New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 9: apps that assist IT departments and integrate with Microsoft products

AppSource is pleased to welcome 180 apps and services, many of them designed to tackle IT projects and integrate with Microsoft products.

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Industry-specific apps for financial services, healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, government, marketing, construction, sports, and travel

AMCS Platform for Municipal Waste and Recycling. This enterprise-grade platform enables waste and recycling operators to quickly and easily manage the full spectrum of business-critical data and processes, providing complete visibility into municipal waste collection activities.
Arvato Smart Logistics Platform | Healthcare Suite. Arvato's solution supports pharmaceutical wholesalers in implementing the business processes required to comply with the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive, which tightens record-keeping requirements and applies additional safety features to packaging.
AuraPortal Finance. The AuraPortal Finance platform enables managers to check the status of each process and, based on the established indicators, make well-informed decisions to achieve optimal company development. It's compatible with ERP and CRM systems as well as legacy apps.
BlueforceCOMMAND. BlueforceCOMMAND enables the rapid formation of tactical teams for disaster response or emergency management. By combining information from personnel, sensors, and more, it provides commanders and staff members with synchronized planning and decision support.
Bullclip. Bullclip is a collaborative markup application for architecture, engineering, and construction teams. Mark up drawings and sketches in the same live workspace as the rest of your team.
CheckVentory Vehicle Inventory Auditing Platform. With granularity and speed, CheckVentory Auditor reconciles all inventory assets across multiple locations. Transform mundane and laborious inventory audits into value-added insights that can transform the way vehicle inventory credit is managed.
Claros - The Water Intelligence System from Hach. Hach's Claros solution suite addresses six critical challenges that impact municipal and industrial water operations: regulatory compliance, cost savings, remote operations, data management, process optimization, and equipment maintenance.
Colixeum. Colixeum is a powerful tool for managing the daily aspects of your sports federation or club. Track statistics, register players, oversee ticketing, and publish information on your corporate website. This app is available only in Spanish.
Datanomix Fusion Manufacturing Analytics. Datanomix Fusion offers a simple way for discrete manufacturers to improve production efficiency. It combines machine tool and sensor data streams to provide a Fusion Factor score of current production compared to the best runs of that machine and part.
Droice AI. Using the Flamingo natural language understanding engine along with other machine learning methods, Droice Labs delivers transparency in patient data and generates action plans at both population and individual patient levels in real time.
eSchooling - Education Management System. eSchooling is an education management system for K-12 schools. It covers all areas of school and campus management, with intelligent automation, smart social engagement, and features to generate new revenue streams.
FieldTwin. FutureOn has created FieldTwin, a data visualization platform built on an open API designed for the offshore oil and gas industry. FieldTwin works with back-end systems and engineering software to integrate data silos, reduce costs, improve asset management, and lower operational risks.
Flywheel. Flywheel empowers scientists and clinicians across the globe with an open and extensible platform to capture, manage, and analyze their data. Applications include machine learning, compute-intensive image processing, and multi-center data collection.
GererMaBoite. GererMaBoite's platform offers a secure online cashier service, expenditure management, and bank management with risk monitoring. This app is available only in French.
GETSAP. GETSAP makes it easier for entrepreneurs in retail or industrial settings to optimize processes and adopt management solutions in the face of constant economic change. This app is available in Spanish and English.
GrantVantage - Grants Management System. GrantVantage's grant management solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, streamlines, automates, and standardizes the process of managing objectives, performance measures, activities, contracts, project budgets, and compliance reporting.
Hallo Werk. The Hallo Werk platform by Next2Digital B.V. enables local governments to connect job seekers with employers in the region. This app is available only in Dutch.
Intershop Progressive Web App. Intershop Progressive Web App uses JavaScript to dynamically load new content rather than having to reload the entire page, so load speed for e-commerce sites is accelerated. Increase your conversion rates with an outstanding and convincing customer experience.
Lanes, the mobile diary for construction. Empower your foreman, contract managers, and building site staff by connecting them with Lanes. Lanes allows you to create job diaries; collect and tag pictures, designs, videos, and documents; and share information with your team.
LightSail Education. LightSail is an adaptive digital reading platform that helps students, classes, schools, and reading intervention programs exceed their literacy goals. Using the Lexile framework, students receive an objective measure of reading ability and a structured base by which to measure their literacy growth.
Magón. Manage your service stations, franchises, and cooperatives with Magón. Modules cover billing, shifts, risks, limits, loyalty, and more. This app is available only in Spanish.
Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching Model. Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices to create a holistic model that is maximizing teacher impact and increasing student engagement in math classrooms across Australia.
