New on Microsoft AppSource – Volume 92

AppSource is pleased to welcome 106 apps and services, many of them designed to optimize processes, visualize insights, and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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ACSISS Connect: Connect Australian bank accounts and their transactions to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Operating with the consent of the account holder, and under agreements with participating banks, ACSISS Connect delivers a daily feed of transactions.
Advanced Reconciliation: With this solution you will be able to quickly reconcile open customer and vendor ledger entries in addition to the standard reconciliation on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It also provides additional reconciliation matching criteria.
ArcGIS Maps Classic: Visualize, organize, and interact with your SharePoint business data using maps for better insights and decision making. Combine your data with geographic content from ArcGIS and share the maps you create. Geotag documents with multiple attributes.
CloudMonitor: Azure Cost Optimization & Governance: Lower your Microsoft Azure costs with automated governance, cost optimization, and recommendations from Data-Driven. Find oversized resources and services that are no longer in use and get best practice suggestions.
De-Dupe Dynamics 365: With this offering from Skyline Consultants, Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can easily manage and maintain their duplicate detection process. Users will have the ability to set the criteria for how duplicate records will be classified and run a search by entity.
DOCIN-PLUS: With the help of this module, it is possible to link files and documents via drag and drop with data records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is also possible to automatically transfer files and documents from the original document to the posted documents.
DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing: This solution integrates the offer, sale, and recurring billing into one simple process that creates an easy workflow for smart invoicing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Spend more time selling and less time organizing or invoicing.
DynPromo: Get sales promotion management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This extension incorporates a tremendously flexible promotion management module that allows you to configure and manage promotions from Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Imperium365CRM (Basic): Built on the latest Microsoft Power Platform services stack, this simple and user-friendly solution is designed to help you get started with moving out of the paper and Excel world and adopting a customer relationship application without any cost.
Job Queue Butler: This intelligent, automated system will carefully monitor and handle issues that would otherwise leave you stuck in the middle of a process. This application supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
KUMAVISION trade365: Staying competitive under pressure is the central challenge for wholesale companies. With trade365, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily master the balancing act between service, costs, logistics, and adherence to delivery dates.
NCGLA G/L Application by NAVAX: NCGLA G/L adds open item management for selected G/L Accounts to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is available in English and German.
OmniFY Multi-Company Management: Multi-Company Management and Data Synchronization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central reduces duplicate data entry, enabling data integrity and consistency between multiple companies and/or groups of selected companies.
Payment Provider Adyen: Micro Apps’ Adyen - PSP app quickly imports transactions processed by Adyen into the cash receipt journal of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available for the Netherlands in English and Dutch.
PRIME365 General Report Pack: Var Group’s PRIME365 General Report Pack provides easier and faster management for printing documents from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can create customized printouts from predefined templates. This app is available only in Italian.
ProBatch 365 Joint Production: ProBatch 365 Joint Production holistically, efficiently, and professionally maps production processes on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app supports the Premium edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Product Technical Specifications: Save, print, and manage additional technical information for product prototypes or existing items. Product Technical Specifications supports the Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
SEMBA Cloud Commerce: Cloud Commerce Connector optimizes order entry, payment, and analytics in one convenient platform. This app supports both the Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Sumango Payroll: This app is available for Norway in Norwegian. Payroll from Sumango provides an easy, all-in-one payroll solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
SysKit Point - Power BI Companion: SysKit Point is a cloud-based governance app, built on Microsoft Power BI, designed for admins, IT professionals, and business managers to govern user access, security configuration, and content on Microsoft 365.
Tempo Zero Document Tracking: Quickly search for documents on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by using a navigation system that extracts and automatically organizes them. Tempo Zero Document Tracking is available for Italy in English and Italian.
Zap Audit User Actions: Track user logins and actions with Zap Audit User Actions and boost user adoption. The app works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Microsoft Power Apps to track and report on user activity.

