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AppSource is pleased to welcome 113 apps and services, many of them designed to streamline business processes and build on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Agricultural Collection Management - Harvest Management: This offer from TIPSA uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to simplify invoicing and agricultural harvest payments to farmers. This application is available only in Spanish for the Spain market.
Business Rental: Whether you rent containers, forklifts, cars, or holiday apartments, this solution uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help simplify and streamline your rental business. This app is available in German and English.
Commerce 365 for Magento - Pimcore Module: Manage your Magento catalogs more efficiently with this seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Pimcore. This application extends the functionality of Commerce 365 for Magento by adding advanced PIM capabilities.
Contract Management: Available in German and English, this Contract Management module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to manage and bill an unlimited number of contracts. Track the contract lifecycle functions of debit, credit, rental, SaaS, and more.
DATACAP+: DATACAP+ can adapt scan software to individual work processes and boost your logistics and manufacturing processes with mobile or stationary data capture and a direct connection to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in German and English.
DATARENAME+: Use DATARENAME+, a convenient file management solution, to ensure stress-free renaming of master data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app, available in German and English, eliminates manual operations and saves time.
Deluxe Payroll Connector: This integration app allows you to import payroll transactions from Deluxe Payroll into the General Journal in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can import transactions for any duration of your choice.
DRM e-Detail Basic: DRM e-Detail provides a central content management solution for pharmaceutical businesses and is built using Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. It is used by sellers (medical reps) to present their products to customers (doctors, pharmacists, etc.).
DRM Power App Premium: This premium app combines the functionalities of DRM e-Detail and DRM Power App Basic and allows pharmaceutical companies to curate a customized customer relationship experience with doctors. The focus is on maximizing a doctor’s value over time.
ERiC–NAV–Connector: Transmit your sales VAT advance notification to tax authorities using RSBT’s ERiC–NAV–Connector. This app allows bidirectional communication between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and German tax authorities and is available in German and English.
FarPay: Available in Danish and English, FarPay's extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central digitizes and automates debtor accounting and integrates payment solutions and invoicing. Cut back complex, manual processes and deliver amazing customer experiences.
Mayan EDMS Connector: Mayan EDMS is a free document management system that enables you to link Mayan and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central quickly and easily. This application is available in German and English.
Password Generator: Available from 3 PRO, Password Generator is a free SharePoint application that generates passwords based on your parameters/requirements. Passwords can be up to 20 characters long and can include a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
POS Interface: NAV-lab's POS Interface application integrates your back hotel office with catering POS systems iSelz from Serenissima Informatica and Micros Simphony from Oracle Hospitality, facilitating the management of item master data, issued documents, payment methods, and more.
Procys Invoice Processing: Procys Invoice Processing enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users to fully automate their Accounts Payable invoice processing. Ensure more accurate results and faster invoice processing with Procys and Dynamics 365.
Retrieve Route: Retrieve Route provides key shipping and tracking data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Get a handle on exactly where shipped products are in the process, right from the Dynamics 365 sales order.
Status Management: Easily manage your company’s lifecycle of items with Status Management from Apportunix. Define and regulate the flow of statuses, set up mandatory fields and permissions by user group, and more.
Team KickStart: Facilitate efficient, effective, and engaging team meetups with Team KickStart for Microsoft Teams. Meetup topics include help requests, KPIs, successes, and more to help create a continuous improvement cycle across your organization.  
Time Board 2.1.3: Effectively manage the start and end times of your time entries with Time Board. The graphical user interface provides a better visualization of working time than a grid full of dates and times, allowing you to see relative size of gaps, see working and nonworking times, and more.
Trustpilot Integration: CONSIT GRUPPEN's solution integrates Trustpilot Automatic Feedback Service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, ensuring your customers automatically receive an email asking them to review the experience that had dealing with your business.
xiQ for Dynamics 365 Sales: Empower sales reps to leverage behavioral personality insights, real-time account intelligence, and curated sales triggers to accelerate the sales cycle and build their personal brand with xiQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

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Application Modernization: 6-Day Cloud Assessment: Looking to move applications to the cloud but need help understanding which applications to move first, how to redesign, and how to migrate? This assessment from ilionx helps to identify and prioritize applications for cloud modernization and potential low-code scenarios.