Metatron Discovery. Metatron Discovery is an industrial intelligence platform for data analysis and visualization. It drives innovation in its operations, identifies new opportunities, and establishes strategies for long-term survival in today’s ever-changing business environment.
Neosurance. Neosurance provides comprehensive functionality for unemployment insurance, paid family leave, or disability insurance administration. Neosurance meets at least 70 percent of any state business requirements right out of the box and is designed to be tailored to meet each agency’s needs.
Next2Flex. Next2Flex enables the secure and automated exchange of income information between employers and municipalities. It's designed to ease the administrative burdens of tracking part-time or temporary work in a social security context. This app is available only in Dutch.
NextGate EMPI (Enterprise Master Person Index). An enterprise master person index is an enterprise-wide solution that enables organizations to uniquely match patient records across disparate systems. NextGate's EMPI helps organizations deliver better care, and it currently manages 300 million lives.
Paysafe Direct. Paysafe is a trusted provider of merchant services for more than 200,000 small and medium-sized businesses across the United States. Paysafe offers mobile, online, or point-of-sale solutions.
Perfion PIM – Add-in for Business Central. Perfion gives you product information management integrated into your Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution. Perfion PIM dynamically generates brochures, data sheets, and other marketing materials with always-updated data in a print-ready PDF format.
Perfion PIM – Add-in for Finance and Operations. Perfion gives you product information management integrated into your Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP solution. Sales-ready products are easily released from Perfion to Dynamics 365.
Perfion - Product Information Management. Perfion facilitates multi-channel marketing, letting you bid farewell to worries about invalid or outdated product data. Perfion PIM integrates seamlessly into your existing IT landscape and ties all your data sources together.
Pondera System. Pondera combats fraud, waste, and abuse in large government programs. Its core prediction and detection system ingests program data, matches it against third-party data sources, then runs it through procedural and prediction models to detect anomalies and patterns, aiding investigations.
Popote Pay. Popote Pay is a payment application equipped with management and accounting features. It enables businesses to replace cash, checks, and other traditional payment methods while reducing risk, preventing losses, improving efficiency, and increasing profitability.
Realtime Analytics - Distributed IoT Clients. KiZAN's solution offers real-time analytics for IoT in manufacturing, and its machine learning algorithms can predict machine failure rates due to long-term heat exposure, providing insight into regulating the operational environment.
RedMane mCase and Case Management. RedMane's mCase makes case management tasks faster and more efficient. Supported programs include child welfare, violence prevention, housing assistance, probation, investigations, and behavioral and mental health.
RemoteSpark. Built for Microsoft HoloLens, RemoteSpark is a mixed reality and augmented reality tool for industrial workers. It empowers field service workers and technicians to achieve more by connecting them to the resources they need.
Retail Velocity Demand Signal Repository. Retail Velocity's centralized enterprise application quickly connects, cleans, and harmonizes large volumes of complex, disparate external data sources from retail point-of-sale systems.
Sentral. Manage school administration, student progress, absences, visitors, attendance records, and more with Sentral. A new portal keeps parents fully updated and helps them be involved in their child’s education.
Sohema Case Management for Health & Human Services. This app by Avocette Technologies is delivered with pre-built templates comprising best practices, data components, and process workflows for all common case management functions.
Stormwater Needs Assessment. Opti provides a cloud-based platform for continuous monitoring and adaptive control of distributed stormwater infrastructure. Discover how Opti's smart stormwater stack can multiply the performance of your stormwater assets and watershed.
SyHealth for Population Health. SyHealth allows for deep, granular insights derived from medical records, providing a cohort view of patients or a pared-down view of a certain patient type. SyHealth will allow you to analyze what is really happening in and across your patient populations.
SyReview for Medical Record Reviews. Within seconds, users can view pertinent findings within medical records through SyReview’s modernized workflow, reducing time, effort, and frustration.
SyWhat for Content Management. SyWhat improves data governance, maximizing the content locked within all your health plans or health system records. Additionally, SyWhat normalizes unstructured data enterprise-wide, bringing consistency and interoperability to abstracted insights.
Tower. Tower is a leading financial software solution for wealth management. Improve investment proposals, reporting, portfolio management, and other services with Tower's tools.
TravPro. Designed for tour operators and corporate travel providers, TravPro encompasses everything from rate management to invoicing. Identify which business units, destinations, and key staff contribute the most to your bottom line.
UNITE cloud. UNITE cloud's suite covers distribution and retail business, centering on stores' operations and headquarters. Improve your business operations through simplification. This app is available only in Japanese.
VSBLTY DataCaptor. DataCaptor leverages camera and sensor technology with machine learning and computer vision to provide retailers and brands with real-time analytics and audience measurement.
VSBLTY Vector. VSBLTY Vector is a leader in proactive digital display, transforming retail, public spaces, and place-based media networks with audience measurement and security software utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Wizata. With its digital twin, data explorer, and AI solutions builder functionalities, Wizata empowers the manufacturing industry to digitize production processes and create AI projects.