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Adoption & Change Management Advisory: 6-Day Implementation: SoftwareONE’s adoption and change management advisory services help organizations craft a support strategy that takes advantage of Microsoft 365 as they transition and transform.
App in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: MASAO’s offering is aimed at beginners who wish to learn how to develop low-code applications using Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate technology. During this session, you will design a guided and scripted Power Apps application.
Business Central: 10-Week Implementation: This engagement with 4Sight, part of AccTech Systems, is for the full deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with a monthly fee instead of capital expenditure models. Get the flexibility to change subscriptions as and when needed.
Center of Excellence Starter Kit: 3-Day Workshop: This offering from Campana & Schott is a collection of components that are designed to help you get started with developing a strategy for adopting and supporting the Microsoft Power Platform.
Citizen CoE Kickstart: 4-Week Assessment: EY will perform a gap analysis to expose current Microsoft Power Platform uses and understand future needs with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The goal is to empower IT while allowing the creativity of citizen developers.
Cloud Migration Services: 7-Day Implementation: BizTech Fusion will help you migrate to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure from your on-premises computing workloads (identity and access management, email, storage, telephony, workflows, team collaboration, and virtual desktops and servers).
Connect Membership Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: Tisski’s no-code accelerator was created to help membership organizations quickly and cost-effectively adopt a platform that facilitates the management of multiple aspects of membership in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Customer 360 Customer Insights: 1-Week Implementation: Clouds On Mars’ solution helps you build a deeper understanding of your customers on an individual level to serve them better by refining and redefining your customer target groups for your marketing and sales campaigns.
Customer Engagement Retail & CPG: 10-Hour Workshop: This activity aims to help the client understand the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing, and analyze business processes where Microsoft and Altitudo solutions can be a real differentiator.
Customer Voice Sales Analytics: 2-Day Workshop: Dynamics Edge’s offering is an enterprise feedback management application that keeps track of the customer metrics that matter the most to your organization. Dive into the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.
Cybersecurity Awareness: 4-Week Implementation: Projetlys will assess your users’ cybersecurity maturity, conduct simulated phishing campaigns and brute-force attacks, and raise user awareness to promote best practices for staying secure with Microsoft 365. This offer is only available in French.
Document Airlift-OneDrive Implementation: Synergy Technical’s offering will enable and configure your organization’s environment to use Microsoft OneDrive for Business services in your Office 365 tenant. Make file sharing and management much easier for your business.
Dynamics 365 Business Central Financials & Distribution: 10-Plus Week Implementation: Alta Vista Technology will deploy general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, sales order processing, purchase order processing, and more on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Dynamics 365 Finance: 3-Day Roadmap Workshop: Use the Microsoft Catalyst methodology to build your financial management roadmap. Meet with Rand Group’s team of finance specialists, integration engineers, and analytics consultants to define a blueprint for success.
Endpoint Management: 1-Day Workshop: Improve your Microsoft Secure Score with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Manage and protect your devices, apps, and users. SEIDOR‘s workshop will show you how to manage in the cloud your company-owned and user-provided devices.
Exchange Online: 10-Week Implementation: World Wide Technology's methodology will ensure a successful migration to Microsoft Exchange Online. It covers both simple and complex scenarios and goes through three distinct phases, starting with a discovery of your environment.
Hybrid Teams Meetings: 1-Day Workshop: One Diversified will help define customers’ business priorities that drive hybrid work through deep-dive planning. The outcome will be actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms.
License Optimization: 4-Hour Workshop: During ConXioN’s workshop, a consultant will examine in detail the needs of the various end users in your organization. You'll get constructive advice for the most suitable Microsoft 365 licenses to avoid unnecessary costs.
Mailbox Guardian - Security: 2-Week Implementation: ProServeIT will conduct a cybersecurity review of your Microsoft 365 environment and provide implementation recommendations. Review your security configuration and protect against phishing and other attacks.
Managed Secure Workspace: 1-Week Implementation: With this offering, Swiss IT Security will provide you and your employees with a mobile and secure work environment based on the Microsoft 365 platform. This app is only available German.
