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AppSource is pleased to welcome 91 apps and services, many of them designed to create compelling visuals in Microsoft Power BI.

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Acterys Comments: The Acterys Comments visual enables users to enter text with rich-text formatting options directly from Microsoft Power BI and can write text back into SQL database tables, all using the Acterys API in the cloud or installed on premises.
Acterys Matrix Light: The Acterys Matrix Light visual for Microsoft Power BI is a basic version of the Acterys Matrix Premium visual that supports all Acterys features, including comprehensive planning and budgeting, handling of large reports, tree layout, and extensive formatting options.
BIpm Interactive Directed Flow Graph: BIpm provides process mining by creating process models with interactive capabilities built on Microsoft Power BI. The interactive directed flow graph helps users better understand the hidden process model of the data set.
Bowtie Chart: Use Bowtie Chart to quickly compare values in one or more categories and show data flows from one category/process to another. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI lets you display sales metrics and can be used for risk management, customer service, and more.
Box and Whisker Chart (DataScenarios): Box and Whisker from DataScenarios is a convenient way to depict numerical data in Microsoft Power BI. The free visual provides mean, medium, quartiles, minimum, and maximum indicators in the familiar box-and-whiskers format.
Box and Whisker Chart (MAQ): Box and Whisker from MAQ Software is a convenient way to depict numerical data in Microsoft Power BI. The free visual provides mean, medium, quartiles, minimum, and maximum indicators in the familiar box-and-whiskers format.
Brick Chart: Brick Chart lets you show the percentage breakdown of a data set by using multi-colored bricks. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI provides an alternate to traditional donut and pie charts.
Calendar: Tallan’s Calendar visual for Microsoft Power BI offers an exciting way to display and filter date-related data. This free visual shows data aggregated across a range of dates in a standard calendar layout.
Circular Gauge: Circular Gauge lets you illustrate your progress toward goals in a pie or donut chart. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI lets you display progress as an actual value or as a percentage of the target value.
Clustering Using OPTICS: Clustering using OPTICS by MAQ Software analyzes and identifies data clusters in a free visual built on Microsoft Power BI. The algorithm relies on density-based clustering, allowing users to identify outlier points and closely knit groups within larger groups.
Collage: Collage from CloudScope lets you display images either as a grid or with individual details. Built on Microsoft Power BI, the visual sources images from a URL and allows you to display preset and custom data fields.
Cylindrical Gauge: Cylindrical Gauge lets you compare metrics against a target value or capacity with an intuitive 3D cylinder visual in Microsoft Power BI. Easily portray progress toward a goal with this free visual.
D3.js Visual Framework: DataScenarios’ D3.js Visual for Microsoft Power BI provides a skeleton visual that can be used to create custom visuals with D3.js. Bring your data to life by using HTML, SVG, and CSS via the D3.js framework.
Data Insights: Data Insights by MAQ Software allows users to view data in multiple formats and quickly narrow data results. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI lets users switch between horizontal bar, vertical bar, brick, or tabular formats.
Dial Gauge: Dial Gauge is a free visual for Microsoft Power BI that allows you to define various ranges on the dial along with the pointer value. You can customize the colors of the three bands, the needle, the body, and on the rim.
Dot Plot: Dot Plot by MAQ Software lets you display data points as bubbles plotted on an X/Y axis and distributed over a specified set of values. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI displays data from multiple categories and subcategories.
Dumbbell Chart: Display critical business measures and show changes over time or across various categories with this free visual. Dumbbell Chart by MAQ Software helps users analyze changes in critical data by using Microsoft Power BI.
Dynamic Tooltip: Dynamic Tooltip by MAQ Software displays both static text and dynamic data, automatically updating when the data source changes. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI enhances the readability of reporting charts by providing additional data points as tooltips.
Enlighten Aquarium: Make dashboards fun with Enlighten Aquarium, a free visualization for Microsoft Power BI that displays data in the form of different types and sizes of fish in an aquarium.
Enlighten Bubble Stack: Enlighten Bubble Stack displays your data as stacked percentage bubbles in a Microsoft Power BI dashboard. With this free visual, you can customize colors, labels, and dynamic sizing to meet your style needs.