Optimize and automate with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

365Performance Essentials. Optimize your work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using 365Performance tools. With 365Performance Essentials, you get various enhancements to optimize the user experience.
Advanced Customer Vendor Statements for Italy. This app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you the ability to view and print detailed aging reports in your ERP system, with all the records for the period and with the final balance.
Advanced-Forms Lite - FREE version. Advanced-Forms Lite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a user-friendly and flexible solution that enables the automated creation, distribution, and archiving of documents (invoices, purchase orders, quotations, and more).
BSS Ost Automatic Dimension Management. This extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically creates dimensions. The extension includes a management wizard and setup to choose the parts where a dimension should be automatically added.
Clever EDI. Clever EDI provides an integrated solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users who need to exchange documents electronically with their customer, vendor, or third-party logistics partners. Reduce your administration costs to a minimum.
Clever Global Search. Clever Global Search allows you to easily find records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With Clever Global Search, you have a simple page within Dynamics 365 Business Central to search across multiple tables.
Clever Landed Costs. Clever Landed Costs makes it easy to correctly calculate the true unit cost of imported items. Easily add on freight, customs, duties, insurance, currency conversion, and other expenses to your supplier’s unit cost in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Clever PrintNode Integration. Clever PrintNode Integration allows Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to communicate with PrintNode's hosted printing service. Quickly, easily, and securely print from anywhere with an easy-to-use API.
Connector for CETAS FOS365. Connector for CETAS FOS365 is an omnichannel solution to help restaurants manage food delivery via consumers placing orders through a branded website or app. The solution scales with ease, whether you have one location or a chain of restaurants.
EasyPost Services Connector. EasyPost Services Connector allows you to send packages using the sales order functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Send packages all around the world using a system you're already familiar with. Get up and running in no time.
External Manufacturing for Naviceram. Control and manage the external manufacturing of assembly items. This module extends the functionality of Naviceram and supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
GDPR Toolset. GDPR Toolset for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to manage personal data to comply with the main rules of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.
Greenshades Payroll and HCM. Greenshades' app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central harmonizes the employee lifecycle with human resources and payroll.
ODT Rentals 365 RoW. ODT Rentals 365 RoW offers organizations a cloud-based solution for equipment and tool rental. Combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it provides a quick-to-implement, easy-to-use, and integrated real-time rental and financial system.
WMS Data Collection. WMS Data Collection for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extends warehouse and manufacturing operations by providing prompted screens optimized for handheld devices, phones, and tablets.

Expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Construction & Engineering (AEC/CEC). With ADEACA's Project Business Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, companies can manage the complete customer engagement within a single collaborative solution.

ETO Manufacturing. ADEACA's Project Business Automation extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to provide real-time insight, seamless collaboration, lower risk, and better outcomes for engineer-to-order and project manufacturers.

Legal360 Integrated Practice Management Suite. SAGlobal's Legal360 Enable, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, is a modern practice management solution for forward-thinking law firms embracing digital transformation.

Professional Services. ADEACA's Project Business Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations enables professional services companies to manage the entire project lifecycle.
Supply Chain Cloud - Deliver. The Supply Chain Cloud – Deliver module drives profitable fleet operations with dynamic route optimization from Scientific Logistics for last-mile delivery. Manage asset movement and freight handling across the supply chain.
Sycor.Rental. Sycor.Rental for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is an enterprise resource planning system for individual and bulk rentals. Get a full-fledged industry solution for the rental of mobile goods.
TravelOperations Enterprise. TravelOperations Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations delivers a single system for your travel business that integrates all your data and delivers a high-capacity and full-cloud setup.

Improve customer experience with apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

AskNicely. AskNicely works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to help you create workflows and automate responses that get the right information to the right person at the right time. Drive better customer experiences and increase your Net Promoter Score without leaving Dynamics 365.
CEMantica Customer Journey Mapping tool. CEMantica's customer journey mapping tool empowers brands to deliver exceptional experiences. See your business from your customer's perspective, allowing you to understand the pain points and moments of truth throughout their journey.

