innovation.
Change Kit: Half-Day Workshop: ConXioN will make sure your new Microsoft 365 solution is easily embraced within your organization using plans designed for training, documentation, and adoption. Maximize the enthusiasm of your employees for the new way of working.
Concept Study Collaboration Teams: 1-Day Assessment: Take a deep dive with ConXioN into Microsoft Teams, analyze your as-is situation and future state, discuss governance and adoption, then leave with a complete proposal for collaborating within your organization via Teams.
Concept Study Document Management: 2-Day Assessment: The experts from ConXioN will analyze your as-is situation and your desired future state, then draft a proposal for a fitting document management solution for your organization, based on Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, or Teams.
Concept Study Microsoft 365: 1-Day Assessment: Work with experts from ConXioN to thoroughly assess your organization’s top business needs, draft a complete proposal for the most fitting Microsoft 365 solutions for your challenges, and see a demonstration of the technical solutions.
Concept Study Teams Calling: 1-Day Assessment: ConXioN will demonstrate the possibilities of Microsoft Teams, analyze your organization’s current and future states, carry out a technical analysis, draft a complete proposal for implementation, and hold an adoption workshop.
Connected Field Service: 1-Day Assessment: This consultation with HCL Technologies will show how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can connect you with employees in the field, receive real-time data from techs to your back office, and improve productivity and first-time fix rates.
CRM-in-a-Box: 10-Week Implementation: Improve sales pipeline visibility, forecast more accurately, boost salesforce productivity, create a single view of customer information, and more with this customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation from Alterna. This offer is available only in Italian.
Customer Engagement: 1-Week Proof of Concept: Using your data and industry best practices, Arbela will show you how to enhance your customer experience and engagement by spinning up a trial instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and delivering a conference room pilot to your team and executives.
Customer Experience Maturity: 2-Day Assessment: Arbela will assess the customer experience maturity level of your organization, then develop a roadmap including suggested investments for becoming a customer-centric organization via Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Device & Identity Management with Microsoft 365: 12-Day Implementation: Let O2 deliver a managed service to your Microsoft 365 device estate through its expert design and service teams. O2 will guide you through stages of device and identity management using Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
Dynamics 365 Finance Data Migration: 2-Week Implementation: The experts from Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech will transfer your data from legacy systems to your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance implementation based on customer filled templates.
Dynamics 365 Finance Parametrization: 1-Week Implementation: Turn to the experts from Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech to set up all modules and parameters of your newly implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance system in Czech and Slovak localizations.
Dynamics 365 Finance Training: 4-Day Workshop: This remote or on-site training workshop from Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech is available in Czech or English and covers all functional modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance with a special focus on Czech or Slovak legislative or regulatory specifics.
Dynamics 365 Marketing Onboarding: 2-Day Workshop: This initial training workshop from Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech is designed to accelerate adoption for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing features such as email marketing, segment creation, and customer journey.
Dynamics 365 Marketing Support: 1-Week Implementation: Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech offers this onboarding service package designed to guide unpracticed users through initial setup of segment creation and emailing campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.
Endpoint Management: 2-Day Assessment: Experts from Inetum-Realdolmen will help you organize your endpoint management in a modern way with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Windows Autopilot. Assess your current environment and define your new strategy during this consultation.
Endpoint Management Service: 3-Hour Workshop: The experts from PEAKUP will showcase the value of secure remote work capabilities focused on detailed information regarding how customers utilize Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) and Windows Autopilot.
Frontline Worker: 3-Hour Assessment: This Transparity Solutions remote workshop for technical and business leaders will deliver an overview of typical frontline worker challenges and the capabilities within Microsoft 365 to help you better serve and engage with your employees.
Frontline Workers: 3-Day Assessment: This consulting engagement with Span will help you understand how to empower frontline employees to stay connected and productive by identifying top prioritized scenarios and developing high-level Microsoft 365 solutions based on those scenarios.
Governance for Power BI: 3-Day Implement & Extend: Lytix will implement Governator, its template solution to enable governance and provide you with a clear overview of what is happening on your organization's Microsoft Power BI environment.
Health & Safety Adaptive Engine: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This engagement with Slalom Consulting will show how Microsoft Power BI can support EHS&S (environmental, health, safety, and sustainability) operational excellence within your organization, helping you make smarter decisions.
Higher Education: 2-Day Assessment: Understand, engage, and manage your student journeys with ease and flexibility thanks to the experts at Fusion5, who will assess how your organization can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enable the successful digital transformation of higher education processes.
Ideas With Value: 1-Week Workshop: This consultation with Unipartner IT Services shows how the Microsoft Power Platform can accelerate digital innovation, allowing you to gather and harness ideas that address challenges and achieve value for both your organization and your customers.
Identity: 4-Day Workshop: Devoteam offers an agile and iterative approach to improve the security posture of your Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This workshop will analyze your identity score, present an application discovery report, plan available services, and offer recommendations.
Knowledge Discovery - Viva Topics: 4-Hour Workshop: Covenant Technology Partners will show how Microsoft Viva and artificial intelligence can help your organization, specifically how to automatically identify, process, and organize content into easily accessible knowledge.
License and Services Agreement: 1-Day Assessment: The experts at Softline will guide you to a Microsoft 365 license agreement that best fits your needs. They will assess the business needs, identify the right profiles, and suggest the most appropriate SKU plans to realize value from cloud subscriptions.
Low-Code App Development: 1-Day Workshop: Accelerate your digital transformation journey using low-code/no-code solutions with this Microsoft Power Platform consultation from UST experts. You will learn the capabilities of numerous Microsoft products, build on Power Apps via a canvas, and more.