Manufacturing: 3-Day Roadmap Workshop: Rand Group’s offering uses the Microsoft Catalyst methodology to build your manufacturing roadmap. As part of the engagement, meet with a team of production specialists, integration engineers, and analytics consultants.
Manufacturing: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Rand Group uses the Microsoft Catalyst methodology to help visualize how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can transform your manufacturing operations. This personalized pilot begins with discovery of your current processes and challenges.
MazarsNow! e-Commerce: 10-Week Rapid Implementation: Mazars’s engagement allows for an e-commerce implementation that will enable your clients to rapidly implement a live site with native Microsoft Dynamics 365 e-commerce functionality.
Microsoft 365 - Office Migration: 5-Week Implementation: KNS IT Group provides end-to end services and products, enabling companies to build business-critical solutions using cloud-native apps. Get a quick assessment and implementation plan to migrate your business to Office apps on Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Attack Simulation Training: 9-Week Implementation: This offering powered by sepago can increase your employees’ resilience against cybercrime by up to 45 percent. Set up Microsoft 365 Defender attack simulation training for efficient and effective cybersecurity.
Modern Data & Power BI Service: 2-Week Implementation: SCC provides a management-and-support framework for Microsoft Power BI solutions across your infrastructure and Microsoft Azure, including platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environments.
Modern Device Management: 8-Week Implementation: World Wide Technology (WWT) will ensure a successful migration to modern device management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. WWT will restructure your device management strategy with minimal disruption.
Nurture Relationship Management: 2-Week Implementation: Tisski will streamline the way you manage business relationships and funding with Nurture, Tisski’s solution developed on Microsoft Power Apps to support local and regional growth and prosperity.
Power Apps Development: 4-Week Implementation: Infopulse will help your business use the Microsoft Power Apps platform to create a custom mobile app for your on-premises database system via Microsoft Azure Integration Services. Enhance agility and increase availability.
Power BI Governance and Adoption: 5-Day Workshop: Learn how to deploy Microsoft Power BI at scale using governance best practices with Expertime's offer. Learn the challenges of security, sharing, governance, training, and more. This offer is only available in French.
Power Platform: 3-Day Governance Workshop: Expertime will demonstrate how to set up the Microsoft Power Platform for good governance and data security and provide recommendations for your organization. This offer is available in English and French.
Power Platform: 4-Week Implementation: PwC will familiarize you with the technologies available in the Microsoft Power Platform, as well as Power Platform capabilities and best practices. The goal of this engagement is to enable citizen developers in your organization.
Power Platform: 5-Day Workshop: Roborana’s boot camp will give you an overview of the Microsoft Power Platform and its benefits. The session will end with a roadmap exercise to help you understand where Power Platform technologies fit into your digital transformation.
Power Platform Discover: 2-Day Workshop: Expertime will help you accelerate the deployment of low-code Microsoft Power Platform solutions in your company through three days of discovery and hands-on experimentation. This offer is available in English and French.
Power Platform Governance: 1-Day Workshop: Roborana will demonstrate share best practices for the Microsoft Power Platform. The workshop covers Center of Excellence setup, platform security, data loss prevention measures, and how to use the Power Platform in your organization.
Productivity Envisioning for SMBs: 2-Hour Workshop: Envision with one of Cloud 2020’s consultants how to generate productivity across your business using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform through the Microsoft Catalyst IDEA Framework.
Project App in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: SOLVIN will provide you with practical experience with Microsoft Project for the web and the Microsoft Power Platform. You will get a basic understanding of model-driven apps, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Dataverse. This offer is available in German.
Project Operations: 3-Week Proof of Concept: In this personalized pilot, Rand Group will use the Microsoft Catalyst methodology to understand your business challenges and create a live simulation on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations.
PROMIS Solution for NGOs: 5-Week Implementation: Proventures will implement its PROMIS (Project Online Management Information System) for non-government organizations (NGOs) to streamline project, resource, and portfolio management with Microsoft Project.