CRM4Retail - Retail Clienteling App. CRM4Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales supports sales associates and executives looking to provide an immersive customer experience. Its predictive engine provides measurable verification of marketing and sales data.

Greater Real Estate. Greater Real Estate for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps organizations drive their digital transformation and adapt to cutting-edge digital solutions for property listing, property pricing, payment term management, and more.
PowerApps - Internal Training Management System. Cynoteck's Internal Training Management System for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales lets you easily manage your training sessions. Use it as a tool to improve staff communication skills and measure key performance indicators.
Prescriber360 SalesOps. The Prescriber360 SalesOps platform is designed to help life science companies transition to a patient-centric model that streamlines multi-channel data usage to simplify sales operations. Unlock rich data that will empower effective outcomes.
ProWebForm. ProWebForm lets you design various types of HTML forms based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 fields in a jiffy and without programming.

Analyze and visualize data with apps for Power BI

KPI Scorecard Report (Preview). KPI Scorecard Report lays out a grid of DAX measures across rows and columns in a card-like fashion. It leverages native and custom visuals, DAX calculations, and some design wizardry to build out a quality Power BI scorecard template to use for your business.
Performance Analyzer Report (Preview). Performance Analyzer Report provides a detailed report built off Performance Analyzer data that is exported from Power BI Desktop. The Performance Analyzer captures operations that occur while a user interacts with a report.
Reporting for TimeLog. TimeLog lets you create reports and dashboards with your TimeLog data using Power BI. With this app, each employee can also see his or her own status on many parameters, such as number of hours registered and billing rate on customers.
tyGraph SharePoint Analytics for Office 365 (Preview). tyGraph for SharePoint provides comprehensive inventory and usage analytics across all SharePoint sites in the organization, both modern and classic.

Add legal practice management to Microsoft Outlook

Osprey Approach Add-in. The Osprey Approach Add-in gives users the ability to export emails, set up emails, and record time all directly from Microsoft Outlook while working alongside the legal practice management suite.