Broadcast 365: 3-Day Design & Implementation: Broadcast 365 is InSys's end-to-end solution for producing professional content for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Microsoft Stream, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. This offer is available only in German.
Business Central: 6-Week Implementation: Professional Advantage's six-week engagement will help you implement your core financials in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, including data migration and the configuration of a general ledger, bank accounts, and accounts payable and receivable.
Business Central SaaS Scan: 2-Hour Briefing: Determine whether your organization can benefit from migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in this free, no-obligation briefing from WSB Solutions. This service is available only in Dutch.
Columbus IFRS16: 4-Week Implementation: Ensure your financial reporting compliance with Columbus IFRS16 implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Columbus IFRS16 on Dynamics 365 Business Central can be implemented as a standalone solution and integrated with your current ERP system.
Discover Your Data: 2-Day Workshop: Learn how to get your data properly organized, modeled, and in shape for easy Power BI reporting in MCA Connect's two-day Discover Your Data workshop.
Discovery Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ENWIS: 1-Hour Assessment: Get a free hour of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central assistance and consulting services with ITA WMS' free assessment. Design, plan, and implement using the entire Dynamics 365 Business Central suite of modules according to your business needs.
Dynamics 365 Marketing: 8-Day Implementation: Automate your organization's marketing operations with TECHNOMADE's implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. This service includes ongoing support from marketing professionals and is available only in French.
ECF Data - Microsoft Teams: 3-Day Workshop: Learn how you can improve business growth and maximize business potential by fully utilizing Microsoft Teams as a communications and collaboration hub in this free three-day workshop from ECF Data. Deliverables include a personalized report with actionable recommendations for next steps.
Endpoint Management: 8-Day Implementation: Obtain greater insights into your endpoint management, define a new endpoint management strategy, and prepare your environment to use all your Windows devices in Inetum-Realdolmen's Endpoint Management implementation.
Enterprise Collaboration 2.0: 5-Week Implementation: Merp Systems' Enterprise Collaboration 2.0 implementation is an innovative approach to centralizing information availability and access across the enterprise. Promote information sharing and enable the capitalization of organizational resources.
Fixed Assets: 4-Week Implementation: Arbela's Rapid Deployment offering for the Fixed Assets module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance helps you make the most of the critical module quickly, empowering you with a solution that improves data accuracy and availability and is easy to scale across the enterprise.
Get Started with SharePoint: Half-Day Workshop: Would you like to get rid of your file server? Or do you want to make your intranet accessible anywhere from any device? ConXioN's workshop covers what SharePoint is, what functionalities it has, and how to ensure all your files can be shared safely.
Information Protection: 1-Day Briefing: Information protection solutions can help protect your organization from data breaches and make it easy for your users to classify sensitive information. Avaleris will help you assess your current state of information protection policies, procedures, and technology against best practices.
Infosys App in a Day: Half-Day Workshop: Learn how to create custom business applications that run on mobile devices without writing code and share them inside your organization securely in this half-day workshop from Infosys. This engagement focuses on the basic concepts involved in building Power Apps canvas apps.
Intelligent Automation: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Using Power Automate, Genpact will demonstrate how you can enhance business performance and automate processes ranging from simple to complex. Drive digital transformation across your organization with intelligent automation.
Jive to Microsoft 365 Migration: 3-Week Assessment: Microsoft 365 fosters a new culture of work designed to empower people, create a more engaged workplace, and drive business growth. Netwoven's migration assessment enables you to consolidate Jive content securely in Microsoft 365.
Low Code: 8-Week Strategy and Implementation: Business Integration Partners helps customers build and use custom business apps across multiple devices for improved management of business process. This eight-week engagement includes solution strategy planning, governance, and development.
Manufacturing Change Management: 5-Week Implementation: Speridian Technologies' Manufacturing Document Control offering provides a centralized repository for documents supporting product changes while streamlining and automating a more efficient document approval lifecycle that allows for sound change management.
Microsoft 365: 2-Hour Migration and Deployment: Available only in Brazilian Portuguese, Mundo365 Services's two-hour engagement includes an analysis of your organization's requirements, an introduction to Microsoft 365 applications, the identification of potential cost savings, and more.