Rapid365 Field Service: 8-Week Implementation: Rand Group will implement its Rapid365 Field Service, a fixed-fee packaged deployment that delivers best practices for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to your organization.
Rapid365 Project Operations: 8-Week Implementation: Rand Group will implement its Rapid365 Field Service, a fixed-fee packaged deployment that delivers best practices for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations to your organization.
Return to Work: 1-Wek Implementation: Valorem Reply will deploy its Return to Work app, built on the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft 365, to simplify daily safety screenings for employees, optimize case management for admins, and enable high-level insights.
sector27 ASSET MANAGER Service: 1-Week Implementation: The sector27 ASSET MANAGER service provides comprehensive asset and device management, including connections to Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This offer is only available in German.
Secure Endpoint Management: 5-Day Proof of Concept: Protect your organization's endpoints. In this quick-start session, Coretek will offer three options for using Microsoft 365 technologies to provide unified endpoint management and security across all devices.
SharePoint Governance: 4-Hour Workshop: SMBs and enterprise organizations will improve their SharePoint governance and security. ConXioN will introduce you to governance and help you define policies covering who can access your content and how to secure your environment.
Supply Chain Management: 3-Day Roadmap Workshop: Rand Group will use the Microsoft Catalyst methodology to build your roadmap to implement high-return, high-value supply chain management initiatives, including a blueprint to establish next steps for ongoing success.
Surface Hub and MTR as a Service: 3-Day Implementation: Xylos delivers hardware as a service to give you the ability to make every personal and shared space a Microsoft Teams meeting space, using either Surface Hub or Microsoft Teams Rooms.
Teams for Healthcare: 4-Week Implementation: This offer is only available in German. PTSGroup AG will design, demonstrate, and implement a Microsoft Teams environment for your healthcare organization, taking into account everyday clinical practice as well as subject-specific applications.
Teams Hybrid Voice 365 Solution: 1-Week Implementation: This service is only available in German. Arvato will deliver a professional, company-wide telecommunications solutions built on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.
Threat Protection Workshop: This security workshop from Xylos will provide an overview of the current security landscape. Xylos will use Microsoft 365 security products and features to give you visibility into threats to your Microsoft 365 environment.
WooCommerce Connector: 4-Hour Workshop: Tinx will show you how to set up its E-Commerce Connector to integrate your WooCommerce web shop with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and publish items to WooCommerce.

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Armanino Dynamics 365 On-Hand Inventory
Armanino Workspace Scheduler
Azure Active Directory Cloud Authentication: 1-Day Assessment
BC Support & Enhancement: 8-Week Assessment
BC Support & Remediation: 4-Week Assessment
BE-terna Banking CRM
Columbus Pricing
Concept Study Power BI: 1-Day Assessment
CS Support & Enhancement: 8-Week Support Assessment
CS Support & Remediation: 4-Week Assessment
Engineering To Order
F&O Support & Enhancement: 10-Week Assessment
F&O Support & Remediation: 4-Week Assessment
Field Service Support & Enhancement: 8-Week Assessment
Field Service Support & Remediation: 4-Week Assessment
Marketing Support & Enhancement: 8-Week Assessment
Marketing Support & Remediation: 4-Week Assessment
Microsoft Teams: 2-Day Teamwork Assessment
Microsoft Teams Room System: 1-Week Assessment
Project Operations Support & Remediation: 4-Week Assessment
Project Operations Support & Remediation: 8-Week Assessment
Remarketing Lists for Dynamics 365 Marketing
Sales Support & Enhancement: 8-Week Assessment
Sales Support & Remediation: 4-Week Assessment
Social Networks in Teams: 5-Day Evaluation
Teams as a Platform: 1-Day Assessment
Teams Launch: 1-Day Briefing
Vendor Rating App for Dynamics 365
Yammer Launch: 1-Day Assessment
Yolva Power Apps: 1-Week Briefing (RU)

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