Access legal practice management features in Microsoft Word

Osprey Approach. Now you can use Osprey Approach from within the Microsoft Office Suite. The Osprey Approach legal practice management suite brings efficiency and cost savings to more than 800 law firms across England and Wales.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Accordion - Container Management Solution. Accordion, available only in Korean, is a container management solution for Kubernetes that provides optimized application delivery. Accordion allows you to easily build, deploy, and upgrade apps without stopping service.
ADseQure. ADseQure consolidates multi-factor authentication policy management into Active Directory’s native management tool. It enables protection of all AD-integrated systems, regardless of version, operating system, or location. From the workstation to the servers, enforcement of MFA no longer has barriers.
AuditWolf. AuditWolf actively monitors your Azure services to reveal and track the most important administrative work that needs to be done. Let the platform automatically detect risky configurations and weaker data security policies so you can quickly see your cloud issues.
Azure Disaster Recovery & Backup. With Azure Disaster Recovery & Backup, ITE Corp. helps customers back up their environments. The solution features a web interface, is agentless, allows you to keep data on built-in local hard drives or Azure Storage, and automatically performs scheduled tasks.
Brasoftware Cloud Vision. Brasoftware Cloud Vision, available only in Brazilian Portuguese, consolidates cloud consumption data from multiple sources and enables greater visibility and control over Microsoft Azure consumption.
Change Auditor for Active Directory. Change Auditor for Active Directory ensures the security, compliance, and control of both on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD from a central location. Track, audit, report, and alert on all key configuration changes and consolidate them in a single console.
CloudBlaze. CloudBlaze is a cloud data platform that facilitates the modernization of enterprise data assets to maximize performance and reduce cost.
Cloud Gateway Prism. Cloud Gateway Prism provides secure connectivity between all entities on your estate. Rapidly add, change, and remove cloud service providers, connectivity providers, and third parties. Enhance your visibility and protect yourself from cyber threats and compliance failings.
Cognition360. Cognition360 takes data from a managed service provider's ConnectWise Manage application, or ConnectWise Automate and other applications, and "transforms" that data into a data warehouse star schema to allow reporting and analytics for key performance indicators.
Eleven01 Blockchain Protocol. Eleven01 Blockchain Protocol is one of the fastest highly scalable blockchain protocols. With the Eleven01 Blockchain platform, you can configure and deploy public and private blockchain networks within minutes.
Flexera SaaS Manager. Flexera SaaS Manager lets you monitor license utilization through proactively generated, easy-to-read reports. You’ll understand when you’re paying for SaaS licenses but not using them. Reduce costs and eliminate risks with Flexera SaaS Manager.
Hystax Live Cloud Migration to Azure. Hystax Live Cloud Migration to Azure is a fully automated solution to migrate all types of workloads to Azure from any source platform: cloud or physical machines. It transforms the way enterprises approach cloud migration, cutting project timelines from months to days.
k8sBot. k8sBot is a Slack app that provides Kubernetes information with an easy-to-use interface. Now you can point and click to retrieve pod status, obtain pod logs, and get troubleshooting recommendations straight from your Kubernetes API.
Knowable-Portal. Knowable-Portal is a stable cloud platform for digital business solutions. Its pre-built components integrate easily with existing platforms and solutions. The open platform enables fast and secure migration and integration, with bot capabilities for a new digital user experience.
Knowable-Service. Knowable-Service is a digital experience platform comprised of Knowable-Portal and Knowable-Assistant. Knowable-Assistant allows you to build assistant solutions such as chatbots and virtual assistants. Any kind of bot can be set up in a very simple manner.
Leonardo Base Platform Stack. Leonardo Base Platform Stack features production-ready OpenShift reference architecture that utilizes Red Hat open-source software on Microsoft Azure. The platform features monitoring, metrics, and alerting for consistent deployment.
Portfolio Management Platform. Portfolio Management Platform gives you powerful insight into your software portfolio. A single database provides you information on software programs, different application versions, and patch levels in use together with license types, functions, and more.
Pyracloud. The Pyracloud platform provides insights to help customers decide on the most cost-efficient Azure resource. Once the decision is made, customers can transact, provision, and manage the overall spending.
SAM2GO NextGen. SAM2GO NextGen is a powerful managed service based on its technical-managed, ready-to-use SAM platform. NextGen helps you proactively manage, consolidate, and optimize your software stock, use all your license use rights, and ensure compliance.
Seerene Platform for Code and People Management. Seerene's analytics platform helps application managers and engineering leaders monitor their software portfolio to ensure development teams are as productive as possible. Reveal the truth about what’s going on in your organization.
Servicetrace XceleratorOne (X1) - RPA Solution. X1 acts as a central platform for the planning, implementation, and control of all phases and participants in automation projects. As a no-code solution, X1 can also be operated without IT knowledge.
Solutions2Share - Collaboration Manager 365. Collaboration Manager 365 is a provisioning and template engine as well as a governance tool for Office 365. Create and manage your Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and SharePoint modern and classic sites based on pre-defined templates.
Unified Cloud Management for Office 365. Unified Cloud Management for Office 365 enables organizations to view their Office 365 usage within a single portal through a centralized reporting solution. Its dashboards and optimization recommendations help organizations gain transparency and transform.

