New transactable offers from Avishkaram Technologies, Dalikoo, MBM, and SPIN Analytics

Microsoft partners like Avishkaram Technologies, Dalikoo, MBM, and SPIN Analytics deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Microsoft AppSource. Learn about these offers below:

TagMyFav Bookmark for Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, and Edge: TagMyFav from Avishkaram Technologies is a SaaS-based platform that allows you to bookmark and link to conversations and emails. Improve workplace collaboration and share knowledge with your team in an organized fashion.

Central Links Subscription: With Central Links from Dalikoo, you can create company-controlled links to important internet or intranet destinations for placement in any document or web page. The link administration console integrates with Microsoft Teams for efficient collaboration and simple maintenance.

My Links: Dalikoo My Links is a web part for Microsoft SharePoint that provides an intuitive interface to manage your web links, whether they're located in your Microsoft 365 environment or on another web site. Adding the My Links web part to other pages will replicate your links on that page.

Site Map Per User: The Site Map web part from Dalikoo creates an alphabetical index of all your Microsoft SharePoint sites to help users find important information more easily. Site Map can form the basis of the index for a single site or your company's intranet.

CRM and Document Management: Dalikoo CRM provides simple and affordable customer relationship management (CRM), program portfolio management, and document management that are fully integrated with Microsoft 365, including SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams. Dalikoo provides full search and reporting capabilities.

GDPR-compliant Secure File Transfer: The SaaS-based MBM Secure File Transfer replaces the old method of emailing private files with a scalable service that ensures security, confidentiality, and compliance with the GDPR for accountancy, finance organizations, human resources, and more.

RISKROBOT Credit Risk Model Automation: RISKROBOT by SPIN Analytics is an Azure-based solution which uses artificial intelligence to combine expert judgment with classical risk modeling techniques on big data, producing accurate predictive analytics for making credit decisions. RISKROBOT supports all types of credit risk models and risk regulations.