New transactable offers from Blue Aspen Technologies, officeatwork, and Vocean

Microsoft partners like Blue Aspen Technologies, officeatwork, and Vocean deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Microsoft AppSource. Learn about these offers below:

A multi-point blue shape above the product name wxRemote

wxRemote: Blue Aspen wxRemote, available for cloud or on-premises use, is high-performance enterprise-grade streaming software that delivers secure, zero-footprint remote access with ultra-low latency to Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) and Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments.

A fracture white rectangle on a blue background.

officeatwork Template Chooser: Available as a per-user subscription, Template Chooser lets you create a single source of truth for your Microsoft 365 Office templates. Your users will always have the most current templates, accessible in Microsoft Teams, Office, SharePoint, and other apps.

The company name vocean in purple letters

Vocean Premium: Featuring seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Vocean enables you to make smarter decisions by using the collective intelligence of individuals inside and outside your organization. Empower your employees and collaborators, gain insights, and transform from a silo mentality to horizontal understanding across your company.