Streamline human resources and training

Automated Lab environment for Learning. Modernize your hands-on training environment with M4L, a cloud-based platform powered by Microsoft Azure. Quickly set up training machines and allow your employees to access labs from anywhere at any time.
EmployeeConnect Cirrus. EmployeeConnect Cirrus addresses HR needs for workforce planning to ensure governmental and internal compliance. With the system in place, employees and managers will be actively involved and users will have complete and updated information.
Expensya - Expense reports. Expensya's solution helps companies of all sizes manage business expenses. Employees can take a picture of their receipt and the Smart Scan feature will instantly extract all the important details. All the manager has to do is validate the expense report.
Global Payroll with Core HR and Time & Attendance. Through Ramco's multi-country payroll solution, approximately 2 million paystubs get processed every month across more than 450 customers. The solution includes add-ons like voice-based transactions, facial recognition, analytics, and more.
Group insurance and employee benefits platform. Sentro is a cloud-based group insurance and benefits platform. Insurers choose Sentro to launch their group insurance business or to improve their existing group insurance and benefits offerings.
Learn It Live - Social Learning Platform. Create your own online marketplace of live and on-demand classes with Learn It Live. The social learning platform is white-labeled and branded for clients. An organization's experts, trainers, and coaches can sell, promote, or simply host their courses.
Okticket. Okticket optimizes the management of professional travel expenses, facilitating reporting and administrative supervision. This app is offered only in Spain.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Assura - Asset Management. Assura Asset Management enables you to track and report on any asset. Always know the value, condition, location, and service status of your assets while maintaining and utilizing them more effectively. Ensure regulatory compliance and increase efficiency.
Assura - Customer Service. Assura Customer Service is a powerful platform to easily manage and disseminate organizational knowledge. Track what your customers need and how you resolve their requests. Flexible workflows help you manage requests from customers, suppliers, or other people you work with.
AuraPortal Business Process Automation - BPM. AuraPortal is a zero-code intelligent business process management suite. It allows you to increase productivity by visually creating and digitizing business processes in one easy-to-use digital platform.
Capture 365. Cloud Trade removes the barriers to electronic data capture from inbound documents, including accounts payable invoices, purchase orders, and statements. The result is a cloud-based service that reduces costs and provides greater insight into your data.
Citavi. With Citavi, knowledge-oriented companies can create a central library for PDFs, papers, academic articles, reports, and all other source material. Annotation tools help workgroups extract and tag key findings, statistics, tables, and images.
Dexecure. Dexecure automatically makes high-traffic websites faster with just a single line of code. Dexecure optimizes a website’s content (HTML, images, CSS, JavaScript, and font) based on the browser, device, and location, leading to increased page views and better user experiences.
Digitaldocu. Digitaldocu, available only in Spanish, is a document management solution that includes workflows, BPM, automatic indexing, certified scanning, authentic copy, and integration with multifunction equipment. Find documents quickly and easily based on their content.
Drawboard PDF. Drawboard PDF allows users to mark up and annotate any PDF with the ease of pen and paper. Drawboard PDF boasts an intuitive user interface and an impressive array of markup and text review tools. All annotations comply with global PDF specification standards.
EngrApp. EngrApp allows users to chat and share their real-time geolocation with contacts and groups. EngrApp also allows companies to create and parametrize special groups to better serve clients or to capture useful anonymized information in an easy and non-invasive way.
Gerse Cloud. Gerse Cloud provides companies with a complete business intelligence environment without a long implementation and development time. Determine the correct metrics for each business process and get 24/7 insight into opportunities and threats.
Kira- Office 365 digital workplace intranet. Kira is an intranet solution that empowers your organization to get more done. It builds on the capabilities of Office 365, turning it into a rich, satisfying digital workplace. It features news articles, pages, blogs, events, social media integration, and much more.
Liquit Digital Workspace. Liquit Workspace provides end users with a clean and simple view of all their applications. Icons are displayed via a customizable web portal that allows users to create their own look and feel, as well as removing the complexity around the app delivery method.
PeterConnects Attendant. PeterConnects Attendant is a powerful telephone operator’s console. It provides a range of smart features for fast and easy call handling and efficient call distribution for organizations of all sizes.
ProjectWise. ProjectWise is an engineering collaboration and CMS solution that improves your project performance by integrating people, data, and processes throughout the project lifecycle. Extend digital collaboration across your supply chain.
Seamless Project and Team Workplace for Office 365. Seamless combines selected collaboration functions from the Office 365 suite for project and team tasks in a simple but smart intuitive user interface. All information is presented centrally in one place, freeing your teams to focus on working on the content.
Solutions2Share - Cockpit. Cockpit for Office 365 shows tasks, sites, events, and recent documents. Work more efficiently with Cockpit for Office 365. Cockpit is the perfect addition for SharePoint modern sites, providing intuitive overview and easy-access dashboards.
Solutions2Share - Meeting Manager. Meeting Manager provides the ability to document and log meeting data and information in a read-only format. Create meetings by using the familiar Outlook environment, or make them directly in SharePoint. Create agendas with up to three levels.
Solutions2Share - Template Hub. Template Hub manages and protects corporate document templates easily while ensuring the latest templates are being used. Determine access rights to templates, filter templates by categories, or find templates via search. Always find the right template you need.
The Assistant Block. The Assistant Block, available only in French, deploys enterprise-grade robotic process automation and intelligent automation templates. This feature frees employees from time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, chatbots, or IoT