Enlighten Legend: With Enlighten Legend, you can create interactive legends for your visualizations in Microsoft Power BI. Customize your marker shape, data colors, label formatting, and more with this free visual.
Enlighten Slicer: Enlighten Slicer lets you interactively filter your report to display your data with impact, simplicity, and style using Microsoft Power BI. This free visual lets you customize the color and text of the data boxes.
Enlighten Stack Shuffle: Enlighten Stack Shuffle, a free visual from Enlighten Designs that is built for Microsoft Power BI, animatedly shuffles your data as you explore and filter it. Visually communicate in a beautiful, dynamic stack.
Enlighten World Flag Slicer: The Enlighten World Flag Slicer lets you interactively filter your report using national flags based on common country names or two-letter country codes. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI uses vector graphics to produce crisp and professional images at any size.
Forecast Using Multiple Models: Forecast Using Multiple Models by MAQ Software lets you implement four different forecasting models to learn from historical data and predict future values. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI is excellent for forecasting budgets, sales, demand, and inventory.
Funnel with Source: Funnel with Source by MAQ Software shows a funnel journey for any metric, data point, or entry channel. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI lets you track a data pipeline from end to end by grouping data into stages.
Histogram with Points: Traditional histogram charts illustrate the density of distributed data, but normally do not showcase specific values. The free Histogram with Points by MAQ Software addresses this issue by combining a histogram chart with points that show the actual data for each range on a Microsoft Power BI visual.
Horizontal Funnel: While other funnel visuals are limited to displaying one key metric per stage, Horizontal Funnel from MAQ Software lets users display a second, customizable metric beneath the primary measure. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI has multiple business uses.
Hourglass Chart: Hourglass Chart from MAQ Software is a free visual that lets users compare category values between two scenarios. For example, users can compare category values before and after an event or values at a source versus at a destination, all in Microsoft Power BI.
Image Pro: CloudScope’s Image visual displays beautiful data-bound images with tooltips and links using data from your Microsoft Power BI reports. Image includes a variety of formatting options, including borders, stretch and fill, and more.
Imperium Hourly: Imperium Hourly is a time-reporting solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform that integrates with your existing Microsoft Dataverse or Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. The user-friendly app makes it simple for employees and managers to track hours.
Journey Chart: Transform dense statistical data into a network of categories and relationships with Journey Chart from MAQ Software. The free visual for Microsoft Power BI enables users to clearly display complex, multi-stage lead paths.
KPI Column: MAQ Software’s KPI Column lets you measure your progress toward key performance indicators (KPIs) with integrated line-and-column charts on Microsoft Power BI. This free visual has multiple businesses uses for sales, marketing, HR, and more.
KPI Grid: KPI Grid by MAQ Software allows users to track productivity and performance data by displaying key data in hierarchical order. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI provides options to separate categories, illustrate trends, and more.
KPI Ticker: MAQ Software’s KPI Ticker displays multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) in an automatically rotating visual built on Microsoft Power BI. This free visual shows the percentage increase or decrease of multiple values with an optional color-coded trend indicator.
Linear Gauge: Compare progress against identified goals and warning zones with Linear Gauge, a free visual from MAQ Software built for Microsoft Power BI. Users can use multiple data points to illustrate trends toward monthly and year-to-date completion.
Link Extract Commercial Register: With Link Extract Commercial Register, you can request a PDF extract of data from the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce without leaving your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. This offer is available in Dutch.
Ratings: Add ratings or scores to Microsoft Power BI reports to track the performance of key metrics. Ratings by MAQ Software is a free visual that enables users to divide ratings by average score or by specific groups such as individual departments.
Recruitment: The Recruitment app lets you track important information for employment candidates. Built on Microsoft Power Apps, Recruitment lets you save records for shortlisted candidates, identify candidate skills, and more.
Ring Chart: MAQ Software’s Ring Chart breaks large sums into smaller data slices, while displaying a dynamic KPI and summary at the center of the ring. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI supports tooltips, color customization, and more.
Rotating Chart: Showcase multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) with a bar chart that rotates on the horizontal axis. MAQ Software’s Rotating Chart is a free visual for Microsoft Power BI that lets you customize rotation axis, configure flip delay, and more.