Microsoft 365 Adoption: 2-Day Implementation: Boost productivity, accelerate adoption, and optimize the value of Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint and other Microsoft workplace solutions with Zones' two-day Microsoft 365 migration and adoption implementation.
Microsoft 365 Collaboration: 1-Week Implementation: Metro Systems will provide guidance, configuration, and implementation services to help you use Microsoft Teams for collaboration in your organization. Ensure Teams is configured to provide flexibility while maintaining organizational controls and policies.
Microsoft 365 CyberSecurity: 5-Day Assessment: Var Group will provide an analysis of your organization's cybersecurity posture, align to your business needs, and discuss a custom remediation plan in this five-day assessment. Get data-driven recommendations and insights to keep your users and devices safe.
Microsoft 365 Health Check: 1-Hour Assessment: ComputerWorld Systems is offering a complimentary review of your Microsoft 365 environment, focusing on security and adoption and identifying areas that fall outside recommended practices. Ensure your organization meets security standards and your data is secure from exploitation and leakage.
Microsoft 365 Migration Report: 5-Day Assessment: Learn about best practices for migrating to Microsoft 365 in mscloud's five-day assessment. Drive digital transformation and ensure your organization knows how to realize the full benefits of using Microsoft 365 solutions.
Microsoft 365 Round Table: 3-Hour Workshop: In this free offering, Var Group will cover Microsoft's workplace modernization approaches across security, compliance, productivity, and communications. Learn why it is important to create a modern workplace and how Microsoft 365 can help you achieve business goals.
Microsoft Compliance: 8-Hour Workshop: Awara IT Solutions will help you enrich your knowledge of attack methods and learn how to respond to attacks with the Microsoft 365 compliance center, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Azure Sentinel, and more. This service is available only in Russian.
Microsoft Endpoint Manager: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Xenit’s proof of concept includes a configuration in Microsoft Endpoint Manager and a strategy workshop. Easily monitor and configure computers (Windows/Mac) and mobile devices, resulting is a simplified lifecycle for both your IT department and your end users.
Microsoft Platform Services: 8-Week Implementation: Atos International's Microsoft platform services help you take advantage of individual platforms or products or any combination thereof across Microsoft's product stack. Gain a scalable and sustainable solution featuring integration with multiple back-end systems.
Microsoft Teams Apps & Solutions: 2-Day Workshop: Engage Squared will use Microsoft Teams and work with you to identify ways to improve workplace productivity and meet your business goals. Teams is designed to help organizations improve collaboration and increase efficiency by automating key business processes.
Microsoft Teams Rapid Startup: 3-Week Implementation: Reduce costs and manage risk while realizing the value of Microsoft 365 in Centric Consulting's Microsoft Teams implementation. Eliminate duplicative tools and insecure technology and drive digital transformation with Centric and Teams.
Microsoft Viva: 1-Day Workshop: Discover how Microsoft Viva helps organizations deliver personalized experiences to their employees with news, tasks, and conversations; provide data-driven insights and recommendations; organize content and expertise; and deliver formal and informal learning when and where it’s needed.
Microsoft Viva Insights: 1-Day Workshop: In this one-day workshop, Engage Squared will discuss Microsoft Viva Insights that help individuals, managers, and leaders gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations to help everyone across the organization thrive.
Migesa Cloud Asset Management: 6-Week Implementation: MIGESA's six-week Microsoft 365 Readiness service provides configuration and enablement of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Windows Autopilot based on Migesa's best practices. This offer is available only in Spanish.
Migesa Microsoft 365 Readiness: 1-Week Assessment: Available only in Spanish, MIGESA's one-week Microsoft 365 Readiness assessment provides a report on how your organization can best take advantage of Microsoft 365, promoting adoption of the productivity suite and driving digital transformation.
Migration QlikView to Power BI: 1-Day Workshop: In this free workshop, celver AG will review your QlikView environment, analyze its complexity, determine the effort to migrate to Power BI, and estimate the resulting license costs. This service is available only in Spanish.