Assistente Virtual – Melhores práticas O365. Virtual Assistant - Best Practices Office 365 is a service channel that enables quick answers to common questions about Office 365 products. This app is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
AtlasRTX Chatbot. Use chatbots alongside your human teams to engage customers at every stage in the buying cycle. AtlasRTX's multilingual chatbots provide a level of responsiveness and service not feasible with human resources alone.
Call Center Real-time Speech to Text. This solution uses Microsoft Azure Custom Speech Service and Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) to provide call centers with real-time speech-to-text capabilities. It cancels background noise and can be trained to recognize complex speech patterns.
CognitiveScale Cortex Cognitive Platform. CognitiveScale’s Cortex Cognitive Platform simplifies the design, development, delivery, and management of cognitive business processes for software developers and data scientists through a unified programming model and open specifications.
Digitall Conversational AI. Ltd. has developed an enterprise-ready conversational UI platform that is being used by many multinational organizations around the world. The platform allows users to quickly create digital assistants that can be integrated with any line-of-business system.
DRUID enterprise chat bots platform. DRUID's no-code chatbot platform allows businesses and technical specialists to work together to co-author virtual assistants. Templates can be tailored to different industries and include healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, and financial services.
GenieTalk. GenieTalk is an automatic speech recognition and interpretation service that analyzes and converts the human voice into text. It supports English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Russian.
KAPUA Cloud. KAPUA Inc.'s turnkey solution uses AI-based forecasting to help companies reduce their planning errors. This will increase bottom-line numbers by allowing a company to lower its working capital and increase fulfillment levels.
raffle. raffle is a plug-and-play AI search tool for businesses that navigates company data by using deep learning. Employees can search by text or by voice without having to remember keywords or exact names and titles.

Track your business’s projects, sales, supply chain, and online performance 

ABM CustomsWare – eCustoms Declaration Filing. CustomsWare provides both middleware (integrated) and solution options for managing customs declaration filing, integrating your logistics process directly with customs authorities. Improve supply chain control, velocity, visibility, and compliance.
Arvato Smart Logistics Platform. Arvato Smart Logistics Platform integrates your online shop or the ERP, inventory management, or order management system you use via the standard interfaces included in the platform. The open interface concept lets you easily integrate your proprietary systems.
BmxCloud. BmxCloud is online software aimed at facilitating and improving the processes of companies. The software has multiple reports and dashboards created for decision-makers, with information such as contract status, services performed, service processes, and more.
Executive Eye. Executive Eye visualizes complex project performance metrics for rapid mental absorption. Aggregating information from project-related data sources, Executive Eye gives a rich, 360-degree view of your project performance.
FAST Applications Ltd. FAST is a software company creating white-label Software-as-a-Service solutions for freight forwarders. FAST provides innovative solutions to any small or medium-sized freight company that wants to become digital and offer services online. Build a digital brand in a few days.
Hippo CMMS - Cloud Maintenance Management Software. Hippo CMMS is a powerful web-based maintenance solution whose features include work order management, scheduling, inventory management, interactive floor plans, mobile accessibility, and more.
Interana. Interana allows business users to analyze the massive volumes of data needed to unlock insights. Map behaviors over time with Sankey flow diagrams that you can interactively explore.
jContaX Web. jContaX Web, available only in Spanish, is an application designed for the management of accounting departments. The solution allows the company and its accounting team to cooperate, avoiding redundant work and improving the quality of the service.
Lokad. Lokad optimizes all fine-grained supply chain decisions – when to buy, how much to buy, where to stock, when to recount –  and provides an end-to-end perspective on your supply chain. Its quantitative optimizations are predictive, business-driven, and robotized.
Novo Forecast Enterprise. Novo Forecast Enterprise, available only in Russian, lets you automatically produce and analyze an abundance of reliable forecasts from a single platform. Forecasts are counted in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks.
PREACT Project Insight. PREACT Project Insight is a dashboard and reporting solution that gives you day-to-day insight on your projects, capacity, billable hours, coverage, and more. PREACT Project Insight gets the data from your existing systems to your employees whenever they need them.
SalesOptimize. SalesOptimize scans millions of websites every day and converts these into highly qualified sales leads. Services include lead generation, lead enrichment, contact data enrichment, website URL matching, and bespoke data services.
SaveMixer. SaveMixer analyzes data on a company's energy consumption and identifies areas of waste, thanks to predictive models of consumption. This app is available only in Italian.
TourSolver: Last mile delivery optimization. TourSolver Cloud assists logisticians, planners, and mobile resources in defining optimal routes. This lets delivery drivers, technicians, and sales forces spend less time on the road and more time with customers.
Web Risk Monitoring. Monitor posts on social media and on internet bulletin boards with Eltes' risk-monitoring service, which combines AI and visual inspection to determine risk. This app is available only in Japanese.