Rotating Tile: Showcase multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics on a single report in a compact space that features an automatically flipping, customizable tile. Rotating Tile from MAQ Software is a free visual for Microsoft Power BI.
Text Enhancer: Create more visually engaging reports with the new text styling options offered in MAQ Software’s Text Enhancer, an add-in for Microsoft Power BI. Text Enhancer allows you to adjust text shadow, rotation, angle, skewness, alignment, and more.
Text Wrapper: Text Wrapper by MAQ Software retrieves text from any data source and wraps it within the target field, presenting the text in a readable format. This visual for Microsoft Power BI also wraps static text strings (statements) with dynamic text field values.
Trading Chart: Trading Chart from MAQ Software translates historical trading records into an easy-to-read chart. Break down historical trading records into a simple, color-coded chart with this visual for Microsoft Power BI.
Ultimate Waterfall: Use’s Ultimate Waterfall Chart to create expandable variance waterfall charts in Microsoft Power BI. This visual lets you customize colors, create horizontal or vertical charts, export data to Microsoft PowerPoint, and more.
Venn Diagram: Venn Diagram from MAQ Software displays logical relationships between a collection of data sets, each represented as a circle. This free visual for Microsoft Power BI can be used to show employee involvement with various products and projects and has multiple other business uses.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Application Protection: 4-Week Implementation: Exakis will set up a tool for monitoring, controlling, and securing cloud applications using Microsoft Cloud App Security, resulting in governance rules for cloud services. This offer is only available in French.
Catalyst Commerce: 3-Week Proof of Concept: In a series of workshops, inspirit365 will envision, design, demonstrate, and plan an omni-channel solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Finance.
Conditional Access & MFA: 5-Day Proof of Concept: The Conditional Access & Multi Factor Authentication Proof of Concept offer from Generation-e is a workshop-driven deployment that is built around your risk-based access controls and modern authentication via Microsoft 365.
Identity Security: 3-Week Implementation: This offer is only available in French. Exakis will help you establish processes to secure identities with Azure Active Directory and Windows Hello for Business. This solution includes configuration of Microsoft Cloud App Security and Microsoft Defender for Identity.
Intelligent Order Management: 8-Week Implementation: Best Practices Consulting will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management to give your customers the delivery flexibility that they want. This offer is only available in Spanish.
Microsoft 365 Power Platform: 3-Day Workshop: Perficient will provide you with hands-on experience building end-to-end solutions on the Microsoft Power Platform to increase your ROI from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams Meetings: 3-Week Implementation: This offer is only available in Spanish. Lanmedia will provide a simplified meeting setup via Microsoft Teams to improve your end-user experience with reduced costs via intelligent meeting room collaboration services.
Microsoft Teams Rooms: 2-Week Implementation: Rapid Rooms is an initiative from Generation-e to set up two Microsoft Teams Rooms for free for qualifying customers. The solution includes meeting room equipment from participating OEMs and installation by Generation-e.
Microsoft Teams Voice: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Centric Consulting will provide a needs assessment, scalable test scenarios, and an operating telephone solution built on a Microsoft Teams proof of concept. Bring effective and efficient voice communications to all levels within your enterprise.
Migrate to Power Automate: 12-Week Implementation: Avanade will migrate your current robotic process automation platform and enterprise automation to Microsoft Power Automate, with a goal of saving you significant time and money. Deliverables include a set of digital blueprints for each automation.
Power Platform Government Model: 3-Day Workshop: Everis will show you how to establish a governance model for using the Microsoft Power Platform in your organization. This workshop will establish the base framework, policies, roles, responsibilities, processes and more. This offer is available in Spanish.
Teams Frontline ACM Services: 6-Month Implementation: Engage Squared will work with you to discover how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams can enhance the employee experience for frontline workers, then offer you a tailored solution to suit your business needs.
Teams Voice Setup: 5-Day Implementation: Generation-e will work to understand your needs, then configure Microsoft Teams based on the desired outcomes. This offer includes deployment of voice auto attendants and call queues, dedicated go-live support, training, and more.

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