Move to Microsoft 365: 2-Week Implementation: Terminal has over a decade of experience migrating small and medium businesses to Microsoft 365 and can help you benefit from the full extent of the Microsoft 365 platform, including file sharing, email, and collaboration, project groups, and video calling.
Power Apps - App in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Want to transform the way software solutions are implemented in your organization? SPAN's workshop is designed to help business and IT analysts understand the value of Power Apps and how to implement Microsoft's low-code development solution into existing business processes.
Power Apps Catalyst Envisioning: 1-Day Workshop: Efima's one-day workshop starts with a review of your business objectives, is followed by mutual discovery and visualization of the desired future state, and ends with an actionable insights into how you can reach your business goals with Power Apps.
Power Apps HR Co-optation: 2-Week Implementation: Available only in Spanish, Projetlys' Power Apps HR Co-optation implementation will provide you with the tools to facilitate the daily management of co-optations across your organization. This service includes the use of Microsoft 365, Power Apps, Microsoft Teams, and more.
Power Apps Training: 1-Day Workshop: First Technology Digital Solutions' workshop covers the fundamentals of the Power Platform as well as a deep dive into Power Apps and Power Automate. Gain the ability to describe the benefits of business process automation and create basic Power Apps and workflows to transform day-to-day work processes.
Power Automate: 2-Day Workshop - Managed Service: In this two-day workshop, TechnomaX will help your organization solve its business process requirements by using Power Apps and Power Automate to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your team.
Power BI: 1-Day Workshop: Gain hands-on experience with Power BI in this one-day workshop from Techedge. Topics include an introduction to Power BI, data import and transformation, guidance on creating reports and dashboards, and more.
Power BI Accelerator Essential: 4-Week Implementation: Simpson Associates' Power BI Accelerator Essential offering is a great introduction to Power BI and includes everything you need to get you started, enabling your organization to have a working Power BI solution within one month.    
Power BI Accelerator Premium: 4-Week Implementation: Simpson Associates' Power BI Accelerator Premium offering is a great introduction to Power BI and includes training and everything else you need to get you started, enabling your organization to have a working Power BI solution within one month.  
Power BI Dashboard in a Day: 2-Day Workshop: Intended for business users, IT professionals, and analysts, Intelligent Technologies' Power BI Dashboard in a Day workshop includes a deep dive into Power BI and hands-on labs. Learn to develop Power BI reports and dashboards, create data models in Power BI, connect to data sources, and more.
Power BI Financials Dashboard: 3-Day Workshop: Would you like to analyze your Dynamics 365 Business Central data in an interactive, agile format that is refreshed automatically? Professional Advantage's three-day workshop includes a review of your business needs, building a Power BI data model, documentation and training, and more.
Power BI Support: 8-Hour Implementation: Intelligent Technologies offers support for all your Power BI needs, including connecting to data sources, complex data transformations, DAX formulas, visualizations, and more.
Power Engagements: 5-Day Implementation: Xpand IT's implementation includes two pre-packaged Power Engagements targeting specific needs, helping you leverage and connect your data while also helping empower your team with the right tools to answer business challenges and drive better business results.
Power Platform: 3-Week Implementation: Insight’s Power Platform Fast Start implementation gets you up and running with the fundamental building blocks for continued growth and adoption in your organization. Get started with Power Platform governance, app design and development, environment management, and more.
Power Platform CoE Starter Kit: 3-Week Workshop: To benefit from the efficiencies and cost savings Power Platform offers, you need to effectively govern and nurture Power Platform activities across your organization. MAQ Software's three-week Center of Excellence (CoE) starter kit will equip you with the tools to help.
Power Platform Mentoring for Dev: 1-Day Workshop: Appfie's Power Platform mentoring workshop focusses on building knowledge around the Power Platform and guides citizen developers in delivering their use cases. Accelerate digital transformation across your organization with Appfie and the Power Platform.
PowerPack with Power Apps Premium: 1-Week Proof of Concept (Australia): Accelerate your digital journey via Power Platform adoption with Sysfore Technologies. This engagement includes both a workshop and a proof of concept using Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and more to align with your business requirements.
PowerPack with Power Apps Premium: 1-Week Proof of Concept (India): Accelerate your digital journey via Power Platform adoption with Sysfore Technologies. This engagement includes both a workshop and a proof of concept using Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and more to align with your business requirements.