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

Business Central Admin Training: 1-Day Workshop. In this training by Business Systemhaus AG, you will gain insight into the management of roles, rights, profiles, and users in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Business Central Finance: 8-Day Implementation. Columbus UK has created a pre-configured finance, sales, and purchasing solution for UK businesses. A consultant will provide expert assistance and guidance to enable the Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation.
Business Central Financial: 1-Day Workshop. In this training by Business Systemhaus AG, you will gain insight into the basics of financial management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Business Central for Startups: 2-Wk Implementation. Awara IT will implement a pre-configured solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help technology start-ups rapidly prepare for international expansion.
Business Central Production: 1-Day Workshop. In this training by Business Systemhaus AG, you will gain insight into the basics of production and manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Business Central Remanufacturing: 2-Hr Assessment. This free assessment by InterDyn Artis will determine if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the right fit for your remanufacturing organization.
Dynamics 365 for Supply Chains: 2-Day Assessment. Flintfox's expert consultants will evaluate your core business functions to determine which Dynamics 365 solution(s) would best fit your immediate and future needs.
Dynamics 365 Health Check Audit: 2-Day Assessment. Chorus IT's health check audit will help organizations prepare for major Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates. Chorus IT will ensure a robust long-term CRM strategy, removing deprecated features and helping you adopt best practices.
Dynamics 365 Sales Starter: 2-Wk Implementation. Infinity Software Consulting has designed a Dynamics 365 for Sales starter pack to accommodate the needs of small to medium-sized enterprise sales teams who want to use Microsoft's powerful CRM solution.
InfoPath to PowerApps: 1-Hr Assessment. Do you have an InfoPath solution that is ready to move to Microsoft PowerApps? PowerApps911 will conduct a free one-hour assessment to help you plan for the migration.
In-house App-in-a-Day: 1-Day Workshop. Through hands-on labs at your location, Macaw Nederland B.V. will acquaint you with all the components of the Microsoft Power Platform, which consists of PowerApps (canvas and model-driven), Common Data Service, Flow, and Power BI.
In-house App-in-a-Week: 5-Day Proof of Concept. Experience the promise of the Microsoft Power Platform in just one week by digitizing one of your business processes into an app. Macaw Nederland B.V.'s proof of concept will enable you to deliver great value to your organization.
Integrate Dynamics & Shopify: 3-Wk Implementation. Folio3 will implement its Shopify connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which will allow you to easily manage your e-store by connecting it with business processes provided by Dynamics 365.
Margin Management: 4-Hr Workshop. Flintfox's workshop will focus on margin management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and it will guide distributors, manufacturers, and retailers on the pathways to becoming more competitive.
PowerApps Rescue Mission: 10-Hr Implementation. This package by PowerApps911 includes 10 hours of consulting services to fix issues, implement new functionality, and provide mentoring sessions. Additional hours may be needed depending on the complexity of the app.
Power BI: 8-Day Proof Of Concept. Third I's engagement involves creating a proof of concept of a Microsoft Power BI dashboard. The report will consist of a data model and a front-end report with visualizations.
Private PowerApps and Flow Class: 4-Day Workshop. This is a live online Microsoft PowerApps and Flow class delivered privately to your organization. PowerApps911 can tailor the course content to your organization's needs.
Reporting with iGlobe CRM: 4-Hr Workshop in Canada. Want to better forecast sales, hit that record sales target, and increase profitability per sale? This workshop will be delivered by a qualified iGlobe CRM partner, Eureka iTech, using an online or a hands-on lab at your office or at iGlobe's office.

Ensure safety and security

Assura - Health & Safety. The automated, efficient processes of Assura Health & Safety take the effort out of identifying, managing, and reporting events and risks. Assura makes it simple for people to report issues and resolve them together.
BullWall RANSOMCARE. RansomCare provides a revolutionary last line of defense against ransomware, and it delivers a 24/7 automated response. From a central server installation, RansomCare detects ransomware attacks by looking into the heuristics of data files on your storage platform and in the cloud.
Varonis Data Security Platform. Varonis Data Security Platform protects enterprise data by analyzing data activity, perimeter telemetry, and user behavior; prevents disaster by locking down sensitive data; and efficiently sustains a secure state with automation.

Manage your video assets

Make.TV Live Video Cloud. Make.TV's Live Video Cloud enables broadcasters to acquire, curate, program, route, and distribute hyper-local live video sources to any destination, enabling experiences that engage viewers longer, increase monetization opportunities, and drive brand value.
Make.TV Playout. Make.TV Playout is a cloud scheduler and playout solution enabling content owners to create TV programs with a mix of preproduced content and live streams. Programs can be simultaneously streamed to multiple destinations, such as YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook.

Meet GDPR requirements

Span Personal Data Protector. With Span PDP, organizations can manage the processing of personal data and consent from data subjects; requests from data subjects concerning their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation; and incidents tied to infringements of personal data.

Stay up to date

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies. Be sure to check out the full app library to see how Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is working to support businesses across industries and regions.