New transactable offers from Appfluence, Klynke, and OAYAW on Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft partners like Appfluence, Klynke, and OAYAW deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Microsoft AppSource. Learn about the offers below:

Priority Matrix: Featuring integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, Appfluence Priority Matrix is a fully featured project management solution that works on desktop and mobile. Have all your tasks and responsibilities available in one location, reduce context switching, save time, and gain a clear understanding of all projects across teams.

Klynke Time Management: Klynke Time Management is a timesheet, project, and case management solution for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Effortlessly track time spent on projects across multiple tasks and team members without leaving the Microsoft 365 environment for greater visibility into where your team's time is being spent. 

1Page for Microsoft Teams: Increase productivity and reduce operational costs while empowering employees of your mid-sized or large enterprise with improved meeting experiences. Built on Microsoft 365, OAYAW 1Page delivers relevant conversation starters and insights into your meeting participants directly in Microsoft Teams.