PowerPack with Power Apps Premium: 1-Week Proof of Concept (United Kingdom): Accelerate your digital journey via Power Platform adoption with Sysfore Technologies. This engagement includes both a workshop and a proof of concept using Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and more to align with your business requirements.
PowerPack with Power Apps Premium: 1-Week Proof of Concept (United States): Accelerate your digital journey via Power Platform adoption with Sysfore Technologies. This engagement includes both a workshop and a proof of concept using Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and more to align with your business requirements.
PrintVis for Printers: 2-Hour Assessment: Sabre will assess your print needs and recommend a best practices and implementation plan for the PrintVIS MIS. Sabre’s aim is to understand how your printing business is using your ERP software and identify opportunities or challenges.
Reporting for External Users: 3-Day Implementation: Intelligent Technologies’ engagement will deliver a web data portal that displays Microsoft Power BI reports to external users such as clients and business partners.
Retail Communications Portal: 5-Week Implementation: Get a state-of-the-art document and collaboration management system for your retail organization. Using Microsoft SharePoint, Speridian Technologies’ customized portal also provides enhanced communication channels. 
Return to Office Hybrid: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Logicalis Australia offers a customizable package that addresses remote hybrid collaboration using Microsoft Teams Calling, Microsoft Viva Insights, Microsoft Productivity Score, and Microsoft Teams Rooms.
Secure Remote Work: 8-Week Implementation: TC1 Labs offers a fast, effective, and market-validated remote work solution for customers who have Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft 365. Keep any remote device updated and safe. This service is available only in Spanish.
Secure Remote Workplace: 5-Day Workshop: Learn everything about modernizing a secure workplace, including taking over operations and support. TechniData’s solution enables you to work securely from anywhere thanks to Microsoft 365. This offer is available only in German.
Security & Compliance Readiness: 2-Week Assessment: iCorps will provide a complete security assessment of your Microsoft platform and integrated services. The company will also create a roadmap for alignment and optimize your workplace for improved overall infrastructure.
Simulating Attacks on Microsoft 365: 4-Hour Workshop: Awara IT’s offering will help you learn how to make the right decisions during a real attack on Microsoft 365. Get advice on how to anticipate an attack and how to defend against it. This offer is available only in Russian.
SOC as a Service: 1-Day Implementation: Proactively hunt and investigate threat activity across your cloud (Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, etc.), endpoint, and network landscape with this rapid Tarsus implementation of a security operation center (SOC) managed service. 
Start&Go Campaign: Rapid Deployment in 4 Weeks: This offer from AlfaPeople is a fast and inexpensive deployment for marketing campaign management within Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is ideal for customers who perform email and SMS blasts in large numbers. 
Start&Go Dynamics 365 Customer Service: 5-Week Deployment: Raise customer service levels while facilitating call tracking, service level agreement control, and client communications with this implementation by AlfaPeople for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
Teams Governance: 4-Week Implementation: Experts from SoftJam will analyze your organization’s Microsoft Teams usage patterns, compare them with best practices to fix weak points, and define guidelines and automation for governance based on Microsoft Azure services.
Teams Meeting Rooms Pilot: 4-Week Implementation: Subject matter experts from Insight will analyze your meeting culture and hardware, gather requirements, deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms physical components, and provide recommendations and adoption roadmaps.
Teamwork Deployment: 3-Day Assessment: This three-day assessment from Gryphon allows you and your primary stakeholders to understand the capabilities of Microsoft 365 services and applications. The outcome is a tailored technology and adoption roadmap.
Unstructured Data: 10-Week Implementation: Edgile will help you build, enable, and sustain an unstructured data protection program focused on Microsoft 365 data loss prevention, Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP), and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
Workplace Suite 365: 3-Week Assessment: Learn from Arvato Systems how your organization can use Microsoft 365 to transform collaboration, communication, governance and change management, endpoint management, identity management and security, and network services.
Zero-Trust Model Compliance Revision Support Service: 8-Week Implementation: This implementation combines the zero trust know-how of the experts from TIS with Microsoft 365 product features to help you work anywhere with peace of mind. This offer is available only in Japanese.

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