Maintenance Module: 8-Week Implementation: Keep your production and warehouse hassle-free by managing maintenance of machines, production equipment, and vehicles thanks to this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management implementation by Best Practices Consulting.
Manufacturing + IoT 4.0: 10-Week Implementation: This Best Practices Consulting implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management allows you to monitor factory performance from anywhere, using intelligent asset data with operational insights to optimize your processes.
Microsoft 365 Licensing as a Service: 4-Week Implementation: Span provides Microsoft 365 license consulting, procurement, and delivery to help you navigate compliance regulations and requirements. This offer includes a comprehensive review of your Microsoft software deployments.
Microsoft 365 Services: 4-Week Implementation: Span will implement Microsoft 365 services to support everyday activities, help build your hybrid or cloud IT environments, and streamline organizational availability to adapt to future business needs.
Microsoft Teams Direct Routing: 4-Week Implementation: Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams provides customers with the option to migrate communication and collaboration services to the cloud and offload the management of those services to Lumen.
Modern Dashboards & Reporting: 2-Day Workshop: Macaw’s Self-Service BI & Analytics for the enterprise ensures optimal user adoption of Microsoft Power BI and accelerates data collaboration while preserving data quality and security.
NC365 One-Stop-Shop: 2-Day Implementation: NC365 is NAS Conception GmbH’s service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that maps the EU One-Stop Shop (OSS) Scheme for VAT return . The app requires the NC3655 OSS booking matrix extension. This offer is available in German.
One Solution for Microsoft 365: 10-Day Assessment: This consulting engagement with Ilionx assesses the implementation of One, a digital workplace for Microsoft 365 that delivers all company communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and social interaction to employees on just one screen.
PHATapps: 10-Week Microsoft 365 Implementation: This offer is only available in German. PHAT advises, designs, and implements individual apps on Microsoft Teams and Power Apps for IT and business, whether for managers, frontline workers, or information workers.
Power Apps for Beginners: 2-Hour Workshop: This offer is available in German. In this free, hands-on workshop offered by akquinet, you will learn the first steps to create an app with Microsoft Power Apps. No prior programming knowledge is required.
Power Automate: 4-Week Implementation: This offer is available only in Portuguese in Brazil. Learn how to create automated processes using Microsoft Power Automate. You’ll be able to optimize repetitive tasks involving spreadsheets, paperwork, and approvals.
Power BI Project Services: 1-Day Implementation: PEAKUP’s project services include assessment, planning, and implementation of reports built on Microsoft Power BI, including dashboards viewable on web, mobile, or embedded interfaces. All reports and dashboards will be created in your environment.
Power BI Training: 1-Week Workshop: Techedge’s introduction to Microsoft Power BI is designed for business users who are already dealing with data analysis using tools such as graphs and pivot tables. This offer is available in English and Italian.
Power Platform Governance and Adoption: 4-Week Implementation: Sopra Steria’s service assists you with the adoption and governance of the Microsoft Power Platform. You'll get a governance model for the Power Platform, user training, and pilot projects. This offer is available in English and Norwegian.
Power Virtual Agents: 7-Day Implementation: MASAO’s team of experts will rapidly set up Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and integrate them with Microsoft Dynamics 365. You’ll be able to respond to the needs of your customers and employees at scale. This offer is available in French.
Receipt Image Return System: 2-Week Implementation: Receipt Image Return System lets customers scan signed receipts and upload the receipt image to your company. The barcode is scanned automatically, logging the tracking number using Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. This offer is only available in Chinese.
Rue de Net Business Central: 2-Hour Workshop: Rue de Net offers a workshop demonstrating basic functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and user interface personalization. The workshop will take part remotely on Microsoft Teams with one of Rue de Net's experienced consultants.
Security for Dynamics 365: 1-Hour Assessment: This free, one-hour assessment from Arbela will review your Microsoft Dynamics 365 security management and identify potential risks. It’s designed for companies that need expert advice on security best practices based on real-life scenarios.
Security Priority: 2-Day Assessment: List and prioritize your security needs and get started leveraging Microsoft 365 Security features. Inetum-Realdolmen will provide a step-by-step overview for you to optimize your security environment.
Sport Business Solutions: 1-Day Workshop: This offer is available in French. In this free workshop from Talent Business Solutions, you’ll learn how to engage your sports club in the digital field using either the Essential or Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Teams Light Adoption and Change Management: 6-Week Assessment: The Light Adoption and Change Management service from Span efficiently prepares your employees for using Microsoft Teams. Span will show how Microsoft 365 can be used to overcome daily business challenges.
Teams Security: 5-Day Plan and Implementation: Weblink International will familiarize you with the security-related settings of Microsoft Teams, enabling you to create a convenient and safe work environment for online meetings and collaboration. This offer is only available in Chinese.
VisualSafe for Teams: 3-Day Implementation: Adopt & Embrace’s VisualSafe lets you track and respond to workplace incidents involving frontline workers. This app for Microsoft Teams can be customized to suit your business requirements and branding.
WMS and Barcode: 10-Week Implementation: Best Practices Consulting will integrate barcode readers and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, enabling you to obtain precise information about items in your warehouse. This offer is available in Spanish.
Workshop Document Management with Microsoft 365: After ConXioN’s half-day workshop, you’ll be familiar with the document management features of Microsoft 365 services, including OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. This offer is designed for SMBs and enterprise organizations.
Workshop Intro to the Modern Workplace: ConXioN’s half-day workshop will provide you with an overview of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365 apps. Learn how you can utilize Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or Power Platform to grow your business.

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